Dear World

Have we all heard these 3 words NOTHING TO DECLARE

What does this title mean to us in our own personal life

What does NOTHING TO DECLARE mean in our work life

How does it make us feel when we say NOTHING TO DECLARE

How does our body react or respond to NOTHING TO DECLARE

Do we take this stuff seriously or are they simply words out there

Do we really have NOTHING TO DECLARE in ALL areas of life

Are we Honest when it comes to NOTHING TO DECLARE 

Are we upfront about our NOTHING TO DECLARE statement

Do we say NOTHING TO DECLARE while carrying our dodgy goods

Do we have a habit of shoplifting and walking acting like there is absolutely NOTHING TO DECLARE.

Do we champion on about NOTHING TO DECLARE but feel somehow justified in purchasing dodgy tickets from the touts.

Do we walk through with the big green sign above at the airport saying NOTHING TO DECLARE hoping once again we will Get away with it.

Do we wear our NOTHING TO DECLARE hat on with a blank look on our face when officials ask us questions about what goods we are carrying.

Do we lie blatantly on official documents and then confirm we have NOTHING TO DECLARE when asked the question.

Do we go into our NOTHING TO DECLARE mode of operating in life, as ducking and diving is how we choose to live.

Do we wing it through life with saying NOTHING TO DECLARE and hope no one gets wind of what we are really up to.

Do we go home and have the NOTHING TO DECLARE look on our face hoping our Mirror won’t sense what we have got up to that day.

Do we know our kids get up to no good as they always make out they have NOTHING TO DECLARE yet we know that is not the Truth.

Do we preach to our kids and the world about living Honest so there is NOTHING TO DECLARE but lead a Double Life privately.

Do we hide food at home and have our NOTHING TO DECLARE face on Just Incase we may get questioned about it.

Do we have an online life that says to the world NOTHING TO DECLARE but offline things are totally opposite.

Do we hate that there is so much corruption and wrong in this world, but we think our little bit of NOTHING TO DECLARE is not big so it’s ok.

Do we hate the fact that others bang on with their NOTHING TO DECLARE statements when we know they are Lying.

Do we have double standards when it comes to NOTHING TO DECLARE.

In other words we say one thing but do another

Do we have our head telling us to strutt the NOTHING TO DECLARE walk but we feel unsettled as we live a lie most days.

Do we supply contraband but always state NOTHING TO DECLARE as that is just how we run our business.

Do we spend loads of time plotting how we are going to Get away with our next NOTHING TO DECLARE move when we have heaps to declare.

Do we somehow feel it is totally ok to say NOTHING TO DECLARE because we know lots of others who get away with doing dodgy stuff.

Do we focus on living a See Through Life to the best of our ability or do we think others are up to no good so why bother.

Do we feel envy of those who genuinely have NOTHING TO DECLARE as they live a very transparent open life.

Do we get jealous of people we know who really do have NOTHING TO DECLARE, as they don’t seem to have a dodgy bone in their body.

Dear World

The list above could go on and on but enough has been said to get the message about NOTHING TO DECLARE.

Without trying to be perfect or some kind of halo head, is it actually possible to live a transparent life, where we really do not have dark stuff hidden in the closet.

In other words, we genuinely have NOTHING TO DECLARE because we are doing our best to live every day by making choices with Responsibility.

This means we are giving it a go to not harm ourselves, others or the environment.

We each have a radar inside of us and it certainly knows what is true and what is not.

WHY – because our body reacts or responds depending on whether we are being Honest, up front and truth-full or not.

Have we ever considered how our life would be if we all started with a big dose of honesty and could say NOTHING TO DECLARE.

As we make up this world – every one of us, how would our world be if we lived what we said when it comes to NOTHING TO DECLARE.





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  1. I was going through that NOTHING TO DECLARE green sign at the airport recently when one guy in our group decides to go through the red sign like it was ok.

    The doors were right next to each other and me and the others did not choose to follow him, but went through the green NOTHING TO DECLARE sign.

    My husband once upon a time did Airport security and tells me this stuff is serious.
    It is not worth taking risks or playing silly when it comes to these places as we all know how they operate and what they expect from us.

    OK so nothing happened but what if it did?
    What if it meant others are affected because of one ill movement?

    In other words, if he got stopped, the staff dealing with it have work to do that was not necessary AND those who are travelling with him get delayed because of a single choice.

    Reflecting on this days later, I was talking about this and what I feel is that we could read deeper into this.

    In other words, what if the person lives a life that is not absolutely transparent and they do have something to declare and their body walked under the red sign because the truth is they do have this secret style life where not every single thing is open, transparent and NOTHING TO DECLARE?

    We could be reading into this too deep but in my world Everything is Everything, so if someone makes an ill movement and steps under the red sign at the airport then I question it as SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    Joking aside – there could be something more being revealed, but simply accepting it and just laughing it off ensures that this opportunity to perhaps learn something more about this man goes out of the window.

    That’s my take and of course there will be many who think this is twaddle.

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