Dear World

What if we started to use these 4 words when we feel or know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

In other words, we just clock it that our breathing changed in a situation and we say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much in this world where we could say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much in our own private world where we could easily say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is so much going on that we see and we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much going on in our work place and we find it difficult to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much going on in our neighbourhood but we avoid saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much going on in our own Family but we choose to not say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is utter harm that we observe on the Internet but we will not admit SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is ugly stuff going on when we watch TV, but we have this habit of laughing it off instead of saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is so much that disturbs us on Social Media but we never say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is abuse going on and we know it but never do we say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we start saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and see where that goes

What if we just stay open with our SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and make a point of Talking to others.

What if communicating to another that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT starts us asking Questions.

What if we follow that inner feeling where we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we tell someone.

What if we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and it is going on under our nose in our own home and we take the steps to Say something.

What if we simply do not want the Responsibility of saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT as it would mean we would need to do something.

What if we are Bored with Sitting on the Fence when we know beyond doubt SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and it’s high time to do Something.

What if we have pictures in our minds of how we want our relationship to be and this blinds us when we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we are afraid of saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT because we can feel the backlash of what will come our way if we speak up.

What if we stop ourselves saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT as we know the masses will not want to join us, even though they know too.

What if we want others to Get on with it and do the work by calling out the wrong in this world, because we do not want to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we know when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and the signs are all there telling us so, but we just opt for the comfortable life with no challenges.

What if we feel a knot in our stomach because we know what just happened needs us to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we laugh it off and go along with the crowd, when deep down we should be saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if 4 words – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT starts the ball rolling in a different direction…

In other words, it gets us to STOP and QUESTION


Dear World

Our world is us – all of us

We make up this whole world and everyone of us is included and that is a fact.

For our world to move and evolve where it needs to go, each of us has the Responsibility to speak up and say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we feel SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

If something is going on and we are certain SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT – is it worth saying as we know it could bring change.

It is no longer an option for us to –

Say nothing
Hold back
Give up
Just accept things
Never Question anything

WHY – because our body tells us so 

Our body always knows and communicates to us when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

Our body holds the tension when we know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

Our body hardens when we know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we override that feeling.

Our body cops it when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we turn to self-medication to stop the feeling that just disturbed us.

Our body cannot find settlement inside it, when we know and feel that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if

What if we just said out loud or to another that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT simply because we feel it.

What if we started doing this often – where would it lead to.

What if we got Honest and said SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we know full well SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we call out the ills in our own house and say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we sense what is going on in our Family and say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we are not going to be locked up or arrested just for saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we are supporting ourselves and our fellow brothers in some way, out there, when we say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if voicing SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT is a very Responsible thing to say.


Is it possible that just saying these 4 words whenever we feel SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT, is the opening of a door and we don’t know what will unfold next because of what we said.

We may not know the outcome or what will happen but what we do know is we didn’t ignore the signs or negate the feelings when we knew SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we simply start with a big dose of honesty and say –

SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT about human life



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  1. The blog relating to talking in the community is not on this website yet.

    I was talking to a local tradesman who society would write off, as he is nearly at retirement age but he has no intention of hanging his boots up and doing nothing.

    He was telling me he started working at the age of 12 in the local shop after school and on Saturdays. His hard work ethic obviously comes from back then.

    He went on to study electronics for TV and radio for 6 years and with technology advancing so fast, the need for his job simply disappeared.

    I wonder how those ‘old school’ people feel when they are literally replaced with modern day tech and it leaves them jobless so to speak.

    He then found something to do that would give him an income and he learned on the job so to speak and never went back to study for another trade.

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we have systems that give us a qualification which in effect is a licence to say we are professional in that subject only to find a few years later it is literally worthless and of no need to our world.

    I know we are here to evolve and we need to let go and move on but imagine having no job after spending 6 years studying.
    What I observed was the sadness and regret when he shared and also how crushed this man was as he no longer has the accreditation as it no longer exists.

    Our world is geared up to tell us we need this and that before we are something and somehow our self worth gets tied up in all of this.

    I spent a huge part of my life feeling dumb and quite useless and worthless as I left school as a teenager and had to get married. Then when I forced myself to go to university I left as something was not right. That confirmed to me at the time I must be un-intelligent as I had nothing academic to speak of yet I could read and write very well.

    Roll on today and this website and all its content plus 10 diplomas.

    What this tells me is we can easily give up because of how our world operates and what is accepted in society. I do not fit the average jo in anyway shape or form.

    I got my act together and things started to unfold. I knew I had to learn more about certain subjects if I was to ever be taken seriously. I then had to get my body into gear and by that I mean I needed to deal with my buried hurts and issues, get fit physically and start to consistently go to bed early as that is the single thing that was going to knock out the enormous exhaustion I had.

    I was not smart really but I thought I was – waffling about spiritual new age and making money as there were lots of people wanting to listen to what I was channelling.

    Deep down I knew SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT.

    It took one presentation from a man called Serge Benhayon who reflected what I knew was Absolute Truth. He expanded on this SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT stuff and bingo I got it and knew what is what and what needed to be done.

    This website, my life and everything in it is a living confirmation that there is another way to live and breathe human life.

  2. Thank you for this brilliant blog.

    This blog has struck a major chord with me for two reasons.

    This is because, firstly, I see so much that is not right in the world around me but I don’t speak out about it. Also, I can look back and recall numerous occasions when I felt that something was not right, didn’t speak up, and later regretted not doing so.

    So, why don’t I always call things out when something is not right?

    Three reasons come to me:
    1. The fear of a backlash if I stick my head above the parapet
    2. A fear of losing my position as one of the crowd, family, or group and no longer fitting in if I say something that others find uncomfortable
    3. A feeling of powerlessness that my words won’t make any difference or that I would be taking on too much if I spoke out and started some chain of events

    Having now seen the reasons why I don’t speak out when something is not right, can I honestly say that I will now, going forward, speak out when something is not right?

    No, I can’t.

    Because part of me still fears backlashes, still wants to fit in, and still has some of that “little old me, what difference can I make?” thinking.

    But, the more I consider this topic, the more I’m drawn to the question, “what’s the worst thing that could happen if I speak out when I feel something is not right?”

  3. Today I was observing 3 boys about age 12 after school using the local park swings to spin by standing on the seat and twisting the chain. While one was on the others were making sure the spin continued. From a distance it looked like an accident waiting to happen.

    Note – they all had a heavy ruck sack bag on their back.

    This went on for over 15 minutes and then 2 of the boys left and the one that stayed was moving like he was drugged or intoxicated.

    We could say it was from being dizzy but he stepped off and then went back on and it seemed like he was addicted. He was finding more dangerous ways to use this swing and I was asking myself some questions –

    How is it that our young boys find this activity that is clearly dangerous something they want to do and continue with?

    What gets into them that they literally come off stumbling but go back for more and more again and again?

    Where is this type of behaviour going to end up as they get older?

    As an observer, I would say that this young boy could not help himself. It was like he was caught in something and his drug like altered state wanted more and more. He moved on to a large tyre swing and was doing things in the same movements and this made me realise he was in a momentum and could not stop. He then eventually moved and walked and started jumping up to trees to grab the branches.

    At this point I thought he really cannot help himself and what leads anyone to get to this point.

    What on earth is going on for him in his life?

    Nothing makes sense if we try and look at it rationally.

    A point worth noting was it was heavy rain throughout as I was clocking this from inside.

    What I know and can feel is SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

  4. The Guardian – 5 October 2019
    Page 5

    It would be easy to put a comment every single day on this blog as I am always clocking things and saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

    As a researcher of global news, I scan the media and discern what needs reporting and this is done on my Twitter account daily.

    Today I just read the headlines about the death of a newborn baby in a prison cell.
    It happened in a privately run prison which is the largest female prison in Europe.

    We could finger point, blame or wait for the Independent Inquiry if and when that takes place, or we could start with a dose of common sense and ask some questions –

    Are our justice systems failing us?

    Have they got it right if this is one of many news stories occurring in our prisons?

    Are private owned prisons having to meet targets and it’s about profits before people?

    Do we as individuals see those in prison as a criminal and deserving of being in custody?

    Are we the ones who are full of judgement without knowing the full story?
    Are we into gossiping and circulating news that may be out of context or untrue?

    Back to the news story – 82% of the whole female prison population are sentenced for non-violent offences. Did we know this – was it in our awareness?

    Can we stop and re-read the above – the majority are not criminals we need to lock up behind bars and in particular when they are heavily pregnant and ready to give birth.

    YES punishment by way of CORRECTION is needed, but are we going about it the wrong way and IS THERE ANOTHER WAY.

    With offences on the rise be it small or serious – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT about how we are living and where is our own personal RESPONSIBILITY.

    Back to this story and without knowing the real truth and the facts, there will be plenty of media sensationalism, which we can enjoin and subscribe to OR we can consider the questions posed above.

    AND Finally –
    Are all our systems failing as they are simply not created to truly support our evolution?

    This may be a far fetched question or hogwash or dismissed by many, but could the scholars of our future read and study this and come up with what I am saying right now as worthy of a ponder, as there maybe some truth here worth considering.


  5. I am certain I could write a comment on this blog every single day as I seem to be seeing and hearing stuff that I just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    There is just so much going on that we do clock during our day but often let it pass or not even have the time or space to share with anyone.

    I no longer feel the need to get home and talk about stuff or phone a friend with the download.

    This website has given me the platform to just express – in other words, say it as it is.

    On that note, there is now a junior gym running at the local new community leisure centre.

    First I noticed how these young girls aged 12 – 13 were behaving in the changing rooms and then how they are when they get inside the gym with boys around.

    The reason for this comment is I watched a girl run fast for over 30 minutes and she came over to her friend who was right next to me so I heard this first hand.

    The question asked was “how many calories did you lose?”

    Is this what our young girls are up to and is this what matters the most to them?

    She looked whacked out and was going to then push herself onto the next thing in the name of losing more calories.

    Where did all this come from and how are we subscribing to it?

    What is clear is there is no policing as such and the staff take no notice because it’s all in the name of health and wellbeing – the latest 2 buzzwords trending the fitness world.

    Where will this all end when the whole goal and focus is to lose calories?

    Have they studied nutrition, anatomy and physiology OR do they understand how the human body works and what exercise does to the body and in this case running fast?

    Do we go on social media and pick up stuff and do it because we want results, or do we discern and check what feels right for our individual body?

    Have we ever considered that what might be ok for one person is not for another as we are all different when it comes to our physiological state?

    We seem to accept others in our community and in society to do what they want under the banner of Free Will, but not once do we consider what is the driving factor behind such actions that may be harming the human frame?

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