Dear World

What if we started to use these 4 words when we feel or know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

In other words, we just clock it that our breathing changed in a situation and we say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much in this world where we could say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much in our own private world where we could easily say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is so much going on that we see and we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much going on in our work place and we find it difficult to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much going on in our neighbourhood but we avoid saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is much going on in our own Family but we choose to not say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is utter harm that we observe on the Internet but we will not admit SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is ugly stuff going on when we watch TV, but we have this habit of laughing it off instead of saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is so much that disturbs us on Social Media but we never say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

There is abuse going on and we know it but never do we say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we start saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and see where that goes

What if we just stay open with our SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and make a point of Talking to others.

What if communicating to another that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT starts us asking Questions.

What if we follow that inner feeling where we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we tell someone.

What if we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and it is going on under our nose in our own home and we take the steps to Say something.

What if we simply do not want the Responsibility of saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT as it would mean we would need to do something.

What if we are Bored with Sitting on the Fence when we know beyond doubt SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and it’s high time to do Something.

What if we have pictures in our minds of how we want our relationship to be and this blinds us when we just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we are afraid of saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT because we can feel the backlash of what will come our way if we speak up.

What if we stop ourselves saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT as we know the masses will not want to join us, even though they know too.

What if we want others to Get on with it and do the work by calling out the wrong in this world, because we do not want to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we know when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and the signs are all there telling us so, but we just opt for the comfortable life with no challenges.

What if we feel a knot in our stomach because we know what just happened needs us to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we laugh it off and go along with the crowd, when deep down we should be saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if 4 words – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT starts the ball rolling in a different direction…

In other words, it gets us to STOP and QUESTION


Dear World

Our world is us – all of us

We make up this whole world and everyone of us is included and that is a fact.

For our world to move and evolve where it needs to go, each of us has the Responsibility to speak up and say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we feel SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

If something is going on and we are certain SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT – is it worth saying as we know it could bring change.

It is no longer an option for us to –

Say nothing
Hold back
Give up
Just accept things
Never Question anything

WHY – because our body tells us so 

Our body always knows and communicates to us when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

Our body holds the tension when we know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

Our body hardens when we know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we override that feeling.

Our body cops it when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we turn to self-medication to stop the feeling that just disturbed us.

Our body cannot find settlement inside it, when we know and feel that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if

What if we just said out loud or to another that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT simply because we feel it.

What if we started doing this often – where would it lead to.

What if we got Honest and said SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we know full well SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we call out the ills in our own house and say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we sense what is going on in our Family and say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we are not going to be locked up or arrested just for saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we are supporting ourselves and our fellow brothers in some way, out there, when we say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if voicing SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT is a very Responsible thing to say.


Is it possible that just saying these 4 words whenever we feel SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT, is the opening of a door and we don’t know what will unfold next because of what we said.

We may not know the outcome or what will happen but what we do know is we didn’t ignore the signs or negate the feelings when we knew SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

What if we simply start with a big dose of honesty and say –

SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT about human life





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  1. The blog relating to talking in the community is not on this website yet.

    I was talking to a local tradesman who society would write off, as he is nearly at retirement age but he has no intention of hanging his boots up and doing nothing.

    He was telling me he started working at the age of 12 in the local shop after school and on Saturdays. His hard work ethic obviously comes from back then.

    He went on to study electronics for TV and radio for 6 years and with technology advancing so fast, the need for his job simply disappeared.

    I wonder how those ‘old school’ people feel when they are literally replaced with modern day tech and it leaves them jobless so to speak.

    He then found something to do that would give him an income and he learned on the job so to speak and never went back to study for another trade.

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we have systems that give us a qualification which in effect is a licence to say we are professional in that subject only to find a few years later it is literally worthless and of no need to our world.

    I know we are here to evolve and we need to let go and move on but imagine having no job after spending 6 years studying.
    What I observed was the sadness and regret when he shared and also how crushed this man was as he no longer has the accreditation as it no longer exists.

    Our world is geared up to tell us we need this and that before we are something and somehow our self worth gets tied up in all of this.

    I spent a huge part of my life feeling dumb and quite useless and worthless as I left school as a teenager and had to get married. Then when I forced myself to go to university I left as something was not right. That confirmed to me at the time I must be un-intelligent as I had nothing academic to speak of yet I could read and write very well.

    Roll on today and this website and all its content plus 10 diplomas.

    What this tells me is we can easily give up because of how our world operates and what is accepted in society. I do not fit the average jo in anyway shape or form.

    I got my act together and things started to unfold. I knew I had to learn more about certain subjects if I was to ever be taken seriously. I then had to get my body into gear and by that I mean I needed to deal with my buried hurts and issues, get fit physically and start to consistently go to bed early as that is the single thing that was going to knock out the enormous exhaustion I had.

    I was not smart really but I thought I was – waffling about spiritual new age and making money as there were lots of people wanting to listen to what I was channelling.

    Deep down I knew SOMETHING WAS NOT RIGHT.

    It took one presentation from a man called Serge Benhayon who reflected what I knew was Absolute Truth. He expanded on this SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT stuff and bingo I got it and knew what is what and what needed to be done.

    This website, my life and everything in it is a living confirmation that there is another way to live and breathe human life.

  2. Today I was observing 3 boys about age 12 after school using the local park swings to spin by standing on the seat and twisting the chain. While one was on the others were making sure the spin continued. From a distance it looked like an accident waiting to happen.

    Note – they all had a heavy ruck sack bag on their back.

    This went on for over 15 minutes and then 2 of the boys left and the one that stayed was moving like he was drugged or intoxicated.

    We could say it was from being dizzy but he stepped off and then went back on and it seemed like he was addicted. He was finding more dangerous ways to use this swing and I was asking myself some questions –

    How is it that our young boys find this activity that is clearly dangerous something they want to do and continue with?

    What gets into them that they literally come off stumbling but go back for more and more again and again?

    Where is this type of behaviour going to end up as they get older?

    As an observer, I would say that this young boy could not help himself. It was like he was caught in something and his drug like altered state wanted more and more. He moved on to a large tyre swing and was doing things in the same movements and this made me realise he was in a momentum and could not stop. He then eventually moved and walked and started jumping up to trees to grab the branches.

    At this point I thought he really cannot help himself and what leads anyone to get to this point.

    What on earth is going on for him in his life?

    Nothing makes sense if we try and look at it rationally.

    A point worth noting was it was heavy rain throughout as I was clocking this from inside.

    What I know and can feel is SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

  3. The Guardian – 5 October 2019
    Page 5

    It would be easy to put a comment every single day on this blog as I am always clocking things and saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT

    As a researcher of global news, I scan the media and discern what needs reporting and this is done on my Twitter account daily.

    Today I just read the headlines about the death of a newborn baby in a prison cell.
    It happened in a privately run prison which is the largest female prison in Europe.

    We could finger point, blame or wait for the Independent Inquiry if and when that takes place, or we could start with a dose of common sense and ask some questions –

    Are our justice systems failing us?

    Have they got it right if this is one of many news stories occurring in our prisons?

    Are private owned prisons having to meet targets and it’s about profits before people?

    Do we as individuals see those in prison as a criminal and deserving of being in custody?

    Are we the ones who are full of judgement without knowing the full story?
    Are we into gossiping and circulating news that may be out of context or untrue?

    Back to the news story – 82% of the whole female prison population are sentenced for non-violent offences. Did we know this – was it in our awareness?

    Can we stop and re-read the above – the majority are not criminals we need to lock up behind bars and in particular when they are heavily pregnant and ready to give birth.

    YES punishment by way of CORRECTION is needed, but are we going about it the wrong way and IS THERE ANOTHER WAY.

    With offences on the rise be it small or serious – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT about how we are living and where is our own personal RESPONSIBILITY.

    Back to this story and without knowing the real truth and the facts, there will be plenty of media sensationalism, which we can enjoin and subscribe to OR we can consider the questions posed above.

    AND Finally –
    Are all our systems failing as they are simply not created to truly support our evolution?

    This may be a far fetched question or hogwash or dismissed by many, but could the scholars of our future read and study this and come up with what I am saying right now as worthy of a ponder, as there maybe some truth here worth considering.


  4. I am certain I could write a comment on this blog every single day as I seem to be seeing and hearing stuff that I just know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    There is just so much going on that we do clock during our day but often let it pass or not even have the time or space to share with anyone.

    I no longer feel the need to get home and talk about stuff or phone a friend with the download.

    This website has given me the platform to just express – in other words, say it as it is.

    On that note, there is now a junior gym running at the local new community leisure centre.

    First I noticed how these young girls aged 12 – 13 were behaving in the changing rooms and then how they are when they get inside the gym with boys around.

    The reason for this comment is I watched a girl run fast for over 30 minutes and she came over to her friend who was right next to me so I heard this first hand.

    The question asked was “how many calories did you lose?”

    Is this what our young girls are up to and is this what matters the most to them?

    She looked whacked out and was going to then push herself onto the next thing in the name of losing more calories.

    Where did all this come from and how are we subscribing to it?

    What is clear is there is no policing as such and the staff take no notice because it’s all in the name of health and wellbeing – the latest 2 buzzwords trending the fitness world.

    Where will this all end when the whole goal and focus is to lose calories?

    Have they studied nutrition, anatomy and physiology OR do they understand how the human body works and what exercise does to the body and in this case running fast?

    Do we go on social media and pick up stuff and do it because we want results, or do we discern and check what feels right for our individual body?

    Have we ever considered that what might be ok for one person is not for another as we are all different when it comes to our physiological state?

    We seem to accept others in our community and in society to do what they want under the banner of Free Will, but not once do we consider what is the driving factor behind such actions that may be harming the human frame?

  5. There is no Gambling or Addiction Blog on this website so this comment has to say the obvious – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    Another gambling addict is going to prison and the news story is because the money was coming from his work and the betting shop allowed and accepted £370,000 without any questions.

    In the UK the gambling industry makes a profit of £14.5 billion.
    This needs to have a second re-read.

    Hello – £14,500,000,000
    Can we actually get our heads around that number – this is one small country in just one year, but the real wake up call is this is PROFIT?
    That means after everything, this is what is left for those who benefit from this industry.

    Without any finger pointing or judgment, we first need to be super clear.
    There would be no betting shops if we the public did not want them.
    They would be gone, dead and eradicated forever.

    It feels wrong to know we are making profit from the misery of another fellow human.

    But why stop at gambling?

    This is happening everywhere from the drugs industry to human trafficking.
    This is on our watch and we are all allowing it to continue.

    When I go out walking, I like to know what goes on in my town and I poke my nose in the shop window to see who goes in and clock what is going on. One thing for sure betting shops are busy and it is easy to understand WHY and HOW they make billions and billions of pounds profit each year.

    I actually know a few gambling addicts who have a job, wife and house and so they look like the “normal” citizens and no one is ever going to question them about WHY and HOW they do what they do. In fact, they lie to their family and their partners most certainly know but pretend they don’t, as it keeps the status quo.

    One guy earns big bucks and the gambling is big numbers, but again it can all be hidden under the ‘happy family man’ who pays the bills and keeps the arrangement going on the home front, as business is booming.

    Until we stop to question SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT this will continue.

    I see gambling as a drug – it alters us in some way physiologically and there is no getting away from that fact.

    Our world is not geared to deal with gambling addicts on a mass scale, as we have yet to sort out those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol.

    My take is prison is not going to deal with an addiction regardless of the length of sentencing.

    What will nail it, is getting to the root cause of WHY anyone would gamble in the first place. Let’s start with that in prison rehab and then we have a chance of turning the tides.

    WHY not question and keep asking questions until we find out what happened, when and how it got to this point?

    These guys need help, not to skirt around and come up with solutions but really deal with the core issues that lead them to behave in this way.

    It is only when we get to the root of any problem or issue that we will start the process of true healing. I KNOW as I am talking from my own lived experience and those I have observed in the past decade, who have done the same with personal issues.

    One thing for sure is we all have hurts and we all buried them.
    Then we don’t deal with them and then we find ways to keep them buried.

    It makes sense and would save our world a lot of resources if we got back to the basic questions and start with saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

  6. I found this blog when I was going through the categories on this website.

    My comment is about professional bullying and maybe this is something new as I had not heard of it yet until today. Check out this story –

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT – we could start by saying this.

    Landlady and her daughter at their letting agency being bullied literally by the boss to up the rent for their tenants. They said they were ok with not pushing the rent up as they had good tenants and were satisfied with what was being paid.

    The man told them in a threatening way that he was thinking of taking action as he was not going to ‘profit’ if they keep the rent as it is.
    To get away from these rogue so called letting agencies is not that easy and even trying to do so could lead to not only complications but a costly process.

    No surprise that a member of staff there is having problems and it’s to do with money.

    A friend of mine was saying how interesting that they had heard about a tenant suing them for something and this is the ‘payback’ or call it karma for the ill conducting of business that goes on daily and this outfit is huge, not a small organisation.

    Not allowing ourselves to be bullied which is Abuse if we are to be honest, is worth standing up for. If we back down, accept or just agree, then we have simply enabled them to continue their business making it about profit before people.

    The world is upside down, as most are just in it for money and the greed drives them to the point that they cannot see sense.

    When I worked in a real estate many decades ago, the staff were just in it for money and what their next car was going to be, because of the deal they were going to make. Profits from lettings in a city or property sales is big buck business today. Just a few deals would comfortably cover all overheads and the rest is pure profit.

    Sadly, most want more because they can get more and so the cycle to push and force for more profit just continues, until someone like this woman and her daughter show up and dig their heels in and insist it’s a No and that is not negotiable.

    Thinking about the ripple effect, what if this one “No we are not allowing the rent to be increased so you can have more profit” goes out into the world and others in similar situations stand their ground and say No too?

  7. The Guardian – 8 February 2020

    Front page headlines
    Dozens of suicides linked to handling of benefit claims

    Following a public inquiry, a government watchdog found 69 suicides linked to problems with benefit claims.

    The National Audit Office (NAO) report said the true number of deaths linked to claims could be far higher.

    Until recently the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) had failed to actively seek information from coroners and families or investigate all of the cases that were reported to it.

    Case studies are mentioned in this news story, first of a disabled mother with a history of mental illness who took her life after her benefits were stopped.

    Next – 57 year old man with a history of mental illness died months after his benefits were cut off because he failed to attend a fit-for-work test.

    Next – a 42 year old mother who was unable to convince benefits officials that she had missed the assessment appointment because she had pneumonia and was in hospital with a brain cyst.

    Next – a coroner ruled that a man aged 60 who had long term anxiety and depression problems but the intense anxiety that triggered his suicide was caused by his recent assessment by the DWP as being fit for work and his view of the likely consequences of that.

    Next – 28 year old took his life, weeks after an assessor found him fit for work after a 35 minute consultation. His disability benefits were stopped as a result and he died with 36 pence in his bank account. Two weeks after his death, the DWP officials admitted that they had made a mistake and paid the parents £2,700 compensation for his lost benefits.

    This made it to front page news headlines – so now what?

    Can we start with saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT?

    Our systems are not working and our systems are not designed for a human response.

    If we start with admitting this, we have a chance of getting honest and looking at what is clearly not working.

    Blaming and judging will get us nowhere but it is high time we all expressed whatever we feel is not right and this is how we can one day get the change we are asking for.

    Could it be possible that we could say –
    We are too busy dealing with the overwhelming paperwork that goes with each case and we have policies for this and that but rarely are they reviewed or in place and adhered to as they should be?

    We have managers and senior managers and those above that barking their orders because budgets are cut, results are needed and what the computer flags up is the gospel truth when we all know that there are flaws, errors and mistakes going on everywhere.

    How do we feel doing a job where cutting benefits is done on a computer, but the knock on effect could even mean human life as in the case of this news story?

    Do we have a responsibility as an employee to do our utmost to approach each case and do everything we can to help our clients who may be genuine as in the case of those mentioned above?

    Do we do what the job tells us or do we think outside the box, use our common sense and bring about real change by taking our time to investigate, make enquiries and help another using our experience, knowledge of the field we serve in and our skills?

    What if we see these individuals as our brothers, our family and therefore we make sure we do our best to support them and not see them as anything less than we are?

    What if our whole approach needs to change because this is going on and lives are being lost because we have miserably failed in the way we deal with human beings?

    What we do know is SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

  8. Got a news story sent to me from a friend today as I do like to know what’s going on in our world out there as I always have something to report.

    It was about a famous young pop superstar, known for her ponytail.

    Apparently, she is rarely seen without this trademark high ponytail hairstyle.

    At what cost is always the question I have about any life choices we make.

    We associate ponytails with cheerleaders and they are cute, fun and effective in that our hair is away from the face.

    This famous singer says her trademark hairdo leaves her in “constant pain always” but she does not care at all.

    Another singer was saying on social media that she tried wearing a high ponytail only to find it “so painful”.

    A tight ponytail can lead to headaches because pulling the hair back so tightly strains the scalp tissue. In some cases, it can increase the likelihood of developing tension alopecia.

    Back to fame – why would someone seen as a role model to thousands, most who are young, be saying they don’t care about the pain?

    Can we read between the lines and join the dots here?

    Being in constant pain is not normal but somehow we normalise it with pop superstars talking like this.
    Is this a form of Reductionism?

    Do we then laugh it off, dismiss it or see it as pop gossip and just move on OR do we stop and open up a conversation about this topic. On that note…

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT would be my first statement.

    WHY would anyone who is in a position to influence the masses be making a statement like this?
    Who benefits and how have we allowed this to become so normal in our world?

    Imagine a mother trying to talk sense to her daughter that the tight pulled ponytail with such long hair is going to hurt and have an impact on the head and the whole body.

    We tend to conveniently forget that our human frame is interconnected and that means if our head is being tugged with this weight from our long hair, then there sure is going to be some tension in our body too. It is how we are designed and there ain’t no getting away from that fact.

    The thing is we all have common sense and we all know this stuff.
    However, very few express what they feel, even if they know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    We could ask WHY is it that we prefer to stay silent and not dare say it as it is?

    AND Finally, from my own real lived experience a ponytail has to be loose or it hurts my head and I feel the tension.

    I have often wondered how someone performs on stage with long thick hair in a high ponytail as the pain would be off the scale. Think about it – the mere weight, the force of swinging the hair, which has been fastened onto the head is like pushing a lead weight around.

  9. I seem to be making comments on this blog but I see no point in sitting around saying nothing when I know SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    I may not have the resources to make policy makers and governments wake up, but I do have the skills and know how to express what is going on by way of a comment on this stupendous website.

    Even if no one ever reads it out there in the world, I know I have done my bit by saying something instead of shutting up and saying nothing.

    So here it is – another bit of Citizen Journalism. Hear it and report it.

    Just talking to a guy working in security at one of our government systems saying how no member of staff is taking time off but before the “incentive” sick days were off the scale.

    How come is my line of questioning?

    Well if you do 9 hours a week overtime to cover all the staff who have the virus or need to self isolate because of contact with others etc., there is a big fat 4 figure bonus in 6 weeks. Most would say an offer you cannot refuse.

    I said do you get paid overtime rate for those 9 hours – well of course is the answer.

    So what happens once the 6 weeks are over – well they are looking for more as more is what we seem to always want.

    Next – those who are higher up in the system, call them the kingpins who run the show.
    They get £500 each month if they show up on the front line. Apparently, that means showing their faces to those who are in the system.

    Enough said, could it be true to say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT?

    How on earth can we sustain our economy if we are spending in this way and who makes these decisions and who endorses them?

    It has not taken long for the ripple effect of these decisions to come to the fore…
    The UK have announced that their national debt stands at HIGHER than the whole economy.
    This is serious and tells us that numbers are not adding up and something is really not right.

    We could ask – where else is this type of handing out going on and WHY?

    Could it be possible that by not questioning anything and allowing the status quo to continue, we subscribe to the “no change” which then affects us all in some way or another down the road?

  10. Just talking to a friend about the sales push and how we are forced to do something that sort of sounds legal but is not.

    Let me expand with a real life example…

    Moving house and the rental agency have what they call a portal, which is a platform run by an organisation where it is like a one stop for referencing initially and right through to the end where you make your payment and collect the keys for your new property.

    At the final stage when you want to sign and pay, there is a step before that you have to take which tells you that they will take over your utilities and that means your gas and electric plus your water and council tax. Sounds great with it all being under one roof, but what if this is not the truth in anyway but we become so needy and desperate that at the 11th hour we have no choice but to agree, as we have everything in place with the move and we want to avoid any more stress.

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when companies use these hidden ways to get us to hand over everything and whilst it may sound like a simple switch (which is how they word it), there is actually no legal requirement.

    How many of us are prepared to stop this process and hold steady and speak up by saying NO this is not what I want and if that means everything gets delayed then let it?

    How many of us become scared and under so much pressure we moan and groan but we just sign it even though every cell in our body is disturbed because we just know this is not right?

    WHY are there companies doing this and is there something bigger going on that most of us are not aware of?

    The word ACQUISITIONS comes to mind here as there are some big sharks out there who have one aim and that is to acquire – in my words, gobble up smaller companies and have the big slice of the cake and keep acquiring more and more until they become the dominant owners, leaving no space for any real growth in smaller, perhaps more genuine and authentic companies.

    When we are complicit and nod and agree, we are on some level saying yes to the big sharks and that means we cannot then complain or blame anyone for why the world is getting away with everything that robs humanity of making real and truthfull choices that would grow people and that means profit would be second.

  11. SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when we read that cheap, low quality foods have brought with them disturbing health problems including Obesity, Diabetes and Heart Disease.

    On one hand we are informed about this and on the other hand we know there is a demand for cheap foods where the consumer is not interested in the ingredients. The fact remains that where QUALITY is amiss, then we can expect a lesser standard.

    Those that produce low quality un-healthy foods are also not interested in the long term health of their customers because if they were, they would not be making profit. Let’s get real, the majority in business are about profit before people and this is just one example.

    Until we wake up and join the dots, we are not going to see real change.

    Policymakers need to get on the front foot and if those making decisions on behalf of humanity, then they themselves need to get fit and that is not about exercise and diet. It is to be an all rounded human being so that the public can build trust once again and listen up. One reason we are in this mess today when it comes to ill health and poor food choices is because we are not paying attention or taking real note of what our governments and guidelines tell us.

    We have heard a million times that junk foods and empty nutritional value foods are not beneficial to our health and well being but we still crave the fat, sugar and salt combo and none of us go beyond that. We never have the awareness as we are not taking responsibility and waiting for our governments and health systems to do it for us, will not and cannot work. Our history thus far has shown us this.

    What if we just start our conversations with these 4 words – SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT?

    What if we then talked about what we are aware of or what we have recently observed relating to cheap foods at the supermarket or local shops?

    What if we then took another step and checked the ingredients in the one dollar, one pound and other discount stores that sell super cheap foods?

    What if we then took another step to discuss at the dinner table or zoom social meeting, the bulking agents used in cheap foods, what they are and the various list of sugars under different names?

    What if we then spend some time researching the side effects of these ill ingredients (let’s get real as that is what they are) and join the dots?

    Talking about this kind of stuff brings awareness to others and things may get exposed or brought to the attention of those that need to know. Doing nothing and saying nothing and pretending it does not affect us as individuals is WHY we are where we are at today with cheap food production on the rise, to keep the demand going from those that have little or no awareness about what they are eating.

    AND finally, this is not about having any sympathy for those that have a small budget or cannot afford much. We all KNOW that fresh foods including vegetables and cooking with basic ingredients is very very cheap and holds nutritional value. We can eat on a budget but not if we want the salt, sugar, fat combo that comes with junk foods. In other words, foods that hold no real quality and whilst it fills the void inside, it comes back soon after and we find we need more of the same and no surprise we have an obesity epidemic.

  12. OCCRP – Organised Crime and Corruption Reporting Project – 29 April 2021

    Over half the passports sold in Cyprus’ now scrapped ‘citizen for investment scheme’ were granted illegally to people who did not qualify for naturalization and despite possible “conflicts of interest” attested in several cases, an official enquiry recently published has found.

    6,770 passports were given to wealthy foreigners but more than half of them had not invested the required €2 million, including a €500,000 residence or had not met other criteria.

    The official 515 page report states that the decisions of the Cabinet, which had the final say in approving naturalisation applications, may have been taken after “insufficient investigation, insufficient reasoning and in violation of the basic principles of justice and good administrative practices.”

    The report also found that the process was flawed from beginning to end, with the “complete lack” of a database that screened applicants. It added that the Finance Ministry often approved ineligible applications simply due to the size of investment and that the government incorrectly interpreted the law.

    There is more that has been exposed by this report including an investigation where monies were wired on behalf of companies owned by overseas billionaires to a network of companies used for hiding assets, evading taxes and laundering money.

    Yes Dear World this is going on and this is real life.

    How many of us find this type of news disturbing and would rather switch off or leave it for the movies to make it seem like it is not really happening today in our world?

    What we ought to do is start conversations about news stories like this with saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    The fact few, if any of us are interested or even considering talking about this kind of stuff, keeps it hidden under the radar and this guarantees more corruption of this kind and more, will continue in our world, under our watch as we are not doing anything or saying anything.

  13. International Labour Organization – 10 June 2021–en/index.htm

    Here is what the short video is saying:

    Right now, 160 million children are in child labour

    That is one in every 10 children

    Child labour is hazardous to children

    Requires too much of their time and keeps them from school

    Global progress to end child labour has stalled for the first time since 2000

    The fall-out of Covid-19 is putting millions more children at risk

    To avoid this violation of child rights, ILO and UNICEF are calling on world leaders to support families, provide free public schooling, and enforce laws against child labour.

    Dear World

    Can we ALL agree SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT if we have one child in every 10 worldwide currently forced into labour work?

    HOW and WHY is this still going on with a new name tag?
    We do all KNOW this is slavery.

  14. BBC News – 21 July 2021

    A report from England’s chief medical officer states there is poor health and lower life expectancy in seaside towns.

    Whilst these places have nature around, the people are suffering from high rates of serious illnesses.

    The report calls for action from the government to address overlapping issues such as bad housing and poor health.

    Seaside and coastal towns often have older populations with more complex health needs. However, local NHS services have recruitment problems, which leaves gaps in the health services, where they are needed the most.

    Blackpool: the most deprived local authority in England, has the lowest life expectancy for both males and females. It has the highest rates of hospital admissions for alcohol-related harm and drug-related deaths.

    Torbay: High rates of heart disease, respiratory problems and diabetes.
    High density of low quality private rented accommodation and reliance on caravan parks.

    Hull: a fragile local economy with a high economic impact and loss of jobs from the pandemic.

    According to this report, there are deep rooted social problems with poor health in coastal areas, such as low paid seasonal jobs, underachievement in education, poor transport and overcrowded “houses of multiple occupation,” coming from former guest houses.

    Seaside accommodation is also converted to house vulnerable people from bigger cities, adding to the pressure on local health and mental health services.

    Recruitment problems for health staff is a “common issue” in coastal areas, says the report.
    For example in Eastfield, there are no dentists at all.
    6,000 people in one of the poorest towns in North Yorkshire has no local dentist.

    There is also a spread of fast food shops.

    The report warns that heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems and higher rates of smoking are all more prevalent in seaside populations.

    Add to this the social isolation and loneliness encountered from the covid pandemic lockdown and we have a national 911. This report cannot be ignored.


    We ALL have to start asking questions as to how this is happening in our world today.
    WHY are certain seaside resorts ending up like this and why has this remained under the radar, so to speak for so long?

    This issue is not current, it is well known and documented that certain coastal towns in the UK have a poor quality, that towns and cities inland do not.

    WHY is there a divide and how serious is it when we ignore the problem?

    Let us just look at the local dentist and hospital.

    There are no staff to take up the positions and so the services needed to keep the people supported is simply not there.

    If unemployment is high and poor housing, what can we expect?

    How do we shift a population with deep rooted social problems, which include alcohol related harm and drug related deaths? This is super serious.

    How can we invest and have a paradigm shift?

    Do we all need to check in as individuals where we are all seeking what we can make and gain from life, without any consideration of how the rest of humanity are doing?

    Could that be a starting point for dinner table conversations?

    We need to talk about stuff like this and put it out there into the field, the big pot, the world consciousness, so to speak. Those that can take action may wake up and those of us that cannot, will write about it, like this comment, or take it to their everyday conversations.

    Reading a news story and doing nothing has no purpose. It makes no difference.

  15. We have a national news story about a man who once worked for the police in a specialised role, so not your jo average policeman on the beat, on the street. He murdered a young woman.

    The media sensationalise everything with their wording so most of us will of course go with that and circulate and this will of course heighten our emotions.

    He was porn obsessed and visited prostitutes. But at the same time he was a devoted father and husband. Is this making any sense or do we have our values upside down?

    Common sense would tell us there is not an ounce of devotion in the correct meaning of this word, if one is having hidden desires and accessing pornography on the Internet.

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and it’s time we all started talking, not only about this tragic case and the un-necessary harm this has caused to the victim and all those affected by this, but WHY and HOW this happens. This is not the first and it most certainly will not be the last, where we have someone ‘indulging in porn and then carrying out those fantasies in real life’ as a national newspaper quoted.

    Time we asked some very serious questions:

    Why are we not aware when someone close to us is not the wonderfull family man they are portraying because they have just admitted to a murder?

    What is going on in our life that we could not see or did not want to see?

    Are these questions we all need to be asking and not just assuming all is ok when it clearly is not?

    Of course, murder is extreme but what about those that live with someone who is doing porn everyday?

    Are we dismissing the signs because that is more comfortable, or are we just so unaware that we have no sense of anything wrong?

    Or maybe we just view porn as totally ok as the masses do it now, so it must be normal?

    Next –

    Is there a correlation with those that are addicted to porn and what they then act out in real life?

    Do we need to get Independent research studies, or is this a topic where we just need to use common sense and cut to the chase, so to speak?

    Are we ready to stand up and speak up about the use of pornography and how harmfull and damaging it is to all of us?

    Are we going to dig deeper and get super honest about all those we know who are up to porn and we can see signs of addiction?

    Are we going to look in the mirror and admit if we are seeking porn in our private world and it’s getting out of control?

    Are we really going to have enough trained therapists to deal with the rise in porn addiction?

    Are we going to start with our own life and look at where we are doing stuff that is not decent or respectfull in anyway?

    We all have a responsibility and whilst we cannot turn back the clock, so to speak as in this tragic case, what if we start to see where we have in-congruences in our own life and how are we living and operating everyday.

    Where do we have pockets, let’s call them holes, where we are not behaving in a true way that does not harm us or others?

    Let’s start with the double life – in other words, where are we living a life that is not the same elsewhere? Example – how we are at work is not how we are in our private life and we never want those that work with us to ever find out.

    As in the news stories, we get told this man was polished and had an “inscrutable veneer” in several jobs he had in his career, where trust and responsibility were needed for the position. Off work, there were serious signs but the authorities ignored them at the time.

    Do we need to ask WHY these signs, which were serious, were not followed through and could it be possible that had an investigation been made, more about this character would have been exposed at that time and not now, after a crime has been committed?

    And finally, the wife has spoken out and said this was not human behaviour.

    What if we just stop and re-read then explore this more and not dismiss it?

    Not human – so what gets inside someone that acts out in a way that is not human.

    As humans we are gentle, caring and loving at the very core and yet we have this going on everywhere in our world.

    What if this story is alerting us to the fact that not only is something not right but we need to consider what goes on that is not in our view to be seen? In other words, the unseen world that operates and carries out such horrific acts, such as the murder of another fellow human being.

    Sounds a bit much or better to leave for the movies, but can we really afford to not explore?

    Our current way is not working when we have a respectable and security cleared elite type of member in the police force, not a shred of evidence saying he had anything else going on that would even give us an indication of his next movements, but yet this has happened.

  16. BBC News – 1 September 2021

    A big fast food chain in Oregon, USA is calling on teenagers to apply for jobs because there is a shortage of workers.

    Their banner advertises that it is hiring for 14 & 15 year olds.

    This has come as fast food and other outlets across the United States is now struggling to fill vacancies despite restrictions easing.

    The operator of this particular franchise restaurant said such staff shortages were unheard of in her family’s 40 year history. Raising the minimum wage did not spark interest but since opening the doors to under 16s, this restaurant received 25 new applications.

    Other fast food chains are promoting workers in their teens and early 20s into managerial positions, amid lack of more experienced recruits.

    There is currently a sharp labour shortage in the US as fear of Covid, schools remaining shut and a lack of available child care keeps workers at home.

    Some economists have also banned generous federal benefits brought in during the pandemic, which provide an extra $300 every week.

    What is this news story telling us and can we read between the lines here?

    We have a shortage of adult workers. We know that.

    What if the pandemic with its lockdown restrictions has changed people because they have gone off track as they did not have a proper daily routine, like when they were working in full time employment?

    What if the hand outs of 300 bucks every week is something we have gotten used to and quite like it, thank you very much, so the thought of getting up early and having to work all day is not what we want anymore?

    What if we have been liking the child care as it saves so much time and we like the thought of being home and raising our kids that this actually suits us?

    Before we finger point, judge or blame, it is worth considering the what if questions above and then add this – is it possible we do not want the responsibility that comes with going to our place of work and then working all day and travelling back home? We have been introduced to an easy option and we are enjoying the new lifestyle that it brings.

    Whether we agree or refute this whole comment outright, let us all start by saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT as we all know that.

  17. IICSA – 2 September 2021

    Independent Inquiry Child Sexual Abuse – New Report


    The ‘Child Protection in Religious Organisations and Settings’ report examined evidence received from 38 religious organisations with a presence in England and Wales, with the figures provided to the Inquiry about known prevalence of child sexual abuse unlikely to reflect the full picture.

    Religious organisations play a central and even dominant role in the lives of millions of children in England and Wales. The report highlights blatant hypocrisy and moral failings of religions purporting to teach right from wrong and yet failing to prevent or respond to child sexual abuse.

    The report finds that organisational and cultural barriers to reporting child sexual abuse within religious organisations and settings are numerous, varied and difficult to overcome. These include victim blaming, an absence of discussion around sex and sexuality and discouraging external reporting, thus prioritising the organisation’s reputation above the needs of victims of sexual abuse.

    The inquiry found that in some settings, basic child protection procedures were not in place, despite serving large congregations.

    The report highlights an estimated 250,000 children in England and Wales receive ‘supplementary schooling’ provision from a faith organisation.
    There is no reliable information on how many settings there are, how many children attend them and for how many hours, what activities and who runs them.
    There is no requirement for such schools to be registered with any state body and they have no supervision or oversight in respect of child protection.

    While we wait patiently for the report recommendations to be used, wait for the official body to gain the powers needed to examine the quality of child protection when undertaking inspection of suspected unregistered schools, wait for examples of good practice and hope these religious organisations will improve what they do and fulfil their moral responsibility to protect children from sexual abuse – we could just all start by saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    The chair of this Inquiry – Professor Alexis Jay says “..religious organisations are prioritising their own reputations above all else”.

    Well we have known about this for a very long time and we have a movie made like Spotlight, where a small group of dedicated journalists, dig deep and find how much sexual abuse went on in the Catholic Church. This is not new news, this is old news buried because they and other religions are a law unto themselves.

    As this Inquiry exposes – they have no law to abide to, no policing, no official state body that governs them, so they have the licence to get away with anything and everything and cover it up and keep it covered. Not now – it is out and it will continue to be exposed for what it is.

    Most of us follow blindly as that’s what we have done from young, but what if it does not sit right inside us and un-settles us because deep within we just know something is not right. Is it high time to question the tension we live with because ignoring matters relating to religion is way too un-comfortable?

    And Finally, it is time to ask why are so many religious organisations operating in direct conflict to what they preach about right and wrong.

    Where is the simple and utter Truth that is to define the true meaning of the word Religion?

    Have we looked at the origin of the word Religion and where it came from and how it has ended up representing what it is today?

    Do we dare go there when it comes to Religion or are we all too afraid, as this is unknown territory and not somewhere we go OR is hiding under the umbrella of religion our self medication to balance the books?

    In other words, we do what we want and then seek that so-called safe place and congregate in the name of religion and wear the mask of good and nice and clean and pure, while we lead another life outside those walls we visit that hold us all together.

    If we just stop for one moment after reading this and take a dose of honesty – we could all say SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    We are not here to put the world right, we are here to speak up and say it as it is.
    No more pretending, lying and living in fear when we know something is not right.

  18. There is not yet a blog about common sense or a title called “Making No Sense”.

    So for now, this blog is where this comment needs to go –
    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT when a company puts a person in the role of getting feedback from customers and they are not the right person for the job.

    First, they need to listen and not use sarcasm and tell the customer that is your opinion and not what I would agree to. I wasn’t asking her but apparently my statement which to me was common sense was not received well.

    Might have something to do with the fact that I exposed something as I could feel the reaction and the defensive tone in which the reply came back to me.

    I am straight talking and I never mince my words. Just say it as it is.
    I never made the call but as I had the opportunity – they called to ask for feedback, I just happened to have something important that does need to be said and may support future customers.

    A mobility bespoke bed for my elderly Dad was delivered but the made to measure bedding is yet to arrive and it has been 3 weeks. My feedback was it would be wise to hold the bed for future customers, in the warehouse until the duvet, sheets, pillows and covers were ready. That way having a new bed and trying to explain to an 87 year old man in a care home that the bedding still not been delivered, would not be needed. I call that common sense as it just makes sense.

    What makes no sense (we could call that non-sense) is having a bed and using a temporary large sheet to make do, whilst the bedding comes and weeks later we are still waiting.

    I told the woman who was supposedly taking my feedback that surely this is what you and I would want – receiving a bed and the bedding at the same time, so it can be used effectively. This is when I was shut down and told that is my opinion and not hers.

    The conversation after that became false and not true.

    This now gets back to the company – what is the purpose, as this woman was like the “gatekeeper” making sure she kept out the feedback that to me was important and valuable and may actually offer a form of evolution, as those about to buy in the future would not be left without bedding for a bespoke bed which comes at a high cost that many would not be able to afford.

  19. There is no blog on this website called Makes No Sense or Common Sense, so it serves to put this comment on SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    Talking to the maintenance man today who genuinely always asks about the relative I visit in a care home. He had a similar situation and shared everything that happened with me, like it was something he needed to get off his chest, so to speak.

    So I shared what had recently happened.

    The care home tells me when I arrive that I cannot enter and the person I have come to visit is not allowed out of their room. Reason given some residents have the virus.

    The duty manager thought the whole thing made no sense but has to go with what they are told by the big manager at the top. In fact, I had to speak to them on the phone as they don’t work Sundays. In fact no senior staff work weekends. Odd really, considering it is a care home that does not suddenly change because it’s a weekend.

    I told them straight, WHY is my relative not allowed to leave his room and keep his distance and say hello through a glass door? The answer was ‘public health report needs to be done next week’. This was not making sense at all and I said that.

    I then ask WHY is another family member authorised in the next hour to take the relative out of the care home, for the day, to a large public event where there is a high risk, but he cannot step foot outside his room for the past week and neither can he right now see me, having travelled for 2 hours, because no one bothered to notify me.

    Our rules and regulations are way off and make no sense. Talking to the maintenance man today and telling him this situation at the weekend, he just said IT MAKES NO SENSE and I have to agree. My friend who was with me to assist with some practical matters that needed attention was equally stunned to be turned away without any proper, sensible, logical explanation. I told my husband when I got back and again he said it just makes no sense, which we all know it doesn’t.

    Nevertheless, these people get away with what they want, making rules and regulations that are not consistent or followed through with all of us. Different rules for different people and not everyday, only some days. Nothing makes sense.

    It reminds me of another day when my relative in the care home had outside visitors and even though there are so-called ‘strict’ restrictions, they seem to only apply on a weekday as weekends, anything goes because 8 people visited the actual care home bedroom, which is so not allowed at all. I know as I have not been able to enter the room for 18 months as it’s the ‘rules and regulations’ that they throw at me. It makes no sense if the same place has no boundaries or guidelines and what goes on at a weekend is ignored, like it does not matter.

    What I know beyond doubt is SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and whilst I would be the first to make a formal complaint and insist on an investigation, it is not going to support my elderly relative, who has told me if anything is said, his life is in danger. He lives in fear of management and senior staff that they may harm him if the truth is said.

    This is one story and let us all be reminded, it is not the only one out there. This is happening to others and most of us suck it up, have a moan and just accept things as that makes it an easy and comfortable life. Who in Truth likes confrontation or speaking up for Truth – not many of us.

    More to the point, how many of us are willing to stand up for Truth and use common sense above all else when we know beyond doubt SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT?

  20. iNews – 1 October 2021

    Allegations of sexual misconduct have been made against police officers and staff at almost every individual force across the UK iNews can reveal.

    Analysis of Freedom of Information data from 37 forces obtained by iNews and publicly available information from four others lays bare the extent of sexual misconduct claims made against police officers and employees.

    Police forces across the UK are under mounting pressure to clamp down on misogyny and sexual misconduct within their ranks following the murder of a woman aged 33, by a serving police officer.

    For the Metropolitan Police force, 269 officers and staff faced sexual misconduct allegations – with just 10 employees sacked between January 2018 and March this year.

    The force has 43,000 employees, meaning 0.6 per cent of them were accused of sexual misconduct, which can include claims of sexual harassment, sexual assault, rape and abusing position of power of sex.

    Several other forces across all four nations faced issues on a similar or worse scale.

    We could all simply start by saying these 4 words at our next dinner table conversation.

  21. It is coming up to that time of the year where we have countries, getting ready for Halloween.

    Most of us have no idea how this day came about and what is it all about. We just get on the bandwagon of everything black and orange and scary.

    Apparently it originated with and ancient celtic festival, where people lit bonfires and wore costumes to ward off ghosts. Then in the 8th century the pope of the day designated 1 November to honour all saints. Combining the 2, the evening before later became known as Halloween. Over time, we now have trick or treating, carving those lanterns from pumpkins, donning costumes and eating treats.

    We are here to evolve as a species so let us remind ourselves of that first.

    Could it be possible that these ancient days and traditions, whatever they are may not serve us in our current era?

    WHY do we need these distractions, (let’s call it for what it is) to entertain us during the fall before winter arrives?

    A quick internet search would reveal that just the United States alone, spent $8.8 billion in 2019 on Halloween.

    In the UK, Halloween lures more and more people towards spending, which has now doubled.

    Consumers are expected to spend $10.4 BILLION this year on Halloween in US.
    Halloween candy sales has already surged and sales are up by 29%.

    How have we got to this point and what is the purpose?
    How does anything associated with this one day help us as a species to evolve?

    What we do know is that our world is currently in a big mess and we need serious help to get on track. We have illness and disease that was once linked to older people now showing symptoms in much younger generations including children, for example Diabetes.

    Our world is currently producing so much un-necessary waste. We bang on about climate change and the Earth’s resources, but are we contributing in any way by the choices that we make?

    Candy and all things sugar are what suppliers go for to maximise profits on this one day of the year where we forget about health and nutrition and just want what we want because we can. There is nothing and no one that stops us.

    Ask any dentist and they will tell us how serious children’s tooth decay is. Does excess candy or anything filled with sugar serve these kids in the long term?

    Ask any decent health and wellbeing expert or nutritionist and they would have something to say about the plethora of sugar laden products available for this one day celebration.

    Ask parents to consciously be aware and observe their kid’s behaviour before and after a dose of excess sugar and candy?

    Ask questions and it will become clear that many many young children today are very scared of the monsters, ghouls and ghosts that are associated with Halloween.

    Some of us are not even aware of the Halloween classic movie back in 1978 where the world was introduced to a homicidal maniac and it had plenty of violent moments including the choking of a family dog to death. Imagine how that contributes to a child’s mental health?

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT and we ought to start with these 4 words, if we are to ever see real change and turn the tides to support humanity.

  22. I saw a very small notice, easily missed I am sure by most at the supermarket checkout.

    We are being informed that there will no longer be 10 pence carrier bags.
    In the past, these bags were replaceable so you pay 10p for life, so to speak.
    What is on offer now is 50 pence for one bag and the old 10p bags are not going to be replaced.

    For those of us that don’t know – this is about cutting back on waste.
    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT would be a good place to start with this.

    Next –

    In the same supermarket, the staff member stacking shelves openly told us that the small bags available to put your fruit and vegetables in are about to go. This made no sense and he then shared what is going on in this particular store.

    As the bags happen to be compost type material, shoppers are stealing them but not the odd one. He tells us they are taking thick bundles. He tried stopping a lady and she said she has a right to be spoken to as a customer and she reported the staff member. The manager said “It’s not worth it” and let her steal the free bags. Apparently this goes on daily and the staff are told to basically shut up.

    What is really interesting is the type of shopper is very well off in society and that means wealthy and to confirm this, the supermarket happens to be in a well off area of the city.

    I thanked the staff member for openly sharing this story and what is going on, as this is real life, citizen journalism reporting here. This is happening in our neighbourhood, community and towns. We both agreed that regardless of what material wealth they have, what is clear is the level and depth of internal poverty. I know countless stories like this where those that have the most behave in ways like this, which simply highlights they may have acquired monetary stuff that others marvel or envy, but deep inside they are not wealthy at all. To steal openly there is no consideration for the bigger picture and that means humanity – all of us.

    This is a microcosm and it is going on everywhere and what has been decided is that this particular store will ban all free bags. We all get to lose out, so to speak because of those that behave in this ill way. The staff member was shaking his head in disbelief as he just cannot understand why people do this in the first place.

    Again, we could simply say here SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

  23. Euro News – 1 December 2021

    30 endangered white rhinoceros were taken in a Boeing 747 jet aeroplane in the largest single transfer of the species ever undertaken. The journey was 40 hours.

    The rhinos had to be tranquillised to reduce their stress, which in itself is risky and they had to be monitored.

    Due to poaching since the 1970s, this move was made to “replenish the species’ population”.

    Once upon a time, these animals were plentiful across the sub-Saharan Africa and then hunting by European settlers and later by a poaching epidemic, which largely wiped them out.

    Wildlife transfers come with risks.
    2018 – 4 of the 6 black rhinos relocated, died a few months after being moved.

    Scientists are attempting to save the northern white rhino species from extinction by harvesting eggs, from the last 2 females alive and using sperm from 2 deceased males, in an unprecedented breeding programme, which is their last chance at survival.

    Rhinos have few predators because of their size.
    Their demise has come from humans as the poaching is for their horns, used in traditional Chinese medicine.

    For those interested, white rhinos are the 2nd largest land mammal after the elephant.
    Adults males are 3.6 tonnes and female white rhinos are smaller at 1.7 tonnes.

    Dear World

    Can we start with saying SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT?

    We as humans have a need to exploit and bludgeon another species and that is a fact we need to start with and admit.
    Whilst some of us are anti and opposite to this, we have to understand that there is a demand from us humans living on the same planet as these animals called rhinoceros.
    That demand is we want the tusks, the fur or in this case, the horns to make medicine.

    How can it be true if we are killing another animal (in this case poaching, as this is illegal) just so we can have what we want without any regard or consideration of the consequences of our choices?

    How has it got to this point and how on earth can we save them?

    Do we honestly subscribe to putting them under un-natural tension and stress to move them from the current habitat just to get them away from poachers and put them on a jumbo jet, dosed up with tranquillisers and then wake up in a large enclosure? How can that be natural or in harmony to what their body needs?

    Do we not learn from the past when we know this type of transition led to 4 out of 6 dying just a few months after being moved?

    Have we lost the plot, spending resources and finding ways to get these huge mammals on an aeroplane? Who comes up with this and where on earth is it coming from?

    Man has done a lot of harm to animals, plants and the earth in general and we all know that.

    It is high time we woke up to the real and raw reality of how we are all living and how we are contributing to this earth plane that we happen to co-inhabit with other species.

    Just because we call ourselves the so-called most intelligent species on this earth, does not mean we know what is best, if we are killing our second largest mammal just for our own personal benefits, like medicine from their horns. As we are so intelligent, let’s find another medicine instead and let the rhinocerous and other animals come to the end of their own evolution and not because we humans expedited it by our own greed and so-called ‘do what we want, because we can’ behaviour.

    We all need to call out when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT. Saying nothing, moaning, groaning and putting up with it as that’s what most of us do is no longer working and never has, if we are to be absolutely honest.

  24. Independent News – 18 December 2021

    50% of people over the age of 60 in the UK are worried about not being able to afford their heating this winter.

    45% are worried about staying warm over the winter months.

    Age UK are demanding that the government double its existing household support fund to £1 billion to help heat the homes of vulnerable older people.

    1 milllion older households are currently living in “fuel poverty” – either living in a house that has poor energy efficiency or living below the poverty line if they spend the required amount to heat their homes.

    Many over 60s have told Age UK that they are having to choose between eating or heating their homes.

    “It is a simple choice – heat or eat. I already confine myself to one room and stay in bed as long as possible. If I cut down any further there won’t be any point in living”. Peter aged 75.

    Cold temperatures are particularly dangerous for older people who suffer from respiratory diseases, arthritis or heart problems.

    Many now feel trapped at home, too scared to go out in fear of catching the virus and too scared to turn the heating on for fear of racking up a bill they cannot afford.

    What we all know is the older generations have a different take on life and getting into debt never enters their mind. They face the choices and make a choice without ever considering – is there another way.

    The UK has a high level of loneliness among the older generations.
    Many could be living alone in a property that was once used to raise a family.
    A long term partner may have died or there could be other circumstances.
    What we have are many large houses with lots of rooms and no resources to heat.

    We also have an issue of housing and yet many elder people are reluctant or afraid to open up their home to share with others and whilst this is understandable, do we need to work out what is best for the quality of their life in these later years?

    Heat or eat is a dire situation to be in. Imagine coming to retirement and beyond and dreading the cold winter months as the budget does not allow both.

    How does our body cope with that kind of internal stress coming from an internal type of poverty that forgets there are billions on this planet, surely we could open our hearts and make a decision to change our ways and have not only the food, but the heat and support, because there are others (albeit younger) out there in our communities, also struggling, living alone and doing jobs to pay the rent and bills?

    It makes no sense that we have this happening in our modern day world.
    Good old fashion days, we reached out more, we saw others as our equal brothers, we were not suspicious of everyone we meet and we opened our hearts to welcome and support others if we could, in any way.
    This is not from the movies or a utopian kind of world, but how it was back in the old days.

    What happened and where did we stop being inter-connected with our fellow humans?

    We all know that even with the government handouts, many will perish and never recover from the eat or heat syndrome that they are faced with.

    What quality of life are our elder generations subjected to, if this is going on today in our modern world?


  25. As an online daily researcher, I can honestly say that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    Reading a news story comes with not only images in the form of advertising but video footage coming from all sides.

    A typical example is right now I have a national media story and above the title are boxes with 7 news stories, followed by an arrow and the list is endless as I just checked it. On the left of the news story is another 2 ads and to the right a car advert and below it are 12 celebrity gossip news stories with images. No we have not finished yet – there is more…

    After the first paragraph on the news story, there is a big screen with images flashing and currently it is about video games (the latest) with cars crashing at fast speed, all virtual and enough to make anyone dizzy.

    No there is still more…
    The whole page has a background about a car that is self charging fully hybrid and the images behind the news story page are constantly flickering and moving. Even more nausea for those who like to read without feeling like they are being taken on a fun fair ride. Oh and there is another video to the far far right flashing away. And no, there is no x to click to turn off these un-necessary marketing ploys to hook us in.

    Even more…

    Scroll and read 2 more paragraphs and there are another 12 more celebrity news and to give a taste of what is being said…

    “Xxx sends temperatures soaring in a barely there sheer mini as she arrives at the NME awards”
    “Xxx showcases her edgy style in a backless PVC minis dress…”

    “Xx says her 6 week fling with xx was the best thing that could have happened to her…”

    “Xx reveals results of a year’s worth of face surgery, filler and botox as she prepares to get rib bone inserted into her cheek in gruelling procedure…”

    Enough said, this is the state of our world today.

    The adverts exist because this is what we, the public, the consumers demand.
    If we all stopped subscribing to what dress and what fling a celeb is up to, things may be very different. The thing is we like this stuff and we want more of it and so here it is covering the whole page, while you attempt to read a real life story about a man who was at the top of his game in sport and yet had a gambling addict to report on.

    SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT if we have gotten used to flashing images and high speed virtual reality games in our face while we are simply reading a news story.

    I do recall not that long ago there were less images and flashing videos. Today is confirmation things are far worse and that we are asking for more.

  26. Dear World

    Most of us would never see this as a 911 or that something is seriously not right.

    The pharmacy/drug store where we pick up our prescription from the doctor just happens to hand over a paper bag with a large fairy tale looking house. We call that a mansion.

    The font and colour used in the advertising (both sides of the large white paper bag) cannot be ignored or dismissed. Its pretty much in our face and unless we are behaving like a blind freddy, chances are we will read the script.

    This is about residential care in the outer parts of a busy well known city offering Nursing, Dementia Care and Respite Care. For those that may not know what ‘respite’ care means – it refers to a short period of rest or relief from something unpleasant or difficult, according to the online dictionary.

    This luxury living on offer tells us we can experience a life well lived with the wealth of luxury lifestyle facilities such as a Bar Lounge, Private Dining, Art Studio, Cinema, Hair Salon and Restaurant.

    How many of us would want this regardless of the state of our body at the time of arrival, or are we going to move there because we told those that need to know, it is our utmost desire to live a life in luxury?

    Have we realised that in the good old fashion days, there was no such thing as care homes of luxury living?

    Have we noted that luxury living could mean wearing nappies or dribbling, as well as not being coherent or able to communicate due to our failing memory and checked-outness which some call dementia symptoms?

    Have we simply made a lot of money and therefore this is how we spend the final stage of our life, as it is luxury and we are used to that right now?

    Whatever our preferences for end of life care, it is well worth looking at our lived choices and that includes how we treated our body and all our relationships and how on earth we end up living in care having done and given so much to others.

    We ought to remind ourselves whilst we are fully functioning that the prescription we just picked up with the paper bag advertising luxury residential care may just be a sign that our health is deteriorating and there could be another way to look at life – not just keep taking prescription medicine but also asking some sensible questions as to how and why we got ill or have the symptoms we have.

    To summarise, can we say that SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT if we now have suppliers meeting the demand that we the public are asking for – in this case, luxury care homes with the lifestyle choices we want because we can?

  27. Walking in a residential area on the outskirts of the city, I see a guy looking tired and I just do my usual – talk. Never do I have nothing to say and on this occasion we started by me addressing the excess dumping of rubbish including food all over the area, which was infested with flies. He said he had lived there 19 years and is fed up of clearing out the car parking area, as it happens all the time and he wants to install cameras to find out who is doing this.

    He had locked himself out and was going to contact his mother for the spare key.

    It is quite amazing how much and how fast we can be given information about what is going on for another person, in this case we would say a total stranger.

    This is the bit I like as never do I fail to become aware of what is happening on our streets. This is Citizen Journalism and the best way, if you ask me to know what is really going on out there and keeping my finger on the pulse. In my world, that means you get a reality check of what others are up to and not just what you hear circulating around by others, which tends to come from media in some form.

    Guy in his 40s and a paramedic for the National Health Service. His dad died 3 months ago and he is convinced it was because of the vaccination he was forced to have. He tells me he is anti the vax and the pandemic and face masks and the whole thing. He said a lot more but not needed for the purposes of this comment.

    I ask how is he in his job if he is so anti vax when it is mandatory. His response was he paid to have his name put on the system records and told me the process. He paid £800 but he said to have this, he would pay thousands as he was never ever going to take the poison from that vaccination that the government is imposing on us.

    He knows of many others and of course this underhand business is booming and there are those that are on the inside making money because they can. We could say this is corruption and it goes on and this is nothing new.

    So some of us are paranoid about the whole pandemic and vaccination. Others are walking around doing jobs where the public think they are vaccinated when they are not and the majority of us have no idea that this is actually going on.

    What else is going on in our country and in our world like this that we have no awareness about and how do we feel about this, now that we know?


    A paramedic pays a colleague on the inside to get his name on the system to lie that he has been vaccinated. BOTH work for the same health system. This is going on everywhere so let’s wake up and not be so surprised. We can give it a name CORRUPTION and that means dishonest and fraudulent conduct, according to the dictionary.

    We may feel powerless, shocked or unable to say much after reading this.
    So let’s start with the title of this blog and then read every comment which exposes a bit more on each post about what is clearly not right in our world.

    Our response can simply be SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT because it sure ain’t and yet this continues and will continue, whilst we all live with a lack of true integrity in all areas of our lives.

    Things change when we talk about it and express and that means tell others.
    No need to fabricate, twist or add more juice – just say it as it is and that means report the facts to another and instead of talking about the next soap opera story or what’s circulating on social media, we have real life facts going around.

    Not talking is WHY we have such a deep level of corruption in all our world systems.
    If we literally have nothing to say or comment then simply start with

  28. UPI Health News – 28 November 2022

    Traumatic deaths from crashes increase where large U.S. motorcycle rallies are held.
    A Harvard led study states there is a dramatic boost in the number of organ donations and transplants at that time.

    Researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston were also involved in the original investigation. They found that in regions where the largest U.S. biker rallies were held, between 2005 and 2021, 21% more organ donors per day occurred during these events, compared with days just before and after the rallies. There were 26% more transplant recipients per day, on average during the events.

    A common source of deceased donor organs is traumatic injury from motor vehicle accidents, which accounted for 11% of all organ donors in 2021.

    Motor cyclists not wearing helmets are disproportionately more likely to die in a crash compared with passenger vehicle motorists.

    The study’s primary author said in a news release that the spikes in organ donations were disturbing but not surprising because they signal a systemic failure to avoid preventable deaths, which is a tragedy.

    Dear World

    Something is seriously not right.

    We the public or some of us enjoy the biker rallies for our own entertainment. But how serious does it have to get if we know that there are increased deaths at places like this and it’s not reducing?

    What type of advice are we dishing out when we “urge safety while practicing high-risk activities”?

    Can we apply just a dose of simple basic common sense here?

    Ask anyone in for the thrill, the danger or the excitement or whatever it is that gets them on a bike at high speeds and do what they do, to slow down and think of safety first. Taking into account this is ‘high risk’ we can assume that there will be ‘high’ consequences for those risks that we choose to take.

    WHY do we continue with this type of behaviour?
    What happens to all those that are left behind grieving?
    What about young children growing up without a father?
    What about the widows having to move on from a tragic death?

    Everything needs to be considered and we are not taking responsibility when we do ‘high risk’ activities that are not necessary or needed but just for pure enjoyment.

    One donor has the potential to save 8 lives – 2 pieces of liver, 2 kidneys, 2 lungs, pancreas and heart. Those that champion this look at the additional life years and most of us would agree that this is what we would want if we ever faced death from an organ failure.

    But what if our organs hold an imprint and this gets passed on when it goes into another person? What if the ‘trauma’ at the time of the tragic bike accident is registered in those organs and this is something we are yet to discover, analyse and study?

    The numbers are high during days when rallies are held. This in itself is a red flag and needs to be questioned.

    Whilst these biker rallies draw crowds of 200,000 and a 10 day event has half a million visitors, we ought to wake up that there is a cost to human life in the name of sport, entertainment or a day out – whatever it is for us.

    Would we start to have a different take if we had a close one die or become seriously injured at a biker rally?

    Dr. Anupam Jena – Professor of Health Care Policy in the Blavatnik Institute at Harvard Medical School explores ‘often-unanticipated impacts on the health system of large scale public events’.

    In his previous work, he found that people who have heart attacks or cardiac arrests in the vicinity where a major marathon is being held are more likely to die within a month due to delays in transportation to nearby hospitals.

    This confirms that events like biker rallies on a large scale have a vaster impact that may yet to be considered by the general public as there is simply no awareness.

    How many of us knew this?


    Dear World

    The media are telling us a news story that may surprise some of us.
    An entire temple of Buddhist monks, including the abbot have been dismissed from their posting in Thailand as they each tested positive for Methamphetamine.

    Thailand is currently in the midst of a meth crisis.

    The prime minister declared war against the drug after a former police officer, who was facing methamphetamine possession charges, killed 37 pre-schoolers and teachers during a shooting at a daycare. This was the deadliest rampage in the nation’s history.

    Researchers from a University in Thailand have a new study telling us that individuals can reduce the risk of Depression if they follow Buddhism.

    How do we read the news and do we just click and move on or flick the page if things are not adding up or making sense?

    Simple Living Global are not here to give opinions or add to any sensationalist news story as the media do that generally.

    This website is to QUESTION when SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    Buddhist monks taking an illicit drug speaks volumes. These guys got caught but let’s not be fooled, it is probably going on in many more temples and elsewhere where the public would not suspect.

    The question is WHY?

    What is their daily life NOT giving them, that they need a drug that is so potent to stimulate their central nervous system?

    We arrest them, send them to rehab and make a big sensationalist news story. Then what?

    If Buddhism itself is not giving them the answers to live life in a natural way, then this ought to be questioned.

    What makes no sense then is having another news story about how Buddhism can help Depression. Note the research came from a country where this religion is practiced by 95% of the population. What does it aim to do with the results?
    Convince more in the west who suffer with Depression to join them?

    Remember if we are low and seeking a way out, chances are we find what we want and practicing and following a new way may be the ticket or it may not.

    It becomes a big statement when a religion is being promoted to deal with a worldwide epidemic that continues to rise – Depression.

    In some countries it is classed under ‘mental health’ and therefore taken very seriously.

    We all know there are different forms of Depression so we cannot dismiss this type of news as those that are vulnerable may think it is the answer.

    What if it is great to not take drugs or other intoxicants, engage in sexual misconduct, steal or kill or tell lies? Surely this should be standard for all human beings?

    But what if we are not able to refrain from wrong speech or refrain from intoxicants that cloud the mind as it is not that simple with the way our life is?

    In other words, we feel bombarded at times with thoughts that seem like they are fed to us and take us away from our natural connection and no amount of chanting will do the job.

    What if the intention is there to refrain from wrong speech and that means no ill words out of the mouth, but in reality that is not possible? We cannot contain what needs to be expressed in any given moment and it feels like a force to zip up, shut up and not say anything for some of us so we cannot follow the principles of a religion that tells us to practice being harmless so other people can feel safe.

    On that note, it is of great concern when a police officer in a country where the main practice is to keep others safe, kills children and teachers as he was facing a court case for a drug charge.

    It matters not what we want, what matters is we start talking about this kind of news, so more of us become aware that something is seriously not right.

  30. BBC News – 5 February 2023

    THERE IS SOMETHING NOT RIGHT when the cost of the Metropolitan Police in London was £7.5 million in nine weeks for the policing of oil protests.

    Environmental activists caused huge disruption when demonstrators blocked traffic on busy motorways and main roads.

    The cost includes staffing, overtime and vehicle use for the police.

    More than 13,600 police officer shifts were involved in responding to incidents from 1 October to 14 November and from 28 November to 14 December 2022.

    The spokesman for the oil protests said that the cost of policing the group’s actions was “proportionate” given the billions of pounds being spent globally “adapting to climate change”.

  31. Dear World

    We may just say nothing or we may simply ignore this but SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    No co-incidence I was reading a news article yesterday saying that the value of the world’s richest company is over $3 trillion and that is the same as Britain’s GDP.

    It is an American multinational technology company and the world’s largest tech company by revenue.

    No co-incidence I receive an email today from this tech giant to say that my £0.79 monthly fee for storage has been raised to £0.99.
    Most of us would say it is hardly a dent in our pocket – a mere 20 pence a week. Correct?

    However, we seem to ignore the obvious.
    How many of us are subscribing to this additional fee?
    Worth doing the research, but for those that want to know there are over a billion customers.

    The majority of that billion plus will need the storage because our lifestyle choices dictate that. Of course, if we are a business the amount is negligible and we accept it.
    We all pay the increased pennies and why would we bother to even question it.

    What if those that profit to epic proportions that most of us will never understand, invest in advancing human health which we all know is at a 911?

    Whilst billions and now trillions are the new numbers for company value and there will be more of this, when are we going to address the real state of humanity?

    What is the purpose if we have advancing technology offering us the next smartphone and computer but at the cost of not advancing humanity as a whole?

    Let us be reminded that our health systems are going bankrupt as they cannot cope with our multi-symptomatic illnesses and diseases. We have children with mental health issues like never before. Some like video-gaming and are in some way linked to our tech companies.

    This is not about blaming the suppliers, which comes from our demand. This is about taking a look at the bigger picture. If £0.20 is multiplied by a billion, we have a ton of money to bring about awareness education for all matters relating to living human life.

    There is absolutely no point profiting from humanity when we have the very same species unable to function in daily life, who live a lesser quality of life because they lack the awareness of how to live another way, which does not harm the human frame.

    This website, this author and many now are discovering that there is another way to live and it is simple and makes sense, so WHY are we not all subscribing to this way of living? That is a question we can no longer afford to dismiss or ignore.

  32. American Society of Plastic Surgeons – 27 September 2023

    ‘Side-by-side’ utility terrain vehicles (UTVs) linked to high rates of hand injuries

    Recently popularised UTVs with ‘side-by-side’ passenger seating are associated with higher rates of severe hand injuries when compared to traditional all terrain vehicles (ATVs).

    The study finds much higher rates of mutilating hand injuries and amputations.

    Side-by-side UTVs are an increasingly popular category of off-road vehicles, used for outdoor adventure and work. UTVs have side-by-side passenger seating, safety belts and a rollover protection system (ROPS). These design features provide a false illusion that UTVs are safer than ATVs, which have straddle seating, no safety belt and no ROPS.

    Although enclosed UTVs may prevent riders from being ejected, those whose arms are extended outside the vehicle during a collision or rollover event may sustain serious hand and arm injuries.

    Although injury location along the upper extremity were similar between groups, UTV riders had SIGNIFICANTLY HIGHER RATES of mutilating injuries.
    Mutilating injuries were defined as traumas that caused irreparable damage to the appearance and function of the hand.

    64% of mutilating injuries in UTV riders
    22% in ATV riders

    10 times the amount of amputations in UTV riders

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