9 o’clock Hoover

This handout is taken from the Simple Living Global – Back to Basic Program

The hoover comes out at 9 o’clock – where are you

What are you really up to at this time of night

The hoover has an important job to do for us

The hoover starts at 9 o’clock for round one

It does not wait around if you are not ready

The hoover has a job to clear out nonsense of the day

It also does the important filing from the day’s activities

If we are not asleep by 9 o’clock, then it comes back at 11pm for round two

If we are still up and awake at this time, then we are in serious trouble

The body starts building a backlog for this clearing stuff

If you miss the 9 o’clock hoover, then your body is going to feel more exhausted

If you miss the 11 o’clock hoover time, then you sure will need some kind of stimulants to keep going, with a false state of being like –

Energy Drinks
Social Media

Note – the hoover does not wait for your time clock

The hoover just knows where you are, what time zone and what country you are in

The hoover really does work, if you allow it to do its job

We all need to take the 9 o’clock hoover seriously

We all need the 9 o’clock hoover to have vitality in our life

We all need the 9 o’clock hoover to truly support our body

Has anyone noticed, almost everyone is super exhausted

This means we need both of the hoover times every day

To have optimum benefits – go to bed before 9 o’clock

Next –

For real results – practice the 9 o’clock hoover Consistently

Commit to this Simple task and you will feel the changes

Do your best not to get distracted and get a proper sleep routine going before bedtime – this will help

The 9 o’clock hoover does not have different times on weekends and party nights

The 9 o’clock hoover is asking us for Appreciation, by using it to the max and that means everyday –

Our body wants to help us, but most of us lack the real science of Sleep and what is truly needed for maximum vitality levels

The 9 o’clock hoover works and it makes sense because the author has been living this way for 12 years

Here are some of the changes that are very possible –

Less foggy in the morning
Less of that groggy feeling
Less stimulants needed
Less reactions than usual

Feeling less dense and heavy
Feeling stronger during the day
Feeling more clarity in the mind
Feeling more aware of others
Feeling aware of our environment

No longer feeling numb
No longer shutting down
No longer avoiding stuff

No longer feeling a victim
No longer feeling miserable
No longer feeling helpless
No longer waking up with agony
No longer worrying about silly things

No longer dreading the mornings
No longer needing multiple alarm clocks
No longer wanting to stay up late

No more tossing and turning sleepless nights

No longer able to work excessively long hours

Not feeling drained with a backache
Not feeling the constant sugar cravings

Not needing the Caffeine fix first thing

Not having the same eating habits

Not eating lots of carbohydrates
Not feeling so big and bloated
Not feeling racy and tense all the time
Not feeling stressed over the small stuff

Able to Get on with life
Able to make responsible choices that help us
Able to make choices that support our well-being
Able to think through things and be more wise

More focused in our work

Responding to what is needed

Learning to observe what is going on

Aware of our body more than before

Aware our body feels more steady

Feeling more stillness inside our body

Thoughts have more clarity so Focus is easy

Mind starts to feel clearer most days

Noticing moods have changed for the better

Waking up feeling joy for no reason

Looking forward to going to bed early

Respecting our internal body clock

A willingness to take Responsibility

Nailing that tired feeling so it is never there

Respecting the body more than ever before

Making time to take real care of our body

Having the space to look after our environment

Feeling more energy
Feeling more expanded
Feeling a sense of real confidence
Feeling an openness in our chest area
Feeling inspired to take more care

Feeling the value of the 9 o’clock hoover

Smiling because we no longer feel whacked out
Smiling because things have really changed
Smiling because this 9 o’clock hoover works
Smiling because we just have a lot more time

Smiling because we no longer rely on sleeping aids
Smiling because this is free and not costing anything
Smiling because the noisy neighbours don’t affect us

Smiling because it was well worth paying attention to the hoover

Smiling because it’s easy to say No to late nights now
Smiling because we love the quality of our sleep
Smiling because we do not feel disturbed during sleep time

Smiling because even fireworks banging does not affect us
Smiling because we have time for a nap on a day off
Smiling because we understand the 9 o’clock hoover

The 9 o’clock hoover is not concerned if your mates think it is not cool

The 9 o’clock hoover is not interested in Friday boozy nights out

The 9 o’clock hoover does not take a day off on a bank holiday

The 9 o’clock hoover lets you make the choice if you want to use it

The 9 o’clock hoover never Judges you

If you mess up, start again – do a Take 2

The 9 o’clock hoover supports you to never Give Up

The 9 o’clock hoover works for everyone, everywhere

The 9 o’clock hoover requires real Commitment if we want real change.


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  1. What a brilliant piece of writing this is. Stock full of common sense, lived experience and appreciation.

    For many years I have taken deep care of my sleep. Early nights, early rising are the norm.

    I cherish the way my body feels. I have such vitality and there is a joy in moving and living with that.

    Describing early nights and the process behind it as a ‘hoover’ is bang on. It really is like that.

    If I let my rhythm drop for some reason, I’m met with what it is like on the other side (hoover-less) and that has a huge impact beyond just how I’m feeling. It also affects my family environment, my productivity at work, how I connect with others, how much ‘me’ I can bring and much more. Degrading all that is not a place I want to be.

    I value all the ‘smiling’ statements above – every one of them true and amazing to feel.

    Thank you for this re-grounding Simple Living Global. A true gift for all and something that should be taught across the world from a young age.

  2. I have been teaching the 9 o’clock hoover for a decade.

    To me the hoover knows what we have been up to and it has a job to do for us to clear out the nonsense of the day and file anything that is needed, that we need of value and then this gives us the space to have a deeper real quality of sleep.

    The sleep blog on this website is well worth reading and the 9 o’clock hoover will make even more sense why it is this time and not later, which many of us wish it was.

    I for one thought it was crazy to go to bed so early and now it’s the normal and for me this is about taking real Responsibility for the way I am living.

    I regenerate at this time and most days I can do it, but on days I cannot I do make sure there is a nap or super early nights to do the ‘catch up’ thing if it is needed. However, this is very rare and I realise I am so consistent that I do not need to catch up on sleep, as my body is full of vitality and I generally feel like I do two days work in a 24 hour day.

    This simple blog offers us so much if we choose to pay attention, but most of us are not ready to give up the late night lifestyle which from my experience requires stimulation of some kind to keep going.

    We have an internal body clock and science has confirmed this.
    Simple Living Global has spelt it out clearly to us in the Sleep blog on this website.

    So what is it about us humans who just override our natural rhythm and go against it with the plethora of distractions, to stay awake for no true reason?

    I value and appreciate the 9 o’clock hoover and for me it has been a life changer and something I will never ignore – ever.

  3. This is a great blog Simple Living Global.

    Looking at the title, one would be forgiven for finding it humorous, but on reading this blog, it gives us a lot of wisdom.

    It makes sense that our body has an innate way of clearing itself and, if we are active or stimulated in any way at the times when the body does its cleansing, the cleansing that needs to take place will be non-existent or watered down somewhat.

    And when we choose to ignore the 9 0’clock Hoover every day for many years, it should come as no surprise if we get ill.

    I have been practicing the 9 0’clock hoover for many years now and the benefits to my body have been huge and if for some reason I am not in bed by 9 0’clock, my body lets me know very quickly.

    I remember quite clearly how I was before I started to practice the 9 0’clock hoover – always tired and consuming an excessive amount of caffeine, sugar and alcohol to keep me awake.

    For many of us, going to bed at 9pm is unthinkable, in fact, that is the time that many of us are just starting to go out to restaurants or clubs.

    For those of us that couldn’t bear the thought of going to bed that early – we may scoff and ridicule the idea of the 9 0’clock hoover but, as our bodies show us everything we have lived, it would be wise of us to listen to what this blog presents.

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