New Year Resolutions

New Year Greetings Dear World

So what is it this year that is going to be on our New Year Resolutions list?

Is our NYR same as last year and every year before that?

Has anything changed?

How long do they last?

Why is it that we Give Up on these so called decisions?

Could it be possible that New Year Resolutions for us just don’t stick as we find it really hard?

Could it be possible that our NYR actions simply do not match the Hot Talk we come up with?

In other words, we say it but never follow it through with our movements for whatever reason.

How firm are we when it comes to our NYR list?

How do we feel about those promises we make to ourself?

What is the determination we have behind our NYR?

Could it be possible we are not really giving this NYR stuff anymore than a bit of lip service?

Another year has passed and we now enter a New Year, a new beginning and another chance to get it right.

Most of us entertain the idea of New Year Resolutions.

Most of us hope we can erase the ill behaviour of our wayward ways by turning the page on the calendar.

Most of us like the thought of quick fix Solutions that work for us as we can’t be bothered to make real changes.

Most of us go along with what others are up to at this time of year in ‘ra ra let’s go’ mode.

Most of us don’t feel great on New Years Day because of what we got up to on New Years Eve.

Most of us forgot what day it was, as we made a choice to Overdo it with the Alcohol the night before.

Most of us dread this coming year as we already know it’s not going to be great.

Most of us feel the start of this new year sucks, so best we jump on the bandwagon of New Year Resolutions.

Before we go any further – worth reading our New Year blog with all the questions it is presenting.

Have we ever thought – we do not have to wait for a date on the calendar to tell us it is time for change?

What is it about us that goes Crazy during the Christmas season and then suddenly wants change a week later?

What is the assault we put on our body throughout the whole year and even more during December?

What if our body cannot go from excess Alcohol and overeating to strict Diets in the name of New Year Resolutions?

What if our body is unable to move into extreme exercise suddenly after a period of indulging behaviour, which we call Christmas?

What if our long list of New Year Resolutions never last because this way of trying to change simply does not work?

What if we replaced our New Year Resolutions list with just one simple change that would support our body?

What if we gave it our best by making a choice to simply commit and live it?

In other words – if we consistently keep choosing to do this one thing that we know would support us, it would bring about lasting change.

Example – going to bed earlier as there are numerous benefits for the human body.

Read these blogs as bedtime reading

Then if we feel the benefits, we can make a choice to read ALL the blogs on this website.

Then if life starts to change in a very real way, we begin to consider ALL the Questions that are being presented in every blog.

Dear World

What if every day was just the same as any other day so there is no pressure just because it is NEW YEARS DAY?

What would happen if we started living the same same every day, with the word RESPONSIBILITY at the core of every choice we made?

In other words, we take full responsibility for all the choices we make and therefore we are accountable for everything that happens to us.

What if this way of living knocks out the need for the quick fix Solutions we seek at this time of year – what we call NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS?





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  1. There is something about the threshold between years that has people reflecting on what is to come – what they want in their lives, versus what they have been living.

    So why are the changes we connect with at new year not really activated or enduring?

    It feels the same as ‘dry January’, which is a thing in my office right now.

    There is a need for change and people feel that. But it is often in response to how bad things have got e.g. no alcohol in January because of too much drinking over the Christmas party period.

    So as soon as the dial is turned down on that a bit, things get manageable again and so the impetus for true change goes away.

    Either that, or the desire for change is wishful and not practical and so it does not get implemented.

    Which is why the advice in this article is so strong.

    Start with one thing and make it about Responsibility. Do it consistently, small but sure steps.

    Just the same each day. The same day, no big deal.

    But huge in its impact.

  2. I don’t make New Year Resolutions any more and I cannot tell you when I last did. What I can remember though was that I would have a long long list of things that I vowed to change but somehow never managed one.

    Reflecting on it now it was always a case of wishful thinking or efforting and striving to attain something very unrealistic.

    Very often I was driven by a picture of who I should be, so things on the list were – do this course, get qualified in that, visit someone more often, save money, go to a certain holiday destination but none of it came naturally.

    Recently I have decided to change my job but I didn’t do it because it is a new year. I live in a way where on a daily basis I can feel myself growing and with that I understand myself and where I am needed much more.

    I came to a point where it was evident that the old way of doing things was not working and a few things had to change including the job. It so happens that we were going into a new year but there was no efforting or trying to fit a picture of “this is what I have to do because a new year is coming”.

    It came from I know me and I know where I am needed and things need to change – this certainty and strength came first and foremost before any actions.

    What if we could make the quality in which we make our decisions paramount, before any ideal, belief or picture or anything that another says?

    What would every day be like for us as a result?

    Is it possible that we would feel more confident in ourselves to make continual changes throughout the year and not just at the start?

  3. Years ago I used to make New Year Resolutions and felt so under pressure to achieve them, my own pressure, and the expectation to live up to them that I stopped making them. I didn’t however change how I was living until a lot later on.. years.

    Now many years on, having changed how I was living, New Years Resolutions don’t even get a thought.

    What I focus on is commitment to myself and to life, with purpose, daily. I find this so powerful and life changing in itself that there is no need to make resolutions… and what I found was it brought consistency to my life and to how I am in everyday life.
    It balances the ups and downs so the excessive lifestyle is not needed nor the resolutions.
    Instead I get to enjoy each day what ever the time of year.

    The more detailed care I take of myself, the greater my commitment generally and the more consistent and enjoyable the days become.
    My reactions have come right down and I get to observe what is taking place and can respond rather than react, most of the time.
    It is so simple yet powerful with how I am in life and deal with life.

  4. – 31st December 2019

    Quarter of Brits Will Make a New Year’s Resolution

    One in four Brits are planning on making a New Year’s resolution, but they may not do much good – during 2019 most failed to keep to all of their previous resolutions.

    In 2018, 25% of Britons say they made resolutions, however a year on, only 24% of those who made resolutions have kept all of them. 47% of those who made New Year resolutions say they managed to keep some and another 28% say they kept none of their resolutions.

    275 of Britons are willing to try again and are planning on making commitments for 2020 with the most popular resolutions centring on health, more exercise, losing weight and a better diet.

    Other resolutions include: saving more money, taking up a new hobby, cut down/give up alcohol and smoking/vaping, cut down on social media/ phone use, changing jobs, spending more time with family and volunteering on charity work.

    The dictionary definition of resolution is:

    1. A firm decision to do or not to do something
    2. The quality of being determined or resolute

    I am sure we have all made New Year resolutions in the past and have failed to keep them going – I know I have.

    So, looking at the figures above and taking into account my own attempts – is it possible that, instead of calling them New Year’s resolutions, we should be calling them ‘New Year’s maybe’s’ or even, ‘New Year’s I want to change but I really can’t be bothered to get out of my comfort zone’.

    Because, in truth, our New Year’s resolutions are not very resolute or determined.

    But, thinking about it, WHY do we have to wait for a ‘New Year’ to start to make the changes we want to make?

    Is it possible that if we truly wanted to make changes in our lives, we would just get on with it irrespective of what month it is?

    After all, the start of our ‘New Year’ is only what humanity has decreed it to be – our ‘New Year’ could easily have started in April or November!!

    But what if time was just an illusion?

    What if there were no days, weeks, or months – no seconds, minutes or hours?

    Is it possible that all time gives us is the illusion that we are going somewhere?

    Yes, we need to have a time frame in the world we live in today, but is it possible that there is, in truth, no such thing as a ‘New Year’, no months or weeks, as all we are doing is going around the same cycle day in and day out?

    If that is the case, which it is, wouldn’t it be wiser to, instead of making a ‘New Year’s resolution, make it a “New Day’s resolution”?

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