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This Sleep stuff seems to be a hot topic.

Most of us are having some kind of issue with sleep and it’s not good.

Simple Living Global have a Sleep category on this website and we will continue to expand on this much needed subject.

What we present is not coming from books and knowledge – it is coming from a living way and that means the author lives what is being shared and that means nothing more and nothing less.

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This may come across as a mundane or boring daily task, so we may have skipped the detail or not even bothered to consider this as an important job.

The following Back to Basics handout is simple and instead of ignoring it, we could choose to commit and see what unfolds…


Making Your Bed

Start with taking a good look at the state of your bed.

Be absolutely honest and stop pretending if it is not ok.

How would you describe the condition of your bed?

How much time and effort do you put into making your bed?

How clean and tidy does your bed actually feel to you?

When was the last time you checked the mattress?

What is the state of your pillows and duvet or blankets?

Do you share your bed with a partner who makes the bed?

Do you love having your bed clean and fresh at all times?

How often do you change the bed sheets and duvet cover?

How often to you wash the mattress or pillow protectors?

How often to you throw out and just replace bedding?

How often to you ignore the fluff and hairs that are on the sheets?

How often do you allow the cats or dogs to come into your bed?

How often are you ignoring the state of your bed and bedding?

How often do you wish you could have clean sheets but it is way too much effort, so you put it off for another week and then another and so on?

So, the first thing is KEEP IT SIMPLE

When we keep things simple, chances are we will find it easy to stay consistent.


Allow yourself some space every day for this important job.

Make it a part of your daily routine after Waking Up.

Carry out the task Gently and slowly with no push or force.

Open the windows everyday to allow some fresh air inside.

Turn off the heating in the room and keep the door closed.

Now take a look at the mess or the neatness of your bed.

What is the state and how are you going to approach this job?

Pull back the sheets and start with the mattress protector.
If you use double sheets – always start with the bottom one.

Give it a shake and pull in the sides and tuck into the mattress.

Do the same for the fitted sheet keeping the corners aligned.
Pay attention to the detail and stay focused on the job please.

Now the top sheet if it is used – this is a personal preference.
If a top sheet is used then the duvet cover will need less washing.
Instead the top sheet gets the regular wash with the fitted sheet.

Place the flat sheet over the whole mattress allowing a bit extra to turn over at the top of the bed. Then tuck in sides and the bottom neatly.

The key is to keep practicing and refining this bit as the bed is made every day.

Now shake the duvet and place evenly on the bed – no tucking in.

If using blankets, place over the bed and tuck in or leave loose depending on your personal preference.

Pillows – get the seams to align to the edges of the pillow down the side.
Simple tip – get corners of the pillow into the corners of the pillow cover.

Use your thumb and fingers to practice this.

Repeat the same if using an extra pillow cover.

Make sure the pillow is shaken and squeezed to bring into shape.

While doing this appreciate your pillow and how it will support you.

Arrange the pillows in place and fold over the bedding to air it out OR simply pull it back and pull down the sides of the duvet so everything is neat and in its place.

Job Done

Respect the surroundings and not just your bed.

Take the time to note what is all around your space.
Anything that requires taking action – Get on with It.

If we start making our bed as part of our morning getting up routine, we can lock it into our Foundation.

This will help us with the quality of our Sleep as there has been a dedicated commitment towards supporting our sleep – a movement to making our bed with the utmost care, detail and Focus.

Going forward, how about we make our bed because it will help us to rest and connect to our body during the sleep cycle of daily life?

Our bed and our body deserve the care we choose to give them.


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