Walk the Talk

Dear World

What does it mean when we hear those words “walk the talk”?

Do we really understand what it means to walk the talk?

What are we walking and what are we talking?

Is our talking way off kilter and then we walk that way?

Are we busy barking orders but not living in the same way?

In other words, we want others to do what we say but not what we do?

What if our movements – our walk is the same as our talk when it comes to quality?

This means we live what comes out of our mouth, so when we move, there is a quality that is congruent.

Let us expand on this by way of example


What if we adhere to a Sleep routine and rhythm that honours and supports our body and we make this our Focus and Priority in life?

We then continue to live this to the best of our ability without the need for Perfection or any form of criticism.

That means we give it our best every day and if we mess up, we simply start again and do a Take 2.

No big deal, we are in the learning phase.

Over time, we deepen and develop this Sleep business because we can feel the benefits, which include increased vitality levels and no more Alarm Clocks just to wake up and no more Substances to stimulate us.

Now we have a track record of going to bed early because we know it really makes a difference and others begin to notice changes that WE have made.

Our work output has increased, we have a clarity like never before and the foggy morning head and buzzy Caffeine mind in the day is gone.

Now we become a reflection for others like a mirror without opening our mouth. Others get to see and feel this vibrant and energetic person who seems to be living Another Way to the masses that we call the ‘norm’.

We continue with our new Lifestyle Choice regarding Sleep and our behaviour – our movements everyday confirm this new way of being and living.

Bingo – we have become a role model by walking the talk.

The talk is our living way – our new choices that no longer harm us or others.

The talk is there if anyone asks “Hey you look alive and healthy, what are you up to?”

When we open our mouth to express, it is coming from the body that has been living the new Sleep routine and rhythm that comes with Commitment and dedication.

We become authentic – that means the real deal and so it cannot be disputed as we are genuine.

We become a body that has lived what it is saying and that means we WALK THE TALK.

Our movements match the talk.

Next –

For the record

The author of this blog and this website –

They live what they present and so it is accurate and not coming from theory or copying from another.

It is simply lived and shared – nothing more and nothing less.

When someone walks the talk – others get to feel a quality – a vibration that they can trust because the body is walking what they talk.

This is where we can have real change, as others get to feel the quality of the person walking the talk and know it is possible for them to make the changes as here is someone showing them it is possible.

Does this make sense?






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  1. I just read something that made me consider writing about our road in life by way of a blog.

    For now this comment will suffice and make the point.

    On the life road we may at times get lost and need signposts or directions.

    What is the point of asking another person for directions if they haven’t been there in the first place?

    In other words, why do we bother reading and listening to others who may be giving us what we want to hear or sounding like an expert but they have not lived one ounce of what they are telling us to do and not do?

    We have books, videos, social media posts, podcasts, apps and blogs all saying this and that and we get swept in whilst on our life road.

    As a result, most of us may be delaying our move forward, let’s call that evolution and others may be on a digression taking us off track because those teaching, preaching, presenting or sharing do not have the lived quality in their body. That means they tell us one thing but it does not mean they are living that to the best of their ability day in and day out and therefore are not talking from a body that walks the talk, so to speak.

    So back to the essence of this comment – if people are not truly walking the talk then what is the point of listening or asking them for directions to places they have never been to on the life road?

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