Double Standards

Hello World

Are we ready to talk about our Standards

Have we set some decent Standards

How are we upholding our Standards

What Standards do we have that we ensure we never drop – no matter what.

Do we have Double Standards

In other words, we have one standard in one part of our life but not the same in other areas.

Do we recognise how quick our standards drop when things get a bit too much.

Are we aware of the type of standards we are setting for others in our world.

Do we like barking orders about our standards to the kids but live opposite to that ourselves.

Example – we want them off their screen time and yet we are constantly looking at Social Media or TV.

Do we have a habit of laying down the law at home but never think about us doing the same.

Example – we want our children to go to bed early but we have late nights every day.

Do we go to work looking the part and having a tidy office but at home things are a crazy mess.

Do we polish our shoes and look super smart for work but live in a very dirty environment at home.

Do we leave our staff to up the standards that we choose not to live in our own personal lives.

Do we run a business that has so-called high standards but the state of Our Car tells another story.

Do we notice how impeccable we are in a business meeting with our standards and yet we have very little or no standards in other areas of life.

Do we Gossip about others leading a Double Life but forget we also have Double Standards going on.

Do we honk our horn and use bad language because of someone else’s standard on the road but never look at how we have poor standards going on.

Do we walk into a nice diner where it feels like a great standard but the restrooms tell us not so fancy.

Do we visit our local deli at lunchtime and see the window full of our perfect edible display but the standard inside is way beyond poor.

Do we consistently notice how the standard of a restaurant Toilet1 falls well short a lot of the time.

Do we use the Toilet2 at work with a different standard to how we behave at home and if so, WHY?

Dear World

Do we have any idea of the value and importance of holding standards consistently, so that we can be real role models for our children and those who observe us in daily life.

Do we live Double Standards in our online and off line world.

Example – we act like we are 2 different people because our online behaviour behind a screen is something we think we are Getting Away with and our off line is opposite as we want to look good and fit in.

Why do we think having Double Standards is totally ok when it comes to Social Media as the masses are all doing it and have set the standard.

What if1 it is not a true standard and that means we remain retarded because it offers humanity no evolution.

What if2 everything we post online leaves a digital footprint.

Have we ever considered these Questions or do we not care.

What if3 we live a certain standard that holds a quality – a vibration, so to speak that we never fall below.

Example – we make a point to go to bed early as we know how important sleep is and we know it works.

We then maintain that to the best of our ability, no Perfection.

Then we hold that standard we have set as a marker and we do not deviate from that.

Then we bring in practical support like no screen time, hot bath or sitting and reflecting on our day by connecting deeply to our body.

With all the above in place and applying this daily every evening, we have set a standard that becomes consistent.

Our body will love it but our mind will probably at first have ugly thoughts entering saying it won’t work, waste of time, do something else etc, etc.

But what if we keep it Simple and practice this daily until the time comes where it is locked in and nothing would make us drop the standard because we can feel the benefits as our body tells us so.

What if a bad day, a Crazy day or a Stress full day all changes because we have a standard set that we live for our end of day winding down and sleep routine.

And Finally –

Simple Living Global have set a standard when it comes to a website – an online platform that is very Real and alive.

We have delivered consistently as we stated back in January 2016.

We have made sure we do not drop our standards so others can feel it is possible.

We have posted health and wellbeing topics that affect us all in daily life and in our communities.

We have presented practical human life stuff that many of us can relate to in everyday life.

We have made the website for the people and about the people and on behalf of the people.

Simple Living Global are setting standards for the whole world and will continue to uphold them because it makes sense.

Our world as a whole has lost the meaning of what true standards are and what they bring and how valuable they are if we choose to live them.

That means no need to bark, honk or shout from the rooftops – instead we JUST GET ON WITH IT.

The results speak for themselves and this website is one living example of that fact.





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