Are We Really Smart

Dear World

What on earth does it mean to be smart

What does it look like to be a smart person

Do we think we are a smart race of beings

As individuals are we making smart lifestyle choices everyday.

Are we being Fooled by people who go about thinking they are smart.

In our relationships are we smart and savvy or something else.

Who defines this word smart and do we all agree with it.

What are google and the dictionary telling us about this word ‘smart’.

English Oxford Living Dictionaries

Person  clean | tidy | well dressed
Clothes attractively neat | stylish 
Object  bright | fresh appearance
Place  fashionable | upmarket

Having or showing a quick witted intelligence
Showing impertinence by making clever or sarcastic remarks

Quick | brisk (1)

For the record – impertinence means lack of respect and rudeness (2)

Cambridge Dictionary

Intelligent | able to think quickly or intelligently in difficult situations

Done quickly with a lot of force and effort

Adverb – in a clever or effective way (3)

Characterised by quickness and ease in learning

Capable of independent and apparently intelligent action

Quick and brisk

Showing mental alertness | calculation | resourcefulness

Smart often implies something good but not always
If someone cautions ‘don’t be smart’ they are demanding that you stop acting so bold and rude. (4)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Mentally alert | bright | knowledgeable | shrewd | witty | clever (5)

What if we have got the real true meaning of the word smart all wrong?

The first thing that is clear is we are not unified with our definition of the word smart.

Different meanings tell us this and that but we don’t all agree with it.

What if smart people do not need to prove anything, act clever or use force and effort.

What if smart people are never dis-respectful, sarcastic or rude.

What if smart people are not calculating, shrewd or manipulating in anyway.

What do smart people look like and who gives them that title in the first place.

What are smart people doing in this world

What do smart people dress like

What do smart people Eat and not eat

What is the Focus of a smart person

What is the Priority of a smart person

What is the Foundation of a smart person

What is the Blood Pressure of a smart person

What is the Heart rate of a smart person

Can we be a smart person if we take Alcohol and Drugs – both of which are poisons to our body.

Can we class ourselves as smart if we need Caffeine every day to keep going.

How many of us think we are smart

How many of us want to be smart

How many of us would do anything to be smart

How many of us want to be a smart cookie in this world.

How many of us think smart is about getting one up on others.

How many of us think smart is striving and pushing in life to get the things we want.

How many of us look up to people who we think act smart.

How many of us give our power away to people we think are smarter than us.

Are we all really smart but we like to act silly, stupid and dumb at times.

What if smart is to Stop Swearing and Shouting
What if smart is to take care of our Kidney health
What if smart is never being Bored with Life
What if smart is the end of Crazy Days
What if smart is having a Commitment to Life1
What if smart is nothing to do with a Perfect Life
What if smart is to Let Go and stop Holding On

What if a smart move is to practice Nil by Mouth

What if a smart move would be to read and learn about topics related to lifestyle choices like –

Champagne Lifestyle
Chronic Fatigue
Cold Hands, Cold Feet
Common Cold
Junk Food
Giving Up
Global Wellness
Lemonade Budget
Mental Health
Perfect Life
Social Media

What if smart people prefer leading a Real life and not a Double Life with Vices and Secrets.

What if smart people know how to take care of their Feet and wear sensible Footwear.

What if smart people do a Take 2 when they make Mistakes.

What if smart people are not allowing Care-Less behaviour.

What if smart people are always discerning when Listening to Others.

What if smart people are making movements that end the Stress and Struggle of daily life.

What if smart people are taking note of these blogs in the Self Care department –

Closing our Eyes
9 o’clock Hoover
Waking Up

Empty the Trash
Tidy Up
Odd Jobs

Oral Health
Bathroom Business
Hand Washing
Cleaning our Glasses

What if a smart move would be to get Real and Honest about what is going on in daily life.

What if smart people really know what it means to have true purpose in their life everyday.

What if a really smart start point would be to practice being Gentle with all our movements.

What if a truly smart person lives a See Through Life to the best of their ability.

What if smart people realise we are not really Getting Away with anything.

What if smart people know Solutions never get us to the root of the problem.

What if smart people never use TV as a drug to check out from what is really going on for them.

What if smart people take responsibility for what they put out there on the Internet

What if smart people do their best to only use Social Media with a sense of true purpose.

What if smart people do what it takes to end the War inside of them.

What if smart people are always speaking Truth

What if smart people have worked out that Lying is not normal and so they stick to Truth.

What if smart people respect the Earth and have an awareness that how they live affects our planet and other species.

What if smart people know that how they live contributes to Global Wellness.

What if smart people who get Sick, take the time off to learn how they got to that point.

What if smart people just know there is Another Way so they are never stuck in life.

What if smart people know how Junk Foods and Fast Foods affect their body and movements.

What if smart people just know that no Diet this world keeps creating actually works long term.

What if smart people have signed up for life and got the ticket to fly Business Class to Heaven.

What if smart people do their best every day at keeping life Simple.

What if smart people do their best to Commit to Life2 so that they can support their own Mental Health and wellbeing.

What if smart people do not Blame others as they know they had a hand in what happened.

What if smart people do not come up with Excuses for anything and everything.

What if smart people have true health and wellbeing as their number one Priority in life.

What if smart people simply know how to Be Gentle in all their movements.

What if smart people know that there is an Intelligence to our body that is multi-dimensional.

What if smart people have zero Jet Lag and they plan and prepare their body before any flight.

What if smart people take the 9 o’clock hoover seriously as they know the benefits.

What if smart people have nailed the Sleep thing and have amazing vitality levels.

What if smart people know that everything is Expression and with that comes a responsibility.

What if smart people know that Sitting on the Fence means nothing ever changes.

What if smart people are ace when it comes to keeping things Simple.

What if smart people are very aware of what Complications bring and the consequences.

What if smart people choose to live in the Flow Zone as it confirms they are moving forward.

What if the really smart person lives in a way where everyday has purpose and meaning.

What if smart people spend no time in Regret as they know how to change things from now on.

What if smart people know how to Focus by getting the job done without getting distracted.

What if smart people have heard the 911 world wake up call and know how to respond.

What if smart people have a strong awareness about where the world has Lost the Plot.

What if smart people are always asking Questions because they know this can bring about real change.

What if smart people are super savvy when it comes to Christmas Shopping.

What if smart people do not see Christmas or New Year as a time to go nuts and indulge in things that harm the body.

What if smart people understand the Global Food Waste epidemic and do their bit daily.

What if smart people simply know how to just GET ON WITH IT.

What if smart people do their best to avoid Gossip and Judgement.

What if smart people consider that if our world were a Business they have a part to play.

What if smart people value Real Talking as it brings connection with others in a true way.

What if smart people have no need for Hot Talk.

What if smart people are not Overdoing it, yet they seem to get volumes done each day.

What if smart people are content Doing Less and Being More to balance their life.

What if smart people look in the Mirror and see a real reflection of the grandness they truly are.

What if smart people never get caught up in that FOMO nonsense.

What if smart people value their Pots and Pans equal to any other items they own.

What if smart people know it makes no sense to engage in Family politics as it goes nowhere.

What if smart people know the importance of living a life of true Consistency.

What if smart people are open to discussing topics like –

Empty the Trash
The ‘F’ Word
Toilet Talk

What if a smart move would be to read the following blogs and consider what is presented –

Alarm Clocks
Anti Depressants
Children’s Mental Health
Christmas Waste
Dodgy Emails
Eating Disorders
Recipe for Life
Salt Awareness
Video Games
Vitamins and Supplements

Dear World

What if to be smart in this world, we just need to bring in Simple Living. 

What if being smart is all about taking Responsibility for our choices in daily life.

What if simplicity is the smart movement we could all make to turn our life around.



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  1. I was reading about a University Professor who ran a hundred miles a day and he wrote what happened to his body.

    He was called an ultra marathon runner and one guy claimed he lost his vision after running 83 miles.

    The professor had to train hard 8 times a week for 6 months.

    After 60 miles of running his digestive system shut down and his symptoms included gastrointestinal distress, stomach cramps, nausea and sickness. As these symptoms increase with race distance, it is often cited as a reason for non-completion of a race.

    Blood sugar levels dropped because the symptoms meant he could not eat or drink as the body had shut down the digestive system. ADD to that dehydration.

    There was a strong risk of damaging muscles and joints.
    Muscle fibres literally tear causing cellular damage to go into the blood.
    ADD to that the discomfort and it triggers suppression of the body’s immune system not to mention what it does to the heart.

    30 minutes after the end, his legs had completely seized and it took a month to get back to normal. He also had upper respiratory tract infection.

    So as this blog title says ARE WE REALLY SMART

    Was this a smart move?
    Were these movements healing or harming the human body?

    If the body could speak what would it say?

    With all the list of things and no doubt there were more that I have not reported or recalled, was his body trying to communicate something when it said “Enough mate, 60 miles and you are killing me so I am shutting down your digestive system to the point where you will not even be able to drink water”?

    But yet we act super human and think we are smart and continue despite our body really telling us “game over mate, you need to stop”.

    What is it that makes us want to keep going despite all the signs, so to speak that our body is conveying?

    Research is telling us that most ultra marathon participants approach this as a means of personal accomplishment.

    Is this really a personal triumph and if so who set the marker of what it is?

    Do we need to do super human things to feel like we have achieved something?

    Will research one day conduct studies on ultra marathon runners and track how their lives turn out and in particular how their mental, physical health and wellbeing are in later years?

    Do we think we are smart if we have a professional academic qualification but yet we treat our body in a way that pushes it way past its natural limits?

    Is it time to question the current intelligentsia of today or do we all allow and accept things to continue as they have been because that keeps things comfortable for us?

  2. CNN – 28 May 2019

    More than 200 climbers have died on the peak of Mount Everest since 1922, when the first climbers deaths on Everest were recorded.

    The death toll this year alone has reached 11.

    More recently overcrowding has been an issue getting to the top of the mountain with difficult weather conditions, a lack of experience and the growing commercialisation of expeditions contributing to the backlog of people.

    Last week beginning 20th May 2019 crowds of Mount Everest climbers got stuck in a queue at 8,000 metres. The peak of the mountain is 8,838 metres.

    Most people can only spend a matter of minutes at the summit without extra oxygen supplies. The area where mountaineers have been delayed is known as “death zone”.

    One mountain guide has said that any part of the mountain above the “death zone”, “humans just really aren’t to exist there”.

    He continues –

    “Even when using bottled oxygen, supplemental oxygen, there’s only a very few number of hours that we can actually survive up there before our bodies start to shut down…”

    Calls are being made for the people organising the trips to be certified and the climbers vetted.

    Is this the age old solution of looking at someone to blame?

    What if we all stopped and asked the question – what drives us to pursue climbing?

    Why do we partake in this and what do we get out of it?

    Is it possible that if we asked these questions sincerely, this alone could start to decrease the fatality of deaths?

    Is it because we are not asking any questions as to WHY the numbers are exponentially increasing?

    What if the tour operators only exist as there is a demand from us, the public that we want extreme sports like climbing?

    Why would any of us have any keen interest in climbing?

    Is it possible that we are using this to escape?

    Is it possible that there is a discontentment with human life?

    Could it be possible that we do not value human life?

    Is it possible that we are living in a way that is so far removed from acknowledging and accepting the great value we can all bring to the world if we take care of ourselves and our bodies, that activities like climbing are then sought?

    Is the pursuit of climbing a total disregard for human life?

    What about our relationships and those that are left grieving as a result of our death?

    Do we ever consider whether climbing is a necessary activity for the true evolution of the human race?

    Why would we choose to put ourselves at high risk of harm in extreme conditions of high altitude and freezing cold temperatures?

    Is this really smart?

  3. Metro – 3 June 2019

    A caver died after a 17 hour rescue operation to get them out which involved nearly 100 volunteers.

    After the 20 foot fall the caver initially broke their leg but later died.

    The Cave Rescue Organisation said the narrow passages in the unmapped cave caused severe difficulties for rescuers. The person died as they could not be brought to the surface.

    What gets into us that leads us to be in such risky environments?

    The fact that ‘the narrow passages in the unmapped cave caused severe difficulties for rescuers’ confirms that this was a highly dangerous situation for anyone to be in.

    Does it give us some kind of stimulation or high to be in these precarious situations?

    Does it add an edge to our lives and do we thrive off living dangerously, because something is missing in our day to day lives?

    Is it possible that we are wanting some kind of escape from human life and this is why we seek these extremists sports?

    Is it really smart of us to put ourselves in such hazardous conditions?

  4. Within a decade from now, smart speakers could spot sickness.
    This is according to the Artificial Intelligence which will create a revolution in diagnosis.

    Is this forward thinking and front footing because we have a ‘digital health futurist’ telling us?

    Is this really front line or is this us relying on even more creations to deal with our health and well-being?

    Are we really smart because we have come up with all this new stuff?

    Are we ready for our home and smart devices to spot early signs of disease because we are not aware of it?

    How does it make us feel knowing we have a camera in our bathroom mirror?

    How do we feel about a speaker detecting our emotional and physical state of being by telling us when we are sneezing or coughing, then it places an order for the appropriate medication?

    Is this what we want and is this what we call advancement and evolution?

    Will we just go along with it or get excited and jump on the bandwagon as it sure helps us to not take full responsibility?

    Would real responsibility require us first to take a big dose of honesty and then question everything that is coming our way, instead of simply accepting it?

    Do we need a digital nudge as we become at the mercy of our health care systems who will track our data and tell us what we need OR can we become the masters of our own ills?

    In other words, we created whatever symptoms and dis-eases inside our body and we can therefore find out how we got to that point and then begin the real process.

    Example – we are coughing and coming down with a heady cold because the physical symptoms confirm this.

    What happens if we trace back, go back however many steps we need to and find out how we have been living and what has been going on for us in the ‘self care’ department and of course we must start with a big dose of Honesty?

    Would this give us an insight, an indication – a knowing of where we might have contributed to this end point we are currently at, which is tiredness, fatigue, coughing and sneezing?

    Could it be possible we then start asking questions as we have taken the dose of Honesty, so it’s easier now to get Real about what has been really going on for us?

    Could our lifestyle choices confirm to us how we ended up at this point because we know those lifestyle movements have not been taken to support our body in any way? Late nights, eating on the go and feeling the stress of life all need to be considered as we have taken the big dose of honesty.

    We all seem to use the common phrase “feeling run down” so let’s examine that whilst we have got the dose of honesty.
    Why are we run down?
    Who got us to this point?
    Who are we blaming?
    Where does it go from here?

    Will we use this coughing and sneezing run down feeling to recover and start all over again in the same way OR will we learn and change our movements and that means not make the same lifestyle choices that got us to this point?

    Everything matters because everything counts as everything is everything.

    Is relying on any form of artificial intelligence really going to outperform and do the job we can simply do, by connecting to our body and becoming aware of what it is communicating to us?

    Could the complications of anything artificial be the answer to our future illness and diseases OR could we get back to the innate nature of our being which could hold the intelligence and wisdom to deal with whatever is coming?

    What would be the smart move to make if this question was posed to us as an individual?

    1. Thank you for writing this comment Simple Living Global and when you read what is being shared here regarding smart speakers spotting sickness it is absurd.

      How have we reached a point where we are living so disconnected from ourselves and our awareness of our bodies, that we need to rely on a machine to tell us if we are sick and what to do, rather than living from the innate wisdom inside of us that knows everything?

      What you present here Simple Living Global is another way to live as it puts us firmly in the driver’s seat of taking full responsibility for our lives. Just being honest and admitting that we have had a hand in our current situation is deeply healing and life changing if we are willing to make new choices going forward that do not repeat the old way.

      How many of us are ready and willing to live in this way?

  5. The Times – 10 June 2019

    The world’s first recruitment robot is said to have many of humanity’s qualities, according to this article but few of our faults.

    The robot is described as having the social skills needed to put job candidates at ease, apologise if it interrupts, asks them to take their time and gently asks questions again if an answer is vague or beside the point.

    The reason for having this robot is because it will not discriminate during the interview process as many human recruiters do like discriminating due to gender, ethnicity, religion, background, appearance and even what sport a person plays.

    Have we questioned why we have prejudice in the recruitment process?

    If this is going on, how can we really have equal opportunities?

    Does this happen in recruiting as most of us live our day to day lives judging each other and favouring some over others due to their race, religion, background, appearance and social status?

    What would happen if we were able to be open with anyone and just meet them for who they truly are, as we have put no expectations on ourselves or others?

    Would that naturally put others at ease and enable us to recruit the best person for the job without any bias?

    Is there much more for us as human beings to re-learn about what true human interaction is really about and how we can live with real Equality that sees no-one as less or better than another?

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