Tidy up, Tidy up

Who on earth is interested in Tidy up?

WHY do we need to Tidy up, Tidy up?

WHY do we avoid this Tidy up business?

WHY do we see Tidy up as a discipline?

WHY do we think Tidy up means effort?

WHY do we always avoid Tidy up stuff?

WHY do we find Tidy up such a chore?

WHY do we make out Tidy up is a bore?

WHY do we feel there are no benefits for Tidy up?

WHY did we grow up hating the words – Tidy up?

WHY are we nagging our kids to Tidy up?

WHY is the very act of Tidy up not appealing to us?

Would it be true to say that most of us have grown up with these words –

Tidy up and it was like a constant loud ringing that never seemed to stop?

What would a person who lives these words Tidy up be like?

What would life be like if Tidy up was part of our daily living?

Would it make a difference if we had a Tidy up ritual every day?

Do we think it is the job for our cleaners to Tidy up for us?

Do we think Tidy up is for mum as she cleans up after us?

Do we think we cannot recall signing up for this boring task?

Do we think we can Get Away with It by living in a real mess?

Do we think we are cool because Tidy up is not on our radar?
In other words, we live in chaos every single day and justify it.

Do we think Tidy up is a waste of our time, when we could be doing other things?

Do we think Tidy up is linked to a neat and perfect disorder?

Do we resent Tidy up, Tidy up because it was drummed into us as kids and now as adults, we just let loose and make sure we don’t Tidy up?

Do we get stressed most days as we forget to Tidy up and then things feel like they are piling up on us and it’s all too much?

Do we wish others would run after us and do all our Tidy up stuff as we like it that way?

Do we get our gran in while we are at work to Tidy up our place?

Do we want a Tidy home but make no effort whatsoever to ever Tidy up?

Do we crave to be a Tidy person but we never put Focus on it?

Do we get exposed at work, as our desk does not know what Tidy up is?

Do we hate the hot-desking thing, as people never Tidy up when they move on?

So how are we really?

How tidy is our attic/loft space?
How tidy is our bathroom?
How tidy is our bedroom?
How tidy is our car?
How tidy is our cellar?
How tidy is our garage?

How tidy is our garden shed?
How tidy is our office?
How tidy is our office drawer?
How tidy is our spare room?
How tidy is our wardrobe?
How tidy is our cupboard under the sink?
How tidy are our kitchen cupboards?
How tidy are our kitchen drawers?

What would happen if we made a choice to “Tidy up” when we complete something?

What would happen if Our Car gets a “Tidy up” after every road trip?

What would happen if our kitchen cupboards got a proper “Tidy up”?

What would happen if our fridge had a weekly “Tidy up” before shopping?

What would happen if our bedroom got a daily “Tidy up, Tidy up”?

What would happen if we never left work without a “Tidy up, Tidy up”?

What would happen if our office got a real good “Tidy up” every month?

What would happen if we just picked up and folded our clothes that have been hanging around to be put away?

What would happen if we started seeing small things as equally important to the big stuff that goes on in our life?

What would happen to us if we walked into a Tidy room?

What would be the quality of our driving if we always had a car, which had the Tidy up as normal maintenance?

What if by actively committing to the Tidy up, Tidy up way of life, we found more space in our day and in that space, we had joy like never before?

What if at the end of every day Tidy up, Tidy up was just the same as brushing our teeth and we can feel the support?

What if to keep things in order and flow, we need to Commit to the Tidy up task every single day?

What if we need to understand that there is a magic in this ceremony of Tidy up, Tidy up because everything has a place if things are to flow?

What if we started seeing Tidy up as something of great value and benefit and not an arduous task, where we just can’t be bothered to Commit?

What if Tidy up, Tidy up = harmony

What if Tidy up, Tidy up = less tension

What if Tidy up, Tidy up = more clarity

What if Tidy up, Tidy up = more space

What if Tidy up, Tidy up = more content

What if Tidy up, Tidy up = more gets done

What if we put focus into Tidy up, Tidy Up every single day and feel our life flow with a natural order and ease?

What if we Consistently made the effort to Tidy up after us, no matter what?

What if we commit to Tidy up and made it a Priority at the end of our day?

What if Tidy up, Tidy up knocks out the Crazy Days where we Forget Something or Lose Something?

Dear World

Could it be possible that when we have order and flow in our own life, we inspire others by our living way?

Could it be possible that the real ripple effect of consistent Tidy up is our neighbourhood, community, country and beyond feel it?

Could it be possible that if Tidy up was part of our personal and individual lives, then our whole world would be Tidy and not in the mess it currently is in?

Is this making sense?


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  1. This is such a great blog and one that I can very much relate to, as I can all of the blogs and articles on this website.

    Just this week at work in one morning I had two people approach my desk asking why my desk was different to everyone else’s including being bigger.

    I have the same size desk as everyone else so I could not understand what my colleagues were talking about. Then one of them said it was so lovely to have a tidy desk and I realised that was what they were seeing and feeling, how a tidy desk lends to more space and so it appeared that my desk was different to others, but could it be because I respect my desk and look after it, including giving it a wipe every morning it remains tidy?

    Making Tidy up an essential part of my life wherever I go has really transformed it, including making me more focused and orderly.

    It’s amazing how the most simple things in life can have the most profound effect.

  2. Oooh, what a fantastic blog, bringing focus to a very interesting and oft-hidden topic.

    Tidy Up Time is a regular thing for me. I absolutely love tidiness and order and how it makes me and my environment feel.

    Untidiness causes a disturbance inside me – like an irritation; a feeling of something being off kilter.

    And I have to admit to tidying up after my kids in our house. Reading this blog helps me see it really is time to stop that – my kids are pretty awesome on the responsibility front, but more commitment and consistency is certainly needed to Tidy Up.

    One line that jumps out for them is this:
    “What would happen to us if we walked into a Tidy room?”

    You can feel a settlement and flow when you have tidied up. It is literally a joy to feel that and they have often commented on that themselves.

    It is like it allows space to get on with what is next, un-imposed.

  3. What a great blog. From a young age I have always liked order and everything in its place. From the age of 4 I was given chores. So I learned pretty quickly how to clean the house.

    I am forever reviewing my cupboards at home. Like Shevon I often get comments from colleagues of how orderley my desk and office is. We recently had a mice infestation and the whole floor barring my office was affected.

    For me part of my foundation is tidying up and it is definitely not chore but a Joy to do.

  4. Thank you for this superb blog.

    For me, the absolutely amazing thing about tidying up is that whatever order, space and simplification of flow I create in my environment through tidying up will immediately be felt as order, spaciousness and simplification of flow in my body.

  5. When I was a child I found a wooden box that was called a Captains chest. On it was written. ‘ A place for everything and everything in its place”

    This phrase has stuck with me. I began to understand how critical it was when I started working on a commercial fishing boat. When you are on a boat it can literally be a matter of life and death to have access to what you need at any moment.

    That is why you only take what you need [because space is limited], and you always put things back where they belong.

    It just makes sense to live to live like that. It is about taking responsibility for our actions.

    With support from Simple Living Global I have been taking this concept deeper and into all aspects of my life.

    It has supported me to heal many of my physical and emotional issues, because my body is being supported with a simpler and less stressful life.

    And now my life is reflecting to other people the value of tidying up.

  6. When I come home from work I always empty my bag and re pack. This has been a ritual for me for over a decade. So much so my partner does the same thing now.

    For me it is a good way to clear any clutter and prepare for a new day. The same goes for my shoes I use wet wipes to clean the sole of my shoes and always fold my clothes and take out what I am going to wear the next day.

    By the time I wake up the next morning everything is ready and the start of my day flows nicely.

  7. I love this tidy up theme, when we see tidying up as an equally important task as every other task we do and we do it with presence and respect it is like giving the items being tidied a dusting of love that shine to all that enter the room.
    We can imprint the love that we bring into everything we do, the type of energy we put in will be the energy that emanates to others. Love in – love out.

    If tidying is done in anger, frustration or resistance – what will be the result of the tidying?

  8. I love tidying up when I get home from work.

    I enjoy unpacking my bag and putting my clothes away in the same way each evening, before I do anything else.

    I love the simplicity, focus and order that it brings, not just to me but also to my environment.

    I know these tasks are often seen as mundane and useless, but I cannot ever imagine now arriving home from work and just slinging my bags down and checking out on the sofa.

    For me there is much work to be done and so by me including tidying up into my daily rhythm, it means that I can stay focused on the larger jobs like my office work.

    There is a saying called ‘A tidy house, is a tidy mind’ and I think most of us would agree that we feel like we have more space in our head and we feel clearer when things are tidy.

    What if tidying up is a key component to True Success?

  9. We have an informal ‘hot desking’ arrangement at my work. If you are away from the office, someone will sit at your desk.

    I can always tell when someone has sat at my desk. People leave an imprint.

    In rare cases it is wayward uncleanliness. Sometimes it is untidiness. Sometimes it is simply the angles that are off.

    Always, the desk must be cleaned and brought back to order.

    This process grounds the day. Sets in the foundation and the quality for what will come next. It is non-negotiable.

    Then the work-day can begin with the utmost clarity.

  10. I do the same Shevon. I love to repack my bag, set my clothes for the next day which includes my toiletries in the correct place and my shoes cleaned ready for a fresh day.

    Tidying up is very much a part of my daily life. There is always something to tidy up and clear away no matter how big or small. But doing so without the need to push my body to exhaustion.

  11. My colleagues find it amusing that I bring wet wipes with me when I am in hotels. For me I like to clean my area I am in living in and I always treat the space like my home.

    I know a few people that make a mess of a hotel room but would not do this at home.

    Closing cycles is important to me and to do this I always like to tidy up a space I am in.

  12. Thank you for this fabulous blog.

    I find that it is much easier to be in the flow when doing something in a tidy space.

    In contrast, untidy spaces often present obstacles to being in the flow, thus making tasks unnecessarily complicated, difficult and time consuming.

  13. What I have really started to Appreciate lately is the care I take when tidying up (amongst other things).

    It was pointed out to me recently, the way I put my things down and the way I place my shoes on the floor is consistent and is done with care. Up until this point as much as I do this as the norm I did not Appreciate and Value how this is observed by others and what impact this has on people around me.

    My office is always clean and tidy.
    I wipe down my desk, my tea area and even my printer daily. What I have noticed recently is my team are doing the same.

    Is it possible you can inspire others by being consistent with even just one thing and without the need to impose by telling others what to do. I think so.

  14. Today I spent half of the day cleaning my kitchen and loved every moment of it.

    I couldn’t complete it all in one go, as I had other tasks to do outside of the house, so I gave myself permission to complete half before I left and continue the rest afterwards. I even had a nap in between. I share this because in the past it would never have been an option for me to take a break or do something in stages. I would be driven to complete it all in one go and this would put a lot of pressure and stress on me and I would end up not enjoying what I was doing and feel exhausted. This time I feel energised.

    As I was cleaning and rearranging things, I realised that I am away for a few days next week and this cleaning is a preparation so that when I return my home is clean and clear and tidy and so it will support me, rather than drag me down by being unkempt.

    There are a few other areas of my home that I will attend to tomorrow and I am so looking forward to this, with no dread but just joy for the task ahead and the benefits both me and others in my household will experience from having a tidy house.

  15. I like what you say here Shevon. In the past I would wake up on a Saturday and clean my house top to bottom in one hit – Irrespective as to whether or not I was tired or exhausted.

    Present day I do not do this. Like you, I will do a bit, then rest.

    I have been travelling a lot with work the last few months, so when I come home Resting is at the top of the list.
    I can still get my chores done but there is no drive or push to do it.

  16. Another great blog Simple Living Global and one that makes a lot of sense.

    Tidying up brings a lot of focus and clarity into our lives, simply because it gives us the space to see the bigger picture.

    As a child growing up I was made to do chores and one of those chores was to tidy and clean the living room which, with 5 of us living in a house, created a lot of tidying up.

    I always liked to approach it with having a clear canvas, which meant I would put everything that needed to be tidied in a central place, clean and then put everything away in its designated place.

    I always remember the satisfaction I got after completing the task and I realise now that it was simply because I liked the space that it gave me and that is what I feel every time I clean and tidy up now.

    “Could it be possible that when we have order and flow in our own life, we inspire others by our living way?”

    I feel the above sentence from this blog rings very true.

    I know I have order and flow in my life and I have seen the effect it has on my colleagues at work.

    Is it possible that tidying up is not an OCD thing but one that shows we have standards and we are willing to take responsibility for ourselves?

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