Speaking Up

Dear World

Is it time we just stop the nonsense and Say It as It Is

We do know people are not interested in Hot Talk
that stuff where we open our mouth with Empty Words

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What is it about us that fears speaking up to other people?

What is it about us that gets concerned what others might think or say, if we are speaking up?

What if, when we meet another person, we have the answer they need so it is a dis-service to not speak up?

What if speaking up in daily life leads to changes that actually make a difference?

What if we have a Responsibility to others when it comes to speaking up, as they miss out on the Communication we need to give them?

What if not speaking up in certain situations means we are enabling things to continue as it is?

What if we are Expressing in some way with our NOT speaking up?
In other words, we hold back and not say what we know needs to be said and this is still a form of expression, even if the mouth is not engaging.

Is this making sense?

What if our lack of speaking up equates to us being complicit with what is happening in our world?

What would happen to us if we learnt the value of speaking up?

What if we started speaking up regardless of what the consequences might be, as the Truth needs to be said?

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Some of us have ‘speaking up’ policies in our workplace that encourage us to report when we see wrong-doing or malpractice.

What is our real response?

How many of us struggle in this area at work and it makes us feel very uncomfortable inside our body?

How many of us do not trust our management to keep things confidential, so we have trained ourselves never to speak up?

How many of us are not going to rock the boat and speak up as we fear losing our job and having security is everything for us?

How many of us have set our minds on our career and speaking up and saying what we feel, would just get in the way, so we zip up our mouth?

How many of us are scared to put our heads above the parapet when it comes to speaking up, as we may get shot down?

How many of us want to be a whistle blower in life but having security and the comfort that brings is more important?

In other words, we are unable to speak up and tell the Truth because we want to keep our job and the money it brings, as we have to pay the rent or mortgage, so we bite the bullet, so to speak and swallow our words, that we know are needed, because we can see the wrong doing that is going on.

How many of us dread situations and calculate how to avoid them because we know speaking up would create a disturbance?

How many of us have a habit to moan, whinge and whine, then Gossip by circulating what we will not speak up and say, when it is needed?

How many of us want to have that “speaking up” muscle but it’s super weak, as we have made it our habitual behaviour to never do that?

How many of us live in fear everyday of not speaking up, when we know it is a total dis-service and we hate this about ourselves, but cannot seem to make the movements to change and go against the tide?

How many of us have observed others speaking up, while we nod silently, but feel like we are being gagged as nothing seems to come out of our mouth and yet we know, we do have plenty to say?

Next –

How are we with Speaking Up with our virtual behaviour – in other words, our online communication? 

How are we doing in the home when it comes to consistently speaking up or do we have on and off moments?

Are we making the same movements at home as we do at work in the SPEAKING UP department or are they different?

In other words, are we always speaking up outside the home and at work but inside our own home, we behave quite the opposite?

Dear World

Have we ever complained about the state of our world and want to see some real change but we lack our voice when it comes to speaking up?

In other words, we always have something to say about all the things that are wrong out there, but we never get to the awareness that we may be contributing to it.

  • Speaking up does not have to be hot air and empty words.

  • Speaking up about what we know and feel is super important, as it may just be the game changer we as a world need right now.

If we all Sit on the Fence, watching the world in its current state and do nothing and say nothing, as speaking up is way too challenging for us, then it is well worth noting that we are part of the problem, so there can be no Blame.




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  1. On a zoom meeting yesterday, talking to a retired corporate executive, who tells me they no longer have the confidence of speaking up and find it hard to say what they know they should be expressing in situations like a webinar online.

    My response was by speaking up, she may just be helping others that are possibly feeling like she is and if no one bothers, we can guarantee with certainty that there will be no expansion or evolution on offer for all participants on that zoom call next week.

    She then shared a story of her teenage niece who said during a test she needed her phone to log in as it held her ID information. However, at the beginning it was announced that mobile phones are not to be used so she just sat there wondering what was going to happen as she could not log in and therefore could not do the test. After battling with her thoughts, she raised her hand and asked if she could use her phone to log in, as the information was stored on it. Of course the answer was Yes.

    What was interesting was after she got up, lots more students jumped out of their seats to go and do exactly the same. It took one person to speak up and the rest all received the benefits equally.

    Not speaking up really is harmfull and this simple real life story confirms that.

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