End of Year

Hello everyone

It is already D E C E M B E R

End of Year once again for us

So how has this year been, if we are being Honest

Do we wish this year would hurry up and go away

Do we spend the whole month focused on Christmas

Do we feel excited waiting for that special day

Do we avoid our feelings at this time of the year

Do we hate the fuss that is made at this time of year

Do some of us actually feel lonely at this time

Do we dream of escaping the Family if we could

Do we loathe the weather as it’s always cold

Do we escape and go on a sunshine Holiday

Do we hate this time of year as we feel alone

Do we find ourselves eating more with our ‘sod it’ hat on

Do we go out of our way to celebrate the whole month with boozy nights out, as that’s the done thing these days.

Do we spend the end of year month watching even more TV as there is nothing else to do.

Do we spend this end of year catching up on Social Media and comparing our life to others at the same time.

Do we let our Sleep times go out of sync at this time of the year, as it’s just a month to go and we can start next year.

Do we find the end of the year brings a new kind of Stress in our life that causes nervous tension inside us.

Do we spend the end of year Talking about how we are going to change next Year, once we get through this year.

Does this time of year get us attempting to connect with everyone we know who we have ignored all year so far.

Does this time of year make us want to hide under the duvet until it’s all over.

Does December bring up even more anxiety this year

Has this year gone really quick for us

Has this year been the best year ever

Has this year got plenty of nice memories

Has this year got plenty of bad things happen

Has this year been a lot of funerals for us

Has this year been a lot of bad news for us

Has this year made us more negative nancy

Has this year made us realise we have addictions

Has this year delivered what we expected

Has this year been amazing and expanding

Has this year been a new job and a new life

Has this year been single to married life

Has this year been an addition to the Family

Has this year been a Happy stable family life

Has this year got us thinking about our future

Has 2018 made us look at the state of our World

Has this year told us life is just Complicated

Are we on ‘happy holidays’ mode right now

Are we in party season where anything goes

Are we looking forward to the festive season

Are we out to impress the new person we just met online

Are we dreading our plastic cards getting whacked as it’s that time of year.

Are we thinking about how we can impress others with our ‘over the top’ frivolous spending.

Are we going to make sure our kids get everything and more this Christmas even if it means going into debt.

Are we hoping this month will end fast as this year sucks

Are we feeling a bit uneasy as we have our end of year tax to sort out but not yet taken any action.

Are we up for late nights throughout this end of year season as that’s what most of us do now.

Are we living in a country where it’s all about the sun and beach barbies this time of year.

Dear World

Is the end of year a time to reflect on how we have been living thus far OR is it just a time to forget about the year and hope things change?

What if1 how we live every single day and the choices we make in each given moment, actually make a difference to our days ahead?

What if2 to truly evolve we all need to one day get to living in a way that is seamless?

That means the same same everyday so we hold steady and live in our natural rhythm.





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  1. Metro News – 6 December 2018

    TUC poll of more than 4,500 people found staff in bars, shops, restaurants and the NHS will be ‘dreading’ the next few weeks because of the level of abuse they face.

    Half of staff have experienced bullying, sexual harassment and violence at work.

    The risk of abuse increases during the Christmas party and shopping season.

    So WHY is that and what are our thoughts on this?

    Do we care enough to stop and consider what is being said here?

    Are we at the receiving end of such abuse or do we know someone?
    OR are we the ones choosing to abuse another with no thought about the consequences?

    WHY do we have an increase in this type of behaviour at the end of year – is there a more for us to question?

    Do we have unresolved hurts or issues that are buried and it rears itself in the form of bullying, violence or harassment?

    Does alcohol have a part to play during the festive season, as we know it alters our natural state and there are thousands of stories to confirm how our behaviour changes?

    Do we use this end of year period to wind down and be merry, as that’s what everyone else seems to be doing to forget about the year we just had?

    What gives us the licence to do what we want to staff who are serving us in some way?

    Where and how can we end this cycle of abuse that seems to be the norm these days?

    Where is our common decency and respect for each other?

    Could it be possible that we first need to respect and care for ourselves in full and that means making daily choices not to neglect how we feel inside our body?

    What if this self regard and deep care are the first steps we need to take to ensure we do not harm ourselves and then we go on to value and respect others and our environment, as that is the natural state of who we are?

    What if our natural way of being has no space for any harm to another, as we were simply by essence not made that way?

    What if our current way of living and the choices we are making is why we end up abusing others and thinking it is ok, because in some way we feel hurt and harassed by life or someone?

    What if we need more than a mind re-set to turn the tides once and for all, to stop all forms of abuse and that means ending all abuse towards self first?

    What we all need to consider is – what is it that goes on at the end of the year in the name of Christmas that gives rise to abuse?

    What would Jesus think about our behaviour or more to the point what would God think about all this nonsense we choose to inflict on our fellow brothers on earth?

    Do we have this habit of forgetting during this time of year that we actually do have choice in absolutely everything?

  2. I know some of us dread this time of year and others look forward to it simply because there is a seeming ‘new year’ coming.

    A time when we can start anew and leave all of our old ways behind.

    The dread can come from feelings of regret, when we look back on how the previous 12 months have been.

    I know that I used to hate this time of the year and masked that by going crazy with alcohol, chocolates and food over the festive season. However no matter how much I tried to will myself to make changes in the ‘new year’ nothing ever changed, until I started to take Responsibility for my life and that included taking care of myself.

    Today I have no regret about it being the end of the year as I know that the way that I have lived over the last 12 months has involved growth and no stagnation. That means I do not feel in the same place as I was 12 months ago – I am much wiser, have more awareness and understanding of life, am more open to people and change and am more content within myself.

  3. What a fantastic blog: an offering to pause and take stock.

    To review where things are at. How we are and how we have moved or stayed stuck.

    To look beyond the Christmas and New Year stuff and see December as a stock take month.

    So much has shifted this year for me. And I realise that this website has been with me along the way.

    A huge support and a constant source of wisdom.

  4. The part about getting in touch with people you haven’t seen all year made me laugh out loud.

    I got a Christmas card this week from one such person.

    I used to do that myself: sit down in December and write cards to everyone in my address book.

    It was a way to feel connected. To reinvigorate my good intentions to prioritise relationships I wasn’t otherwise investing in.

    Except it didn’t work. It started to feel like a duty and a whole lot of wasted effort.

  5. Talking to a shopkeeper about her family’s Christmas celebrations.

    She said there was a lot of tension.

    People together, getting on each other’s nerves.

    She said a particular source of irritation was around Christmas presents for the kids.

    One grandparent buys toothpaste and an apple for the kids, the other set buy toys.

    The toothpaste grandparents judge the toy grandparents as spoiling the children. They say they buy expensive gifts to make the toothpaste grandparents look bad.

    The toy grandparents criticise the toothpaste grandparents for going to the pub every night, spending their money on booze, then saying they have no money to buy presents.

    Apparently this happens every year.

    It makes you wonder at what point someone might decide to break out of the cycle with a discussion or by making a change.

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