Waking Up

Hello World

How are we waking up every day?

What is going on for us when we wake up?

Do we pay attention to this part of the day?

Are we waking up in our natural state?

Are we in touch with our inner body clock?

Are we a morning person super alert?

Are we a night owl and just can’t Sleep?

Do we dread the waking up stuff?

Do we wake up moody?

Do we wake up agitated?

Do we wake up anxious?

Do we wake up nervous?

Do we wake up fed up with life?

Do we wake up Bored with Life?

Do we wake up dissatisfied with life on all levels?

Do we wake up in the night just to check our phone?

Do we wake up after our 6 alarm clock reminders?

Do we wake up only to eat and then sleep again?

Do we wake up smelling our fresh coffee and toast?

Do we wake up with the thought of a sugary breakfast?

Do we wake up thinking of a smoke and nothing else?

Do we wake up because others are up disturbing us?

Do we wake up with a feeling of chaos inside our body?

Do we wake up knowing we are running late for work?

Do we wake up feeling totally unprepared for the day?

Do we wake up in denial of the hospital visit we have?

Do we wake up fearing that important meeting at work?

Do we wake up with our “to do list” pulsing in our head?

Do we wake up feeling really tired with a pounding head?

Do we wake up always feeling more sleep is needed?

Do we wake up exhausted from our usual lack of sleep?

Do we wake up like we didn’t even have a proper sleep?

Do we wake up just wishing we could sleep more?

Do we wake up dreaming it was a day off for us?

Do we wake up hoping it was the weekend again?

Do we wake up worrying about the day ahead?

Do we wake up wound up from the day before?

Do we wake up with the misery of the pain we feel?

Do we wake up forcing ourselves to stay awake?

Do we wake up with zero vitality levels most days?

Do we wake up with the TV still on?

Do we wake up with the porn site images in our head?

Do we wake up with the news from last night in our head?

Do we wake up with last night’s nonsense in our head?

Do we wake up with thoughts that feel weird?

Do we wake up haunted by our ugly dreams?

Do we wake up feeling foggy and bunged up?

Do we wake up wanting others to feel our hurts?

Do we wake up ready to upload the selfies?

Do we wake up ready to do online nonsense?

Do we wake up ready to check our likes on Social Media?

Do we wake up ready to get onto our Video Gaming?

Do we rely on sleeping aids to get through the night?

Global Sleep Aids Market will reach $80,800,000,000 by 2020 (1)

Is it possible to wake up feeling more still and steady?

Is it possible to wake up smiling for no reason?

Is it possible to wake up ready for life’s lessons?

Is it possible to wake up equipped to deal with the day ahead?

Is it possible to wake up knowing what is needed to support us?

Is it possible to wake up choosing to take deep care of our body?

Is it possible to wake up fully aware of what our body truly feels?


Dear World

The following handout is taken from the Simple Living Global – Back to Basic Program

Could it be possible that how we prepare for bed could have an effect on our sleep quality

Could it be possible that our winding down routine and rituals could support us for sleep

What if the following could support our sleep quality and we would wake up easily, feeling rested and ready for the day ahead

Do you just wake up naturally

Do you wake up with the noise outside disturbing
Do you wake up only because of the alarm clock

Do you wake up because the kids are noisy
Do you wake up because your partner is up
Do you wake up because the birds are singing

Practice the following top tips and observe what happens if you stay consistent with this –

First thing – keep your eyes closed
Next – do not make movements to get out of bed

Lie on your back and place arms down the side

Keep the blanket or duvet over you to stay warm

Relax your body
Take some deep breaths

Ask yourself how you really feel – Be Honest
Check your body – how does it really feel

Check your breathing and how it feels to you

Check your head – is it buzzing, racy or super still

What thoughts are coming in – work, partner, kids, money, health or other stuff

Now get Real and Super Honest –

How did you prepare for bed
What time did you go to bed
What was the last thing you did
What was the actual day like

How was the quality of your sleep

Do you feel truly rested
Do you feel more sleep is needed

Gently place the palm of your hand on the centre of your chest
Use a pillow to support the arm if needed
Place the other hand above your belly button

Just breathe normally and connect to your body

If the mind is wandering off, bring the focus to your breathing

Keep the hands gently placed on the body

Think about work and see if you can feel anything in your chest area

Then think about the day ahead and see how the tummy area feels

What happens if you think about the future
What happens if you think about your problems
Does your breathing change
Is there a boom boom panic feeling

Every morning, ask these Questions and check in with your body before you get up

Keep observing what the body is communicating

The more you stay connected with your body, the more you will become aware of what is really going on for you

If time is a big problem, get up 10 minutes earlier so you can practice this “checking in” before getting out of bed

Next –

Time to physically get up –

Roll over to the side
Keep your head on the pillow
Keep blanket or duvet over you
Enjoy the yummy warm feeling

Act like you are a baby – super sensitive and fragile
Get up Gently and slowly
Remove the bedding
Be aware of your fingertips

Use your arms and legs to support you getting up

DO NOT push your head up
Be very aware NOT to use your head
Let the body pull the head up

Allow the upper arms to press gently on the bed
Pull yourself up into a sitting position

Allow yourself to just breathe
Feel your body settle inside

Do not be rushed in any way – everything can wait

Check your feet are flat and comfortable on the floor
Put your slippers on and pause

Place the palm of your hands to the sides and lift your body up
Legs should feel strong and steady
Bring your attention to your feet inside your slippers

Get your balance before any movement
Take a few more seconds – this is important
No quick sudden movement

Make sure you wrap up warm
Maintain the same warmth as you felt in bed

If you feel it was not a good start, got distracted, forgot how to be slow and gentle
Take 2 – get back into bed and start again

If this waking up routine is repeated, the Consistency will mean a steady start to the day ahead

Make a note of how you feel and see if anything changes the next day when you wake up

Lock this practice into your Foundation and wake up with a new quality that supports you going forward in life

Imagine waking up every day knowing and feeling you are giving your body this quality time and space that it deserves, so it can support you with the day ahead.


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  1. I feel very settled and grounded reading this blog.

    It feels like that is what comes through from the author in writing about something that is practiced, not theoretical.

    The details are fantastic to read and seem to offer an opportunity to go deeper:

    Treating the body like a precious baby – who does that?!
    No quick movements.
    Pausing after you sit up, to settle.
    ‘Everything can wait’.
    Strength in the legs.
    Get back in to bed for a take-two if you need a reset!

    I enjoy waking up. I like the warmth and my body has a pulse to it that I hugely appreciate.

    I have it even on days when I’m tired or stressed. Any days when I can’t feel that pulse, I know something is very off.

    And reading this blog, I can see there is even more to bring. I can feel how you can build on all the details – really go to town on them.

    What a gift to give yourself: solid platform for the day – every day.

  2. I LOVE waking up in the morning.

    It is on a very rare occasion that I wake feeling groggy, or still tired and this is usually related to what has happened during the day and how I have reacted to it. I know that if my chest ever feels tight in a day and I am very busy – trying to do too much, I will usually end up sleeping longer that night and waking up needing more sleep.

    The way that I am dealing with this, so that these incidents are even less common, are by living my day to day life in a rhythm that I know works for me. For example, I know how to get ready in the mornings in a way that best supports me and I also know when is the best time for me to leave home for work and how to prepare myself for the day when I arrive at the office.
    I also know when is best for me to finish work and how to wind down in the evenings before bed, so that there is a seamless flow to my day. By sticking to this I really do find that 95% of the time, I wake up feeling very well rested, open and super ready for the day.

  3. I realise that since first reading this blog, I have become uncompromising about an aspect of waking up.

    Sometimes, if I woke for a wee early-early, I would trot off to the loo without my dressing gown, thinking it wont be long so I wouldn’t get cold.

    I literally no longer do this. It is like a switch has gone on inside and there is zero space for compromise.

    I want to be the same temperature going to the loo and coming back, as I am in bed, however subtle.

    This has become a non-negotiable. And I really value that, thanks to this amazing blog.

  4. What a great blog for providing the tools for a sound sleep and to wake ready for the day.

    I find my morning routine so supportive for my day. When I wake usually earlier than my alarm I lay in bed, settled, and bring my focus to my toes holding it there for a while.. then work my way up my body, ankles, calves, shins, knees, hands fingers, organs, all the way up to finish with my heart and then my eyes before opening them.

    If I have pain anywhere or aching I hold my focus there for longer. My body tingles all over like it is washed by something so pure. I feel energised and ready for the day. I give myself this time each day as part of my morning ritual to honour my body and prepare for the day and it really does the job so well.

    I learnt this technique from the author of this blog and website – it has been like gold, having this to support me.

    Is it possible to wake up smiling for no reason? I love this.. and in my experience yes it is.

  5. Thank you Simple Living Global for this very practical blog on preparing ourselves for bed and then after waking up, preparing ourselves for the day ahead.

    Having this sleep routine really helps me to maximize the quality of my sleep and for the most part, I wake up feeling very refreshed and ready for the day ahead.

    Having this marker in my body, I know that if I do wake up feeling a bit or a lot out of sorts, I know that it is a reflection of how my previous day had been and I can look at how my day was to see why my sleep wasn’t the quality it normally is.

    Your statistic of global sleep aids being $80,800,000,000 by 2020 is very shocking to see as this means there are millions of people around the world who are using an un-natural product to do something that should come very naturally.

    This blog is a great antidote for reducing that figure.

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