Mirror Mirror

Dear World

What was Michael Jackson on about in that song called Man in the Mirror with this line when you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself and make that change?

What was Gandhi on about with the saying that we need to be the change that we want the world to be?

Does this mean that if we want a different world then each of us as individuals need to make new choices and then our world will change?

Next –

The dictionary tells us that a mirror reflects a clear image and gives a true representation. (1, 2)

So if this is the case, then what is it that we are seeing when we look in the mirror?

What is the image we are receiving and what filters have we got in our mind that distorts, disturbs or changes that?

Do we really see a truly clear reflection or is it warped with the thoughts that enter our mind?

Next –

What do we really look at in the mirror?
What do we think we see in the mirror?
What do our eyes convey in the mirror?

What is our mirror really reflecting back to us?

What is the message we receive in the mirror?
What is it about the mirror that freaks us out?
What is being communicated to us in the mirror?

WHY are some of us afraid to look in the mirror?
WHY are some of us obsessed with the mirror?

WHY do some of us love looking in the mirror?
WHY do some of us hate looking in the mirror?
WHY do some of us avoid looking in the mirror?

WHY does looking in the mirror irritate some of us?
WHY does looking in the mirror change our mood?
WHY does looking in the mirror make us emotional?

WHY is it that sometimes when we look in the mirror, we see the ugly stuff and it affects us all day?

WHY is it that we never feel great after that one long look in the morning mirror?

WHY do we have this habit of checking out at night when we look in the mirror?

What if our eyes are simply receiving –

Someone who is Angry
Someone who is Bored
Someone who is in Pain
Someone who is full of Grief
Someone who is always Sad

Someone who is Bitter
Someone who is Frustrated
Someone who has Disregard
Someone who wears a Mask

Someone who just fits into society
Someone who chooses to live in Comfort
Someone who craves the attention of others
Someone who acts fake and phoney all the time
Someone who sees themselves as a good citizen

Someone who sucks at being nicey nice
Someone who was born to put others first
Someone who is big into pleasing others
Someone who says “I’m ok” when they’re not

Someone who is always playing the joker
Someone who needs to be a hero for Family
Someone who pays more attention to the kids
Someone who is deeply suffering as a Woman
Someone who finds it hard as a sensitive Man

Someone who is ticking the boxes and doing life
Someone who is holding back by Sitting on the Fence
Someone who does the Hot Talk with no True Action
Someone who wants to practice doing Nil by Mouth
Someone who avoids Commitment to Life

Someone who has seriously Lost the Plot
Someone who avoids matters of the Heart
Someone who is a master at ignoring their body
Someone who has conflicting thoughts non-stop

Someone who works hard to prove they’ve made it
Someone who really wants to Do Less and Be More
Someone who tries super hard and goes nowhere
Someone who needs the world to approve of them
Someone who wants the world to recognise them

Someone who feels the burden of life and thinks they have to keep working harder as there is no way out.

Someone who likes the struggle of daily life, even though it makes no sense to them.

Someone who avoids at all costs asking for help and support.

Someone who spends time hanging out in their head and misses out on real conversations with real people.

Someone who knows things are not right but will never ask Questions because it would mean speaking up.

Someone who just cannot STOP
Someone who lives life in the Fast Lane
Someone who thinks they are Intelligent

Someone who has no moral compass to speak of
Someone who thinks nothing of scamming another
Someone who is always looking to make big money
Someone who hates Truth as that means Responsibility

Someone who never considers helping others
Someone who constantly picks holes at others
Someone who loves the buzz of causing conflict
Someone who needs stress just to keep going
Someone who loves animals not human beings

Someone who likes their habit of complaining
Someone who is easily distracted by the world
Someone who has to spend all day talking crap
Someone who is always thinking ill of neighbours

Someone who likes swearing as it gets attention
Someone who can only consider I, me, myself
Someone who can only think about their Birthdays

Someone who wants Christmas all year round
Someone who cannot wait for another New Year
Someone who ignores the month of December
Someone who likes shopping for the sake of it

Someone who just wants More more more
Someone who spends way beyond their needs
Someone who wants what another person has
Someone who is extremely jealous of their siblings
Someone with Champagne Lifestyle, Lemonade Money

Someone who lives in constant comparison of others
Someone who lives for a Perfect life one day
Someone who repeatedly needs to check things
Someone who is Overdoing It all the time
Someone who is seeking the next Solution

Someone who likes showing off what they have because they know it rattles others.

Someone who is always coming up with the next idea to make money and have that dream life.

Someone who can see our Youth are in need of help but doesn’t know where to start.

Someone who sees the choices they are making everyday all over their face.

Someone who demands and expects the world to take care of them.

Someone who thinks they got a bad deal as life sucks and they are at the mercy of others.

Someone who is always Making Mistakes
Someone who is always Forgetting Something
Someone who suffers with Just Incase Syndrome
Someone who has FOMO – fear of missing out

Someone who has stopped trusting the world
Someone who was deeply hurt as a young child
Someone who feels insecure in every area of life
Someone who feels unsettled inside most days

Someone who is always living in self doubt
Someone who is always feeling lonely inside them
Someone who is anxious about anything most days
Someone who feels overwhelmed by every aspect of life

Someone who wishes that mirrors did not exist
Someone who knows they are hiding from the world
Someone who never feels worthy or deserves anything
Someone who finds it difficult to accept a real compliment

Someone who is dishonest every day about how they feel

Someone who is always putting on a smile to hide the pain that they can see in their eyes.

Someone who is still living in Regret about a relationship that ended over 30 years ago.

Someone who fears being seen by others if they were to shine and stand out from the crowd.

Someone who hopes that the ugly thoughts would disappear and leave them alone.

Someone who believes we will get taken care of by our health service, so it’s ok to trash the body because we can.

Someone who is exhausted beyond words
Someone who needs the Coffee hit daily
Someone who loves the taste of Chocolate

Someone who eats Junk Food most days
Someone who knows Gluten = bloated belly
Someone who secretly has a food issue
Someone who never values what they Eat

Someone who has Crazy Days everyday
Someone who keeps having Sick days
Someone who looks like they have Jet Lag
Someone who is not interested in World Health
Someone who has no interest in Global Wellness

Someone who really wants quality Sleep
Someone who has a Careless attitude
Someone who loves their Car not their body
Someone who has no time for planet Earth
Someone who has no real Foundation in life

Someone who has one goal – to not ever work
Someone who lives for time off and holidays
Someone who spends their life in fairyland dreaming
Someone who uses harmful substances to function
Someone who can’t wait for the next soap opera episode

Someone who relies on TV as a form of self-medication
Someone who has a life revolving around Social Media
Someone who spends most of their time Video Gaming
Someone who lives an anonymous life on the Internet
Someone who wants their Dodgy Emails to go away

Someone who has lost their Priority in life
Someone who is ready for Simple Living
Someone who needs a Passport to Get Real
Someone who simply lacks Focus in life
Someone who has made life full of Complications

Someone who has made Lying Normal
Someone who has Vices and Secrets
Someone who would never look at BLOG 100
Someone who knows they are being Fooled

Someone who is always at War inside them
Someone who has Given up on Life
Someone who lives a dodgy Double Life
Someone who loves Getting Away with It

Someone who avoids a transparent See Through Life
Someone who loves to Blame anything and everything
Someone who wants to Do Something but does nothing
Someone who really wants to Let Go but does zilch

Someone who loves Holding On for the sake of it
Someone who is always Gossiping and Judging
Someone who is always Listening to Other People
Someone who would love to just Stop Shouting

Someone who wants to know more about Intelligence2
Someone who wants to understand what Sport is about
Someone who hates people Trafficking which is slavery
Someone who often suffers with thoughts of Suicide

Someone who really can’t be bothered with the Basic Simple Living everyday stuff.

Someone who has to have the world and its brothers involved in everything they do, as they need recognition.

Someone who knows that bad behaviour always gives them the attention they crave.

Someone who thinks they are kingpin and treats others like they are not equal.

Someone who lives with –

Caffeine Addiction
Chronic Fatigue
Cold Hands, Cold Feet
Eating Disorders
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Disease
Mental Health



Someone who is real, up front and Absolutely Honest
Someone who knows what is Truth and what is not
Someone who has a true connection to Purpose
Someone who makes choices to use their time wisely

Someone who deeply appreciates going to bed early
Someone who has a Sleep rhythm and feels alive
Someone who has vitality levels that are visible
Someone who has consistent productivity
Someone who does not look exhausted

Someone who knows how to Plug In and Connect
Someone who knows how to Be Gentle
Someone who has nailed the Recipe for Life
Someone who cares about the small things
Someone who moves around clocking things

Someone who deeply takes care of their body
Someone who sees that we are all precious
Someone who has clarity and depth in their eyes
Someone who values themselves and others
Someone who honours what they feel without perfection

Someone who regards all of us as equals on earth
Someone who lives life with decency and respect
Someone who has come to lead the way for others
Someone who chooses to live and reflect the future

Someone who knows how to GET ON WITH IT
Someone who does a Take 2 as life is all about learning
Someone who no longer suffers from the Common Cold
Someone who no longer has Dairy in their diet
Someone who no longer has weight issues

Someone who just knows Diets do not work
Someone who no longer has Raynaud’s
Someone who no longer has Asthma
Someone who has Commitment to Life in Full
Someone who is steady and has a sound Foundation
Someone who is Flying Business Class to Heaven

Someone who understands there is more to life than what we see when we cast out and look at the world.

Someone who no longer has a protected heart as once upon a time they got hurt.

Someone who does their best to live with an open heart.

Someone who knows the richness in their heart is what they will take with them when they die.

Someone who no longer seeks Happiness as they know Joy is possible and sustainable.

Someone who simply loves humanity and knows they are a part of something grander.

Someone who does not jump on the bandwagon and listen to nonsense of other people.

Someone who knows true success has nothing to do with money or climbing Mount Everest.

Someone who is not afraid to Express with no reservation when it comes to Truth.

Someone who is dedicated to bringing more awareness to humanity by Expressing the Truth day in and day out.

Someone who sees all parts of life as one and the same
In other words, one part of life is not more important than another.

Someone who KNOWS, just KNOWS that our world is in a mess and we each have a Responsibility to do our bit.

Someone who lives a life of true Consistency, which is a life of true Responsibility.

Dear World

Could it be possible that the mirror simply reflects how we feel – nothing more and nothing less?

In other words, whatever quality we are choosing to align to is what is staring us in the face.

Could it be that Simple?


(1) (n.d). Oxford English Living Dictionaries. Retrieved May 19, 2018 from https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/mirror

(2) (2018, May 9). Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Retrieved May 19, 2018 from https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/mirror





Comments 10

  1. It is so much easier to complain and blame about all the problems in the world rather then take a close look at how I am living.

    I have created the life that I have, and it has an effect on everything.

    Nothing will change if I do not take a close look at it.

    And that is the first step in making changes in our world.

  2. This is a hugely powerful piece of writing. Surely every person on Earth can recognise themselves time and again in this blog.

    It has me asking how many of us actually reflect on what is reflected back at us in the mirror?

    How many of us have a ‘mirror face’ that makes us look how we can best receive ourselves in the mirror? An angle or pout or expression or selfie-style movement…

    And if we do have a mirror face, what does this show us? That we are looking at ourselves with judgements, wishing things were different?

    This blog offers us an opportunity for some serious honesty. To ask ourselves what do we really see. What do we actually want and what changes would it take to live that?

    A few years back, when I realised I had a mirror face thing going on, I started instead looking at myself square in the eyes in the mirror and saying ‘hi’. I realised I had never actually received myself simply as I was – always judging.

    That was the beginning of a big shift for me. A shift in acceptance, and from then I have started to see the truth much more. The truth of how I am feeling. Of how responsibly or not I have been living. Of the fact that I have a grace and beauty, and a strength in my eyes.

    Thank you Simple Living Global for this blog, for all of us.

  3. This part of the blog jumped out at me:

    “What is the image we are receiving and what filters have we got in our mind that distorts, disturbs or changes that?”

    About a year ago I started working with Simple Living Global and around the same time stopped spending time with someone who had been critical of me both in general and specifically about my body.

    I lived for most of this past year without a full length mirror in my apartment but finally got one a few weeks ago.

    Looking in that mirror now, I see a completely different person than I did before the last year.

    There is an energy shift that shows up in my eyes and skin, but the more striking thing for me is that if I had to draw my body a year ago based on the reflection and again today it would look vastly different, and I would feel different about it.

    And yet I am the exact same size and weight as I was, so the body size / shape shift has all been through letting go of false beliefs with the help of Simple Living Global.

  4. Something happens inside when you read this blog – especially once you get to the bit in blue about WHAT IF WE COULD RECEIVE THIS IN OUR MIRROR?

    To know that there are people out there walking that walk – a walk of responsibility and purpose and joy – is deeply inspiring to get on with the same.

  5. One of two things happen when my young kids look in the mirror.

    They either:

    1. go silly-la-la and start acting up and pulling faces and the like


    2. they simply look – calmly seeing, settled in their bodies.

    For me, this shows a lot.

    If they arrive at the mirror ‘with’ themselves – connected and ‘on the top line’ as we call it in our house, they simply observe. It is like the mirror confirms them in what they are feeling and they enjoy seeing that.

    If they are out of themselves when they look in a mirror, it is like they get that reflection square in the eyes and it makes them squirm so they bring in the distractions and silliness.

    Perhaps as adults we aren’t so obvious with our mirror relationship, but what if the same thing is happening for us on some level when we look in the mirror, too?

  6. When my identical twin boys were about 4 years old, one of them walked by a full length mirror and saw himself, he stopped and looked and said “hi Brad” [his brother]. Then he was confused.
    What a great introduction to mirrors.

    Mirrors are such a big part of our lives, most houses have many. Is there a reason for this?

  7. I am realising how much others reflect back at us.

    It’s like other people can be a mirror for us too.

    For example, yesterday, a woman at work had got ready for the day with great care. You could see it. I had also got ready with great care and seeing her, I could feel myself so solid in that and appreciate how much it supports yourself and others when you bring such care to yourself.

    1. Reading your comment JS made me think about something a very long time ago.

      I was looking at someone presenting and I thought this person looked tired. However, I know I was tired that day and I was seeing something in them that was actually a mirror for me reflecting what I needed to look at.

      What if we started using those we see as a mirror and feel what it is they are reflecting.

      Next – I like your point about the woman at work, taking great care and you noticed it.

      I know I see that and I also see a lot of people who just fling their clothes on and make it to the train station like they have not even used the bathroom that morning.

      Then there are the surface people who look groomed on the top layer but for me I know they did not spend time with the detail and deeper aspect of self care.

      I have a standard for work and that has been the same for a decade. There is no compromise and I know I have raised the bar when it comes to making sure I plan and prepare for work and this remains consistent, no matter what. That in itself is a reflection and over the years people have commented, because it builds trust in others when they can see and feel someone is the same and they are not up and down, if you know what I mean.

  8. I used to hate looking in the mirror at myself. Walking past my reflection in a shop window was just the same. I was filled with emotions of hating myself and my body and everything that I saw reflected back to me that I was never enough. The thoughts were of not being smart enough, sexy enough, not being the right shape, being the wrong colour, the wrong height, everything in my mind that I saw was wrong.

    Today I absolutely love looking at myself in the mirror and the beautiful reflection I get of a black woman who is radiant and open and has great skin and is the perfect height and body shape for me. These days it is very rare for there to be any critical thoughts about what I see and if they are they do not last long.

    What changed? The last eight years I have been learning to love myself and let love in from others and it has been the most life transformational experience ever and I am not talking about being in a romantic relationship with a man. Allowing myself to open up and be honest about what is and what is not true for me has been and continues to be the key to this success.

    There is so much beauty within me to be lived and shared with others and I have every intention of doing so, so that not just I but we all can share what true beauty is as it lives inside of each one of us. No liposuction or cosmetic surgery needed, just allowing who I truly am to just be.

  9. The wicked Queen once asked the mirror: “Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all?”

    The mirror told the Queen the truth.

    In many ways, a mirror is exactly like that and can only tell the truth, whereas we can lie to the mirror.

    A mirror will only show us how we see ourselves and one day it may show us our negative side and another day it may show us our positive side.

    For many years I have struggled to look into the mirror for any length of time and not have negative thoughts come in but the more I have worked on my issues of self- worth, allowing myself to love others and be loved in return and appreciation of myself and others, I find it a lot easier to accept what I see in the reflected image.

    Like everything in life, we have a choice. What we see in the mirror is a choice and is ever changing.

    Is it possible that, changing the way we live our lives, will change what we see in the mirror?

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