Who wants a Day Off

What on earth are we doing on our Day Off

How many of us want everyday as a Day Off


Do we crave the very thought of just having a Day Off

Do we find we are always getting Sick on our Day Off

Do we spend our work time dreaming about our Day Off

Do we use a Day Off to Focus on what we know is Priority

Do we spend our Day Off totally and utterly Bored with Life


Do we dread our next Day Off as it’s housework all day

Do we use our Day Off to Tidy Up the mess we leave

Do we use our Day off to catch up on all the Odd Jobs

Do we spend our Day Off running around doing errands

Do we choose the daytime TV and take away in the evening


Do we get out to play a bit of golf as that’s what our mates do

Do we go to watch the big game as that’s what everyone does

Do we always use our Day Off for a bender with the booze

Do we have a habit to never use an Alarm Clock on a Day Off

Do we find our Day Off the same as every other Crazy Day


Do we spend the whole Day Off thing fantasising in our heads

Do we call our Day Off permission to eat even more Chocolate

Do we create whacky stuff so we look good on Social Media

Do we use a Day Off to catch up on all the missed TV that week

Do we find ourselves ignoring any Oral Health as its our Day Off


Do we spend the whole of our Day Off talking on the phone circulating the same old stuff

Do we go shopping on a Day Off with our mates and spend the whole day not at home

Do we use our Day Off to visit and help our elderly parents every week even though we are exhausted

Do we opt for the ‘let’s be nice and help others’ on our only Day Off as we need that bit of recognition


Do we lack purpose and simply get stuck with what to do on our Day Off every week

Do we spend our Day Off working out and calculating how we can get more time off work

Do we spend our Day Off exhausted, as we are not listening to what our body wants

Do we think about our big ‘to do list’ and then ignore it on our Day Off as we feel so overwhelmed


Do we look forward to our Day Off as it means more indulgence of everything we love in our comfortable life

Do We Eat even more Junk Foods on our Day Off as we are way too tired to cook anything

Do we use our Day Off to get the latest download of movies so we can watch them one after the other, all day


Do we hate the Day Off we have coming as it is our turn to look after the kids and help out others with their kids too

Do we lie to our partners and get up to no good because they have no idea we lead a Double Life on our Day Off

Do we want our Day Off to hold experiences of excitement as that keeps us buzzing until the next Day Off


Do we spend the entire Day Off cooking for others and forget to do anything for ourself

Do we use our Day Off to entertain others even though we could really do with more rest and Sleep

Do we find ourselves Overdoing it on our Day Off as there just seems to be so much to do

Do we use our Day Off to not even check our hair or what we are wearing, as we have a licence to do absolutely nothing


Do we use our Day Off to vent our frustration and anger that we have been bottling up at work all week

Do we use our Day Off to moan about work and everything else we hate in life as that’s our pattern of behaviour

Do we use our Day Off to finish off the things we started and this means Closing Cycles


Do we use the Day Off to Do Less as we are constantly on the go

Do we take the Day Off just to Stop and Pause because life is racing away in front of us

Do we take a Day Off with the intention to do some Self Care business but it never seems to happen


Do we use our Day Off to go for a long walk with ourself to just reflect on the past week

Do we use our Day Off to prepare meals to support us at work for the following week

Do we use our Day off to get to bed super early as we know the benefits of what that will be for the days ahead


Do we use our Day Off to have a long nap during the day

Do we enjoy our Day Off just pottering around our home

Do we use our Day Off to get the laundry up to date for work


Dear World

What if our Day Off is actually just an extension of how we are living everyday

In other words, just because we are not working and we don’t have an agenda, it does not mean we are suddenly going to change the way we always move and behave – whatever that might be.



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  1. This blog seems to have captured the whole of humanity.

    It gives great pause for thought as to what we do with our day off and why.

    It also makes me consider the concept of a ‘day off’ – why do we have and need them?

    And what does ‘off’ actually mean anyway?

    Personally, I have a busy work life and I associate a day ‘off’ with not being at work. However, family and other aspects are busy too so ‘off’ is rarely idle.

    But in reading this I can see that there is more to explore on this subject.

    What if ‘off’ can mean ‘no’ to expectations and duties and instead a big ‘yes’ to what we actually feel to do on that day, to support ourselves in life.

    I can feel for myself what the impact of that sort of shift would have.

  2. I am very lucky to be in a job with shift patterns, which means I get days off in the middle of the week, This allows me to do things like food shopping, whilst the majority of people are still at work.

    I love my days off to rest, to prepare for the week, cleaning, cooking, going to the gym.

    I also get some week-ends off. When I am starting on a Monday, I can hear people saying ‘I wish it was Friday’ and they haven’t started working yet.

    Me and my partner don’t have a TV at home, so we usually spend our time either resting or preparing for the week.

    Going for big nights out is not even on our radar, the days I use to do that are well behind with no regrets or nostalgia whatsoever.
    To be truthful, I wish I had never made those choices back then.

    But it’s all a learning and luckily, this will inspire whoever feels the same way but is not sure whether to go with their feeling or with what the majority of people do.

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