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Dear World

How many of us have recently Lost the Plot when it comes to our daily routine?

How many of us are missing the routine and rhythm that we had with our job?

How many of us are longing for a new schedule to this daily living business but have no clue where to go?

How many of us are indulging in this new ‘stay at home’ – no routine whatsoever to speak of?

How many of us are hoping we never have to go back to a daily routine as it sounds so dull and Boring?

How many of us have noticed there is no structure in place these days as we have no daily routine?

How many of us are feeling the ‘out of sync’ rhythm we are currently in because we have no daily routine to speak of?

How many of us can sense something is missing because we have no daily tasks that we used to have?

How many of us have thrown out the sensible stuff that was part of our daily routine in life?

How many of us wish for some structure and Foundation right now, but have no idea where to start?

How many of us want some proper direction and guidance to get back on the wagon, as we seem to have fallen off with all that is currently going on in our world?

How many of us want a master of daily routine to present Another Way of living in this new reality that we have created, so we can get back on track in a different way?

How many of us are not interested in a quick fix Solution but a Real and practical Simple way of living that works?

ENTER Simple Living Global

We are world leaders in presenting the facts and the stats about true health and well-being but above all, we offer Another Way of living that has been put to the test.

This means we are walking the talk and not just churning out knowledge or what others are saying and quoting them.

We are here for the long haul and we will keep delivering in our usual no nonsense style that cuts straight to the Truth and that is, we are all equal and we all deserve to know who we are and how we can get there.

With over 200 blogs, this website is reflecting to the world what is possible for any of us.

Having a daily routine supports us in life in more ways than we may have considered.

Next this is a quote on our Foundation blog from a real Master of human life who sure knows about the benefits of having a strong  Daily Routine.

“Anything You Repeat Becomes Your Foundation”
Serge Benhayon

So what does that mean to you and me – the general public – the average citizen on the street?

This Simple sentence is presenting that we can be and do what we want and as we repeat the movement – call it our behaviour, then it becomes our very foundation.

So HOW do we build a true foundation in life?

Go to our very supportive blog on this website called Building your Foundation.

The key is to remain Consistent in the daily routine stuff like going to bed early or making your Bed.

These are just 2 things that can be repeated quite easily everyday if we choose to.

Next –

If we want things to work then the best thing would be to KEEP IT SIMPLE.

To get the details of what that means – go to our blog

None of us seem to get very far when we bring in Complications into our daily routine.

Example – trying to bring in an App when we just need to Get on with the task in hand that is so basic and simple.

What if1 our mind is always seeking for the next thing and the next, in order to be stimulated and distracted, BUT our body likes the same same daily routine stuff like a baby?

Example– preparing our clothes for the next day before we go to bed and making sure we are in bed before the 9 o’clock hoover comes out.

What if2 our revised new daily routine really matters now because it will support us when we eventually get back to work or our new way of living?

What if3 the following everyday tasks are carried out as part of our daily routine?

The detail and step-by-step guides are ALL in these blogs

Waking Up
Making our Bed
Brushing our Teeth
Washing our Hands
Toilet Cleaning

This is a start and there are plenty more coming on this website that will continue to support a strong daily routine going forward.





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  1. Thank you for this marvellous blog.

    This issue of daily routine that is addressed so brilliantly in this blog has been a real matter of concern for me recently.

    For over six weeks now, I have been working from home. At the beginning of this period, I found it very difficult to keep to the work routine I had when I was going into my place of work.

    I would start the day with the normal routine I had when going into work, then at nine am, I would become unstuck. I found it immensely difficult to start work.

    Before this period of working from home began, I would occasionally work from home – sitting on my sofa with my work laptop on my coffee table.

    But, now that I was working from home full time, I found that this sofa plus coffee table plus laptop set up was not working and I felt stuck at nine am each morning.

    Then, it dawned on me that I needed to create a space that was dedicated to my job.

    So, I moved some furniture and created a space in my living room that is specifically for my work things. I now work there from nine to five and I work at a table, sitting in a chair.

    It’s funny, but now that I have a specific space to go to each morning (even though it’s in my living room and not a twenty-five minute drive away like my place of employment is), I find it easy to stick to my old work routine.

  2. This blog hits the spot for me and I Know how important a daily routine is for me.

    Up until 10 years ago I did not have a daily routine. I was exhausted, all over the place and Anxiety so severe I survived on 2-3 hours sleep a night. Add in alcohol, partying and smoking to the mix, the only way I can describe how I felt was “rock bottom and Stuck”. I felt let down by life. But the reality was I made choices that got me there.

    With support from the author of this blog my daily routine is now consistent. As human beings we make it difficult to not have a routine, or we make excuses and say” I will do it tomorrow”. I was one of those people.

    To name a few my Daily Routine consists of:
    – Going to bed early – I have the same routine wherever I am
    – Giving myself Time and Space to take a break in my day
    – Every evening clearing out my bag and setting up my clothes for work ready for the next day
    – Making sure I have my lunch prepared for work
    – Ensuring my lounge and bedroom is clear of clutter
    – Tidying my office before leaving at the end of the day
    – Clearing out emails both personal and work on a regular basis
    – Cleaning my front door and fridge once a week
    – Staying open and Expressing with people no matter who they are

    There are many more things that I have as part of my Routine, gradually built up over time. I can Truthfully say it is not a chore but a Real Joy that I have a Routine that supports me.

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