TRUE Action OR Empty Words

Dear World

What is this title saying?

What are TRUE Actions?

What are Empty Words?

Do we have a clue where this article is taking us?

Can we honestly say we know what True Actions are as we live them daily in our life?

Can we admit we are wanting True Actions but our body seems to be going in the opposite direction?

Can we say with a big dose of Honesty that our body is feeling heavy and dense because of Empty Words?

Can we say we are aware that Empty Words are simply our way of delaying just Getting on with It?

Can we say we have a marker inside our body that flags up every time we open our mouth with Empty Words?

Can we say we have become masters of this Hot Talk stuff where Empty Words come out and that’s about it?

Can we say that we wish we could stop Empty Words falling out of our mouth and get into taking True Action?

Do we really think that people are going to take us seriously when all day long we puff out Empty Words?

Do we seriously believe our kids are going to listen and pay attention when we do Empty Words, but never consistently take the lead with our True Actions?

Do we get frustrated at the world and its brothers for not changing, but here we are doing Empty Words every day?

Do we demand that those around us stop talking their Empty Words because we can feel it is such a waste?

Do we want to tell others to shut up when they honk their horn, bellowing Empty Words that have no meaning?

Do we procrastinate taking True Action for even the Simple basic everyday things that need our attention?

Do we have a tendency to mutter a few Empty Words to our self but never follow it up with any True Action?

Do we like the sound of living a life where our True Actions speak louder than any Empty Words could ever do?

Do we long for the day when we will get our butt into gear, zip up and let our True Actions speak for us?

Do we want to be a real role model for others, but we lack the quality needed and required for taking True Action?

Do we like the thought of reflecting to others that there is Another Way and that means taking small steps every day to not open our mouth and Express those Empty Words?


How many of us hate the Politics world voicing Empty Words but we seem happy doing that behaviour in our own private world every day?

How many of us have the Double Standards thing going?

In other words, we blast out Empty Words – nothing more, but we think we are taking True Action in some way.

How many of us would like to back up our words with the movements needed to then call it True Action?

How many of us are nowhere near building a Consistency with those new movements that could support us?

How many of us know that we have a habit of saying this and that but when it comes down to doing the work, we find ways to distract and escape the reality?

Example 1
We need to get our finances in order because things are messy and there is more money going out than coming in. We talk to our self in the illusion that we will take True Action but the body is just not making the movements.

Instead we distract, delay and develop a real fear and aversion instead of just Getting On With It.

Example 2
We bang on to others that we are going to cut down on the booze and get healthy, BUT the reality is we do not take the steps to change our sequence of movements that would make that happen.

Example 3
We feel exhausted every single day and blow out Empty Words telling others we plan on early nights but when it comes to the evening, our entrenched habits are still winning and True Actions are no where on the radar.

That means Empty Words and No True Action

What if3 the Simple recipe for TRUE ACTIONS to speak louder than any words is to just GET ON WITH IT?

Great Example – Simple Living Global

Let us use this website that was launched in January 2016 and is going steady since.

Empty Words are nowhere to be found on this platform

What is presented is coming from a living body and that means the author and those who support this monumental website today are not using memory recall or learned knowledge to try and impress or bring in an audience.

Instead they just GET ON WITH IT and that means asking the Question – What is Next and then delivering.

The key ingredient, which has been there since day dot is CONSISTENCY.

When we live a life of True Consistency, we are living a life of True Responsibility.

This means that Actions speak louder and clearer than anything else. What makes these actions true are the living way of all those involved in this website.

We are not special but we are saying to the world – here is a website presenting non-stop on topics of interest in the health and well-being sector.

These words are not empty, simply because the person writing them is a living real role model when it comes to health and well-being. That means they walk the talk and talk the walk. Their movements confirm that way of being.

And Finally,

Empty Words = Hot Talk

TRUE ACTIONS = Walk the Talk consistently





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  1. This message here is truth!!

    I just visited my parents recently and my actions spoke volumes more than any words I could have told them!
    They got to feel that I’m not just using words but taking the action and they saw that reflection and I felt more free than ever.
    I was no longer trying to use empty words to convey a message, in the act of doing they got to see, feel, heed the messages.

    At the end of it I realized that is truth, my actions of walking the talk resonated with them more than all of my “talk” ever could.
    Thank you!

  2. Met a 23 year old woman who on the surface seems to have a lot of right words coming out of their mouth but things were not adding up.

    We got into a conversation and she tells me ‘had the baby and mum pretty much takes over’ and I know that to be true, as I have observed grandmother and baby. Her main focus is this 1 year old boy and getting involved, which could be a cultural thing that came from their Persian background.

    Turns out this young woman suffers with depression and also anger. Wants to be a life coach or do something like what I do. Heard briefly that I am a wellbeing writer and consultant and this sounds like what she wants and I told her to commit to life and get on with it, as no amount of money, not working as she really doesn’t have to, as mum provides financially will not change anything. I get the nod and the words pour out that could convince most, that this person is about to take on board what has been offered and take the steps needed but this elder in the community, Bina Pattel is no fool and has seen this behaviour many times.

    Our youth of today want the quick route, easy way of working without doing much and yet it is all empty words with no true action to back it.

    For those reading this blog or this comment, the founder of this whole website is the one writing this comment. It takes commitment to life consistently and that means paying attention and giving focus to ALL areas of life and getting on with it. No day off flicking the net, indulging in social media and doing un-necessary chit chat that drains our life force, as it serves no-one and that means there is no purpose.

    To walk the talk comes from our daily movements and we could say that is the Livingness. It is easy to want something and fantasise about it but making it a reality is a whole new way and sadly but true, not many of us are willing to do that as we are too busy hooked up, wired up and caught up in the distractions that this world offers us – 24/7.

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