Dear World

How good are we at doing this completion stuff

Have we got an endless list of jobs to complete

Are we fed up of having to complete things daily

Are we sick of deadlines because we feel pressure

Are we aware that in-completion is causing us pain

Do we wish we could get round to completion of the small simple stuff that needs action in daily life.

Do we demand others to get things completed, yet we seem to swan around not completing much at all.

Do we find ourselves being dis-honest when we know it was our responsibility to complete something.

Do we hate the fact that we have to constantly and consistently complete tasks at work which we find Boring.

Do we wing it in the hope that we will not be exposed with the in-complete stuff we don’t want to do.

Do we make Excuses when we know it is our responsibility to bring completion with work tasks.

Do we run around frantic because we want to get off work but so many things require completion.

Do we rush home for the weekend and expect others to complete our jobs as we could not be bothered.

Do we like to move on to the next job with no intention to complete the current job.

Do we ever notice that one job left leads to more things in-complete and it drives us nuts but we do Nothing.

Do we get irritated because our list of endless things to complete just seems to grow and we see no end to this.

Do we do whatever we can to not be exposed when it comes to our irresponsibility to complete things.

Do we have a tendency of Lying when we know we need to complete something but can’t be bothered.

Do we get Stressed knowing we have things to complete but have this ‘do it tomorrow’ attitude.

Do we plonk our body in front of the TV when we know we have a whole list of jobs that require completion.

Do we use the Internet as it stimulates us and makes us forget about the endless jobs that need completion.

Do we close our eyes at night with our minds racing fast with all the in-complete jobs to do.

Do we pretend things will somehow get sorted and completed without us getting involved.

Do we find we are always procrastinating when it comes to finishing the task in hand and bringing completion.

Do we have a habit of starting something new but losing interest and so it never gets completed.

Do we know that when things are at the final stage, we distract ourselves and completion never happens.

Do we feel our Blood Pressure rise at the thought of having to bring completion to all the things we have left unfinished.

Do we create tension in our body just because we keep putting off things that require completion.

Do we yearn for a life where we can enjoy the completion of any task as we know this is how we can move on.

Do we wonder why things get so Complicated when we choose to forget about completing important matters.

Do we behave in a way that postpones what is needed and creates un-necessary delay because of incompletion.

Do we always find ourselves in a pickle because we just don’t seem to get around to completing anything.

Do we hang on to old relationships because we think bringing completion and moving on is not a right move.

Do we get busy chatting and gossiping when we could be completing the house jobs that are staring us in our face.

Do we never make it our Focus or Priority to bring things to a close, even though it is needed and can support us.

Do we find even Simple everyday tasks difficult to complete because we find them Boring.


What if completion is good for us as it gives us the platform to move on to the next thing.

What if everything we start requires completion at some point as this is how life works.

What if we could feel the importance and great value of what completion is really all about.

Example here would be we want to leave the job and during our notice period we have no intention of working as before or giving the job our all, as we are on our way out.

This leads to an un-settlement as we are battling with the Truth here which is saying “Get On With It” and our mind is having thoughts coming in saying “blah blah blah, do as little as you can, you are going soon…”

What if we did give it everything – our All, as if we were actually in the new job of our dreams and left on that momentum.

What would it feel like to leave a job knowing we completed everything possible with no resentment or frustration or anger or any other emotion.

What would that movement then bring to the new job because we made sure wherever possible, we brought completion.

What if bringing completion on the small tasks actually supports us to bring completion in other areas of life.

Let us look at an everyday real life situation –

We get super tired and cannot be bothered to wash up

We resent spending time clearing up the mess we left that morning and the night before.

We procrastinate, spend screen time or chat time on Social Media and the hours just pass.

We get to the bathroom and we cannot be bothered to put the cap back on the toothpaste.

We attempt to go to Sleep, with the knowing we have plenty of incomplete jobs that need action.

We find ourselves feeling un-settled because there are things to finish but the energy levels are way too low now.

We wake up with no time to plan and prepare, so even more things get left in-complete.

We find ourselves stressed just at the thought of knowing once again another day is here and things are unfinished.

We did not put our keys in the right place where they need to go when we got back last night, so now we spend time looking for them.

We waste time repeatedly going over all the jobs that have not been completed and there seems to be more now.

We have this record repeating in our head reminding us of all the things we need to complete.

We know yesterday was a half-hearted attempt at completion of tasks as nothing really got done.

We do not want to admit our lifestyle choices stop us from getting on with it and completing the small jobs.

We get frustrated at work as we have this pattern of not bringing completion when we know we could easily do so.

We have not yet realised that how we live in our private life continues over into our work life, as there is no difference.

In other words, we are not living a seamless life where things are the same same. If things at home are not completed, then work will be the same and vice versa.

Dear World

What is it about us that does not value the job in hand until the very end.

What is it about us that seems to avoid completion at all costs when it comes to the small stuff.

What is it about us that feels the overwhelm when we have big stuff to complete and it just gets left for another day.

What is it about us that dislikes bringing closure to any Cycle that we start.

Why are we comfortable in our un-comfortableness with the in-completion of anything and everything.

Why are we bopping along in life and not asking Questions about why we seem to have incompletion everywhere.

Why do we faff around and flap about when we could simply just get on with the task in hand and bring it to closure so it is complete.

Why are we always leaving things to the last minute and hoping it will get done by others as we just hate this completion business.

Why are we getting excited and wanting to move on with speed but are not remotely interested in finishing the jobs outstanding and bringing completion.

Why are we constantly moaning about all the things we have not finished but never make the effort to just move and Get on with it.

Why are we tuned into lazy-mode when we know if we tie up the loose ends, we can literally move on to what is next.

Why are we thinking of over-eating instead of just getting the job finished and feeling the benefits.

Why are we creating un-necessary situations just because we hold off bringing completion.

Why do we instantly want to Blame anything and anyone when we know our choices are why things just get left.

What if completion is needed in life as that moment brings expansion and prepares us for what is next…

What if completion is important and very much needed for our Evolution.





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  1. I can really relate to what has been shared in this blog and the importance of completion – not just bringing things to an end but the way that we complete.

    What if the way that we complete whatever we are doing lives on way past the completion date?

    Example – we are completing a task and we have taken great care in not rushing and ensuring all of the details have been checked before delivering the end product?

    What if the person who receives the end product receives not only the physical item but the great care and attention to detail that it was done in?

    What if without words that care and detail is felt and this inspires the receiver to carry out their next task in the same manner?

    Is this possible?

    Have we ever felt ill affected by another who was angry, frustrated, hurried, anxious or completing a task in any such emotion?

    Is it possible then that the quality in which we complete affects others and it is not just about ourselves and getting the task done?

  2. I have come to realise what Completion actually brings and for me it is like I can feel more space inside my body and the expansion inside my chest is quite tangible.

    Really amazing as it closes the door – be it something small or big.

    It is also like an internal message saying – finished, done and no need to go back as it is complete. In my words that is ‘no need to do a post mortem’, which means don’t waste a second talking about what has been actioned as it is now over.

    In the past, I was too riddled with my own deep buried hurts and these issues were stopping me bringing closure to parts of my life which no longer support or serve me in anyway and this includes relationships.

    Now that I am free of the tendrils – those invisible hooks that used to hold me back, life is a lot easier to move through things and get on with it.

    If I am to continue to evolve and expand in this lifetime then I need to continue with my commitment to bring completion anywhere and everywhere without the need for perfection or trying to force or push things.

    What I do know, as I have living proof of this, is that others are inspired by the way I live and one of those inspirations is how I approach completion and then get on with it.

  3. We have a Health 2020 magazine at the supermarket store.

    Not sure how this comes under the banner of “Health”.

    An App to buy where we use a game to turn tasks into little monsters that you have to conquer.

    So you enter your goals and the better you are at completing them, the more you will progress.

    First, let’s just get a simple reality check – this is a game.
    WHY do we need a game to motivate us to get on with a task that needs completing?

    Next – where are you progressing to when you know this is a game?
    So who sets you up to win or fail and where does all this end up, knowing it is a game?

    Is the character running our mind the same as the one who sets us up to compete with ourselves or are we a smarter character that thinks collaborating with and competing against others is the answer and this app lets us do that too?

    Back to Basics here – this website is simple, practical and very basic in its presentation about human life.

    Are we being fooled or do we like it this way where we have a so-called “Health” magazine telling us about an App, which is a game and its goal is to make us complete tasks?

    WHY are we not able or willing to just get on with it and do the job in hand and complete the task?

    What gets in the way?

    What distracts us and sends us elsewhere in our head so we never finish what we started?

    Say we buy the app, get excited and action more because of this software on our mobile or tablet? But will it last or is it like most things in the tech world, we are seeking the next thing as our mind gets bored quite quickly?

    Do we entertain ourselves in this way because something deep inside us is missing and we find tasks mundane and not worthy of our time, yet we spend loads of time wasted on all the Apps that drain our smart phones daily?

    Are these types of Apps a new habit which really is a new behaviour that we want, simply to avoid getting down to the real job which is completing what we started and feeling the expansion it gives us when we finish the task, no matter how big or small it may be?

    As the author of this comment, this blog and this website, I see no purpose in engaging my mind with activities on an App when instead I could just apply good old fashion common sense like completing the task in hand without any software or screen time.

    When scholars of the future study this website, they will know beyond any doubt that not using Apps and getting hooked into advanced tech is what brought through the volumes of research and writing that has gone into this monumental library about human life back in the early 21st century.

  4. This could easily go on the blog called Citizen Journalism as that is what this comment is about. However, it feels very appropriate to express on the blog about completion.

    What is it about us that consistently fails to complete the job – the task in hand?

    Walking on the side streets in our city yesterday, I see people have been busy clearing out stuff from their houses and apartments. What is very clear is that having walked the same streets for the past month, it looks like others now think they have a licence to do the same and are adding to the local ‘fly tipping’ which is not being dealt with.

    Common sense would always say, take Responsibility, hold on to it until it can be disposed of in a respectful way and that means not dumping or leaving it for someone else to deal with.

    However, most of us have forgotten we have that common sense and for some we could say it is well and truly gone having been forced to stay in during the lockdown season.

    To see kitchen appliances, broken worktops, bits of wood, mattresses and bags of unwanted clothes just dumped tells me SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT.

    Back in the old days, this was not going on as good old fashion common sense was applied.

    What if we educated people to realise that leaving our unwanted stuff anywhere but in our own home is not completion?
    It is not closing the cycle and it has consequences.

    We seem to be great followers and in this case, we see others throw unwanted items out literally onto the streets and we think it’s ok for us to do the same.

    What if we followed the common sense route – how different would our streets be today?

    What if we learnt that completion is very important as it closes the cycle and supports us to move on to the next task in an expanded way – not a drain, as we know we completed the job, so there are no loose tendrils hanging around?

    Many might think this is twaddle, but what if it is not?

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