Dear World

Who is interested in this subject?

What on earth does it mean to us?

WHY is the title of this blog not appealing to us?
WHY does the word Consistency feel dull to us?

WHY does Consistency = very Boring Life for us?

WHY is the very thought of same same not interesting?
WHY would anyone want to do the same thing everyday?
WHY is same same just not buzzing us up to do anything?

WHY are these words – Consistency – Same Same making us feel uncomfortable?

What is the point of being Consistent?

What are the benefits if we are Consistent?

What is the dictionary telling us about this word?

Consistent – Acting or done in the same way over time, especially so as to be fair or accurate.

Unchanging in standard over time (1)

 Google tells us –

1. the quality of achieving a level of performance which does not vary greatly in quality over time.

2. the way in which a substance holds together; thickness of viscosity. (2)

So here it is – Being Consistent has something to do with Quality being the same and the standard does not change over time.

Could we all agree that the meaning of words are not Consistent – same same?
In other words, depending on where we look and research, there are always different variations and not a one-unified meaning.

Could it be possible that we can only get to Truth about a word if it is the same and consistent for all of us?
In other words – one unified meaning we all agree on it.

Could it be possible that being Consistent in our movements and in the way we express, because Expression is Everything is Responsibility?

Could it be possible that we need to look closely at words and question their true meaning and not accept what we have read in a book or online?

Could it be possible that there are elements of Truth in the definitions and if we feel what is True then we may get to the Truth of a word?

Are we any closer to the meaning of the word Consistency if we say it is a QUALITY being the SAME and the STANDARD DOES NOT CHANGE over time?

Could we agree that this feels strong and is a marker that can be lived in daily life, without perfection of course?

Could we agree that if we set the standard of a quality, a vibration, then it can stand the test of time and be around for the long haul?

Could it be possible that acting or doing something the same way, over time as the dictionary tells us, can support us if it is the Truth?

Could it be possible that by being consistent with our self-caring choices, day in a day out, we will by the very nature of the repeated-ness be supporting ourselves?

On that note, is it time to review and discuss what on earth we are being consistent with in our life everyday?

Are we Consistent with –

Suffering with FOMO

Thinking life is so Boring

Doing Drugs as a way out of our pain

Drinking Alcohol in the name of socialising

Having regular late nights with no proper Sleep

Popping the Amphetamines when we fancy an altered state

Increasing our nicotine levels with fancy flavour E-Cigarettes

Increasing our volume of smoking or chewing Tobacco

Smoking Pot as the world and its brothers are doing it

Doing porn as one of our addictive Secrets

Abusing online with anonymous names as it’s our Vice

Using the Internet like we own it with zero responsibility

Getting into debt for the next big game Sports match

Our Champagne Lifestyle on a Lemonade Budget reality

Ignoring life as we are hooked on Video Gaming

Checking our Social Media umpteen times an hour

Making lifestyle choices that raise our Blood Pressure

Never paying attention to what our Heart communicates

Always being on the latest fad Diet that we just read about

Getting 6 Common Colds a year and just putting up with it

Celebrating our Birthday and making sure it tops last year

Making Christmas a licence to indulge in our fantasies

Making New Year resolutions that never stick

Swearing and Shouting at anything and anyone

Raging at others in Our Car like we own the roads

Living life in the Fast Lane expecting a car crash

Holding on to stuff that is well past its sell by date

Packing that suitcase Just Incase we need this and that

Never Letting Go of all the stuff we no longer have use for

Ignoring our Dodgy Emails hoping they will stop

Our Careless ways that harms our Planet Earth

Looking for the next fix in the health Wellness world

Feeling overwhelmed and Giving Up on life

Making Mistakes and giving ourselves a hard time

Creating Crazy Days and then doing the Regret thing

Utter nonsense which confirms we have Lost the Plot

Listening to Other People when it’s a waste of time

Sitting on the Fence hoping others will Get on with it

Making sure we do nothing when we can Do Something

Giving it the Hot Talk as we like the sound of our words

Not letting go of ideals and beliefs that live in our head

Wanting More for our Perfect Life picture in our head

Wearing dodgy Footwear and hurting our feet

Never taking care of our Cold Hands and Cold Feet

Driving our body and trashing it with What We Eat

Getting our Coffee pick me up first thing in the morning

Demanding our Caffeine and energy drinks to keep going

Eating Junk Foods because it’s quick and easy

Our bloated belly full of Gluten glue inside it

Our daily Dairy that keeps us nice and comfortable

Our love and comfort for anything with Chocolate in it

Wanting to get real answers for our Eating Disorders

Worrying about getting Cancer as so many have it

Eating copious amounts of sugar and fearing Diabetes

Neglecting that we have Chronic Fatigue

Not listening to our body when we get Heartburn symptoms

Having an Asthma pump for the rest of our life and accepting it

Pushing our kids and making sure they become Intelligent1

Placing more value on our current form of Intelligence2

Leading a Double Life because we know we can

Lying as if its normal to us and it does not matter

Never asking Questions as we don’t like to stick out

Knowing what is going on with Modern Day Slavery

That War inside us daily like a never ending battle

Feelings of Depression and we hide it from others

Watching TV to take the edge of the real life stuff

Attending workshops and courses to get Happy

Chit chat Gossiping that winds us up most of the time

Judging others and going into that comparison stuff

Getting involved in Family nonsense all the time

Looking in the Mirror wanting to fix what we see

Searching for the next Solution to function in life

Overdoing it in all areas of life and feeling exhausted

Being all over the place and never having any Focus

Creating Complications so nothing is simple in our life

Moaning about our Jet Lag but not making effort to change that

Our neglectful and disregarding ways of living that hurt our body

What is the real Priority in life or are we busy messing about

The Blame game, like it is always someone or something else, not us

For the record – Being consistent with harmful substances and behaviours is not going to heal us or evolve us.

What if we consistently Commit to Life1 and made it our Priority to Focus on the Back to Basics that this website is presenting?

What if we lock into our Foundation the Simple routine self care ways of living and keep doing the same same consistently?

Could it be possible our body loves the same same taking care of it – like early bedtime routine and Sleep?

Could it be possible that our mind would be disturbed as it does not like same same as it wants distraction and stimulation?

What if same same is actually not boring to our body?

What if Consistent same same is supporting our body?

What if we get to feel more settled inside our own body, if we are truly consistent with the quality of the same same stuff that most call boring and mundane?

In other words, if we made a Commitment to Life2 to place value on the small stuff – the everyday basic tidy up, cleaning up, make our bed, plan our meals and cook them, then this quality which supports our body would hold us and make us feel more steady inside.

What if being consistent with our way of being in life holds us steady and equips us to deal with whatever life brings?

What if we put EQUAL VALUE to the small stuff in life like cleaning the sink, emptying the trash and going for a walk every day and making this as important as anyone or any other thing?

What if living a life of CONSISTENCY is a life of true RESPONSIBILITY?

In other words, no day off when it comes to taking deep care of our self in every way possible.

What if our consistency inspires others and builds trust in humanity to reflect that there is Another Way?


(1) Concise Oxford English Dictionary – Twelfth Edition. Oxford University Press. 2011

(2) (n.d). Google. Retrieved June 28, 2017 from





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  1. This is a truly stellar blog.

    It brings focus to something many of us ignore, but which I am increasingly realising is actually the key to a contented life and true vitality: CONSISTENCY.

    Spiritual books I used to read, talk about our innate need for variety.

    What if this is completely wrong? What if what we actually need is much more ‘same same’?

    I have seen the changes in my own life from bringing in consistency and routine. A steadier heartbeat, a connection with my own rhythm and breath, a settlement in my body, fewer reactions, a deeper level of confidence, deeper sleep.

    And my experience of routine is by no means mundane. In fact, it is a joy.

    For example, knowing the flow of my evening going-to-bed preparation is like hanging out with a dear friend. Familiar, super-supportive and with interest in the details. It steps me through to rest deeply, knowing everything is processed and as it should be. I can let go. Every night.

    And I can feel how much depth there is to this word CONSISTENCY.

    Staying fully ‘you’ throughout your day with no compromise or pandering
    Being honest with yourself about how you feel, always
    Dressing not for others
    Saying it out when something doesn’t feel true
    Letting the body speak and not getting into pushing or stop/start mode in the day
    Bringing understanding so there is no space for reactions, only response
    Moving in connection, with purpose, not checked out Charlie
    Valuing the details as much as the ‘big’ things.

    And you can feel in the writing that the author lives this word CONSISTENCY. And you can feel how that consistency builds trust for others.

    Turning up the same, steady, every day is so rare and we can feel the truth of it – it is palpable and somehow calls us to be that too.

    I can feel in writing this where more consistency is needed in my life. I just know.

    What a fantastic gift to be able to see that so clearly, simply from reading a blog.

    Except this is not just any blog. It is a Simple Living Global blog. For which we are all truly blessed.

  2. BBC News – 29 June 2018

    Patients who see the same doctor again and again have lower death rates according to a study.

    The benefits applied to visits to GPs and specialists and were seen across different cultures and health systems.

    Researchers said the human aspect of medical practice was “potentially life-saving” but had been neglected.

    The Royal College of GPs said that because of intense workforce pressure, this could mean waiting even longer for an appointment.

    Continuity of care is known to be particularly beneficial for patients with chronic conditions, long-term mental health issues and complex needs.

    The study was published in the British Medical Journal Open and analysed 22 studies in nine countries, including England, France, US, Canada and South Korea.


    “This happens when a patient and a doctor see each other repeatedly and get to know each other. This leads to better communication, patient satisfaction, adherence to medical advice and much lower use of hospital services.” Professor Philip Evans – University of Exeter Medical School

    “It is clear, it is about the quality of medical practice and is literally ‘a matter of life and death’.”
    Sir Denis Pereira Gray who also worked on the study.

    So what we are being told is that better communication, having a connection with the same medical doctor and seeing them repeatedly, helps us with our health and well being.

    This blog is presenting that consistency builds trust and we each have a responsibility to develop this much need quality not only for our self but to support others too.

    True Consistency allows others to feel that someone out there is constant in their way of being, their movements and their behaviour and over time, we can learn to trust another again. Our world in general is lacking this much needed human quality.

    If this study is telling us this, then is it time for our health systems to consider how to build consistency into the infrastructure, so everyone feels more supported and trust becomes normal?

    With trust we, as patients are more likely to open up and listen, take note and apply the medical advice which could be the game changer.

  3. I was swimming today and appreciating the power of consistency.

    The more central and consistent my breath was, the more effortless my stroke became.

    And if I let my focus drop, it became harder work to swim and my stroke became more erratic.

    What if his is how it is on land, as it were?

    What if we can build up our consistency from our breath and that will help is glide through life?

  4. My body loves the consistency that I have been giving it in all parts of my life. It has allowed my life to be less stressful because my body is stronger so it can deal with life.

    And my body has a foundation of basic things that I do in everyday life. This allows these things to happen almost automatically. It allows me to focus on the task at hand that is needed.

  5. I love coming to this site. I do it every morning.

    The chance to reflect each day in quiet with myself and these blogs is something I appreciate hugely and I find it supports me in my day: makes everything somehow more spacious.

    The consistency of it is key. Every day, same same. No big deal, and yet a very big deal.

    Writing this reminds me of a piece of wisdom elsewhere on this site: anything we repeatedly do becomes our foundation.

    So, what do we consistently do that supports us?
    And what do we consistently do that does not support us, and in fact pulls us down?

    Is it worth considering this more deeply?

  6. Bringing consistency into my life has really transformed it.

    One piece of feedback that I have had from others is that my consistency has built trust.

    Let me explain – I have consistently committed to supporting others over the last few years as I know when I meet genuine people who have no agenda for the self but who deeply value supporting and growing others.

    By my attitude of always being willing to be there and support where I can and not make excuses or opt for having a day off, this has allowed others to open up and see that there are people that we can trust who will not just walk away when things get difficult.

    I will add that it is not like I have not made mistakes, but when those times have happened, because of the amount of consistency I have lived up until that point, I always had a clear feeling inside of of me of what was true behaviour and what was not and so from that I could always return to the consistency.

    Before being consistent in my relationships I had to start building a level of consistency with myself – for example taking note of how I look after myself, when I go to bed and when I wake, when I start work, when I finish, how I organise my home, how I take care of my finances, what I do in the mornings when I wake, how I prepare myself for sleep. Clocking all of the time whether an action leaves me feeling racy and hard for example or whether I feel at ease and nourished. The latter always indicates that whatever I have done and how I have done it is supportive.

    Building those markers of consistency in my own life, allows me to feel what is true and will truly support another and what won’t.

    I hadn’t realised and appreciated this until now, but if we are living in a way that supports ourselves, we get a strong feeling in our body of what supports and what does not and then when we go to offer assistance to another, yet again we get a strong sense of what will support and what will not, as we have that marker already inside of us from the way we have been living and treating ourselves.

    This confirms to me that true support is a universal quality that can be felt by us all and not just a few.

    What if by being consistent, we support everyone to grow and evolve?

  7. Adding consistency in my life has had many benefits physically and mentally.

    But I get these thoughts that my life is boring and I am not doing anything fun.

    Where are these thoughts coming from when this consistency has brought a level of contentment and ease in my life, that I never had before?

    What is the criteria for a good life?

    Who is making the choices that determine the life I have?

  8. I recall a real role model talking to me about how true responsibility was living a life of true consistency.

    With that note on my fridge door for over 4 years, I had a daily reminder of the importance of this word – consistency.

    It would be true to say today I am known for my consistency and I have no intention of wavering or self medicating when it comes to being consistent in life, with what I know works for me and what my purpose is here on earth.

    An example of this was I recently started swimming regularly and my reason for this was to support my body with long haul flights and knowing that my body did need some form of physical exercise.

    The consistency bit kicked in from the start and I realise now that for me, if I can feel the purpose in what I am doing then its easy. I am useless at consistency if it holds no meaning or purpose – say watching TV.
    I see no point and therefore I cannot be consistent with that.

  9. Having a chat poolside with a guy who said he dips in and out. What he was saying is he does not bother to come regular.

    I was talking about how I have this swimming stuff as part of my routine and weekly rhythm, so it is very important. I then went on to add the benefits.

    Next day he says to me he was lying in bed aware it was cold outside but he heard me talking about the benefits and he quoted what I had said about the focus and clarity swimming gives us during our day. He said he felt that after our first chat and it inspired him to get up and be in the pool and now he wants to get consistent.

    I talked about the values of consistency and how it can really support us in life.

    Could it be possible that the reason this man could hear my voice, so to speak when he was about to turn over in bed and have a lie in was simply because my delivery was coming from a body that lives what it was saying. In other words, I walk the talk and talk the walk and this is what resonates and inspires another.

    That means it is possible, because here was one woman saying consistency works and it has plenty of benefits – try it and feel it for yourself.

    As I have said in an earlier comment, no point trying to get me consistent with anything as it just would not work. I have to feel the purpose and that means it has to hold value and truth for me or it simply will not happen.

    Example – I cannot and will not be consistent watching TV or going on social media, as both have zero purpose in my life.

  10. Thank you for this awesome blog Simple Living Global.

    I would say that most of us are very consistent in our everyday lives but the question is, is our consistency one that truly supports or truly harms us?

    Throughout most of my life, I have been very consistent but it has generally been a consistency that has harmed me.

    I have been very consistent in eating and drinking the wrong foods in that I became morbidly obese.

    I have been very consistent in checking out with TV/DVD’s.

    I have been very consistent in putting work before my health.

    I have been very consistent in pushing myself in doing all sorts of physical activity to the detriment of my body.

    I have been very consistent in not being honest with myself and those around me.

    I have been very consistent in not expressing how I truly feel.

    About 12 years ago, things started to change and thanks to the presentations of Universal Medicine and Serge Benhayon, the things I started to become consistent with started to truly support me.

    One of my consistencies now is the routine I have before I go to bed.

    Part of that routine is to have a nurturing warm bath but last night I was late to get to bed and for a small moment I considered not having my bath.

    But, as this blog points out very well, having a consistency builds a foundation and that foundation becomes very strong.

    My foundation kicked in and I took the time to nurture myself and have my bath.

    The consistencies in my life these days may seem boring to some people, but I know it helps me to keep my standards and that in turn, enables me to deal with anything that comes my way.

  11. The big thing right now in our world is getting children back into schools.

    Where do we start and who is dishing out advice?

    Our media pages are bombarded with a plethora of news relating to the un-settlement we have all found ourselves in, following a global pandemic and this includes our kids.

    Articles are saying “Consistency and Structure” are needed for our children to feel safe but in truth we could apply it EQUALLY TO All OF US and that includes adults regardless of age.

    Babies need their consistency and so do the elderly – so why on earth do we think that anyone else outside the former and latter years does not need that level of consistency and structure?

    Let us explore a bit more by expanding on what this blog is saying …

    It would be true to say that almost all of us were not prepared for this global pandemic where restrictions applied and working from home became the new normal. No schools, no holidays and literally no going outside your front door.

    So how did we cope and what solutions did we come up with?

    Anything you repeat becomes your foundation – this was presented in our Foundation blog back in April 2016 and it came from a wise man called Serge Benhayon.

    Is there some truth in what Benhayon is saying and can we apply it to anything?

    For example – online shopping because we are stuck at home has gone to epic proportions.

    Could it be possible that shopping on the internet is part of our foundation, simply because we keep repeating it day in and day out?

    We could say the same for late nights, drinking more alcohol and watching movies on those new Internet channels that the world has now subscribed to.

    We repeat behaviour that may not be a great lifestyle choice and we seriously do not consider that this is locked in as part of our foundation.

    Of course we can negate and ignore what has been presented here, but what if it were true?

    What if our kids need proper real role models who take Responsibility in the choices they make because they are aware of the consequences, call it the knock on effect?

    What if our late nights and drinking alcohol in the daytime now because we can, actually affects our children in a harmfull way?

    If in any doubt – read our forensic blog on this website called The Real Truth about Alcohol and then move towards reading the 220+ comments which support our presentation on this much needed topic.

    Back to consistency – how can we even begin to support our children if we the parents or guardians have behaved waywardly during the past 5 months and now it seems like such an effort that we simply cannot get our butt into gear and get moving, as schools are now opening?

    This website has yet to write an article about structure but for now it would be appropriate to say that our society lacks the infra structure that is needed to support human life and we tend to look outside of ourselves for the government and those who make the rules to give us something that we could easily and effortlessly be getting on with in our individual households.

    How many of us took this long holiday, furlough or not to action some much needed jobs that were outstanding in our home?

    How many of us made the effort to wash and get changed every morning regardless of the fact there was not job to go to or a hot date happening?

    How many of us have used this long time off regular routine to sleep and rest so our exhaustion levels can come down?

    How many of us have been consistent in our movements where we have supported our body by going for a walk (because we can) and going to bed early every day?

    What we choose will give us our next choice.
    So for example if we are doing a late night with the booze on zoom partying and then not bothering to get up on a work day – because we can get away with it, then our next choice is likely to be on that track. Another distraction will keep us up the following night and so on.

    If we choose to align to the sensible ‘get on with it track’, we may just find that life unfolds in a very simple and different way and above all we get to sense and feel what is actually going on inside your body and what is needed and what is not, so we can live life and not just merely exist.

    This of course is not advice or preaching but coming from the author of this website who is communicating from lived experience.

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