Pending Trays

Dear World

Who on earth would we want to read about Pending Trays

Do pending trays still exist in our world or have we got it cracked

How many pending trays have we actually got that are use-less

How many of us are running out of space with so many pending trays

How are we using them and do we think they are a waste of space

Have we created ways to avoid having ‘pending’ stuff forever

Are our pending trays needing some serious action

Are we tech buffs and have all our ‘pending’ items on our computer

Are we techno geeks who got it all nailed on the smartphone

Do we shove stuff into pending trays but never review them

Do we have heaps of paper, files and notes in them

Do we find things we don’t want to think about end up in our pending tray

Do we buy more trays to cope with our pending items

Do we have any real system or order for dealing with pending items

Do we set aside time and space each week to go through pending

Do we find the whole thing a bit boring so we just ignore it

Do we look at them and feel drained at the sight of multi pending trays


Do we use pending trays to ‘hold’ items that need settlement
Do we use pending trays while we bring the cycle to Close
Do we use pending trays willy nilly with no real reason or purpose

Do we use pending trays because they look good in our office

Do we wish we could just get rid of all things pending but we can’t

What if we used our pending trays to hold what we know cannot be brought to closure

What if we used our pending trays to support our work where things require review

What if we used our pending trays with a Commitment to purpose

In other words, we made sure there was a reason something ends up in that pending tray and our commitment is to make sure we bring closure by checking it and taking the necessary action.

What if using our pending trays in this way would not drain us as we know we are taking FULL Responsibility.





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  1. Thank you for this insightful blog.

    I don’t use pending trays as such, but my equivalent is a to do list of pending items that I revise most mornings.

    I frequently feel anxious when considering my to do list because of the sheer number of pending items it often contains. However, reading this great blog has prompted a realization for me – on most days, a high proportion of the items on my daily lists are unfinished business from previous days: things that I have not brought closure too.

    I don’t enjoy that feeling of anxiety and overwhelm I sometimes experience when looking at a very long work to do list. So I now intend to follow the author’s suggestions of making a commitment to only include on my to do lists items that have a real reason for being there and consistently working with a commitment and focus on bringing closure to tasks and pieces of work.

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