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Dear World

What is all this push push push stuff about

Why have we become a world that seems to push through things.

Why have we got a tendency to push through life and expect it all to work out.

What does pushing our way day to day do to our body.

Does push push push require a force to come in and take over from our natural state.

What are the physiological consequences of pushing the mind and body.

Why do we need our dose of Caffeine to push through our day.

Why do we need Energy Drinks to make sure we push through our day.

Why do we use Chocolate to keep us going every day in the push push department.

Why do we need Junk Foods to not feel we are push push pushing every single day.

Why do we choose Fast Foods daily to keep our life going with a push push momentum.

Why do we live life in the Danger Zone with our push push daily way of living.

So what is Google telling us about the meaning of Push

compel or urge someone to do something, especially to work hard

demand persistently

forcefulness and enterprise
e.g. an investor with the necessary money and push

something that is hard to achieve

have very little of something, especially time (1)


What are these words from Google telling us

Push is a persistent demand and it’s hard work
It is a force and not easy because it’s hard to achieve
It does not give us the time we need to get on with it

If this is what push means – why on earth would anyone in their right mind even contemplate going in the push push mode in life.


What is the dictionary definition for this word Push

Oxford English Living Dictionaries

move one’s body or a part of it into a specified position with effort

cause to reach a particular level or state

get a proposed measure completed or accepted quickly (2)


Middle English as a verb – to push beat pulse
The early sense was ‘exert force on’ giving rise later to ‘make a strenuous effort, endeavour’. (2)

Now this is serious

We have to move our body with effort and that means no ease
A confirmation that this is not natural for our body
We want to reach a certain state or level
We want it to be fast and finished

The origin of this word is telling us we are applying and bringing in a force to do what we want to do and this takes effort.

Cambridge Dictionary

to use physical pressure or force, especially with your hands in order to move something into a different position, usually one that is further away from you.

to move forcefully, especially in order to cause someone or something that is in your way to move, so that you can go through or past them.

to forcefully persuade or direct someone to do or achieve something

to advertise something repeatedly in order to increase its sales

to sell illegal Drugs

a determined attempt to get an advantage over other companies in business

encouragement to make someone do something

to send information over the Internet without receiving a request for it first (3)

To avoid repeating more of the same – let us look at the ‘advertising something repeatedly’ with the intention to increase sales.

How many of us have been in situations where the push sales person is not going to leave us until they make the deal.

What is the knock on effect when we are pushed into buying something with the knowing that money is the motivating factor behind the push.

What is the quality we are left with when push push is behind the sale of our goods or services.

Why do we have so many targets in business pushing sales which in many cases are simply to generate more profits.

Why have we become a world where people before profits is a rare thing in the business world.

Why are we willing to push the boundaries in business just to out-beat another rival, because competition matters as money is behind it.

Why do we think it is ok to bombard and impose on others over the Internet without them ever asking for what we want them to have.

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

to try to move beyond or expand

to press or urge forward to completion

make aggressive efforts to sell

to exert oneself continuously, vigorously or obtrusively to gain an end (4)

Now we have another meaning for the same word

What if trying to move beyond something with push being the driving factor, does not give us a natural expansion.

What if pressing ahead and persisting in our movement to go forward and complete something takes us out of sync with our natural state of being.

What if any aggression coming from a determined and forceful way to sell anything is completely wrong and not the Truth.

What if our Focus to gain an end from our push push method of exerting continuously, vigorously and obtrusively is an ill way of living. 


To move (something) in a specified way by exerting force; shove; drive (5)

Do we all know but cannot admit yet that push in any form is simply not true as it is bringing and applying force, shoving us in the wrong direction and it propels us forward – taking us off track.

NOTE – we have all these different variations and meanings for one word.

Does this tell us that something is not right as the world has yet to unite and come to a one-unified truth about words and the very essence of their true meaning.

Until such time, it would be wise to consider what this blog is presenting.

Would it be wise to ask the following Questions

When did we start to push things in our lives

Why do we have this need to push push

How do we really feel when we push push

What would happen if we stopped pushing

What if1 we looked at our behaviour every day when it comes to push push push.

What if2 the push push push way of operating every day simply drains our life force.

What if living in a push push push mode means we have a constant daily tension.

What if push push push means we do not feel any settlement inside us.

What if push push push continues to feed our exhaustion which has gone un-noticed.

What if we could get more done and be more content and joyfull simply by not pushing.

What if our natural state of being requires no such thing as push push push.

What does it give us when we exert force with our push push push actions.

How is our driving when we are in the push push mode most of the time.

How is our attitude at the school gates with push push push at the front of our minds.

How are we parenting our kids when we have this push push tendency all the time.

How are our movements when it comes to pushing at the supermarket checkout.

How are we in our work life with push push at the top of the agenda.

How are we driving ourselves with the career stuff which means push push and more push.

How are we acting towards others when we have to push to get the sale, as that is our job description and it is all about the money.

How are we with the push push push exercise in the name of health and a fit body.

How are we really doing with all the demands we have on ourselves with push push push going on.

How Real are we when it comes to taking a look at how much we subscribe to the push push push way of living.

How much of our lifestyle choices are coming from the push push push because we simply want More and more.

How much does the push push push take over in our mind when our body is shouting ‘slow down, I can’t keep going on like this’.

Dear World

Can we start with some Honesty and look at where in life we are choosing push.

Where has it really got us

What are the consequences

In other words, how is our body showing us we are pushing in life.

Is it really worth it? 



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Comments 3

  1. Metro News – 24 May 2019
    Page 29

    Workers expect to keep going into 70s and 80s.

    30% say they will be fit enough to work deep into the 70s, with many dreading 20 years of retirement.

    25% say 21 years in retirement is not long enough.

    1 in 14 plan to carry on working in their 80s.

    The average Briton thinks they will live to age 82 and that they can do their current job until they are at least 68.

    So here we have a few numbers that speaks volumes.

    The first thing is there seems to be a mixed view about working when we get older.

    Can we use some common sense before anything else and answer this question –

    How are we living right now in daily life with the work situation?

    Are we bored, fed up, miserable, on burnout, exhausted, can’t wait to escape the job, always looking at the clock, always finding excuses not to work, hate every aspect of work, tolerate our colleagues, use it simply to make money as that’s what we do, love it day in and day out, are full of vitality or something else…?

    The list is endless when it comes to our relationship with work.

    What if we got super honest for one moment?

    Do we have a body that is going to be able to keep us working well into our 70s?

    Let us go no further for the purpose of questioning this news story.

    In other words, forget what we do in our 80s – how are we going to be the decade before and how prepared are we?

    Are we on the front foot?

    Are we reading the signs when it comes to self care and well being?

    How is our current state of health if we had to be truth-full?

    Are we over rating ourselves because we do the gym, work hard and play hard?

    Are we buzzing with our daily caffeine doses and so we think we are physically and mentally strong and can do anything but have never considered that this mind altering drug has side effects that may show us signs down the road – in other words in later life?

    Are we up to date with the fact that the masses are heading for more illness and disease and ill mental health like dementia, which is growing fast.

    Are we saying one thing – like we think we are fit enough to work way past retirement but in truth our body is saying something quite different, if we simply stopped, got real and honest about the real state of our human vehicle?

    Have we lived in a way that has been a push push push so it seems quite normal to continue to push ahead way past the retirement date, regardless of what our body is trying to tell us?

    Have we become familiar with a demanding work ethic that leaves no space for deep rest and preparation to support the body on days off?

    Are we really equipped to work in our 70s, or do we need to get that word RESPONSIBILITY into our daily life now to ensure we can work until our last breath, if we choose to do so without the drive or need to push the body beyond its natural capacity?

    What if those who want to retire early have made lifestyle choices that confirm it is not possible to go for the long haul – work past our official retirement age?

    This comment alone offers much for the reader to ponder on and the wisdom presented in this blog and on this whole website is worth considering, if we want a body that supports us through life without the complications that can arise if we choose to ignore it.

  2. Daily Mail – 13 June 2020

    A TV presenter talking openly how she quite enjoys the discomfort of personal primping which includes body waxing. She adds that she was told by a doctor that she had a very high pain threshold after injuring her foot on a live TV show because she continued to go through a ten hour training routine with that injury.

    How many of the masses – in other words the general public will read this and think its totally ok to push and push the body even though there has been an injury?

    Where is the responsibility of any doctor who says to a patient they have a high pain threshold because they continue to ignore the injury and push their body, instead of resting which would of course would alleviate the pain and begin the healing process?

    Common sense tells us when our body suffers an injury it is communicating something and we all need to listen to the message. If we ignore it then chances are more damage could be done.

    When newspapers give us these messages, does it suit us in some way if a celebrity is doing it and endorsing?
    We then get to read about it and think it’s ok to behave like this when it clearly is not.

    How far down the ill track have we gone where we are willing to champion and confirm a famous TV personality that is not taking deep care of their body?

    With due respect and casting no judgement, is this very telling of how we are actually living in our own lives because we do not question stuff like this when we read it?

    Can we afford to just read and move on OR is it time to take Responsibility when we read anything by questioning what is there?

  3. WHY do we have such a push push push force-full way when it comes to sales.

    I have experienced this in the property market this week and also online where adverts bombard us daily.

    Yes every single day and sometimes multiple ads in one day selling their products and what I have clocked is it has got worse since this pandemic stuff.

    Are we all desperate to get our share of money and profit from others with our push push way of operating?

    Has anyone bothered to give feedback to these people or are we way too busy with our life and just accept that this is the way it is?
    Or do we have other more important distractions so no time to say anything?

    Is there any point in opening our mouth and saying ‘back off’?

    Trying to make a deal – call it a sale where they profit as individuals and so does the company they work for, seems to have an extra force that is felt and in my world that is just disturbing.

    Classic example today and I have seen this over the years, a very young adult dressed in the latest gear with an expensive car and their job is to get the deal closed at the highest price. It is super clear and obvious to me and yet they play games and the blatant lies that go with it are staggering to observe.

    Our world on some level is accepting this and so this way of business continues.

    With due respect I understand we all want security and some of us are prepared to literally do what it takes to make sure we profit at the expense of another, regardless of the circumstances that have been presented.

    What if this young adult is already dreaming of the next car because to have this slick super expensive car in their early 20s is now their standard and as with most, we strive to get more and see material possessions as the real value and worth in life?

    I recall leaving 2 jobs in my early 20s, where I got paid extra for sales and the push and drive on the numbers left me deeply disturbed and questioning what was all this really about as it just did not seem true or right in anyway.

    Today, I have a lot more lived experience and know how to not be pushed or bullied around as I have the authority and power to say No and above all I know that this is possible if I do not have an attachment to the outcome. What that means is ‘take it or leave it’ as I have no intention or desire to play games, fight or get one up on another.

    The question is – are we willing to walk away if it gets to that point or is there a hook that pulls us in and we go for the price tag, even if it is not the truth for us?

    The push push push sales is off putting, ugly and comes with an agenda that we can feel.

    How we respond then is up to us but whilst we play nice or go along with it and accept this, then the pushy sales world continues.

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