Living in the Danger Zone

Dear World

What does it mean to Live in the Danger Zone?

What is it about the Danger Zone that hurts us?

How on earth did we end up Living in the Danger Zone?

How do we take the steps to get out of the Danger Zone?

When we are born, we are taken care of, so we do not go into the Danger Zone.

As we grow up and things happen, we forget that we still need to take care of our self – that means there is a personal Responsibility to make sure we keep checking in with our body and taking deep care, so that we do not poison it in anyway.

When we forget to Plug in and Connect to our body, we stop the communication so we are not aware of what our body wants and needs. That means we lose touch with what our body was/is saying to us and we forget it is constantly communicating.

Then we act surprised or wonder why we get Sick or something happens to us.

Then we go straight into reaction by finding a Solution to fix the problem and hoping it will go away.

We never stop to consider that maybe it is because we are choosing to live our Life in the Danger Zone.

Babies and animals live very well in the Flow Zone
Most teenagers and adults live in the Danger Zone

Living in the Danger Zone means

Sleep is no longer respected

Going to bed early is not on our radar

Not taking a nap when the time is there

Eating foods that harm our body

Overeating every single day

Needing Chocolate everyday

Drinking lots of Caffeine energy drinks

Having Coffee to artificially stimulate us

Drinking Alcohol when we know it’s poison

Not drinking enough water during the day

Doing Drugs knowing it is killing us inside

Relying on sugar to give us an energy boost

Using Heartburn pills regular like it’s normal

Having Fast Food, Junk Food most days

Smoking when we know it is super harmful

Vaping E-Cigarettes as it’s the latest thing

Watching TV late at night until the early hours

Posting nonsense on the Internet with no purpose

Going online with the intent of bullying others

Checking Social Media umpteen times a day

Doctoring images to look good on Social Media

Hooked into Perfect images of what we want

Video Gaming for hours and making it a Priority

Using porn everyday but not questioning why

Gambling as it fills the void we keep feeling

Arguing because we just like to rattle others

Having ugly bad thoughts about other people

Doing things that harm others when we know it

Lying and Getting away with it because we can

Behaving in a way that we know is very wrong

Banging and kicking doors and chairs

Swearing, cursing and shouting because we can

Slagging off people because we have freedom of speech

Fighting ourselves with the War Inside Us

Leading a Double Life because we like the thrill

Having our Vices and Secrets as no-one will stop us

Consistently Blaming others for what happens

Getting involved in other people’s stuff

Taking on more than we really want

Holding back what we really want to say

Putting things off with our procrastination

Always making Excuses about everything

Pretending and being fake and phoney

Playing nice just to be liked and loved

Not being super Gentle with our body

Choosing to not exercise in any way

Not valuing our body as something precious

Showing no decency or respect for our body

Consistently Overdoing It so more Stress

Not wearing clothes to keep us really warm

Paying no attention to our Cold Hands, Cold Feet

Always feeling run down and having Common Colds

Self-harming as we feel no one is there for us

Always wanting what other people have got

Seeking More, more, more of anything and everything

Always looking and comparing to others out there

Self fury at the choices another is making in their life

Not dealing with our hurts and buried issues

Holding on to the past and choosing not to Let Go

Distracting ourselves instead of Getting on with it

Living life in the Fast Lane with Crazy Days

Going on Holidays to escape our problems

Getting into debt as we love online shopping

Having something happen but never Question why

Not taking any Responsibility for our choices

Generally Forget Something or Lose Something

Acting Careless about a lot of things in daily life

Using our head to communicate to others

Reacting to anything and everything

Not being who we truly are, as that scares us

Acting like we know it all when we know we don’t

Not taking any action to reduce our stress levels

Bored with every aspect of life and Doing Nothing

Given up on this life as nothing seems to work

Exhausted beyond words but in denial of the fact

Making life full of Complications when it could be Simple

What would happen if we made the choice to Live in the Flow Zone

Blog coming soon – Living in the Flow Zone





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  1. Reading this list and seeing all of these behaviours together it highlights very clearly that they do not support us to flow at all and it is cause for red alert.

    If I take just one like, not respecting my sleep, I know I would be in the danger zone as I would become ratty, irritable, make mistakes and generally not be able to complete a day’s work.

    I know that by taking care of my sleep not only do I feel energised and more internally steady without up and down moods, but others feel calm around me.

    How many of us can relate to these behaviours listed in this blog and the question is, what are we going to do about them?

  2. It is interesting to consider this list of things as living in the ‘danger zone’.

    When I, and perhaps many people, think of danger, I think of high adrenaline activities, extreme behaviour and criminality.

    This blog reframes that thinking.

    What if we are in fact in the danger zone every time we participate in anything that harms us or another? Even if that ‘anything’ is something seemingly minor or considered acceptable by society.

    Stress is a good example. Stress has been completely normal for me since my teenage years. School pressure. University pressure. Exam pressure. Job pressure. City pressure. Bills pressure. Unrelenting. It feels the same is true for many, many people – stress is a ‘normal’ part of life today.

    But what are we choosing when we choose stress?

    Do we consider we are saying no to flow and yes to danger?

    And do we reflect on what danger actually means? For example, with stress – the mental strain, the physiological impact, the drain, the poor sleep, the tension in the body, the poor food choices, the affect on friends and family.

    Can we see these this is dangerous, actually dangerous?

    If we started to associate these behaviours with danger instead of the norm, would a metaphorical alarm go off in our heads when we stepped towards them? Danger, danger!

    And who would start such a movement? Where does change come from in society to turn these ‘norms’ around?

    What I see in this blog is that we can each consider what is dangerous and what is flow zone and make our choices from there. And those choices can have a big impact.

  3. Thinking back on the scrapes or danger moments in my life, they were all times when I was a bit ‘lost’, like I had abandoned myself.

    It is easy to see how abandoning yourself leads to poor decision making, big and small.

    I’m wondering how much we abandon ourselves through our lives. Each day even.

    From the extensive list of danger zone stuff in this blog, it feels like we do it way more than we realise.

  4. Returning to work after a few restful days off, there is a sea of emails and lots of ‘urgent’ and ‘important’ work to be done.

    I can feel how I respond to this. Subtle things but very clear now I am seeing them from a settled place.

    Tension coming in to my leg. Jaw a bit clenched. Wanting to pick at my nails.

    Are these not the body’s equivalent of a ‘danger – do not enter’ sign?

  5. There is not a blog on this website yet about Homeless people but there will be one posted next year for World Homeless Day.


    These are people who are living in the danger zone. Fact.

    Daily Mail – 5 October 2019
    Dr Max Pemberton shares that the number of deaths of homeless people in England and Wales rose by a record 22% last year. Over half were the result of drug overdoses and this figure is up by 55% from 2017 according to the Office of National Statistics.

    Yes the government need to do more says Dr. Max but equally the public must take some responsibility.

    His own experience of working with the homeless is many who beg on the streets for food are then using the money for drugs. He attended numerous funerals of patients who were homeless drug addicts and he was the only one there.

    What he is saying is the public – those we could call enablers really had killed them.
    Giving money to addicts “to show they cared and make themselves feel better had actually helped them to die”.

    So is there some truth here that Dr. Max is telling us?

    Do we feel better if we are generous and doing something when in truth it changes nothing other than makes us feel good that we are donating to someone who has less than us?

    Homeless people are living life in the danger zone and they all need help but are we going about it the wrong way and is there another way that benefits all and is the truth?

    Are those that subscribe in this way also living life in the danger zone in some way?

    Reading this blog it may be a yes for many as there is a whole list to consider about how we are choosing to live our life and the knock on effect it has on others when we make choices, be it in the name of helping another or for ourselves.

  6. As there is not yet a blog about Lifestyle Choices, this comment fits well as it is about Living in the Danger Zone.

    Talking to a taxi driver I got to hear he was a betting shop manager for 9 years.
    He told me that gambling is much much worse than any drug addiction and he was sharing real life stories that most of us would not imagine.

    A friend of his from childhood moved to the UK and lived with him in a house share while they were all finding their way with work, having come over from Bangladesh.

    He worked in the £1 shop and earnings were very low.

    One day he went into the betting shop and placed a bet and won £20.

    He immediately thought that this was easy and worth spending more money on as he worked all day for a small sum and this was going to bring him big rewards.

    Of course this is not the truth as we all know – Gambling shops are big business and as a betting shop manager he said that every machine is there for profit.

    Back to the low income man, he went downhill fast as his gambling addiction took hold.

    The manager on a day off received a call and got told to come to the shop and he found his friend literally shaking and sweating because he just lost £2,500.

    The credit cards were maxed, his income was minimum wage and he started begging and stealing from friends and family.

    Gambling in any form is living life in the danger zone.

    The taxi driver said he has seen so much and how this industry is designed to destroy lives if we choose to go down that road.

  7. Thank you for this blog Simple Living Global.

    Apart from those listed here, I am sure there could be many more examples of ‘Living in the Danger Zone’.

    I have no doubt that most of us have been or still are in many of these categories listed in this blog – I know I used to be in some of these ranging from mild to heavy investments, and even today there are some categories that I am still stuck in.

    The problem with this list of behaviours we have is that they are not readily recognised as being in the ‘Danger Zone’. These behaviours of ours are considered ‘normal’ and therefore we tend to not give them much prominence.

    Therein lies our biggest problem. Because these behaviours are so ‘normal’, are we truly ready and willing to take our responsibility to the next level and start to look at our ill behaviours and make the necessary changes to get out of the ‘Danger Zone’?

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