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Dear citizens of the world
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Take note – this Self Care stuff is super important

SELF CARE WEEK – 12 – 18 November 2018

Annual National Awareness week that focuses on embedding support for Self Care across communities, families and generations.

Theme “Choose Self Care for Life”
This strapline is for organisations to encourage them to use Self Care week “as a hook to help people choose self care for a healthier, happier life”. (1)

Can we really hook anyone in to ‘Self Care’?

Do we need to take Individual Responsibility?

Can an organisation really help us to choose Self Care, if all those involved are not truly living a life of Self Care?

Can we agree that our definitions of healthy and happy life are not the same?

In other words, we don’t all agree with what it is to be healthy and happy.

On that note read our Happiness blog –

Simple Living Global has presented 140 blogs thus far – asking us all to consider what Real and true Self Care is and then presented practical ways that this can be done for lasting change and benefit to all.

Could it be possible that to truly inspire another would have more benefit than to try and ‘hook’ people in?

In other words, we can inspire if we reflect to another by our living way.

That means we walk the talk, we live what we are asking others to consider because we know it works.
It works because we live it – we are the anecdotal evidence.

The founder and author of this website knows what it means to truly Self Care and has inspired many from all walks of life, around the world to be and do the same.


(1) (2018). Self Care Week Resources. Self Care Forum. Retrieved November 12, 2018 from


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  1. I can most definitely Confirm the founder and author of this website, walks the walk when it comes to Self Care and is a True Role Model to me.

    My idea of Self Care was not what it is today. I thought the occasional eating healthy and going to the gym was Self Care and that was enough. This was not the case. I was smoking, drinking alcohol and going to bed late (to name a few). How could that possibly be Self Care. But interesting I thought it was.

    With the support of Simple Living Global, I stopped doing the above and started to put myself first.

    What I realised a few years ago again with the support of Simple Living Global, that True Self Care comes from within me. What I mean by this is, yes I quit smoking and drinking and all the other stuff that was not good for me. But what needed to change was me and how I felt about myself and the way I was behaving towards and around people, including the way I was living my life, which in all honesty was not good at all.

    This is still a work in progress for me.
    I still continue to take care of me to the best of my ability daily.

    I can now Truly Appreciate my Life without that feeling of being in a rut and feeling depressed. And what a Joy that is.

    Thank You Simple Living Global.
    This blog is a beautiful reminder how you inspire myself and others to continue to Self Care.

  2. Thank you for this essential blog.

    Before learning about True Self-Care from the author of this blog, I thought that self-care was about hygiene, fixing up my appearance and improving my body’s functioning and fitness.

    So, I would brush and floss my teeth twice a day, shave in the mornings and occasionally take some exercise, etc. As an adult, I was practicing the daily self-care behaviours that I had a learnt as a teenager.

    Then, everything changed when I learnt from the author that Self-Care is not merely about hygiene (and the other notions I had) but also about supporting and appreciating oneself.

    I also learnt from the author that I can choose to Self-Care throughout the day because everything I do can be done in a way that either harms or heals me. The time I spend in Self-Care does not have to begin and end with the minutes I spend each day brushing my teeth or bathing, etc.

    Also, importantly, I learnt from the author that we can be life-long students of Self-Care whereby we continue learning how to deepen and widen our awareness and practice of Self-Care throughout our entire lives.

  3. “It works because we live it – we are the anecdotal evidence.”

    I absolutely love this.

    We are the antecdotal evidence.

    I can attest to being inspired by people who walk the walk of self care.

    Not the ‘I’ve been on holiday or to the spa or had a good sleep’ variety, but enduring self care. Lived consistently.

    You can see it in the eyes and the skin and the gait and the bounce and how settled they are.

    True vitality is palpable.

    You can’t fake it.

    But it is within all our grasp.

  4. Self Care to me has Purpose. It is not a chore but a JOY to live like this.

    To the best of my ability I look after myself daily.
    This website for over two years has supported me for sure to not only continue with my Self Care, but also to refine some of the detail. There is always something to Learn.

    Looking after oneself does not have to be boring. We should make it a Priority. No different to putting our car in for a service.

  5. Waitrose Weekend Magazine – 6 December 2018

    Self Care is one of 2018’s hottest social media hashtags.

    The article notes that self care has been an important phenomenon as far back as Ancient Greece – with the message ‘Take good care of yourself and you’ll take care of those around you.’

    It is interesting that we have had such wisdom for such a long time and yet we have not put this into practice and adapted our way of living accordingly.

    But what if that is the only way to truly evolve?

    Instead the popular way seems to be to trash the body and to put all manner of toxins into it.

    If we know that taking care of ourselves, means that we will take care of those around us, why do we not live this?

    One woman is quoted as saying – “We need self-care to counteract the fast pace of life. As humans, we’re not built to be on the go all the time, we need rests, breaks and activities that calm our nervous systems. When our stress response is on all the time, it impacts our immune and digestive systems and can lead to “overwhelm”.

    Another says about self care: “It is needed now more than ever. Many of us never switch off. We sleep next to our phones and emails, news stories and messages ping at all times of the day and night. It’s an assault on our senses and it can seem like there’s no escape from things which are largely out of control.”

    Is it possible that we have deliberately created a society that does not self care because we know the ripple effect it has on others?

    Have we placed our emphasis on competitiveness and one up man ship and so self care does not figure if that is our focus?

    What if this lack of self care is because we do not want to evolve?

    Is it possible that we could start to grow others through the simple act of self care?

    What if caring for ourselves means that we naturally start to care for others, as we recognise that we are all the same and that we ALL require the same attention?

    What if starting with self care would allow us to shift the focus on all of the busyness out there and bring us back to connecting with ourselves and our bodies, so we begin to break the pattern of overwhelm?

    What if there is a way out of the mess that we have created on earth and it starts with self care?

    1. This comment is really spelling it out and I really like those quotes from people who certainly know what they are talking about as it makes sense to me.

      You have mentioned the pattern of overwhelm Shevon as has the first woman in her quote.
      I would like to add that from my experience our body is first suffering from exhaustion and because this goes under the radar or buried with the lifestyle choices of distraction, plus foods and beverages that keep us going and race our nervous system, things go un-noticed to a point.

      Even when our immune system or digestive system is off or out, we have solutions and the pharmaceuticals are just there to supply to our every need. Not once do we see a billboard or advert saying STOP – ASK THE WHY QUESTION
      WHY is this happening?

      Over time with the exhaustion increasing and no true lifestyle changes taking place, our body goes into overwhelm and that’s when the stress levels go up and we have things like high blood pressure and other things happening.

      I am no medic or qualified academic to say this but from lived experience and knowing what I know and what I have learned, this feels a true statement and it’s time to share it online and say it as it is.

      Our world is in a serious mess and this self care business is booming, but what if we can make the simple changes, small steps at a time and see a real difference?

      My biggest tip for self care is get the sleep thing right and then you are on the way.

      There is a science to sleep and it’s there on our sleep blog on this website.

      This science about the time we go to bed and how important our sleep wake cycle is should be on the school agenda from day dot.

      Once we have a quality to our sleep, chances are the other natural self care stuff follows but without it we are simply going around almost like we have not quite landed with 2 feet firmly on the ground.

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