What are we up to in our conversations?

What kind of conversations are we having?

What are the type of topics we tend to discuss?

What is the quality of our conversations these days?

What conversations are we having at the dinner table?


Are we into the Online conversations in chat rooms?

Are we into conversations on Social Media platforms?

Are we busy babbling on about the transport delays?

Are we avoiding something and talk about the weather?

Are we coming with a hidden agenda in conversations?

Are we craving attention when it comes to conversations?

Are we trying to impress others in every conversation?

Are we very talkative in conversations, but we do it because we are shy and think others will notice how nervous we are?

Are we able to get Real and come out of our uncomfortable-ness and Speak Up in our conversations?

Are we good at hiding and delaying things as we have this habit of not expressing in conversations?

Are we always playing the silent one in all kinds of situations when it comes to conversations?

Are we anywhere near ready to strike up a proper meaning-full conversation with another on public transport?

Are we equipped to open our mouth and make sense of a situation and share it with others openly?

Are we ready to speak out and have conversations in our community about what is really going on?

Are we always fear-full about this and that when it comes to having any kind of conversation?

Are we into Hot Talk conversations and that means Empty words and no real Action?

What if Real Talk was on the agenda from now on?

What if we ALL started with a double dose of Honesty and had a REAL conversation?

What if we started talking about what is really going on?

What if we went to websites like Simple Living Global and shared what is being presented at our next conversation?


Dear World

Where would our world be today if we ALL started having real and meaning-full conversations, instead of the chitta chatta that is purpose-less and leaves us feeling even more empty and separated from one another?

What if we engage fully in a conversation with one or many others and leave feeling ENRICHED and expanded inside?

It is high time that we all remove our guards, open up our Hearts fully and get talking – even with strangers.

How else are we going to see Real Change, if we are not even bothering to be Honest and open in our everyday  conversations?

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  1. Talking to a young man in the community who was a nurse and has now changed his career to hairdressing.

    Most of us would say that false eyelashes and grooming is part of the look for the job.

    We know about the pressures we have to look a certain way and it means more to us than anything else.

    But what happens when overnight our hair starts falling out and there are patches on the perfectly trimmed to precision beard we are growing? Now what and what next?

    Anxiety at this point does not cut it, as it just seems to add to the stress factor and most of us know stress will not support hair growth in any way.

    I find it interesting how I get talking and the conversations lead to something more meaning-full. In other words, they have an element of purpose and are not just words circulating about this and that and going nowhere. Purpose to me is about evolution and that means we are not stuck in the same place, going around and around.

    What I got to find out at the next conversation when sharing that I had spoken to a friend with a similar issue of hair loss, is that we need to look at this in a bigger context. In other words, not isolate it and get fixated on getting hair growth but what is the body communicating to us. In other words, having a different approach, a different angle or take, so to speak.

    In my usual style, where I do not mince my words or say something just to be liked, I talk about how his life may be out of balance. Has he considered this and how I know he loves and give 100% to his job, but is that ‘giving his All’ in other areas?

    I talked about cooking for himself and cleaning and doing his laundry with the same focus, care and attention to detail that he openly gives in his job and is committed to.

    Aha – we have a lightbulb moment. He tells me he never cooks. Full stop.

    Without any judgement or criticism – can we perhaps consider that an imbalance in how we are choosing to live our life may have an impact on our health, and in this case it is showing as hair loss? Possible?

    Of course a trichologist or a medical expert may disagree. But what if we have a go at the common sense stuff first, before we trot to the hair specialist that will fix the problem, as their job is to find the solution to hair loss and with such advanced technology and products they get results.

    What if that internal shift – the move to change our lifestyle choices to a more caring approach towards ourself and our body, can have deep and lasting benefits?

    As a woman approaching 60 with super healthy hair and a lot of it, I feel qualified to talk about how the changes I made towards my own self care, which made my hair quality even more amazing than it was. Yes I colour it – properly at the hairdressers, as I don’t like the grey look but nevertheless, I have great hair and my job is to share what I can sense is real and feels true. That to me is purpose – making sure others evolve out of whatever they are in because they now have the awareness, thanks to me opening my mouth and having a real conversation.

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