Hello World

What is this GET ON WITH IT about?

Why do we need to GET ON WITH IT?

What are the benefits if we GET ON WITH IT?

Do we know of anyone GETTING ON WITH IT?

We all know that our world is currently in a mess and things are not great in any area.

In fact, it seems like things are getting worse and we have not got a hold on what it is we need to be doing and not doing.

We don’t like this Hot Talk stuff that people do.

We are done with Listening to Other People.

We do not know what is our Priority in life.

We are Bored with trying to live a Perfect Life.

We seem to have Crazy Days more often now.

We have Jet Lag after a holiday and hate work.

We seem to be Overdoing it all the time.

We know none of our Solutions are working.

We realise Sitting on the Fence is not the answer.

We keep going on about all our Regrets in life.

We have not read the 100+ blogs on this website.

We have created Complications for some reason.

We have no idea how to Plug in and Connect.

We have never heard of Do Less and Be More.

We demand More More More of what we want.

We have become Careless with how we live.

We treat Our Car better than we treat our own body.

We dread December, Christmas and New Year.

We want a Birthday full of Happiness at any cost.

We want to stop Shouting and Swearing but can’t.

We can’t seem to stop the Gossip, Judgement and Cursing.

We live life in the Fast Lane and don’t know how to stop.

We are super busy all day checking our Social Media.

We don’t know how to deal with Dodgy Emails.

We just don’t know how to Be Gentle with ourselves.

We keep making Mistakes and never heard of Take 2.

We have our Vices and Secrets and think this is ok.

We would love a simple and easy Recipe for Life.

We are done with following all these fad Diets.

We seem to suffer from this ‘Just Incase’ Syndrome.

We have habits that stop us from Letting Go.

We want to Do Something but end up Doing Nothing.

We think we are Getting Away with It as if no one is watching.

We know we are living a Double Life and it sucks.

We have never stopped to Get Real and Get Honest.

We notice Lying is normal now as we do not value the Truth.

We want to be transparent and live a See Through Life but it is scary.

We often wonder if we are suffering with Chronic Fatigue.

We know our Sleep is way off and nothing is helping.

We would like to end our Champagne Lifestyle.

We are sick of living with a Lemonade Budget.

We seem to get more of those Common Colds.

We suffer from Cold Hands/Feet but never wrap up warm.

We know our High Blood Pressure is because of our choices.

We know our Heart is not living in a natural state and it hurts.

We know our Kidneys are being drained by our ill behaviour.

We seem to spend hours watching TV or Video Gaming.

We do not want to admit that we have a hand in getting Sick.

We love our Coffee and we know the harm Caffeine is doing to us.

We want our kids to stop using Energy Drinks as they are not good.

We would like to give up Chocolate but it just seems so addictive.

We have never joined the dots that “We Are What We Eat”.

We never ask Questions as we know it may lead to change.

We seem to have this constant internal War Inside Us like a tension.

We instantly Blame when anything happens and never is it our stuff.

We are always Losing and Forgetting things and don’t know why.

We know Drugs and Human Trafficking/Slavery are a global problem.

We know the current Intelligence of the day is not cutting it for us.

We know Alcohol should not be a legal drug when it is a poison.

We have known for over 100 years that Tobacco is killing us.

We know the Internet is not being used with the decency and respect that the original founders wanted.

Instead we have made it our virtual world to do whatever we want and that includes abuse at every level.

We know Mental Health is on the rise and kids are being prescribed anti-depressants.

We know Suicide and self-harm are off the scale and we have not worked out WHY this is increasing so rapidly?

We know from this website that Diabetes does not have to be the number one disease that bankrupts our health systems in the future, if we made Lifestyle Choices with Responsibility.

We all know that the choices we make every single day does in some way contribute to our state of health.

Could it be possible that by making new choices and being respectful to our body in the way we take care of it, this could be the game changer?

In other words, if we made our body a Priority and stopped the neglect and disregard every day, things would change because we are saying no to abuse on some level.

So how do we GET ON WITH IT?

Is there Another Way?

What if Getting on with it is actually Simple

What if Getting on with it requires a Focus

What if Getting on with it means Nil by Mouth

In other words, mind our own business, stop poking our nose into other people’s stuff, take note of the list above and just do what is needed – nothing more and nothing less.

What if Getting on with it means doing our best and never going for Perfection?

What if Getting on with it means upping our Focus when we feel ugly thoughts distracting us?

What if Getting on with it means not answering the phone call we know is going to take us off track?

What if Getting on with it means having a break from Social Media nonsense and using our time wisely to get the job in hand completed?

What if Getting on with it means a Commitment to Life like never before?

What if Getting on with it means early bed so we get the Sleep quality we need so that we are equipped to deal with the next day ahead?

What if Getting on with it means using days off work to rest deeply and prepare for the following days ahead?

What if Getting on with it means making sure things are flowing in the home life and everything is dealt with and not just left for another day?

What if Getting on with it is staying on the front foot and that means taking action and not procrastinating when we KNOW something needs to be done?

What if Getting on with it means consistently reviewing the day and reflecting on our choices so we can learn?

What if Getting on with it means every response to any situation that life brings is seen as a learning and no big deal?

What if Getting on with it means we knock out our nonsense behaviour and ingrained patterns that hurt us and others, then lock in a Foundation that supports us going forward in life?

What if Getting on with it means True Actions that back up what we are saying so others can feel we mean business when we open our mouth?

What if Getting on with it means we LIVE to the best of our ability, day in and day out, the changes we want to see in this world?

What if Getting on with it gives us a strong connection to Purpose, so we just know what it is we need to be doing and not doing?

What if Getting on with it means we are in some way adding to the evolution of humanity and not delaying the plan on earth?

What if Getting on with it always gives us what is needed next and so we no longer need to look outside into the world to give us the answers?

What if Getting on with it means we no longer have a false way of operating in life as we know what is Truth and what is not?

What if Getting on with it means there is no right or wrong way, just Truth and we do what it takes to get to the whole Truth?

What if Getting on with it means having that word RESPONSIBILITY at the core of every choice we make?

In other words, we can no longer Blame or point fingers out there as we know it is our choices that create our reality.

What if instead of finding an Excuse, creating the next drama or talking nonsense in our daily conversations –
we just GET ON WITH IT?

That could mean –

Making sure we Focus on the task in hand.

Taking action when things need to be done.

Preparing and planning for the day ahead.

Preparing for work and that includes our food.

Taking deep care of our body in every way.

Making sure we have a daily Sleep routine.

Keeping the kitchen clean and tidy after use.

Doing the laundry and not just winging it.

Taking time to fold clothes and hang items up.

Cleaning all our shoes and other Footwear.

Looking after our Feet and supporting them.

Doing the overdue paperwork and cleaning needed at home instead of the mini break escape holiday to self-medicate and forget our responsibilities in life.

Getting into work a bit early to clean up the dirty hot desk.

Making sure we leave the toilet exactly as we would like it.

Picking up the litter that is bugging us on the street.

Returning the supermarket trolley in the right place.

Not relying on others to do the ugly stuff we avoid.

Treating others the way we would like to be respected.

Not saying Yes when everything inside us is shouting No.

Not pretending we don’t know when we do know.

Not holding back in our Expression no matter what.

Saying things as they are and not fluffing them up.

Using our time wisely and not wasting it talking about the weather, the text from the ex or showing off where we went for lunch.

Making sure we have meaningful conversations and talking with a big dose of honesty every time.

A great example of ‘Getting on with it’ is Simple Living Global.

We have delivered exactly as we said at the launch of this website.

One blog a week and this is Blog 115 and we currently have enough blog titles for the next 2 years.

Our world is not in a good place right now and ‘Getting on with it’ means making sure we do not add to the ills in this world.

For the Record – the author of this blog is well known for GETTING ON WITH IT.





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  1. This blog is like being held by the shoulders for a good old talking to.

    And a talking to by someone who is actually getting on with it. Otherwise, it would be easy to ignore.

    The simple call back to the body is hugely powerful:

    “Could it be possible that by making new choices and being respectful to our body in the way we take care of it, this could be the game changer?

    In other words, if we made our body a Priority and stopped the neglect and disregard every day, things would change because we are saying no to abuse on some level.”

    What if this is a simple recipe we can all follow?
    A place from which every single person on Earth can begin.

  2. Understanding that Getting On With It is not listening to everything the world is asking of me to do, is a huge realization.

    It is listening to my inner deep knowing of what needs to be done.

  3. This blog is a wake-up call for all of us with reminders of what is not right and what is not true in our world and so we have a choice –

    We either keep numbing, switching off and pretending that we do not know and can see what is going on.


    We choose to address this by getting our own lives in order and on track so that we are not adding anymore ill to the world.

    The power is in our hands and I am reminded of this daily as I go about my day to day life and as I choose to open my eyes and see that we really are not doing great as a human race.

    This blog is a MASTERPIECE and could only have been written by someone who knows what ‘Get on with it’ means as they live it inside and out.

    I can testify that the author of this blog is well well known for Getting on with it and lives that through and through everyday.

  4. Getting on with it is the best medicine.

    It works in doses big or small for any number of ailments.

    Feelings of giving up.
    Wishing things were different.
    Lack of purpose.

    I am finding a big sprinkling daily is working wonders.

  5. It is difficult to do but it is what needs to happen.

    We want to get better and the world to get better without doing our part.
    We want to go through the drive through and get this all done fast while doing nothing ourselves.

    We and by we I mean I need to get up and get on with it and stop dragging my feet.
    I want change but want gets nothing without action.

  6. Getting On With It requires a connection to the overall plan. If I am just doing things without any purpose, it could seem like I am Getting On With It, but I am really not focused on anything.

    When I am connected to the plan, things just flow and I know what is needed next, Getting On With It is easy.

    How do I stay connected? By reading the Plug In And Connect Blog, and practicing what is presented.

    My body tells me what is needed, it is connected to everything that is happening in our world and knows what to do in any situation.

  7. Yes, the author knows all about getting on with it. The power and expression in this blog is enormous, taking the illusion of how we are living our lives as individuals only interested in sensual experiences and turning it around, telling us how it really is.

    We spend our lives on various, mostly unhealthy behaviors and pass times whilst around us things are falling apart and we are so lost in our own little bubbles of life not even bothered to care.

    This blog is a wake up call, a kick up the behind, life is about everyone, we are here to interact, to serve each other. We are here to learn, to connect, to take responsibility for our every word, thought, intention and deed.

    It’s time to get on with it for me too, saying no to distraction and delay. What an amazing inspiration these simply wise words are!

    Thank you so much.

  8. Well I just read this blog and I love it.
    Direct, in your face and straight talk, no fluff.
    That is my style and more please, as this is needed.

    If we all done our bit and just got on with it – imagine how our world would be?

    If we had more people starting conversations with a big dose of honesty, what would that be like ?

    If we had more up front websites like this – what would the change be on the Internet?

    I for one, have no intention of changing my middle name – GET ON WITH IT

    I have lived these words for over a decade and am known by many to end a conversation with the question – what is my middle name?

    It tells them time up, enough said, over and out, I got to get on with it and so do you.

  9. My friend in the US just bought me a bag with the words embroidered –

    She also has one and it is because she knows it is my middle name and how I end every conversation by saying at the very end
    “What is my middle name”?

    ‘Getting on with it’ is basically – stop distracting myself, doing nonsense, getting involved or spending time self medicating.
    The world is in a deep deep mess and a global emergency if you ask me.

    I have answers
    I have awareness
    I type super fast
    I know what’s what

    I have a responsibility – a duty to humanity to present and deliver everything I know and live, that is polar opposite to the lifestyle choices many are seeking, that is creating the ill in their body and in our world.

    So for me personally, I cannot see any reason whatsoever to sit on the fence or take time out to indulge in over eating or whatever else I used to do in the past, when I could be writing comments like this or posting blogs or researching global news for my daily Twitter reporting.

    That to me is a standard I now have and remaining consistent and steady in that, holds true power.

    One day scholars of the future will study this website and comments like this and KNOW there were ordinary everyday people walking the earth and living the future, in the early 21st century, on the front foot, expressing and living the Truth.

  10. This is great blog Simple Living Global.

    I feel the following sentence says it all really:

    “What if Getting on with it means having that word RESPONSIBILITY at the core of every choice we make?”

    Getting on with it is actually very easy to do – it’s simply a choice.

    But, we tend to make it a very hard choice.

    Up until July of last year, I was making it very hard for myself to get on with it, but then I made a choice.

    I chose to start to take responsibility for my self, my actions, my choices.

    It is quite amazing how, once I had made that choice, I felt more energy, more purpose, more clarity and more commitment in everything I do.

    It is easy to procrastinate in life, it is easy to put things off until another day, but whatever we are putting off, it is always going to be there until we get on with it.

    Taking responsibility for our own lives makes getting on with it so much easier – and all it takes to start is one simple choice.

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