Passing Water

Dear World

Are we all drinking enough water every single day

Are we allowing our body to naturally pass water

We have been told from day dot that it is super important to pass water as often as we need to.

So what happens as we grow up that things change and we don’t always follow through nature’s call when it comes to passing water.

Going to the bathroom is something we all have to do

How many of us feel the urge to go but choose to Hold On

How many of us have mastered ignoring the call to pee

How many of us forget to pee when our body tells us to

How many of us can’t be bothered to get up and go to the toilet and do a number 1.

How many of us avoid the first feeling when our mind says “time to pee now”.

How many of us clock the reminder telling us pee time and seconds later forget about it.

How many of us are not in the regular habit of taking our time to have a pee.

How many of us rarely go for a pee in the day as it’s business as usual and life is way too busy for pee stuff.

How many of us make a point to not drink much water, if any, as we would need to pass water and we don’t have time for that.

How many of us make the choice to stop Drinking Water as we want less trips to the bathroom to pee.

How many of us find it a gross inconvenience to simply go to the toilet and have a pee.

How many of us are super crazy busy and on the go, which means having a pee is a multi tasking job.

How many of us want to drink more water but live in fear of needing the toilet too often.

How many of us would love someone to do the pee for us as it’s way too much time wasted and effort.

How many of us fail to drink water often and find it painful when we are passing water.

How many of us feel an ache in our back where our Kidneys are, because we rarely drink water.

How many of us find it painful having a pee but never think of checking it out with the doctor.

How many of us feel we cannot settle and this affects us when we are passing water.

How many of us constantly hold tension inside our body as passing water is simply not an easy thing for us.

How many of us have been told we need to drink more water as our urine is showing signs.

How many of us have dark coloured pee as we do not consume enough water.

How many of us know about the pee colour chart that tells us something about what is going on inside us. (1)

How many of us find it very disturbing having to go for a pee in the middle of the night.

How many of us have constant interruptions at night time because we keep needing to use the bathroom for a pee.

How many of us get in the Car knowing we needed to have a pee before we left.

How many of us are anxious when we go out shopping as we need to know where the toilets are.

How many of us have bladder issues when we are feeling anxiety, as we seem to need more trips to the bathroom.

How many of us get affected if the public toilet is not clean and up to our standard, so we hold the pee in.

How many of us value and feel the importance of going for a pee to pass water.

How many of us Appreciate the benefits of Drinking Water and passing water.

Dear World

Could it be possible that drinking water is essential for our true health and well-being and so is passing water.

Could it be possible that passing water is deeply beneficial as it gives us a moment to Stop.

Could it be possible that passing water is a natural moment for us to rest, even if it is only a few seconds.

Could it be possible that life would be different if we simply learned the value and importance of passing water.

What if1 passing water when we feel the impulse to do so is a self honoring thing to do.

What if2 this simple natural movement of passing water is locked into our daily living by making sure we go to the loo when we first feel to.

What if this self honouring leads to even more things that come under Self Care – like early bedtime.

What if these movements then support us in life, as we are equipped to deal with the day ahead when we Wake Up.

What if drinking as much water as we need to and allowing water to pass through us helps with everyday living.



(1) (n.d). Is Blue Urine Normal? Urine Colors Explained. Healthline. Retrieved August 2, 2019 from





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  1. Thank you for this brilliant blog.

    Many years ago, the author of this blog suggested to me that I consider the fact that going to pee when I need to, regardless of what’s going on around me, might possibly be an important way of looking after my body and honouring myself.

    Ever since then, whenever I am tempted to hold on because of something that’s going on outside of me, I remember that passing water when I need to is a choice to put myself before the world outside. And then I go to the bathroom and pee.

    1. Thank you Raja for sharing this comment.

      What I know beyond any doubt is that when someone shares something that they are actually living, in other words doing it, then chances are we will take note and as in your case be inspired to give it a go.

      Our world is not going to change with theory and those who bang on about what we need to do and not do.

      We need to walk the talk and then talk the walk so others get to feel a quality, a vibration so to speak that gives another space and lets them know that it is possible and it works because we are living it to the best of our ability.

      Imagine if our world took note of this blog and all the others on this website presenting another way to live that offers a bucket load of common sense and simplicity.

  2. Thank you again for this marvellous blog.

    One of the things that I appreciate about this website is that the author’s blogs reach the parts that other blogs don’t reach. This particular blog is a good example: we all know that it’s very important to pass water when we feel the need to, but who else other than this author is publishing blogs on the internet about it in this way?

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