“Because We Can”

Dear World

Has anyone noticed we have a “because we can” culture that is spreading fast all over the world?

For the record culture means a manifestation of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively.

In other words, we could say – the social behaviour and ideas of people in society.

We have started to adopt behaviours with our “because we can” hat on.

In other words, we do what we want “because we can”.

We have developed an attitude that comes with our “because we can” new way of operating in life.

We have become who we want to be with our “because we can” choices.

We have started living a false lifestyle “because we can”.

We have forgotten what true respect means as our “because we can” way of thinking takes charge.

We have started to abuse people “because we can”.

We have got used to fly tipping “because we can”.

We have been trashing mother Earth “because we can”.

We have become experts at dumping our Trash irresponsibly “because we can”.

We Eat foods that harm our body “because we can”.

We love our Fast Foods and takeaways and have no will to make changes for proper health, “because we can”.

We drink a scientific poison called Alcohol “because we can”.

We like binge drinking “because we can” and know the health systems are always there if needed.

We ingest copious amounts of sugar “because we can”.

We indulge in lots of Chocolate “because we can”.

We forget Coffee is a legal drug “because we can”.

We do the Cigarette and Vaping stuff “because we can” and no one can really stop us.

We act like law-abiding citizens  but we take Drugs as our lifestyle choice at the weekend “because we can”.

We ignore the law when it suits us, taking risks “because we can”.

We know Drugs like Marijuana and Amphetamines are bad for us, but we take them “because we can”.

We like taking Opioids, “because we can” as it helps us to not look at the root cause of WHY we need them.

We always opt for Solutions “because we can” instead of getting to the root of the problem.

We champion Dairy as we love the comfort it brings in our “because we can” world.

We have been Getting Away with It “because we can”.

We have become mini masters at being dis-honest “because we can”.

We blatantly Lie with our bold “because we can” front.

We have cheated and lied for personal gain “because we can”.

We are sending Dodgy Emails “because we can” and we have not considered the consequences.

We are stimulated by our Vices and Secrets “because we can” continue hoping no one will ever find out.

We are living a Double Life “because we can”.

We are living a fake and phoney life “because we can” and no one can stop us.

We have Double Standards “because we can” and it suits us – thank you very much.

We have become something we are clearly NOT “because we can”.

We have lost our way with our “because we can” nonsense that has overtaken our lives.

We have gotten into debt following others “because we can”.

We make our so-called dreams come true even though we have a Lemonade Budget “because we can”.

We love our plastic cards so we can shop More and More of what we want “because we can”.

We have acquired stuff we will never need or use “because we can” and for no other reason.

We are wearing dodgy Footwear “because we can”.

We have gone bonkers with our Online Shopping habits “because we can”.

We are showing off on Social Media and boasting about our material wealth “because we can”.

We have taken to Social Media – posting stuff “because we can” regardless of who it affects.

We Gossip, Judge and slag others off “because we can”.

We humiliate others “because we can”.

We dismiss others and treat them badly “because we can”.

We are choosing to not be aware that our “because we can” movements are creating ill Mental Health.

We are currently watching TV when we should be working from home “because we can”.

We are playing Video Games for endless hours “because we can”.

We are deeply unsettled with our lack of Sleep, but our staying up late “because we can” rules over everything.

We Wake Up knowing we have our “because we can” body doing whatever we want and how we want.

We are not bothering to Question our “because we can” choices in everyday life.

We are fighting in our households “because we can” and become militant in our Communication.

We forget to consult Family members on important matters because of our jealousy “because we can”.

We never Question our irrational behaviour as it’s our normal, so we continue with it “because we can”.

We vent our frustration and anger onto those close to us for no reason “because we can”.

We choose not to Express what we feel in the moment and forget the ripple effect of this “because we can”.

We make serious life changing decisions in the name of control “because we can”.

We like to create drama in daily life and cause problems where there are none “because we can”.

We are not interested in taking Real Responsibility as the “because we can” do what we want over-rides that.

We have made it normal to Swear and Shout at others “because we can”.

We overdo it with our Push Push mode “because we can”.

We push our body beyond its natural state, in the name of exercise and Sport “because we can”.

We live a life of Stress and make choices “because we can” that ADD to the existing stress.

We Sit on the Fence watching the world go by “because we can”, as doing Nothing is easier than doing Something.

We pretend and subscribe to the Happiness brigade “because we can” and do things that are just not right.

We make our Focus all about me, myself and I, “because we can” and forget there are another 7 billion of us around.

We do things that are not true “because we can” and hate to be reminded of that fact.

We do our “because we can” Crazy behaviour when it comes to Holidays.

We live in the Danger Zone “because we can” and really don’t care what the outcome will be.

We go nuts on Black Friday, Christmas and New Year with our over the top behaviours “because we can”.

We spend zero time and effort in taking care of the Basics in our lives “because we can”.

We never make our Bed “because we can” as we don’t answer to anyone.

We never brush our Teeth regularly “because we can” and who is going to stop us – no one.

We have lost the art of having a Daily Routine to support our well-being “because we can” do what we like instead.

We take no responsibility for everyday Self-Care stuff “because we can”.

We can’t be asked to complete Odd Jobs so we leave them half done “because we can”.

We leave our mess and expect others to Tidy Up “because we can”.

We do as little as possible in our home and Get Away with It “because we can”.

We use a Day Off to act like someone else “because we can”, even though we know it is a waste of time.

We have no purpose, so we go around creating problems in the world “because we can”.

We reminisce (indulge in the past) so we don’t have to take responsibility for anything right now “because we can”.

We hang out in la la land with the fairies “because we can” and no one can stop us so that we get a reality check.

We behave inappropriately in our so-called positions of power at work “because we can”.

We strut in life with our “because we can” smile on thinking we are Smart.

So here we have it – a list that many of us can relate to in our “because we can” world that allows us to do what we want, in the name of free-will and Get Away with It.

The question is – Was it worth it?

Whilst in the moment things may seem great but are they really?

What are the long-term consequences of such actions from our “because we can” costume that we wear?

In other words – have we bothered to take a Stop moment to consider how our “because we can” choices affect the whole and that means All of Us?






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  1. Thank you for this excellent blog.

    Reading this blog has caused me to reflect on my experience with alcohol.

    I drank alcohol regularly from the age of 16 until I was in my late thirties because I could and “because we can”.

    I decided to stop drinking alcohol when I took a sip of an alcoholic drink one evening and I immediately felt so spaced out and detached from myself that it scared me. In that moment, I felt the harm of drinking alcohol and decided I would never touch a sip of alcohol again.

    But all those years before, I had drank alcohol and never felt the harm of it enough to stop and carried on drinking “because we can”. How come, I ask myself?

    It strikes me that I had only been able to drink alcohol for years, not really because I could or ” because we can”, but because I was continually overriding the feelings in my body that were coming up that this drinking of alcohol I am doing is harmful and feels yuk.

    After all, like my first puff on a cigarette, my first drink of alcohol, spirit or beer, tasted disgusting (I can clearly remember that). But, I overrode the unpleasant taste in order to keep drinking.

    It seems to me that I have only done the harmful things that I have done that are socially acceptable, like drink alcohol, not just “because we can”, but also because I have been able to override the feelings in my body communicating to me that this thing I am doing is harming me.

  2. Thank for this fantastic blog.

    Re-reading this blog has reminded of the time in my life when I was a self-help book junkie. I read hundreds of self-help books over the course of about 15 years, in the hope of creating the perfect life for myself – perfect partner and family, great career, wealth, lots of toys.

    All of those books seemed to say almost anyone can have any goal they want in life if they want it enough, or visualize it vividly enough, or if they programme their minds properly enough, according to the method espoused by the author.

    One of the underlying premises of the kind of books and self-help methods I was studying then is that we humans should go for our dreams and have whatever we want in life because we can (if we follow the author’s method).

    All those years, I never achieved any of the goals I set for myself when following the methods laid out in those self-help books.

    Furthermore, despite never achieving any goals using the methods spelt out by the authors of those books, I never even questioned whether I should be setting myself the extravagant goals I set for myself back then (such as being a millionaire within a year when my salary was £24,000 a year). I just kept trying those methods, day after day, month after month, year after year, because I could.

    It never occurred to me to ask myself if those big goals and dreams I had then were true for me or what the purpose of achieving those goals were – I thought that I should have those things and experiences in life because I can.

    I gave up on self-help books when I realized that we can’t simply have absolutely anything we want “because we can”.
    At the time, that realization was a devastating blow to me but things improved over time as I started asking myself deeper questions, such as ” Why am I here?” (instead of “what do I want and how do I get it?”).

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