Dear World

What would happen if we ALL

Just STOP so we could realise that our world is in a state of emergency – 911

What would happen if we ALL

Read the first 100 blogs on this website and then consider if we need to champion World Health Day and Global Wellness because we have the real stats and facts

What would happen if we ALL

Got on the front foot by learning the facts about –

Chronic Fatigue
Common Cold
Eating Disorders
Fast Food, Junk Food
Heart Disease
Kidney Disease
Mental Health

What would happen if we ALL

Read what the following blogs are presenting –

Dodgy Emails
Independence Day
Jet Lag
Letting Go
Planet Earth
Social Media
Video Games

What would happen if we ALL

Admit we have officially Lost the Plot and then start reading these blogs with our understanding hat on –

Why is Coffee Big Business
Expression is Everything
Do Nothing, Do Something
Forgot Something, Lost Something

Why We Want a Perfect Life
Why We Are Holding On
Why Do We Get Sick
Why We Eat What We Eat
Why We Want More, More, More

Just Incase Syndrome
What is our Priority
Bored with Life
Giving Up On Life
The War Inside Us
Keep it Simple
Making Mistakes
Overdoing It
The ‘F’ Word
Mirror, Mirror
Our Car
What If1
New Year

What would happen if we ALL

Started to ask Questions like –

Why do we align, endorse and champion our current form of Intelligence1 but know something is not right

Wake up and realise that this Intelligence2 does not make our education today about human life, because most of us have no idea how to –

Be Consistent
Be Gentle
Build a Foundation
Care for Cold Feet
Care for Cold Hands
Care for Pots and Pans
Carry out Odd Jobs
Clean our Toilet
Close Cycles
Close Our Eyes
Commit to Life
Do Less and Be More
Do Real Talking
Get on with It
Give a Heart Handshake
Plug in and Connect
Practice Nil by Mouth
Take 2
Tidy Up
Use the 9 o’clock hoover

What would happen if we ALL

Had shares in our world, as if it were a Business and that means –

Living a See Through Life
No more Vices and Secrets
No more living a Double Life
No more Getting Away With It

No more Crazy Days
No more Life in the Fast Lane

No more Champagne Lifestyle
No more Lemonade Budget

No more Careless Behaviour
No more Sitting on the Fence

No more Lying

No more Gossip
No more Cursing
No more Swearing
No more Shouting
No more Blame

No more Hot Talk
No more Solutions
No more Complications

What would happen if we ALL

Got a Passport to Be Real so we can start to be Honest

Learn how to Fly Business Class to Heaven and lock in a Recipe for Life that actually works to support us

What would happen if we ALL

Took a dose of real medicine everyday called RESPONSIBILITY, so that we could bring an end to –

Listening to Other People

What would happen if we ALL


What would happen if we ALL

Came to a One-Unified Truth, so that we are no longer being Fooled by the world we have created

What if2
this blog is joining the dots for us?





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  1. A brilliant post Simple Living Global – thank you once again.

    This blog raises some pertinent questions that we would be wise to consider.

    If we are honest, our world is in a mess and things seem to be getting worse.

    When we consider all of the statistics on Global Health alone, we have a lot to be concerned about.

    So where do we go from here?

    What can we do – some of us might be asking?

    I used to want to save the world, but this really ruined my body, as I never thought about caring for myself and was always running after others.

    Then inspired by a very wise man I slowly began to recognise, that I was worth taking care of. As I started to be consistent with the self-care, I began to notice that certain things were changing around me and my responses to situations were different.

    Today I choose to live this way, not only because it supports me, but also because I can actually see that it supports others. I work in a very demanding environment and I know that the way that I live my life and take care of myself, not only supports me to do my job – to the best of my ability, but it enables me to bring a calming and astute presence to the office, which I know supports my colleagues as I can be relied upon and trusted to get the job done.

    What if we all can make a difference by the way that we each live?

    What if we are all having an effect on the macrocosm of life that we see and sometimes that can be a healing effect and sometimes it can be a harmfull one?

    What if we are that powerful?

  2. This really is a top blog if you ask me.
    What a way to end the year or even start a new year just stopping and considering the questions that are being presented here.

    This website is helping us out in times right now where most of us seek clarity, direction and an internal settlement that is opposite to what we feel everyday inside our body.

    With all our focus on that one special day in December and then suddenly it has gone and we are left with a feeling of ‘what’s next? what’s the next buzz or distraction?’, we could make different choices.

    I wish I had this website when I was in my early 20s, where life was more than crazy and ugly and nothing made sense.

    Just reading this blog is like a one stop library, a wish list of all the questions I want answers to and more. By more I mean it is full of wisdom, simple and easy to read.

    To me this makes sense.

    Our world is full of distractions and complications and no wonder sleep issues are off the scale and stress is now a global problem.

    We create these so called ills, so surely there has to be a way to bring the true medicine that can heal us and get us out of this ill way of living once and for all.

    True medicine is all over this website and for those who are ready, they will find it and scholars of the future will study everything and realise that back in the early 21st century there were some who were on the front foot, deeply committed and dedicated to writing about another way to live and be on the earth.
    Living the future and expressing it without holding back.

  3. Metro News – 20 August 2020

    Dear World

    We now have the first US company to be valued at $2 trillion.

    USD $2,000,000,000,000

    One thousand million is a billion and one thousand billion is a trillion.

    So this company is worth two thousand billion.

    The tech giant has seen their shares increase by 60% this year.

    This news is confirmation of what is big in our world today.

    The masses now all have smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers and this is why we now have a tech company worth 2 trillion dollars.

    What next and where do we go from here?

    What happens to ALL this money and who benefits?

    What does one do with the accumulation of so much wealth?

    Dear World

    What if we addressed what this blog is presenting by directing some of these billions and billions of dollars to provide real education to the masses and that means bringing more awareness about what is going on in this world and consider another way to live to end the rising rates of illness and disease for starters…?

    What if those who make the decisions on these trillions of bucks that are pouring in gave some back to those who have made them super rich in their industry? That means invest back in the people – humanity.

    Are these the types of questions we could be asking?

  4. Science Magazine – 25 September 2020

    By mid April 2020, the national unemployment rate was the highest since the Great Depression.

    41 million American workers filed for unemployment between February and May this year.

    According to research, job insecurity and financial concern are associated with greater symptoms of depression and anxiety.

    Higher rates of anxiety are showing in employed people.

    Next –

    CNN Business New York – 19 November 2020

    20.3 million Americans in total receiving some jobless benefits.
    1.1 million filed for first time unemployment benefits.
    6.4 million made continued jobless claims – benefits 2 weeks in a row.
    4.4 million rise in pandemic emergency unemployment compensation claims.

    750,000 people are estimated to lose their benefits at the end of December.

    Dear World

    These are just the highlights from a study and a news story, presenting a serious problem in the work sphere of just one country in our world.

    Have we thought about the knock on effect of what happens when work is lost in this way?

    How un-prepared were all of us when this virus came and swept across the nation and the whole world forcing big changes that none of us expected would continue for this long?

    How many of us even thought that this may go well into next year and it has had a huge impact on the work front in all areas?

    So what can we do as individuals now that we are in this no work situation?

    Watch more flicks on the Internet
    Eat even more as we are bored
    Indulge more in online shopping
    Start gambling online as it’s easy
    Order more alcohol for delivery
    Forget about looking for work
    Enjoy this like it’s a long holiday
    Get busy trying to make money
    Forget we have responsibilities
    Hope it continues as we like it

    Our current state has been linked to the Great Depression, which was the worst economic downturn in modern history.

    Even the upper middle class professionals saw incomes drop by 40% in that time.
    The average American family lived by the Depression motto “use it up, wear it out, make do or do without”. Households embraced a new level of frugality in daily life.

    Divorce rates dropped as couples could not afford to separate. Some men deserted their families out of embarrassment and frustration. Teenagers felt they had become a burden to their families and left home in search of work.

    What this tells us is although our national unemployment is as high as it was during the Great Depression, our attitudes are certainly not the same. It would be rare today for a man to leave his family because he was embarrassed and frustrated with no work prospects. Even more rare would be teens leaving to seek work. This tells us how much we have changed with our work ethic today.

    A question Dear World that is worth pondering on is why do the masses, the majority of us dislike going to work and doing a job?

    Have we created something here that supports us to not work, as we do not seem to be that interested or bothered in how our governments are running the countries and dishing out restrictions and forcing job losses? In fact, we generally seem to accept everything they say.

    What is of great concern is the study above that tells us those who are employed are showing higher rates of anxiety.

    Are we going to wait for research studies to tell us what the long term effects of anxiety will do to the human frame or can we work that one out with our common sense hat on?

    The masses are heading towards depression and anxiety is everywhere – how will our health and social systems cope in the future with even more people seeking help?

    What if there is another way to swap sitting all day watching TV, cooking cakes, gossiping, social media or uploading images for something purposefull while we wait for work to pick up again?

    On that note – check out this whole website, a library for anyone who is interested in taking Responsibility for committing to living daily life in a way that supports the human body.

  5. How many more of these real life stories are we hearing and saying nothing?

    Dear World

    Listen up – this is happening and we go about our day with our blinkers on and ear muffs, so we cannot see or hear that this ugly stuff is real – super real and we all have a hand in it, so to speak.

    Young man struggling in life and living in an accommodation provided by mental health services in the UK but in a town by the sea, known to have poor social housing, plenty of unemployment and not much in the way of economic growth or a place any tourist would ever visit, or where most of us would never dream of going. We could call it a ‘dead end destination’. However for mr B it is where he has been for 7 years, since his teenage years.

    How many of us as the general public would bother to listen to his story or give him the time of day to simply express and just say whatever comes out?

    Well we did. Myself and a friend happened to be in a café on the other side of the city – one of those moments when we just opened up and said hello. Bingo the young man displaying signs of unsettlement wanted to talk and we stayed in touch. The lines of communication were open and whilst we have not gone in to rescue or save or had an ounce of sympathy, we know beyond doubt we have made a difference. mr B is asking us to listen and this is what we have done with no judgement. Tall order for many of us with our busy lifestyles and no time for those people out there with problems as we have the narrative running through our minds that we got enough on our plate and then our close family and friends and that’s plenty enough to deal with.

    But what if we can be of great support when we listen and offer wise words like the old fashion common sense stuff and what granny would say in this given moment?

    This man shared a lot about his life and what happened and why he ended up doing drugs and alcohol and smoking marijuana as a teenager. What we seem to do in society is give a label and associate them with that and this makes it even more difficult then to move away and actually get on with life because at every turn, it affects the person. How can one break the cycle without the support in the form of people that actually know what is needed? Fixing them is never the answer and neither are solutions.

    Old fashion taking responsibility, starting with self care would bring about some change and I know this to be true from first hand experience, having worked with hundreds of offenders locked up in the system. Change the focus and the emphasis to go inwards, so to speak. Cut the nonsense and labelling for a moment and just talk Back to Basics practical tasks that need to be taken seriously everyday, like getting up and making the bed and how to wind down and go to bed early. With it they get given the understanding WHY it is important to go to bed early and the benefits. They also get the HOW it is done from a master of sleep and that means the person presenting is walking the talk. They live that and so they speak from their body. No made up stuff, copying, making it about success stories or anything like that. Just deliver by way of a living-ness which means only say what you live.

    One of the reasons those like mr B have lost their way is they simply cannot trust and it is totally understandable once you get the download of the life story thus far.

    Our world is in a very bad way and listening to mr B confirms that things are getting worse and our solutions are failing us as they do not work. What we have is a guy institutionalised to a degree that a step forward means 2 steps back and so it goes on.

    He is one of millions and millions we have and once upon a time we associated mental health as something very few in society had or disclosed and they were not so young. Today we have mental health problems in children and add to that their lifestyle choices of screen time, consuming drugs, alcohol and late nights with junk foods and we have a recipe of guaranteed ill health for our future generations.

    Our health systems are facing bankruptcy and we know that. Carry on living like we are and anxiety for the masses, along with Depression, Diabetes, Obesity, Eating Disorders and Drug and Alcohol related issues and that is our future Dear World.

    There is another way and it is high time we ALL wake up and smell what we have created and take action. If we continue as we are with no real change, then the corrections will come. They have to – history has shown us this over and over again.

  6. At the end of this blog the author asks: “What would happen if we ALL Came to a One-Unified Truth so that we are no longer being Fooled by the world we have created?”

    What stood out for me was the part about ‘being fooled by the world we have created’.

    On the face of it, this blog seems to be asking a great deal but is it possible that all that is required is for us to take responsibility for ourselves in every way, to look at our behaviours and belief systems and truly be honest with how we are living our lives?

    We have definitely ‘created’ the world we live in by our consistent choices of either being as much love as we can be or the incessant lovelessness that most of us choose.

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