Another Year Over…

Hello World

How do we feel that Another Year is over and another decade?

What has happened for us over the last year and over the last 10 years?

Are we well into the swing of the festive season?

Are we too busy in Christmas Party Mode right now to be reflecting about this year?

Are we just into forgetting about the bad year we just had and moving on?

Are we wishing it would all go away and move on?

Are we doing everything to not remember this year?

Are we clocking that our behaviour is telling us something about this year?

Are we feeling the tension that this year has been?

Are we having stress-full moments thinking about it?

Are we in the Can’t Wait mode for this year to End?

Are we looking forward to moving on from this year?

Are we celebrating the highs and lows of this year?

Are we hoping for next year to somehow change?

Are we dreaming of the things we want to Let Go of?

Are we dreading next year incase it’s like this year?

Are we thinking a day in a calendar is somehow going to shift all our issues and problems, because it’s a New Year and a new decade?

Are we going to let loose, go crazy and give ourselves permission to do whatever we want for the rest of this year and think about the new year when it arrives?

Are the chances of taking time out and reflecting on all that has happened this year zero?

Are the poor, bad and the ugly choices we have made this year staring us in the face now?

Dear World

If we Stop and pause to reflect on another year over, is there something we could learn from our choices?

Can we see where things could have been different, but our choices dictated the direction of where things have now ended up?

Were there situations where we could have learnt something but instead we went into reaction mode and Lost the Plot thereafter?

Has our body shown us anything this year by communicating through illness, disease or simply a cough or Cold?

Has our daily diet of Junk Foods been telling us something about how we have been living this year?

Has our Car been telling us something this year, because we ended up spending money to repair it?

Has our Crazy life of living in the Fast Lane this year had its toll on our body, as we feel pretty dense, tense and heavy inside?

Have the minor injuries and accidents this year made us STOP or have we just got back up and carried on business as usual?

Have our multiple Holidays of trying to end our exhaustion actually helped, or have we noticed there has been no real change?

Have our numerous trips to get the false eyelashes, false nails, botox and hair extensions this year made us feel any better, if we are to be Honest?

Have we spent most of this year chasing our dreams with the plastic cards maxed up to the hilt?

Have our countless Online purchases given us the internal satisfaction we were seeking, or are we feeling worse now as we are in serious debt?

Have we been busy this year getting into more debt and juggling our finances because we simply cannot face the Truth of what is going on?

Have we been suffering this year with lack of Sleep to the point where we need Drugs to help us nod off and multiple Alarm Clocks to Wake us up?

Have we made sure this year to poke our nose into other people’s business and not done much in the Self Care department – looking after ourselves?

Have we been using this year to neglect looking after our body and taking great care, because we have been busy doing other things?

Have we wasted every Day Off we have had this year, by doing Nothing, when we could have been doing something to support our well-being?

Have we been obsessed this year with reality TV and not realised how caught up we are in all this stuff?

Have we been addicted to Social Media this year to the point where we cannot imagine life without it?

Have we spent the whole year thus far keeping up with Politics, only to find we are even more wound up and miserable than when we started?

Have we been banging on about climate change all year and forgot that the way we are choosing to live is actually adding to it?

Have we been trying to cut down on the booze all year but no chance now as we are well into Alcohol season to be jolly and merry?

Have we discovered this year that we now have Diabetes and it came from our lifestyle choices?

Have we been trying all year to give up Cigarettes and suddenly found we are now addicted to the nicotine in E-Cigarettes?

Have we been upping our Caffeine intake this year and come to think of it, it has been increasing every year for more than a decade?

Have we become more Careless this year through our Waste-full ways which then affects mother Earth?

Have we been using this year to not Let Go of this and that and our Holding On is really harming us?

Have we found we keep making the same Mistakes this year and just accept that this is how we are?

Have we continued living a Double Life this year and have no intention of stopping as it suits us?

Have we been Struggling this year and can’t wait for it to be over, as we have big plans to end this lifetime of struggle we have created?

Have we noticed that we have been Pushing our body this year, way past its natural limit when it comes to exercise?

Have we got the Lennon song repeating in our head about Another Year Over and a New One just begun…  

Dear World

Another year over…
Another decade over…

What have we learnt about a day, a week, a month and another year over?

Does it feel like we are going around and around and back to the same point?

Does it feel like everything is like a repeat of the year before, when we look at our behaviours?

What if the calendar is confirming another orbit around the sun and so it is simply another day rolling over into a new cycle…

What does a new cycle in the second decade of the 21st century tell us or is this something that sounds too way off to even consider?

What if1 how we live today is our tomorrow and we are just going around to do it all again?

What if2 we are here until we learn that there is another way to live on this earth?

What if3 we are all here to evolve back to who we truly are and until such time we can expect things to get worse…

In the meantime, stay tuned to this website as it is presenting Another Way to live in these stressfull times.

A website that will be well known in history as a library for how to live human life.





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