Dear World

WHY are we hiding?
When are we hiding?
Who are we hiding from?
What are we hiding from?

Are we wearing a mask to hide who we truly are?
Are we into the fake stuff to hide what we truly are?

Are we aware that hiding means others never see the Real and true essence of who we are and where we come from?

WHY do we hide who and what we truly are and where did all this start in the first place?

We all know hiding goes on in our Neighbourhoods, communities, towns, cities and countries. In fact, it happens all over the world, but we never talk about it and get it all out in the open.

Hiding in Relationships, which are like an unspoken ‘arrangement’ and we live in fear of the other person reacting or not liking what we do or say, so we live through the Lie for years and even decades.

Hiding our sensitivity and afraid to show others that things do affect us, so to cover up we toughen up with that guard across our Heart and live a life in protection, all the while dismissing the love we have inside that we simply cannot open up to, as we put the lock and bolted that door, long ago when no one around honoured the sensitive little boy we once were.

Hiding our natural beauty from a young age because we felt uncomfortable and then we try hard to fit in and be something we are not. It then comes out in later life with our false way of living and our un-natural state of being becomes the norm.

Next – Closing the door when we get home and hiding deliberately from the world, who we Judge and Blame for all our hurts and problems.

Next – Making ourselves busy, behind a computer screen at work, instead of engaging in Real life Conversations and having face to face interactions, we feel safe hiding in our virtual world, which we know is not real or true.

Next – we know our kids are hiding behind Video Gaming and we are struggling hiding them from those we know. Something Is Not Right but we carry on hoping they will grow out of it.

Next – Creating what we are not with a Social Media profile that falls well short of who and what we truly are but we feel the damage is done, no point changing, so we continue playing the game of Lies that feed the masses the fodder, to confirm them to keep doing the same.

Next – Using food to comfort us because we want to hide from this world that has hurt us and we don’t want to take the responsibility to make changes, as that feels like hard work and we don’t trust those that say they will help us. So we continue down the comfort eating road and hope one day we can get the gastric band fitted or scientists find a miracle pill, to take away our excess body weight.

Next – Wearing clothes that confirm us in our withdrawal from life and making sure we use them to hide our body and everything about us.

Next – Wearing excess make up, even when it is not needed, trying to make ourself feel better on the inside, knowing that it is just a mask and hiding who and what we truly are, but we don’t like what we see in the mirror and prefer this method to hide.

Next – False eye lashes are booming big business now and the lash makers are supplying thicker and bigger synthetic eyelashes, which are not only hiding the real beauty of the wearer but annoyingly in the way of wearing Glasses or even sleeping. Yes, many are now saying their Sleep is disrupted as they cannot afford to lose the eye lashes they have stuck on, one by one, so they have to place their head all night at a certain angle. This is true and it is happening in our world.

Next – the world of false nails.

Does anyone sitting for hours in a nail salon, ask about the fumes of the glues used or the toxic chemicals to build up nails or those instant ‘no need to dry’ nail polish, that ruin our nails but suit our lifestyle?

WHY are we hiding the fact that we don’t like our nails, have no intention of doing anything about that, so we find a Solution that the masses are subscribing to and book an appointment and join the never ending cycle of false nails? Yes it is never ending because the nails have to be removed with strong chemicals and this cannot be done watching the TV at home. So off you go to the nail salon, telling yourself it is the last time, see the whole range of new colours and boom, sold – you are back on the cycle, guaranteed to return.

Next – teenagers with hair extensions and more and more wearing wigs, as they don’t like their hair and have issues about how they look. What has gotten into them and why are they not wanting to accept their own hair as it is?

Society accepts these new normals, which we do all know are lies and no one bothers to Question them and we just operate in life and accept that this is how it is. But what if it is not?

What if hiding is not normal at all but in fact a very destructive and non-evolutionary movement, call it behaviour?

In other words, what if hiding contracts us (reduces us) from who and what we truly are and that means, we are a lesser vibration than what we are designed to be? This means we do not get on the ‘real truth to human life’ road and so there is no evolution.

Is this making sense?




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