Does anyone like this task

Who would want to do this job

Who needs to talk about this

Why do we see it as a dirty job

Why do we think it is a menial task

Why does our trash always stink when we don’t deal with it

Why do we avoid as long as we can to EMPTY THE TRASH

Why do we think it is not our job to EMPTY THE TRASH

Why do we always wait for our partners to take out the trash

Why do we leave our cleaners to deal with our dirty trash bin

Why do we hate doing the trash when our cleaner goes on Holiday

Why do we act so stupid thinking and hoping our trash will just go away

Why do we have a habit of ignoring the trash until it is well over the top

Why do we not bother to Consistently use trash bags and bin liners for our rubbish

Why are we not raising our children, showing them the value and importance of dealing with the trash

Why are we furious if we get home and the trash bin stinks

Why do we like to Blame others for our foul smelling trash

Why do we get angry and annoyed when the trash is not collected

Why do we always forget to put the bins out on the day of collection

Why do we resent emptying the trash when we share a house and it seems to only bother us, as no-one else cares

Why do we leave the trash in our bedrooms because we think as students that is cool

Why do we want our mums to come and take away the trash we have left for a week under our beds

Why do we not become role models and be the trash police in our households

In other words, Get on with it Consistently and call others to account if they drop the standard we are choosing to live

What is our trash saying about our lifestyle choices

What would happen if we ever had to start dealing with everything that we trash out there into the world

Dear World


That means absolutely everything matters

That means everything is actually important

What if simply emptying the trash is super important

What if not taking action with our trash affects our Health

What if we treat our trash the same as everything in life with
deep regard | respect | decency | love | care

What if this small job has a big effect on our home because we have not ignored, avoided or neglected it

Could it be possible that if we Commit to carrying out this task consistently, then emptying our trash just becomes normal – no big deal

Imagine life without a smelly bin or trash can ever again.

The following is taken from the Simple Living Global Back to Basics Program


Use rubber gloves and get stuck in

Remove bits so the bin is ready to clean

Make sure hot water is on the agenda

Designate a cloth just for trash bin cleaning

Add disinfectant or anti-bac or good old fashion bleach

No need to overdo it with the use of products

Start inside the bin – use anticlockwise movements

Rinse the cloth and change the water for round 2

Then get on with cleaning the outside of the trash bin

Pay attention and Focus on the task only

Clean the lid and place back GENTLY every time

Use dry cloth to wipe the bin – again anticlockwise

Use bin liners as it helps when emptying the trash

Get into a regular routine of cleaning the trash bin

In hot weather do this cleaning job more often

Do not make Excuses and ignore this important job

Keep Consistent with this Simple everyday task

Make a note to EMPTY THE TRASH on your computer too


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  1. A great blog bringing focus to something rarely discussed.

    It makes me consider the bigger problems we have with waste on Planet Earth.

    If we can’t deal with our own waste, at a household or even room by room level, is it any surprise we are overrun with waste and struggle to handle it nationally and globally?

    Personally, I am ok with bin emptying and cleaning the inside of the bins as needed. However, I always notice and appreciate if my husband has done the job so I don’t have to!

    My kids do ‘bin duty’, taking the full bags out, though they least like dealing with the food waste bags that are seen as more ‘stinky’.

    It is very interesting to consider. We are happy to produce the waste but we would prefer not to have to handle it ourselves.

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