Our World as a Business

Dear World

What if our world was a real business?

Who would be responsible for this business?

How are we doing if our world was a business?

Have we got the right people in the right place?

Have we got an infrastructure that supports us all?

Is this business going to have a one-unified Truth?

Is this business going to take full Responsibility?

Is this business going to hold everyone accountable for the choices they make?

Is this business committed to serving people without the need for recognition?

Is this business going to be transparent at all times?

Is this business going to see ALL as EQUALS no matter who they are and what they do?

Is this business going to Focus on people before profits?

Is this business going to ask Questions if something is not right, no matter how small that is?

Next –

Would we want to invest in our world as a business?
Would we buy shares in our world, if it was a business?
Would we recommend this world to others in business?
Would we expect annual dividends from this business?

Would we need to look at everything in our world, if it was a business, to track the real progress?

Would we need to be on the front foot with this world, if it were to be a successful business?

Would we need to Get Real and Get Honest so we could make this world about Truth in business?

Would it be wise to discuss the following at our world AGM?

WHY is Coffee such big business
WHY we are addicted to Caffeine
WHY we indulge in Chocolate so much
WHY do we eat What We Eat
WHY Gluten bloats our belly
WHY we love the comfort of Dairy
WHY anyone chooses to drink Alcohol
WHY Drugs is such big business
WHY are so many people in our world Sick
WHY our kids are hooked on Junk Foods
WHY we are addicted to Social Media

WHY Complications are so normal
WHY Simple Living is not mainstream
WHY Expression is Everything
WHY we have seriously Lost the Plot
WHY we need a Passport to get Real
WHY we have a constant War inside us
WHY Lying is so normal for most of us

WHY we are not realising that anything we repeat becomes our Foundation in life

WHY we seem to make education all about Intelligence1 which is memory recall and mind stuff only

WHY our current Intelligence2 is not giving us all the answers we need

WHY we celebrate Independence Day with hotdogs and fireworks and not address the real stuff that is going on for the United States

WHY have we got a world relying on Fast Food and Junk Food

WHY Cannabis is being made legal in countries, when we all know it is a mind-altering drug

WHY so many of us do not know about the dangers of Amphetamines

WHY slavery is even worse now under the new name People Trafficking

WHY very few are even aware of FGM – Female Genital Mutilation

WHY we champion Sport but never ask questions when our sports stars suffer with illness, injury, disease and mental ill health

WHY we have a global plague now called World Mental Health and how did it get to this point

WHY our Youth statistics are telling us SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

WHY we have so many Earthquakes and not ask – how are we living on mother Earth and what is she communicating to us as humans

WHY so many Suicide and what is missing when it is happening at a high rate with doctors and dentists

WHY we like to Blame and never take any form of Responsibility

WHY we struggle with Letting Go of anything that no longer works for us

WHY we Sit on the Fence and Do Nothing, when we know we could do something to bring change

WHY we have not developed a way of living that supports us to not Forget and lose things so often

WHY are we not caring and respectful in our Talking online and off

WHY we have allowed such abuse on our Internet with zero Responsibility

WHY we have allowed people to not be transparent and live a See Through Life

WHY we keep thinking we are Getting Away with our Irresponsibility

WHY getting Real, Honest and upfront is not nice and comfortable for us

WHY we seem to lack what is the real Priority in our individual lives

WHY TV watching has become a modern day must have drug of choice

WHY we never equate Responsibility and Accountability as Karma

WHY we keep creating more, More, More of this and that to keep our world spinning

WHY are many people living a Champagne Lifestyle with Lemonade Money

WHY we are hell bent on those pictures in our head that keep moving the goal post for a Perfect Life

WHY we have become such a deeply Careless world

WHY we put so much effort into one day of the year called Christmas

WHY we think a day called New Year is going to erase all the ill choices we made up until that point

WHY Diets do not work and yet we keep following them

WHY we cannot use a super simple RECIPE FOR LIFE

WHY we seek distractions because we are BORED with Life

WHY we are not equipped to travel Business Class to Heaven

WHY we are so hooked on the Happiness feel good factor

WHY we go nuts on Birthdays with our way off celebrations

WHY so many have now Given Up on Life and see no way out

WHY we have no clue how to Commit to Life and what that means

WHY it could be beneficial for humanity to learn to Be Gentle

WHY Listening to Other People has got this world business into a mess

WHY we all need to practice Nil by Mouth for this business to work

WHY we do not need more research to tell us Tobacco is a killer

WHY we have found another form of smoking with E-Cigarettes

WHY we have created so much Feet and Footwear problems

WHY we keep making Mistakes and not learning from them

WHY Shouting and Swearing is supposedly cool and acceptable

WHY so many of us treat Our Car better than our own body

WHY we have a constant tension because we live life in the Fast Lane

WHY we constantly complain but do nothing with our Dodgy Emails

WHY is Video Gaming now an official classified mental health disorder

WHY are so many people Holding On to their hurts and buried issues

WHY we actually harm when we Gossip, Judge and Curse others

WHY and where have we got this “Just Incase Syndrome” from

WHY have so many of us lost our moral compass living a Double Life

WHY do so many of us have Vices and Secrets and think it’s normal

WHY do our policy makers and those in positions of power give us the Hot Talk which is not backed up with true actions

WHY do we have an industry for Solutions but not ask the obvious question – WHY do we have a problem in the first place

WHY is the month of D E C E M B E R a licence to let loose

WHY are we choosing to be Fooled by all that this world offers us

WHY does the word Family feel like a swear word to so many of us

WHY do many people live in Regret and never really move on in life

WHY are we not educated on how to Close Cycles and know the benefits from those who live in this way Consistently

WHY are we not using the first 100 Blogs on this website to educate our world with important health and well-being topics

WHY are we so exhausted “Overdoing it” when it comes to anything

WHY have we subscribed to Crazy Days and then complain about it

WHY are we not teaching our kids to do a Take 2 when a Mistake is made, so it is simply a learning

WHY is the world not up to date with what is happening to Women

WHY are we suffering with Jet Lag and not making different choices

WHY are we not teaching from a young age how to Plug in and Connect

WHY are we not learning about Doing Less and Being More

WHY are we just not Getting on with it when our world business clearly needs us to do just that

WHY are we not aware of what it means to Close Our Eyes with intention

WHY have we not been taught to STOP, JUST STOP and do nothing

WHY are we so good at giving ourselves a hard time in the Mirror

WHY have we got modern words like FOMO in our dictionary now

WHY has the whole world not yet got into the Heart Handshake

WHY has our world forgotten how to Tidy up, Tidy up every day

WHY have we not addressed World Health and Global Wellness but seem to have a reductionism thing going on, where we make it about celebrating and playing down the real health and wellness statistics.

WHY are blogs and a website like this, presenting Truth not so popular

WHY are we not asking more questions to get to the root cause of –

Chronic Fatigue
Cold Hands, Cold Feet
Common Cold
Eating Disorders
Heart Disease
High Blood Pressure
Kidney Problems
Sleep Issues

Dear Dear World

Is there Another Way to run our world business?

Here is a blog and a website presenting important business for our first ever World Annual General Meeting.

It is to the people, about the people, for the people and on behalf of the people.

Are we ready to go forward with a real Code of Conduct to run our world business?

Are we ready as nothing right now seems to be working in our world if it was a business?





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  1. FOR THE RECORD – I would not be interested in buying shares if our world today was a Business.

    I only have to read the Global Wellness blog on this website to confirm that I would not be paid any dividends and would lose my investment, as things are really bad in our world, if it was a business.

    One of the things I used to do in Financial Planning as part of my job many years ago, was track progress and see how well past performance is where you are investing.

    If I was to invest in Simple Living Global and observed from day dot how they have been conducting their business and looking at the consistency in which they deliver, I would say it is a business that is working and that means it is evolving.

    Savvy investors might say it’s too short to track long term, as this business has not been operating for decades.

    Wise investors might say the consistency and commitment has not dropped once and that in itself speaks volumes.

    True investors would agree that Simple Living Global is different. It cares about people and their Code of Conduct spells out that their business is about PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT.

    That means, this business is for the people, about the people and on behalf of the people.

    That to me is the best business and how future business will be one day, if we are to ever truly evolve as a race of beings on earth.

    Maybe too way out and whacky for most to comprehend but WHAT IF
    What if Simple Living Global as a business, are living the future now?

  2. This is a powerful wake up call blog – to ask how would we be approaching the world and its issues if we ran it as a business.

    Even just the idea of having a world AGM is huge. That is what the UN could be doing, but how much priority and energy do we put to that?

    I wonder how many of us see the world and its issues as truly shared – something in which we all have a stake?

    It feels like we see the issues as separate. Each country simply trying to stay on top of its own challenges. No space to look up and see the very human aspects that bind us or to work together to address them. The same in our families perhaps.

    And what if they are connected, all these issues? Just as we are all connected, as a single race of people.

    What if we did gather the world data together and have an AGM to discuss it honestly?

    Perhaps starting with a simple question: what state is the world really in and is that the state we want for all of us?

    Certainly no trivial task, but if we can agree on the core, with clarity and honesty, the way forward may well simply present itself.

  3. Thank you for a very frank and honest blog Simple Living Global.

    This level of frankness is something that is deeply missing in our world. If we were more direct and honest about what is truly going on rather than continually searching for different solutions, we might just come to all of the answers we need.

    If our world were a business I most certainly would not invest in it and I would not expect any dividends as quite frankly our world is poor. Poor in wisdom and poor in the answers to all of the detrimental things that are happening.

    However, even though I say poor the poverty is in lived wisdom and lived answers, as I know collectively if we all came together and lived as honestly as the author of this blog does, we would understand what is truly going on in the world and the cause of our problems and thus would be able to make the necessary changes.

    What if we do not have to settle for a bankrupt world?

    What if there is more to understand about human life and what being here on Earth is all about?

    What if we could all live super rich lives, which are not just rich in the financial sense but abundant in wisdom and the simplicity and contentment that actually comes from that.

    This website is a testament to that way of living and personally I would have no hesitation in supporting and investing in Simple Living Global because I know that this organisation is about all of humanity evolving and not just any one person.

    What if we all had that focus, would that in itself change our bankrupt world?

  4. I live in the USA, so I am using it as an example.

    In 1835 the USA government was debt free. This is the only time it has happened.

    Now we are 20 trillion dollars in debt.

    Is this a good trend?

    Are we heading in the right direction?

    Are we living responsibly?

  5. Many of the countries in the world have an economy that depends on constant growth as an indication of success.

    When I became aware of this fact, it confused me.

    How can a world be sustainable, living like that, when we live on a planet that has a limited amount of resources?

    Will we not run out of resources at some point?

    Is it not common sense that eventually this way of running the world will eventually fail?

    Is it time to start asking questions like this?

    Is it time to take responsibility for the world we have created?

  6. Reading the Simple Living Global Code of Conduct is a humbling experience.

    To see an organisation claiming those commitments and living by them is extra-ordinary in our modern world.

    Some organisations claim similar aspects, but for how many are those claims merely words?

    How many are making decisions for and on behalf of humanity?
    How many commit to serving without the need for recognition?
    How many ask their staff to live with integrity in all areas of life?
    How many work without drive and pressure and put quality, purpose and service above all?
    How many truly accept others and their choices and hold all as equal?
    How many hold simplicity at their core and make a change when things are not flowing?
    How many 100% put people before profit?

    The Code of Conduct shows us a glimpse of the future and how business can truly be.

    That this organisation exists in our time is amazing and the value it brings is immeasurable.

  7. I could not imagine myself investing in this World Business.

    I look around at all the systems and practices in place to make the World run and to be completely honest it is a sorry sight to behold.
    Any which way I look I see corruption, self interest and greed, what has become of the beings within the human bodies? Worse though is the fact that we are seeing even more extreme and selfish behavior.
    Surely it’s time to take responsibility for ourselves and work together as one for the benefit and evolution of all.

    Thanks for this website that continually tells it as it is.

  8. What a great blog and one that poses a lot of pertinent questions.

    If our world were a business, with all the corruption, greed, abuse, illness and disease, intolerance, etc. etc. etc. is it possible that it would have been bankrupted several times over?

    And like those individuals and or organisations lacking in any form of integrity, although they have been made bankrupt, the world would surely come back into business under a different name.

    Who would want to buy shares in this business?

    With the world as it is now, is it possible that, those who would risk buying shares, are those who would want to keep the status quo as it is?

    But, like any business, is it possible that it can be changed?

    The simple answer to that is – YES.

    If we are willing to make our business operate on answering YES to the questions at the beginning of this blog, is it possible that our business would be very success-full?

    One of these questions has the potential to change the whole business paradigm:

    “Is this business going to see ALL as EQUALS no matter who they are and what they do?”

    If all the businesses in the world answered YES to the questions in this blog, how would the world look?

  9. BBC News – 18 June 2020

    Pet Theft Law Change Urged as Cases Go ‘Through the Roof’ in Lockdown

    Campaigners have called on the government to make pet theft a specific offence after instances of the crime increased in lockdown.

    The editor of Dogs Today magazine told MP’s that during lockdown dog prices “went up and up” and cases of theft increased with it. She said: “Lots of other crimes totally disappeared during lockdown – unfortunately dog theft went through the roof.”

    She added: “We had some enormous, horrific organised crime. Twenty-two dogs were stolen in a heist like you get in jewellers. Each one of those puppies was going to be someone’s lockdown puppy because unfortunately in lockdown everyone wanted a dog. And the prices went up and up and the criminals looked at those figures and looked at all those people who wanted dogs and put two and two together.”

    The government has said it is already an offence under the Theft Act 1968, with a maximum penalty of seven years.

    But campaigners say those who steal animals can currently be punished in the same way as someone who steals a mobile phone or laptop, as pets are classed as “property” under the Act.

    They also say the government relying on guidance from the Sentencing Council for England and Wales on the level of harm a theft causes is not enough to take into account the emotional distress.

    An animal geographer at Keele University who has created three petitions calling for pet reform, said reasons thieves stole pets include selling them on or breeding them.

    According to data compiled by an insurance company, 1,931 dog thefts were reported in 2018 – a “record high” – and only 17% of these dogs were returned to their owners.

    If we saw our world as a business, is it possible the world would have been sent to prison for a very long time?

    Is it possible that the world would be in prison for corruption, greed, abuse of powers, irresponsible behaviour, bribery, money laundering, embezzlement, fraud, coercion, intimidation…and the list goes on?

    Many businesses operate on the basis that we, the consumer, will not look too closely at the details as to why something is being sold in a certain way, or why something is much costlier elsewhere – if we can get it cheaper, who cares?

    Is it possible we are perpetuating this way of business simply because we want things and we don’t really care about the niceties of what we are buying?

    We could easily look at this story and say that these people who steal these dogs are heartless, cruel, they take advantage of and prey on innocent people…which is true…but for someone to go to these lengths to steal these dogs, there must be ‘innocent’ people willing to buy these dogs. There has to be a demand.

    We are the ones that buy these dogs without checking if their origins are what they say they are.

    Is it possible that it is only our ‘needs’ that allow businesses like this to thrive?

    Business can only operate if there is a product to sell and there is a demand for that product.

    We may want to absolve ourselves of any Responsibility but as long as WE are creating the demand, is it possible that the responsibility lies with us?

    1. This comment is worth reading.

      Thank you Tim Bowyer for telling us that if our world was a business, we would be sent to prison after reading just this one news story about the rise in dog theft, because we all want a lockdown puppy. Yes we make the call and that means we want, we demand and bingo – the suppliers are there.

      The last sentence in Tim’s comment is placing the responsibility back into our very own hands. Could it be possible that whilst we continue creating the demand then it is us that needs to take the personal responsibility and that means bring about real change?

      Next –

      The Guardian – 3 September 2021


      Following a surge in pet crime, dognappers will face tougher penalties under government plans to introduce a criminal offence of pet abduction.

      So the UK courts will now have more work, as hopefully they are going to hand out much tougher sentences to pet thieves.

      This news story tells us that the price of puppies during the pandemic has quadrupled and a black market has emerged because responsible breeders slowed down their operations.

      Thieves have targeted “fashion breeds” and designer crossbreeds in high demand.
      We could say they are on the ‘front foot’ because they stalk parks in affluent areas and lure puppies out of gardens with treats, mugged dog walkers and raided boarding kennels. They are busy and this is work and that means profits. WHY?
      Because they have customers waiting for the exact type of dog they want and they make it happen. No different to those stolen cars, where the whole thing is a big collaboration, as these are specific and the buyer wants what they want and it gets delivered.

      While we wait for ministers to confirm what sort of penalties those convicted of pet abduction could face, what is it that we need to look at in the Responsibility department?

      It has been covered in the previous comment by Tim but to add further – are we seeking the companionship of a ‘sentient being’ (government now saying these 2 words) because we feel a void inside of us and we need that filled?

      Or are we into the fashion trend thing, so we jump on the bandwagon and see our accessory (the designer puppy dog) as the thing to be seen with and upload on social media and that’s what it is about for us?

      Or do we just want what others have and hope that this new dog brings the answers to our daily misery or agony that we are not willing to admit or even go there to address?

  10. What if we are all operating a business be it our home life, work or running our own business?

    I was observing in our community today a woman who wanted a service but had no intention of paying the full price. She quoted that she was already told by someone in the business that she would receive a ‘discount’, so she made that clear to the man who unbeknown to her was the other business partner of the shop. He initially refused as he was busy and could not supply what she was demanding which was same day turnaround. She then said ok, I will go elsewhere.

    At that point, she was stopped and he pandered to her demands and gave her an even bigger discount which meant the business was going to be at a loss.

    I know the owners well and so I asked outright after the customer left, “Why did he give her an even bigger discount?”. His response was she is a new customer, we want her to come back and we would have lost her, so I gave her what she wanted and then some more.

    Is this how true business needs to be conducted?

    What about all the others in the shop who can hear that these guys give in if you demand a discount or come out with the threat that you will go elsewhere?

    What kind of message do we give out when we run our small businesses in this way?

    Is this based on some kind of security based mindset that if we do not succumb to the demands of these punters, then we will not make it in the business?

    Where is the marker, the line that we draw where we say this type of bullying is not acceptable?

    How many other so-called new people are they going to try and please, just to keep their business and is it this type of clientele that they are seeking?

    What is the worst that could happen if we say no and why do we allow fear to be a driving factor when we run our own business?

    I have observed all types of businesses in my working life of over 30 years and the majority are about making profit and if it means losing as in this real life example above, they are willing to do so in the hope that the future investment, (them returning with more business) will continue.

    If this is a microcosm then it gives us the macrocosm, the bigger picture of our world and how it is operating as a business. So just taking this story tells us we are making it all about profit first and above all else.

    If this was my business, I would have no concern if the customer went elsewhere because in truth someone who demands and makes threats over a few pounds is not worthy of my amazing service that I offer. If we all give in and allow this kind of behaviour to continue, then let us not be surprised why our world is the way it is, in all areas of business.

    On that note the comments on this blog are worthy of reading, followed by the code of conduct.

  11. This is real life and it is part of our World Business on a large scale.

    We have a health system where staff are literally “programmed” with one focus and that is “Discharge planning” as soon as patients attend. This has to be adhered to above any true call or a human response.
    Reaction is what this is saying and get the job complete.

    Let me expand…

    A friend works across 2 large city hospitals and sees a lot that happens when members of the public come in.

    This is not the old days – now there are all sorts of symptoms and reasons WHY someone ends up in the emergency department or is requiring a bed to stay in hospital.

    Many patients are young and unable to cope with life and are taking drugs like cocaine and heroin and others overdose on opioids. Yes it’s real and it is going on every day. We just don’t see or hear about all this and most of us are allergic to news of this kind and never want to face anything like this close to home. In other words, we dread having a case like illicit drug taking in our family. The raw reality is it’s happening everywhere.

    What happens when we have students high on drugs at university who are training to be medical professionals? Coming from families of good standing in society – we would never expect this.

    Could what they are being exposed to in their medical training be a trigger? How equipped are they to deal with deaths and having to carry out resuscitations?

    What about what is happening in their own personal lives? Are they also battling with the death of those close to them?

    What tools are they equipped with as part of their medical training to deal with what they are faced with at home and at work? Could this all have an impact on how they are able to carry out their profession and the successful completion of any training? What support is available apart from turning to drugs?

    As we know any drug even if we start with just a small dose will escalate because by their very design they are addictive.

    Is this how we lose our prospective doctors and nurses? Their studying goes out the window when their life is in chaos and they can no longer study or work due to their dependence on drugs, as they cannot cope with what has happened. Family members want to help and are desperate but cannot live with the monster that comes alive when the drugs are in the body.

    For those that have no clue, yes it is like their natural state is completely gone and a character of some kind takes over and their sole aim is to continue running the show and that means more drugs.

    Attending hospital and seeking support from the very system that they were training in fails them as staff’s only focus is discharge planning and when the patient can leave the hospital, whether follow up support in the community is available or not.

    My friend says this happens all the time and it’s like a revolving door. You can predict as it is inevitable the patient will be back soon, as there is no clear support in place once they leave hospital.

    What happens when they return 2 days later in a worse state due to self-harm, withdrawal symptoms or even worse – rapidly declining mental health? Are they admitted due to their mental health or does the same thing happen again?

    Dear World

    Our world as a business has failed miserably if we isolate and just look at what has been described above. My friend has seen this hundreds of times over the days and years at these super busy, ‘can’t cope’ hospitals across the city and the country.

    What society fails to address is the root cause of WHY and HOW these cases end up at this point.

    Studying to be a nurse or a doctor we have someone that is serious about working in a career about caring for others. Then something happens – family bereavement and their whole world is crashed and drugs come in and save the day, so to speak. What the drugs do is highlight that there is something going on.

    Student medical professionals taking illicit drugs tells us it is serious. This speaks volumes. We would say intelligent people would not do that but this is happening and these cases are real life. What is the so-called intelligence doing this behaviour?

    What is it about death that we cannot come to terms with and how are we living life that we are not prepared for things to happen because death is inevitable?

    Why have the majority of us got so much fear around death and how does one move through this without the need for drastic ways (in this case drugs) to numb out the pain and grief?

    Back to the world as a business.

    We give staff an agenda and force them to use “Discharge planning” as soon as patients attend hospital.

    At what cost and is it really worth it?

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