What if…Part 2

Dear World

What would change if we read the 80 blogs presented in
What if – Part 1?

What if there is so much we are not aware of about our Youth?

What if Our Car was reflecting our body to us?

What if Life in the Fast Lane is going against our natural state of being?

What if we simply take action when it comes to Dodgy Emails?

What if we got really honest about what Video Gaming is doing to us?

What if we simply started taking action with everything we are Holding On to?

What if our Heart has an Intelligence beyond anything we know right now?

What if we could put an end to our Just Incase Syndrome?

What if we could feel the gross dishonesty of living a Double Life?

What if Our Vices and Our Secrets are going to be exposed one day?

What if all prison staff were educated about the dangers of Spice?

What if Hot Talk is merely empty words with no lived action behind them?

What if Sitting on the Fence watching the mess in our world is comfortable?

What if all our Solutions that we keep coming up with are not the answer?

What if Fast Food, Junk Food suits us and we don’t want to change?

What if the month of D E C E M B E R is a license to forget the ugly year?

What if deep down we know and can feel when we are Being Fooled?

What if our Family issues that we are not dealing with haunt us everyday?

What if we put effort into Closing Cycles by reading what this blog presents?

What if Blog 100 on this website is enough to make big lifestyle changes?

What if we no longer need to live a life of Regret as there is another way?

What if Overdoing it hurts our body and disconnects us from our essence?

What if Crazy Days are created by us to remain distracted and numb?

What if Take 2 was our norm and everything was seen as a learning?

What if we create Complications in our life as simple feels too easy?

What if the presentations in this blog could help Raynaud’s sufferers?

What if we really started to learn how to Focus on important stuff daily?

What if the whole world needs to read this Part 1 blog about Women?

What if Jet Lag can be a thing of the past as the author lives with zero jet lag?

What if we would all benefit just by learning how to Plug in and Connect?

What if we read the facts about the Real Truth of Caffeine which is a drug?

What if we need to look at the real state of our World Health right now?

What if most of us do not even know how to start to Commit to Life?

What if we could learn to simply Do Less and Be More from now on?

What if our world needs more people to just GET ON WITH IT?

What if we made it a daily practice to learn about Closing our Eyes?

What if we Stop – Just STOP every day during the day and take stock?

What if looking in the Mirror confirmed exactly how we feel in that moment?

What if we need to get on the front foot with the facts about

What if we put an end to this game in our head called FOMO?

What if we all started Real Talking and having real conversations?

What if the whole world learned the Heart Handshake and used it everyday?

What if a life of true Responsibility is a life of true Consistency?

What if a simple end of day Tidy up, Tidy up made a real big difference?

What if we presented the questions in this blog at our World Business AGM?

What if basic Toilet Talk was seen as important as other stuff and not less?

What if Politics needs to be super simple and make sense to us all?

What if all our Excuses are boring the pants off us and others too?

What if every blog on this website thus far confirms that there is Another Way to live in this world?





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  1. This blog really highlights the depth of this website.

    What stands out is how practical it is – it is a website for real people, living real lives, with real, everyday issues. A website for all of us.

    And the theme of responsibility runs through it all – hugely empowering.

    Reading this blog is like a call to:
    -Make a start
    -Ditch delay
    -Be true
    -Take care of the details
    -Keep refining; keep learning

    And it really does matter.

    Each one of us can make a huge difference.

  2. I was thinking about this blog during a conversation this week.

    A mother was telling me about taking her child out of a private school into the local state school. She didn’t want her kids to grow up with a social divide and she felt the local school was simpler for her family.

    Except her child’s confidence dropped and she felt it was to do with the new school environment. She said that despite her views on the private school system, she ‘had to’ move him back. Her child was more important; she had to put him and his confidence first.

    This made me question how do we actually bring about change.

    This must have been a hard decision for that mum, but does this example not show the bind we create for ourselves? If we allow our values to be negotiable, can we be surprised when things we want to change simply stay the same? Or perhaps we don’t really care so much so long as we are ok.

    And it reminds me that change can bring challenges. It won’t always be plain sailing.

    So can our connection with truth help us here?

    If we stay with what we know is true – what feels true and absolute – that truth can carry us through those times of uncertainty and help us work through the tough stuff when it comes.

    1. JS I love what you are inviting us to consider here about staying with what is true and absolute.

      What if staying with what is true and absolute for each one of us on a daily basis, is the ultimate key to dealing with challenging times?

      For me this website is one of those true and absolute things in my life.

      I know in every cell of my body that this website is the real deal.

      It offers Truth and there is nothing in me that doubts or has any questionable feelings when I read anything on here. In fact, I always feel settled and at ease when I come to this website and so this feeling within me is my marker of absoluteness.

      What if our confidence in ourselves would steadily grow, if we just stayed with what we feel and know deep inside is the Truth?


  3. I was talking to someone and had some What if questions come to me.

    When you hear about someone aged 85 who has just gone through aggressive chemotherapy for ovarian cancer, but just discovered the cancer is now in the left lung and chest near the heart…

    What if they are not strong enough physically, physiologically or emotionally to endure even more treatment at their age?

    Are they able to make sensible choices about their health and well-being if we are being honest?

    Have they thought about the short and long term impact of more drugs and chemo?

    What if none of this is true and all it is doing is extending a life that has no true quality to speak of?

    What if they are ticking off their bucket list with having their chewing teeth removed and waiting for things to heal but it’s not yet happening, so they remain on a liquid diet but are even more miserable now than ever before?

    What if we need to accept when we get older that our minds may think we are young and independent but our body is telling us otherwise?

    What if we really need to take stock and plan and prepare for old age as this would support us and others?

    What if we have a responsibility for our life and that includes the latter years before the end of life as we know it?

  4. Without doubt, all the blogs presented here in this amazing website allow us to see that there could be ‘Another Way to Live in this World’.

    Of course, living in a way that these blogs ask us to, may throw up some challenges for us.

    These blogs are asking us to live in a way we haven’t lived for a very long time and, because of that, for some of us, making the choices to live in a way that the blogs are presenting will be too hard to sustain.

    The way we have lived for many years is a way that has not been the full truth of what we could have lived.

    For most of my life I have lived like the majority of humanity – a lack of true love, a lack of true integrity, a lack of self-worth, a lack of disharmony, a lack of true joy, a lack of true understanding, a lack of true equality, a lack of true compassion…a lack of TRUTH.

    Living what these blogs present is the start of living a life of true love, true integrity, having self-worth, having harmony in our lives, true joy, true understanding, true compassion, true equality and bringing truth to everything we do.

    All of the above is done without perfection.

    What if there is ‘Another Way to Live in this World’?

    What if we are divinely created to live in this way but we have simply lost our way?

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