Hello World

New year, new month, new beginning…

January has started and what are we up to

How are we all really feeling this month

How many of us feel exhausted after all the festive celebrations

How many of us want a Holiday right now to recover from the indulging time we just had up until New Year’s Day

How many of us are faced with large debt because we went nuts once again at Christmas

How many of us feel Depressed

How many of us are feeling Bored

How many of us are busy with our new Diet

How many of us are at the gym every day

How many of us are off to the January sales

How many of us have booked the escape holiday already

How many of us are wondering why we have the January blues

WHY are we busy trying to book an escape holiday in the sun this month

WHY are the newspapers and magazines this month full of new fast weight loss diets

WHY are the latest Social Media trends for January not really cutting it for us this time

WHY is nothing in January lifting our mood

WHY are so many people Sick this month

What is it about the month of January that most of us dread

What is it about January that makes us want to stay under the duvet

Dear World

What if we made a start this year to Commit to Life in a different way?

In other words, knock out the nonsense that we know won’t work and lock in sensible stuff that if lived consistently, can bring about real lasting change that supports us.

Simple Living Global is a website dedicated to presenting another way to live.

With over 150 blogs there is something for everyone, the key is to consider what is being presented and give it a go.


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  1. What an invitation to start afresh! and as you say Simple Living Global, everything to inspire and guide us is here on this website. So many blogs packed full of information and tools to Truly make changes that transform your life.

    Are we deep down happy with how our life is? are we vital and enjoying every day?

    I can’t express enough how the little changes made consistently in daily life, commitment, build to bring about lasting life transformation. It has worked for me… and continues to do so.

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