Can’t Wait

Dear World

What does “Can’t Wait” mean to us

How have we subscribed to these 2 words

What is this Can’t Wait Syndrome all about

Is this “I Can’t Wait” business affecting our awareness

Is this “Move Over as I Can’t Wait” harmfull to others

Is this “Get Out of My Way as I Can’t Wait” causing disturbance to all those around us.

Is this Can’t Wait causing a calamity but we don’t care as long as we are alright.

Is “Can’t Wait” a modern day way of living where we have not considered the consequences.

Is this Can’t Wait telling others we are far more important than anyone else.

Is this Can’t Wait all about I, me and myself and that’s it

What is it about us that has this tendency of Can’t Wait

What on earth is so important that we just Can’t Wait

What is it that we Can’t Wait for to happen in our life

What type of actions do we make as we Can’t Wait

What happens to others as a consequence of our choices because we simply cannot wait.

What is our behaviour like when we go into Can’t Wait mode.

What are our movements going to be with our Can’t Wait hat on every day.

What does our Blood Pressure feel like with this Can’t Wait syndrome running our life.

How much do we Blame Social Media for our Can’t Wait attitude.

How much do we end up in Regret because we follow through with our Can’t Wait thoughts.

How much trouble do we cause when we operate in life with our Can’t Wait movements.

Why do we have this habit or forcing things to happen at the pace we want as we suffer with Can’t Wait syndrome.

Why are we impatient and pull out when vehicles are coming past simply because we just Can’t Wait.


Specialist Police Unit to tackle speeding motorists and antisocial behaviour
Aim at reducing road casualties

Unit to be considered as part of two-year review by the Department of Transport

9,596 motorists caught driving over 100mph | 2018 (1)


8th leading cause of death – Road Injuries (2)

1.35 million die each year – Road traffic crashes

Leading cause of death – Road traffic injuries for children and young adults aged 5 – 29 years
World Health Organization (3)


Could it be possible that our Can’t Wait behaviour may be a contributory factor in road traffic crashes that lead to injuries and fatalities.

Could it be possible that if we are living with this sense of “Can’t Wait” in our daily life then it continues behind the wheel of a vehicle because we are in that momentum.

Could it be possible that we need to STOP and PAUSE throughout our day so that we can have some space and move out of the Can’t Wait syndrome.


Dear Dear World

What if our Can’t Wait habits have consequences that we may not yet have fully considered.

What if our Can’t Wait behaviour affects all those around us, even if we are not aware of it at the time.

What if our Can’t Wait movements leave a footprint even though we may not want to know that.

What if our Can’t Wait attitude takes us away from living life in the Flow Zone.

What if our Can’t Wait Expression in life takes us off track from our natural way of living where everything simply unfolds without any anticipation or force.

Is this too way off and whacky or could there be a simple Truth here for us all to consider…?



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  1. Thank you for this excellent blog.

    Reading this blog leads me to consider what has been going on with me on the occasions that I have driven with impatience and a “can’t wait” attitude.

    It’s obvious to me now that these instances of impatient driving have occurred at times when I have been trying to avoid being late and have been rushing because I have started a journey later than I should have.

    And why do I sometimes leave later than I should do and so sometimes not give myself enough time to get to my destination on time? And then end up driving impatiently?

    Because I am sometimes irresponsible with my time in the minutes or hours before leaving for work or appointments and end up leaving late.

    An example of this would be reading the news online in the morning when I know I should be getting ready for work and then leaving myself only 12 minutes to drive a journey that I know will take 20 minutes. That’s irresponsible.

    So, for me, “can’t wait” and being irresponsible are tied together.

  2. Thank you for this absolutely great blog!

    I use the expression “l can’t wait” quite often.

    An example of my use of that expression would be saying to someone in anticipation of meeting them, “I can’t wait to see you”.

    Also, during the course of a week at work, I have often thought to myself, ” I can’t wait for the weekend”. Then there is also “I can’t wait for this to be over” – something I have thought to myself often when engaged in something that I have found trying, difficult or unpleasant.

    But what is actually going on when I say or think, “I can’t wait”?

    In the moment that I use that expression, am I not either projecting myself into an imagined pleasure or escape in the future?

    Either way, I am leaving the present moment when I use the expression “I can’t wait” and that troubles me. Why? Because it makes me wonder: why is being in the here and now sometimes not enough for me?

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