What if…Part 3

Dear World

Our What If series of questions continues with another year of blogs to consider…

What if we start with reading ALL the 79 blogs presented in What if – Part 1.

What if we then continue to read the next 50 blogs presented in What if – Part 2.

What if there is value and purpose in doing Odd Jobs

What if Holidays are a form of self-medication for us

What if the 9 o’clock hoover was applied in daily life

What if we started to care for our Pots and Pans

What if this 911 blog is a wake up call for the world

What if this Dear World blog is speaking volumes to us

What if Waking Up is important for our true health

What if simply Cleaning Our Glasses can support us

What if we made effort to learn about Handwashing

What if life in the Danger Zone is not our true way of living

What if The Real Truth about Stress has the answers

What if Self Care needs to become our basic standard

What if living Life in the Flow Zone has huge benefits

What if our daily Vitamins and Supplements need review

What if we reflected on the End of Year in a different way

What if we read the real facts about our Christmas Waste

What if we learn about Christmas Shopping facts and stats.

What if 2018 News was another wake up call for our world.

What if New Year Resolutions are not what we really want.

What if J A N U A R Y was the same as any other time

What if The Real Truth about Obesity is all in this blog

What if Loneliness makes no sense as there are billions of us living on this earth.


What if Children’s Mental Health is worse than we think

What if we get back to basics and EMPTY THE TRASH

What if we make a point to JUST TALK when we feel to

What if our world is Struggling and that means us

What if we would benefit from having Salt Awareness

What if Alarm Clocks actually disturb our natural state

What if the state of our Oral Health is very important

What if we took Responsibility with our Pending Trays

What if we need to learn more about Anti Depressants

What if we started to Question what we do on a Day Off

What if we are all responsible for the Food Waste problem.

What if Simple Living Global Back to Basics, offers us all life lessons that support our well-being.

What if our Smart moves may not be as smart as we think

What if teaching Numeracy could help us live human life

What if our Push Push Push way of living is harming us

What if The Real Truth about Tobacco is all here as Simple Living Global have re-written the history books.

What if our World Waste needs to be addressed now

What if we all learned to just simply Say It as It is

What if The Real Truth about Opioids – Part 1 is presenting a wake up call about this global epidemic.

What if bringing Completion is important for our evolution.

What if we start to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we know and can feel something is not right.

What if Simple Living is what this website is offering

What if NOTHING TO DECLARE means being open and transparent.

What if the value and benefits of Drinking Water need to be life lessons for children from day dot.

What if Passing Water information becomes part of mainstream education.

What if every single blog thus far on this website is presenting Another Way that needs to be considered as nothing seems to be working – if we are to be Honest





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  1. Independent News – 6 February 2021

    In Norway, the marines have a cold weather training as part of a Warfare Course. This means soldiers undergo a series of intensive trials, which include being plunged into freezing water during infamous ice-breaking drills.

    Dear World

    WHAT IF…

    This type of intensive training is not beneficial to the human body?

    Being suddenly thrown into freezing water can have adverse consequences as this is un-natural for the body?

    We are using methods that we think will make our soldiers super human, when in fact it harms them and the outcomes will be shown in later life?

    We are simply not designed or equipped to undergo a ‘series of intensive trials’ that test the body beyond its natural limits?

    One day in the near future, we will look back and wonder who on earth came up with these ways of training and WHY?

    Does it really serve us to become more tough and strong in the name of combat or do we negate the sensitivity and intelligence of the human heart, that would no doubt give us a different reading if we dare to study such an event like jumping into freezing water?

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