Toilet Cleaning

Dear World

Are we ready for a simple bit of straight Talking about the toilet stuff again?

For those who are not keeping up – read Toilet Talk first.

This blog is about the actual task of toilet cleaning.

Some of us seem to forget the value and importance of a very needed Simple job.

What is it about toilet cleaning that we want to avoid, let alone not talk about?

WHY do most of us like a clean toilet but not take action to do anything to keep it clean?

WHY do we cringe at the very thought of the topic of toilet cleaning?

WHY are we consistently avoiding keeping the toilet clean?

WHY are we the first to moan when a public toilet is not up to standard?

WHY are many diners and restaurants failing in the toilet cleaning area?

WHY have we got double standards when it comes to toilet cleaning?

In other words, we do not uphold the same standard as other areas in our lives.

What would happen if we took the steps to get going with this Simple guide below and raise the standard in our own home?

What would happen if we made a choice to Consistently keep the toilet cleaning business going, to the point where we extend it by cleaning the bathroom sink and so on…

What if1 this job of toilet cleaning supports us to see it as the same as any other job?

What if2 we get to the point where we feel the value and purpose of toilet cleaning and that means it is important as a paid job out there?

What if3 we start with toilet cleaning and it naturally leads to more cleaning in our home, but it no longer feels a bore or a chore?

What if we up the standards so others get to feel what is possible and nothing is a big deal?

What if this Commitment1 to toilet cleaning helps us in life to not give up but Focus on other things that equally require our Commitment2?

What if we just Get on with it and stick with the task, instead of the Hot Talk and putting it off.

In other words get off our butt and take action because true actions speak louder than words.


The following is taken from the Simple Living Global Back to Basics Program©

Cleaning our Toilet

Note –
This is a bog standard basic cleaning guide for the average toilet, which is not fancy in any way.

Apron on and rubber gloves ready

Assess the task in hand first

Be Honest – this is important

When did this toilet get proper attention?

When was the last full whammy cleaning?

Check and see how dirty the toilet is

Are there skid marks inside the toilet bowl?

Are there bits of poo on display elsewhere?

Is there dried urine when you lift up the seat?
Is there dust and small hairs that can be seen?
Is there a stagnant smell or stench coming out?

Get the cleaning products you want to use ready

Have the cloths, wipes or whatever ready to use

Use toilet cleaner on the inside rim of toilet
This is where the water comes out to flush

Be generous and leave it for a few minutes

Now use a dry cloth to wipe the top of the toilet tank
Then move onto wiping the outside of the toilet tank

Now the dust and fluff is gone, go back and use water and cloth with anti-bac spray, bathroom cleaner or disinfectant.

Using anti-clockwise motion, wash the whole toilet tank and the lever making sure the underneath is also done.

Use a dry cloth to wipe after if you like the sparkly fresh look, but ok to just leave it wet to dry out.

Next –

Check toilet brush is clean and not full of bits and smelly

If it is stinky then action immediately with hot hot water and some bleach, disinfectant or strong toilet cleaner.

If it needs replacement buy a robust cheap one as they do work and then commit to always keeping it clean. That way a replacement will not be needed for a very long time.

Also check the container where the toilet brush rests

Is it full of dirty water or other stinky stuff?

If yes then…

Make sure it is cleaned first with very hot water and a bit of bleach or disinfectant.

Do a double wash and rinse – this is important

Next –

Now get into that toilet bowl with the clean toilet brush

Get the brush inside and around the toilet and with small circular anti-clockwise movements go all around and poke the brush inside the crevices where the water comes out.

Take the brush and carefully use on the inside rim and then on the top where the toilet seat rests.

Push brush in and out where water sits and brush around
Dig deep and go for it with anti clockwise movements

ADD more toilet cleaner and repeat all the inside brushing.

Use the brush to go over upper rim and top of the toilet

Flush the toilet and while doing so, rinse the brush under the water coming out – this will need some practice.

Tap the brush a few times on the top rim of toilet bowl with brush facing inside the bowl, then place gently into the clean container.

Next –

Focus on the Toilet seat – 4 areas

  • Under the seat
  • Actual seat
  • Lid inside
  • Lid outside

Fixings – again wet wash and dry wipe or leave to dry

Next –

Wet cloth and spray to wipe the outside of the toilet

Lower your body and make sure your feet are stable

Wash around the whole bowl and the base where fixings are in anti-clockwise circles.

Using a wet wash again double wash if it is needed

A bowl of hot water with disinfectant will also work if you are concerned about using spray products.

Squirt toilet cleaner all around inside bowl and leave

Job Done

If this Simple task is done regularly it will take five minutes.

The key is to remain Consistent and not drop the standard

Respect this area in your home and enjoy this simple task

Important – Use products that work with your budget

No need to waste cloths –

put aside a few toilet cloths and they can be re-used after a hot wash and rinse by hand.

That way we do not add more to the throwaway society we have created in this world.




This publication is ©Copyright and the Moral Rights of the Author, Bina Pattel and Simple Living Global are asserted. Other than for the purposes of and subject to the conditions prescribed under the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 as amended, no part of this work may in any form or by any means (electronic, mechanical, microcopying, photocopying, recording or otherwise) be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted without prior written permission. Enquiries should be addressed to Simple Living Global –






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  1. FOX 41 News – 16 June 2023

    People give their bathrooms a ‘deep clean’ less than once a week.

    14% admit they sometimes don’t bother using cleaning products.

    Many simply use water to rinse things and bathroom tissue rather than a sponge to wipe surfaces.

    The research of 2,000 UK based adults found 10 minutes was spent on cleaning their bathroom.

    48% only pay attention to their bathroom when they have got people coming to visit.

    46% prefer to leave it for someone else in the house to do.

    50% hair around the sink and 28% dirty mirrors are among the most common reasons people clean their bathrooms.

    38% love knowing their bathroom is free of germs once it is clean, despite having an aversion to cleaning.

    10% actively enjoy the process of cleaning the space.
    34% like the feeling of reward after it is done.

    29% dislike the residue around the toilet the most, about cleaning their bathroom.
    25% detest the hair they have to remove.

    25% hate dealing with the limescale around the shower.
    12% do not like the smell of cleaning products.

    The bathroom cleaners worst nightmare is limescale and it is also misunderstood by many, according to the data.
    65% accurately guessed it is caused by hard water.
    11% think it is caused by clogged hairs.

    40% say they are not concerned by the issue of limescale, often found in areas with hard water.

    1 in 10 think they will struggle with it if they use too much shampoo in the bath or shower.

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