Life Out of Balance

Dear World

Is our LIFE OUT OF BALANCE now in anyway?

Do we feel our life is out of sync in some way?

Do we have a sense things in life are off track?

What if the following Questions are worth considering, as they could indicate that our life is OUT OF BALANCE?

Are we feeling dizzy with our Lifestyle Choices?

Are we Crazy busy rushing about and off balance?

Are we living an out of balance life in the Fast Lane?

Are we Multi-Tasking and making a mess of our life?

Are we longing to press that Stop now button?

Are we getting more Sick these days than in the past?

Are we plodding in the Slow Lane and off balance?

Are we eating Junk Foods and not bothering to cook?

Are we eating lots of carbs with Gluten, feeling heavy n bloated?

Are we big into Chocolate and other sweet stuff?

Are we suffering with Heartburn as we love bad food?

Are we consuming more Coffee and Caffeine drinks?

Are we willing to admit we have seriously Lost the Plot?

Are we suffering from what feels like Chronic Fatigue?

Are we Exhausted day in and day out and it is getting worse?

Are we getting into more debt with our Champagne Lifestyle?

Are we always jumping on the More, more, more bandwagon?

Are we finding ourselves consistently Gossiping about others?

Are we Lying like never before and know others are doing it too?

Are we feeling this constant tension with the War Inside Us?

Are we into the Blame game as it cannot possibly be our error?

Are we relying on Alarm Clocks because of our crazy Sleep times?

Are we using Alcohol more regular now as it suits our lifestyle?

Are we Smoking or Vaping knowing something is not right now?

Are we addicted to TV watching as part of our relaxing me time?

Are we big Screen Time buffs, when it comes to Social Media? 

Are we spending more and more time on Video Gaming these days?

Are we using Online Shopping to cope with our out of balance life?

Are we allowing our Blood Pressure to rise with our Lifestyle Choices?

Are we having Headaches more often and now it’s a Migraine?

Are we showing symptoms of Pre-Diabetes and we are scared?

Are we aware we are going into the Obesity category with our body?

Are we always in search of the next fad Diet to influence us?

Are we suffering from Common Colds but never question WHY?

Are we living with Stress and some kind of anxiety on a daily basis?

Are we concerned about our Mental Health as things are not right?

Are we worried that our Children’s Mental Health needs attention?

Are we Hiding stuff from the world as we simply do not trust anyone?

Are we living a dodgy life with Secrets and Vices but feel ok about it?

Are we leading a Double Life which confirms we are out of balance?

Are we Getting Away with It Because we Can and we like that?

Are we seeking the Perfect Life where the goal post keeps moving?

Are we Waking Up and wondering why things are out of balance?

Are we unable to simply Slow Down as our head is always spinning?

Are we feeling Stuck and unable to move into the Slowing Down Lane?

Are we looking in the Mirror and not liking the image we receive?

Are we not going near Truth as we know we have to be Honest first?

Are we un-willing to Focus and learn about the Priorities in life?

Are we contributing to the Careless Society we currently live in?

Are we Listening to Other People and Ignoring our own Connection?

Are we Bored with Life and cannot be bothered to Commit to Life?

Are we Lonely because we have withdrawn from life in anyway?

Are we always looking to fix something with our latest Solutions?

Are we finding ourselves Struggling in life and looking for a way out?

Are we always the ones with the Excuses for anything and everything?

Are we wasting our Day Off avoiding the responsibilities we have?

Are we unable to just GET ON WITH IT as that is for other people?

Are we using Holidays to just escape from the misery of daily life?

Are we caught up in the Family Politics, which knocks us off balance?

Are we finding we are not Speaking Up when we know it is needed?

Are we saying that Self Care means a spa day out with a massage?

Are we avoiding Drinking Water as we don’t like the taste of it?

Are we longing for the day when Life is Simple and Back to Basics?

Dear World

Are we ready to admit that our ledger for life is OUT OF BALANCE ?

Are we ready to be absolutely Honest and admit where our life is OUT OF BALANCE ?

Are we willing to look at our life report card thus far and clock the OUT OF BALANCE movements?

Are we willing to take the necessary steps to balance our life ledger book and get back on track?

Are we going to wait for the Christmas Party season to be over as we see no point making attempts to change now?

Are we going to wait for Another Year to pass and add this ‘get our life in balance’ stuff to our New Year Resolutions?

Are we going to wait for an incident, an accident, an illness or a diagnosis of some kind to stop us and force us to look at our OUT OF BALANCE LIFE ?

Are we going to stop long enough to wake up and realise that there are serious consequences when we keep ignoring where our life is OUT OF BALANCE ?

It is well worth reflecting on the Questions presented in this article and applying a big dose of absolute Honesty, so that we can have a Reality Check and not continue down the out of balance road in life.

The hyperlinks throughout this blog can support further for those that are ready to make changes to their life and balance up the ledger book for ALL of humanity.

When we make changes, it has a knock on effect – others benefit too.




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