World Handshake Day

Dear World

Today – 21st June 2018 is World Handshake Day.

USA – National Handshake Day is 28th June.

Is anyone really interested?

What is the purpose of this day?

WHY do some of us think this handshake is old fashion?

WHY do some of us think handshakes are simply boring?

WHY do some of us avoid, duck ‘n’ dive handshake time?

WHY do some of us barely touch when they offer their hand in formal settings?

WHY do some of us loathe the thought of shaking another person’s hand?

WHY do some of us wish we could do away with this handshake business?

WHY do some of us dread the thought of shaking hands all day, as part of the job description?

Could there be Another Way to truly meet a human being?

If we go online we will get some of the following information about this special day.

Last Thursday of June, people across the USA observe National Handshake Day.

Of all the forms of greeting, the handshake is perhaps one of the most ancient.

The origin of the handshake is hard to pinpoint. As it is a non-verbal mode of communication, it may have existed before written records.

There are also secret handshakes, those elaborate greetings signalling membership in a group, club or society. (1)

What does it mean to us on the street to “observe national handshake day”?

What exactly are we observing?

Are we masters of observation?

Have we cracked it with our observing skills?

Do we even know how to observe without any form of reaction?

Do we know how to observe and not absorb?
In other words, not allow anything to disturb our internal state of being.

Is a handshake communicating something that is greater and grander if it was carried out with a true intention?

What does a secret handshake really do for us?

Does it bring us all closer as a one race of being?

Does it offer us exclusiveness and belonging to a special group?

Does it bring in any division because we are not part of something?

Does it provide humanity with a moment of evolution in any way?

Next –

There seems to be no designated official website for this special day but this is what we have found with further research –

This special day is the brain child of a man who heard the words from an old man to place your hand in the sea and you are united with the whole world. This was a vision after the tsunami disaster.

The idea of this man is that we take the time to put our hands in the sea and shake hands with the whole world and feel united. If we do not live close to the sea then we could put our hands in water that runs to the sea.

If neither are close, then we shake hands anywhere with a stranger and tell them about this special day of friendship. (2)

Does it tell us something by the fact that there is no official website for this day?

Do we ever stop and Question WHY this is?

With due respect to all those involved in this idea and vision – will this act of placing our hands in the sea bring about long lasting change and benefit to us all EQUALLY?

Will a moment of our hand in the sea, on a day in June change our behaviour towards our fellow brothers?

Will this very act of putting our hands in water that runs to the sea, change us and prepare us for the next time we are with another person?

For those of us who have no water in our radar that goes to the sea, are we open and willing to approach a stranger and tell them about this special day of friendship?

Where does friendship link with the special day of placing a hand in the sea?

Are we being told the sea is the same as a stranger for those who have no sea?

Has the website forgotten to express what needs to be said so we all get it?

We know the official website is missing but is something more missing?

Are we as a world any closer to forming real and true friendships?

Are we really able to go to a stranger and bang on about a special day?

What exactly would we be communicating to a stranger about friendship?

Do we even know what true friendship is and what it means to us?

Cambridge Dictionary

A greeting, or an act showing that you have made an agreement, in which two people who are facing each other take hold of and shake each other’s right hand. (3)

Oxford English Dictionary

Handshake – an act of shaking a person’s hand (4)

So what does this ‘act’ mean to us when we shake another person’s hand?

Do we shake hands with an agenda?

Do we shake hands with the intention to –

Act like we like them
Act normal as others do it
Be aloof and guarded
Be critical as we Googled them
Be nice as it could bring in the bucks
Be open
Be transparent
Copy others
Do it as it is protocol
Fit in with others
Greet only
Harm and hurt
Keep it all about business
Keep it formal and fake
Meet with no agenda
Present all of us
Pretend we are interested
Pretend we like them
Protect our real feelings
Reel off our feelings
See them as an equal brother
Show integrity
Smile as it might get us what we want
Suck up to them as they are a bigwig

Next –

A handshake is a short ritual in which two people grasp one of each other’s hands, in most cases accompanied by a brief up and down movement of the grasped hands. (2)

Circa 375 – 350 BC
Greece – marble sculpture illustrates two men shaking hands. (5)

5th century BC
Archaeological ruins and ancient texts show that handshaking was practiced in Ancient Greece.

The handshake is thought by some to have originated as a gesture of peace by demonstrating that the hand holds no weapon. (2)

History of Handshaking

Throughout history, the handshake has played a part in uniting people from different cultures. The handshake is a common gesture of non-verbal communication to express greetings or seal an agreement. It is instantly recognised as the international sign of goodwill, peace and respect used by presidents, business leaders and ordinary people. (6)

Hello World

If history tells us that a handshake has played a part in UNITING PEOPLE then why is this not something that is practiced over and over again from day dot, so we grow up with this physical contact and connection that fosters –


300 BC
Egyptians extended and shook the right hand, which signified the phrase “to give”. It was a symbol of handing over power from a god to a human leader.

14th Century
European knights and soldiers extended their hands to indicate that they were unarmed.
They grasped each other’s forearms, patted them down to the hand, then shook hands to dislodge any hidden weapons. (6)

It is thought that rather than bowing or curtseying, shaking hands proves:

Both parties are equal
Both parties feel comfortable in each other’s presence

Research shows people with firmer handshakes are viewed as more positive and outgoing and less socially anxious.

A study examined how a job applicant’s handshake influenced hiring recommendations during an interview. (5)

A firm or soft handshake is still used to judge a person’s character as either strong or weak. (6)

News Story

What your Handshake says about you

You are more likely to die young – from all manner of causes

Study – million adolescent males born in Sweden between 1951 and 1976

Lower hand-grip strength was “significantly associated with higher all-cause mortality, higher mortality from cardiovascular disease and a higher risk of suicide.”

You are less likely to succeed in job interviews

2015 – survey
Weak handshake – one of the biggest mistakes in job interviews
Employers felt lacklustre grip portrayed lack of confidence and enthusiasm

What other handshakes say about you

The hand hug –
Favoured among politicians for ability to provide warm, trusting, protective and humble demeanour.

The alpha –
Features include crushing grip, uncomfortable stare, firm and painful pat on back.
Successful businessmen are often practitioners of the alpha shake.

The flaccid shake –
Also known as dead fish.
Can imply weakness and awkwardness and often used by the unwilling participant.
May be used as a sign of superiority. (7)

Over a million people studied so we could agree –
There is a direct correlation with our hand-grip and our heart

Do we wait for more research and have we thought about the costs involved when these jumbo studies take place?

Next –

We have all heard about job interviews and the handshake thing is one of the first things we are going to be judged on.

What if we blag it on the day and practice beforehand to make it a firm hard strong grip?

What if this false front on the interview hides the tension and the anxiety that lies beneath?

What if winging it at the interview gets us the job but we are not able to keep it up long term?

What if the lack of confidence is always there like a bad smell, but we cover it up and it causes us so much stress as we are living up to something we are not and feel that tension in our body?

What if our only enthusiasm at the interview is more about the $$$ £££ €€€ and not really about anything else because all we want is the security that the job can give us?

What if we know deep down we are edgy and nervous most of the time and we have found ways to function and have Solutions to make sure no one really gets to know our lack of confidence?

What if true confidence is about presence and that means we feel settled and content at the core of our being and value who we are above anything we do or say?

Next –

Call it the politician hug and on that note who truly is trusting our politicians today?
Do they come with their own agenda and is it about self in any way?

In other words, do they want us the public to vote them in and champion what they have to say or are they going to be the unpopular ones who get their heads out of the parapet and go against the grain and bring about real change?

We digress – back to the hug that is favoured by politicians and its warm and trusting and humble.

First – as a world are we all united with this word humble?
How many of us see our politicians as humble?
How many of us would trust a handshake with a politician?

How many of us feel that a hand hug handshake from a politician would be sincere and genuine?

For the record – the author of this blog has had a handshake with a politician and it was barely a touch and very quick. There was zero palm contact and a nervous disposition was clear as day. For the record it would be true to say this is a famous well known name.

The word ‘protective’ is used as a description for this hand hug.

Could it be possible if there is any element of protection then another would feel that holding back in the handshake?

In other words, if we are not absolutely open and transparent in that moment that we meet another with our hand held out, then the handshake would fall short of being full and complete.

Could it be possible that with any form of protection a true warm hug is simply not possible because something is being held back to protect the heart?

Could it be possible that as a world we are not even close to having a hug in a handshake because the main ingredient – the Heart is missing?

In other words, our inner most connection to our essence is not even there, so how on earth can we then present it to another person?

Next –

How have we got to a point where we accept that success has a handshake with a crushing grip and an uncomfortable stare? 

Add to that a painful pat on the back?

So the dominant member of the pack of animals is called the ‘alpha’.
Is this the role model that others want to look up to and follow?

Are we as humans having animalistic behaviour with our ‘alpha shake’?

WHY on earth would anyone want to offer a crushing grip if our heart is in someway linked to a handshake because science tells us so?

Are we crushing our heart and at the same time crushing another person’s heart when we go for the alpha shake in the name of success?

What is successful about this alpha handshake, if we are to be absolutely honest here?

What does a crushing grip tell us about our natural gentleness, tenderness and sensitivity?

How come we would never contemplate a crushing grip to a small child in anyway?

Why is the stare uncomfortable for another with an alpha shake?

What is coming through the eyes of a so-called successful businessman?

Is the uncomfortable stare because the successful man is not himself in that moment?

What have we as a world done to our businessmen that now something hard and staring at us with a force as they whack our back is called success?

How far removed are we from the innate nature of who we truly are in the name of success?

What if true success is nothing to do with job description or what position of power we hold?

Next –

What is the dead fish limp weak handshake telling us about the person?

Is it telling us that we do have the ability to ‘read’ the person just by this simple act?
In other words, they do the flaccid handshake and we just know what they are about.

How on earth could a weak dead fish handshake be a sign of superiority?
Please post a comment if you get what this means as it is not making sense.

To summarise – what is this really all about and is it giving us an insight into real human behaviour or are we making general statements and sticking people into these categories?

What if there is another way that does not fit into any of the above whatsoever?

What if this other way – presented in this blog UNITES US ALL AS EQUALS?

What if a true handshake simply gives us a ‘reading’ of where the person is really at in their body?

In other words, we get to feel in that moment if they have a quality of presence, a settlement or a disharmony of some sort.

Weak Handshake Could be Sign of a Failing Heart

Hand grip strength could be used as a simple measure of heart health, according to new research funded by British Heart Foundation.
Published on 14 March 2018 (8)

Scientists have discovered that a weak grip can be associated with changes in the heart’s structure and function and this could be used as a broad measure of someone’s heart health.

Asking people to grip a device called a dynamometer for 3 seconds, the scientists were able to determine someone’s grip strength and compare this to detailed scans of their heart.

‘Cutting-Edge’ Heart Scans

5,000 people – data used
Researchers found people with low grip strength had weaker hearts that were less able to pump blood around the body.
Low grip strength was also associated with having enlarged, damaged hearts.

Participants in the study underwent cutting-edge heart scans that allowed the researchers to precisely work out the volume of blood that was pumped by their heart with every heartbeat.

They found that better hand grip strength was linked to higher volumes and proportions of blood being pumped by the heart and healthier heart muscle – which is associated with a lower risk of cardiovascular events like Heart attacks and strokes.


We seem to pay attention when science is telling us something.

Can we join the dots here and keep it Simple?

Could it be possible that our hands are linked to our heart?
In other words, we have hearts in our hands.

The author first heard this from a man called Serge Benhayon who presented this last century (circa 1999).

Inspired by this heart man – the founder of Simple Living Global introduced the Heart Handshake to the world in 2006 by daily practice in everyday life.

It was then added to the Back to Basics Program for True Health and Well Being.

More research is needed to understand exactly how weak grip strength is associated with poorer heart function.
Christopher Allen
Senior Cardiac Nurse – British Heart Foundation (8)

“Hand grip strength is an inexpensive, reproducible and easy to implement measure, and could become an easy way of identifying people at high risk of heart disease and preventing major life changing events, such as heart attacks.”
Professor Steffen Petersen – Researcher Lead (9)

What if more research is not needed and we keep it cheap by using anecdotal evidence and monitoring the hearts of those who practice the Heart Handshake?

What if we introduce the Heart Handshake as a global initiative and start to practice this in daily life without any need or force to get results?

What if this simple and FREE practice could bring about real physiological changes that our scientists could monitor and then consider what else is Simple Living Global presenting that could be studied?

What if the scholars of our future will look back and KNOW that there were people on earth back in the early 21st century who were on the front foot and living what we would say is the future?

In other words, how the world will live in years to come.

Hello World

Could there be Another Way to meet a human being?

What if there was a true purpose when we handshake?

What if our hands hold the power to meet another and in that moment allow them to feel who they truly are?

What if our hands hold the key to end the division we have between our fellow human brothers on earth?

What if we truly meet another with no guard of protection up, no halo head attitude, no ‘I am better’ syndrome and no ‘I got more than you’ nonsense?

What if we just show up and simply meet another as an EQUAL, regardless of what that person presents to us?

On that note – check this out World

2011 – Simple Living Global carried out a study using the Back to Basics Program.

The Heart Handshake was first introduced in a prison where it is not possible to embrace another in anyway whatsoever.

The intention was to allow others to feel by touch the tenderness that is within all of us EQUALLY and that the hardness, which is simply there to protect us from getting hurt, could fall away in that moment.

The following is taken from our handout sheet using the EDIP method.
That means start with Explanation, then Demonstration, Imitation and Practice.

Simple Living Global Heart Handshake

What if the Heart Handshake is –

Opening our Heart and Supports another to Open their Heart

Being aware of our wrist
Being aware of our hand
Being aware of our grip
Being aware of our palm
Being aware of our fingers
Being aware of our fingertips
Being aware of our thumb

Being aware of the tension
Being aware of our anxiety

Being aware of our beauty
Being aware of our sensitivity
Being aware of our delicateness
Being aware of our preciousness
Being aware of who we truly are

Touching another gently
Holding them as an equal
No hardness
No pressure

Staying open
Being tender
Being comfortable
Not holding back
Accepting them

Having no judgement
Breaking down barriers
Acknowledge them
Offering genuine eye contact
Feeling a true connection

No agenda whatsoever
No trying to impress
No wanting anything
No needing anything

Real communication without opening our mouth
Allowing another to feel the real true you

A Moment of Truth

You are about to open up the heart so the blood can flow freely without any constriction inside you.

You are left with a warm feeling of connection in your hands and your chest expands simply because you are not holding yourself back in that moment.

This practice offers you a deep caring moment of true connection with another brother regardless of who they are and what they have done.

Clock the movement as you approach your brother

Drop the attitude and head talking nonsense about this brother

Commit to standing opposite them with no agenda

See them as you in the mirror reflecting all that you are

Stand steady knowing you are meeting God for the first time

Offer your hand like you are EQUAL in everyway

Once they place their hand – take the lead

Open up and look down at your hand and tenderly place your fingertips on their wrist.


Then take your other hand and cup it gently over the top of their hand
Make sure your fingertips are gently over the top of their hand and feel the touch

Look up
Look into their eyes

FEEL the quality of what you have just offered your brother

Acknowledge them by closing your eyes and opening again

Gentle nod with chin going towards your chest



Let go slowly and gently

Feel the completion

Pause and Appreciate this moment, before moving on

Now practice with another brother in the class

The Heart Handshake opens us up to others, which is a natural way to be and live.

We have a choice in every moment so if we are honest and we do want change, then our new choices will ensure we move in a different direction and that means another way.

Give it a go and you may be surprised how natural and genuine it feels to meet someone in this way with no hidden agenda.

The Simple Living Global Heart Handshake supports us all to become open and transparent in that moment and nothing else is needed.

We feel truly connected to another person regardless of who they are or what they have done because we know deep down, we are all interconnected.

We feel part of the whole world and beyond and we feel expanded and not individual.

In that moment we feel we have the universe in our hands and inside our body.


This publication is ©Copyright and the Moral Rights of the Author, Bina Pattel and Simple Living Global are asserted.
Other than for the purposes of and subject to the conditions prescribed under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as amended, no part of this work may in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, microcopying, photocopying, recording or otherwise) be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted without prior written permission.
Inquiries should be addressed to Simple Living Global –


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Comments 11

  1. Love this blog!

    Love this subject!

    A handshake feels like it offers a profound form of human connection and it is fascinating how different people approach it.

    Some offer just the fingers, some try to grip your hand to submission, some get it over with fast, some take their time and allow eye contact.

    I agree there is so much to see in this – where people are at and how they are.

    I love to shake hands and I know what is said here is true: that there is a correlation between the hand and the heart.

    For example, yesterday with the lovely boiler man. I said thank you with my handshake and my eyes, as well as my words.

    I could feel the connection and feel him melt with the simple appreciation.

  2. It is hard to fathom the impact of the Heart Handshake presented here, but I can feel it is absolutely ground shaking. It brings me to tears.

    I can feel the reverberations of teaching that in prisons.

    The equality in the gesture. The invitation to drop all judgement and thoughts about what that other person might have done or might be about. The awareness and presence of movement. And the gentleness and care with which it is done.

    I can feel the reverberations of teaching that anywhere. And here it is on this website for all.

    May we practice what is presented here, in Truth.

  3. This is absolutely exquisite.

    To meet another in this way breaks down all perceived barriers.

    The love and care speaks volumes!

    Thank you so much Simple Living Global for once again presenting to all of us that there is another way to live.

    That we don’t have to be protected and guarded and hard and that by treating another with tenderness we get to feel our own tenderness too.

    So so beautifull

    Thank you

  4. Before there were contracts and legal documents, there were only handshakes.

    A handshake was sealing a deal with your commitment to integrity.

    Because we have laws and legal contracts now – do we feel we can get away with using a handshake without really meaning it?
    Have we lost the value of what a handshake is?

  5. I was at a business event last week.

    There was a lot of double cheek kissing: one side then the next, like the French do.

    Why do we do that?

    It doesn’t feel as connecting or as true as a warm handshake.

    1. I also feel this cheek thing is not really it when it comes to any business connection.

      I was at 2 Board meetings overseas recently and I introduced the Heart Handshake and also passed around this blog in printed format.

      Taking my time to walk around the large table and meet each bigwig with a heart handshake whilst acknowledging them and looking deeply into their eyes in that moment, felt more authentic than any other connection I could have offered.

      I did this at the very beginning, but also at the end before I left.

      For me the job was complete and nothing more needed to be said.

      What I know is that we cannot undo what we feel and we cannot undo what we heard.
      I presented what I needed to and that heart handshake was the completion.

      What would happen to business, if this was the template for all boardrooms in the future?

  6. My son gave a ‘heart handshake’ to someone yesterday. They were blown away.

    You could feel their disposition change. Their body became more relaxed, trusting. Their eye contact increased.

    They asked who taught him that and we shared about the author of this website and how she teaches the heart handshake in prisons to bring back the human connection.

    She was gobsmacked and it deeply touched her – she said how needed that would be in that environment.

    And that is so so true.

    But from what I see of our communities and world today, this human connection is much, much needed everywhere. In prisons, in schools, in workplaces, in hospitals, in our homes.

  7. I shook someone’s hand hello yesterday.

    He is a gentle man and his handshake was also gentle. Except there was much more you could tell from that handshake.

    It was as if he wasn’t really there – very withdrawn, sad.

    It was amazing to be able to feel that so clearly simply from a handshake and it confirmed and expanded what I had felt from him before we shook hands.

    We spoke about this and that, finding out how he was, what was going on. He shared something was frustrating him and he said he wanted to stop striving for perfection in his work.

    We chatted some more and shook hands goodbye. That goodbye handshake was very different.

    He was much more present, the shake was still gentle, but had more authority. He held my eye contact.

    I wonder how many conversations that man has where noone has an agenda for him, where he is just listened to and met for who he is.

    I felt the impact of that in his goodbye handshake – the true power of connection.

    It feels like this is lacking in our world today and we would all benefit from bringing much more of it in our every day interactions.

  8. It is very interesting what you have shared here Simple Living Global. about the correlation between a weak handshake and heart health. There seems to be a correlation between our handshake and other facts.

    Take for example this news article –

    Daily Mail – 28 April 2018

    Why Women Love a Man with a Firm Handshake

    Men with a limp handshake are less likely to be married than those with a strong grip, a study found.

    Researchers said it suggests a firm handshake is attractive to women but could also show married men adopt behaviours that keep them strong.

    Grip strength is a long established measure of health. It has been linked to the ability to cope independently and is said to predict heart disease risk.

    The research, in the journal SSM – Population Health, used data on more than 5,000 adults from Norway aged 59 – 71.

    What if the way that we shake someone’s hand sends out a message that communicates more about us and the way that we are in life, including the way that we relate to others?

    What if it is not just a mere touching of palms, but that there is a whole other exchange happening that goes beyond words?

    I know that shaking hands with someone who has a weak and limp handshake does not feel good as it does not actually feel like I have a person’s hand in mine. Sometimes I get the sense that they do not want to shake hands and at other times I get a sense that they are just very shy.

    Regardless of the true reason why women are more attracted to men with a firm handshake, would some of us say that there is always something more that is being communicated through that simple exchange?
    If we took the time to actually clock what we notice, we may be able to understand a lot about each other from our handshake.

  9. Thank you for this beauty-full blog Simple Living Global.

    After reading this, I started to recall the handshakes I have had from different people and realised how much I have felt from them.

    Having a handshake with someone the first time we meet conveys so much more than the mechanical aspect of the act.

    We can, if we are open to it, get a true feeling of the quality of the openness that each person has, and how much they are willing to show us.

    Handshakes have been around for a very long time and, before the introduction of contracts, handshakes were the way people finalised their business deals.

    It makes sense then what you say about having a heart in our hands.

    Why wouldn’t we want to shake the hands of someone else?

  10. Daily Mail – 25 July 2020

    The standard form of greeting in many western countries may be well and truly over according to Dr. Max Pemberton – NHS Psychiatrist.

    A professor and microbiologist told the Science and Technology committee that the UK should adopt the Japanese style greeting of the stately bow to prevent further outbreaks of the virus.

    Whatever our personal views are at this moment, this blog is presenting something more about the good old fashion handshake. It is presenting another way to deeply connect with another human being, if our intent was true. In other words, we make the effort to meet and greet another and use our hands as a formal way of giving a hug from our heart to the person in front of us and to do that we need a moment to pause and acknowledge them with eye contact, at the time of connecting our hand to their hand.

    This blog mentions the history of the handshake and how it has played an important part in uniting people.

    With our new rules and regulations Dr. Max is probably right that this standard form of greeting another human being may be over forever.

    Simple Living Global have a handout from our Back to Basics Program called the Heart Handshake. This was first introduced in a prison where any other form of physical contact was not allowed. Results confirmed it changes people and gets them to feel another in their presence. A bit like the guard, the brick wall in front of us dropping and we just meet and greet without any underlying current, judgement or agenda – bit like a child would do without the head telling it how to act and behave in that moment.

    Where are we as humans today where we have lost the connection with others because we have a pandemic that seems to have overtaken our common sense in all areas. The wearing of face coverings and the inability to touch another by way of a formal handshake speaks volumes.

    Have we considered the long term effects or the consequences that are going to come as a result of this new way of living and operating in our daily lives?

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