Dear World

Have we heard of Sleeptember?

It runs throughout September and looks at how we can achieve better Sleep and what benefits a good night’s sleep brings.

Are we going to sleep this month because we like to follow whatever is trending?

What is this month 9 on the calendar offering us in terms of sleep?

What does Sleep mean to us right now?

If we are Honest – how has our sleep been and what do we really want?

Are we aware of the value of sleep?

Are our consistent late nights affecting our sleep quality more than we would like to admit?

Are we feeling exhausted from a summer Holiday break and our sleep is now off track?

Are we hooked into screen time so much that we tend to wake up in our sleep just to check what’s going on?

Are we always looking for new gadgets to help us sleep better?

Will a decent bed be the answer or is there a lot more we need to consider when it comes to sleep?

Do we really know what quality sleep is?

Do we want to stay up late and feel great in the morning but pay zero attention to our sleeping habits?

Do we honestly think that our sleep deprived lifestyle is supporting us to be healthy in any way?

Do we feel our sleep is out of whack and no amount of sleep seems to be working?

Do we want more sleep but there just isn’t enough hours in the day?

Do we subscribe to the multi-billion dollar sleeping aids industry?

Do we notice our moods change because of the amount of sleep we get or not get?

Do we wish we could wake up without the need for a mood swing or Caffeine fix first thing in the morning?

Do we need to sort our sleep out as we just had a Holiday break last month?

Do we understand the Science of Sleep and have we bothered to find out?

Do we long for the day when going to bed would be like a tiny baby sleeping?

Do we just need to ask ourselves with a real dose of Honesty WHY we resist sleep when it is the most natural thing to re-balance our day time?

Has anyone noticed animals do not stay up all night or find ways to not sleep when their body tells them to?

Have we Lost the Plot when it comes to having proper sleep?

Could it be possible that our eating habits and What We Eat would change if we had enough quality sleep daily?


Dear World

We have a serious sleep issue worldwide and this is why we have a multi-billion dollar sleeping aids industry.

What if our sleep campaigns are not turning the tides or reducing the global sleep epidemic statistics?

What if no amount of coaching our kids into a healthy bedtime routine is going to work if we are not addressing our own sleep issues?

What if we are simply not able to switch off from our daily screen time addiction this September?

What if we need to be real role models and get our act together first, so that others get to see and feel that there is Another Way?

What if our Sleep blog on this website holds the Science of Sleep as the author walks the talk – in other words, they live what is being presented?
Nothing more and nothing less.

What if Real change is possible for others when those who are saying something are actually living it and so it’s not Hot Talk or empty words trying to tell others what to do and not do?

There is a True Quality in the lived Expression when one is a real role model because they are walking the talk and others get to feel that vibration.





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  1. Mail Online – 2 July 2019

    This news story is a few months old but it feels very relevant to report.

    A study of more than 1,000 nurses in the USA found 1 in 8 take medication to stay awake at work.

    31% suffer from chronic insomnia and shift work disorder.

    27% take sleeping pills to help them sleep.

    Researchers say “exhausted staff are responsible for thousands of fatal errors in hospitals”.

    100,000 deaths occur every year in US hospitals due to ‘medical errors’.

    Whilst we are not going to ever be a perfect world, human error does happen but what this research is showing clearly is that sleep deprivation is having a serious effect on nursing staff who are responsible for the care of patients.

    WHY is some of this not making any sense?

    Struggling to stay alert and then when it is time to switch off, wind down and go to sleep they need medication to help them sleep.

    What is missing?

    How have we got to this point and WHY?

    Are these questions that every healthcare system in the world needs to be asking?

    Do we have those hiring and firing full of vitality levels or are they also struggling with exhaustion or burnout?

    Do we have a blind spot if we as an individual have not nailed our own sleep rhythm and consistently have quality sleep?

    Is there more to learn about the science of sleep?
    Is shift work possible if we make different lifestyle choices?

    Are we stuck in a rut because long hours means our body has to be pushed beyond its natural limits and in honesty we have no reserves so to speak?

    Are our days off spent deeply supporting our body for the coming shift and this includes extra rest and sleep + preparing foods for the week ahead?

    Do we feel short changed because we think we work hard and so our days off we need to play hard and this is where the issue stems from regarding our sleep?

    We can blame the systems and we can blame whoever we want but the only thing we can be empowered to do is make lifestyle choices that would benefit our body so that we are supported with the work we do.

    Any medical staff making errors has a huge ripple effect that most of us would not like to even think about.

    WHY is real education about Sleep not on the agenda at any medical teaching school and is this WHY we have news stories like this today?

    Caring for patients is not an easy job and to equip the human frame there are sensible steps needed to sustain a level of mental, physical and physiological fitness.

    Without making any claims whatsoever, this common sense website is presenting volumes which is easy reading for anyone ready to live human life without the struggle.

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