Dear World

Let’s get Real – we all want change

We all want change because we know or feel Something Is Not Right.

Can any of the following apply to us, simply because we can relate to this topic about Change:

Most of us want to change something we don’t like about our life but we don’t know where to start.

Some of us know it is high time for real change but the way we go about it is way off from what is needed.

How often do we talk ourselves into change only to realise that we did not see it through, as we like the Lifestyle we have – thank you very much?

How many of us want the change to happen right now but we do not make the movements to actually Do Something, so things do change?

How many times a day do we repeatedly tell ourselves we are going to change but it’s like our body is dis-obedient and just does what it wants?

Classic example – we are going to slow down on the booze but we finish work and just reach for the drink like we are programmed on auto pilot.

What if1 we ALL do want some kind of change in our life – even if it is something small and not a big deal?

What if2 most of us are not content with areas of our lives and we feel there is a sense of stuck-ness?

WHY are some of us Blaming others for why we have not had change happening in our life?

WHY are we good at sitting on our butts and feeling furious at those that make different choices to change what was not working in their lives?

WHY are some of us busy comparing ourselves to others who have changed and that keeps us stuck even more?

WHY are some of us spending a lot of air time circulating Gossip about others who have made some changes and are not stuck in their lives?

WHY are some of us riddled with fear when it comes to making the move to change, even though we know everyone would benefit, including ourselves, if we just made the step to change?

WHY are some of us waiting until things get bad and when they do, we hang on in there because change feels way too scary to accept and embrace?

WHY are some of us busy whining and moaning about what we don’t like in life but making any change is not on our radar to activate?

WHY are some of us masters at creating Complications and distractions – all because we do not want change?

WHY do some of us go for change as we think it will erase our hurts and we can run from them?
Classic example – we go and move overseas, far away from those who hurt us growing up, but forget that what we hold inside our body remains until we heal it properly and that means getting to the root cause.

WHY do some of us refuse to change full stop?

WHY do some of us hate the thought of change?

WHY do some of us like change as long as it is others doing it and not us having to make the choices in our life?

WHY do some of us Question why we have to change?

WHY are some of us not interested in change as it means making different movements and we like the comfort of how things are, even though we know we are not evolving?

WHY are so many of us reluctant to make real changes in our life even though we know deep down it would work?

WHY are we resisting change when this is part of our natural evolution as a species on this planet?

WHY do some of us dream about change but the feeling of making the move to do so is just too overwhelming?

WHY do some of us fight and campaign for change on a global scale but forget we are unwilling to change first?

WHY do we ra ra and honk our horn about the changes we are going to make but fail to actually carry it through?

WHY do some of us resort to our old ways of living when we know change is not only needed but is inevitable?

WHY do we feel un-comfortable at the very thought of any form of change but never Question why we are like this?

WHY do we avoid and calculate situations, just to ensure change does not happen?

WHY do we procrastinate when it comes to change, even though we do know it always works for us in a good way?

WHY does our lack of Commitment to life always get in the way when we make those steps to activate change?

WHY is it that only some of us see change as an opportunity to evolve from old patterns of behaviour?

WHY are we inspired by others at times when we observe change happening in their lives but we still Sit on the Fence and Do Nothing when it comes to change for our own life?

A classic real life example – we get inspired by someone who has amazing vitality levels consistently.
They do not have a Perfect Life and they are ok if Mistakes are made.

They do not put their Focus on food, exercise, Social Media influencers or the latest fad to make their body look good or age-less. No No No.

What they seem to have is volumes of common sense and they apply that to their daily living and stick with it, regardless of what the world and its brothers are preaching or teaching out there. (We call that the Media, the policymakers, the influencers, the so called Intelligent academics and those society listen to).

They use every moment like it is an offering from the universe saying – “Here you go, you have a choice which way you go – expand and evolve or reject and retard”, call that involution. In other words, going nowhere.

They Get on With It when it comes to the practical aspect of human life.
They have a solid and sound Foundation that works for them and one thing for sure is they value the importance of Sleep.

They understand that the body has a natural sleep and wake cycle and there is a reason why we need to honour our sleep and how we can support that by making some practical daily choices, like having a winding down routine before bedtime, going to bed because we understand the 9 o’clock hoover and not allowing any of the following to alter our natural state of being because the QUALITY of sleep matters –

Junk Food

We do all know change is sometimes needed to stop us in our tracks, when we go down the ill road in life, but we have this ingrained behaviour of not activating change with new choices and then one day… Boom! something happens and we call that “bad” and we are forced to change. That bad could be an incident, accident, illness or disease or it could be the breakdown of a relationship, losing our home or being exposed about our Vices and Secrets that we have been hiding for a long time.

Dear World

What if…

Change can bring closure to that which no longer serves us in life.

Change has meaning and purpose and that is we ALL benefit from the true changes one person makes.

Our seasons are an example of change that continues with a flow, year in and year out.

Our moon cycles bring about change but most of us are yet to learn and know what is on offer for our evolution.

Every opportunity that our life presents opens us up to change and how we react or respond will determine the next step on our path. One supports us to evolve and the other retards us and keeps us stuck where we are.

ALL worth considering because one thing we all know for sure – change is inevitable.





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  1. Dear World

    How many of us are waking up and wanting to do something different as life in lockdown with all this fear that bombards us daily has taken its toll?

    WE WANT CHANGE and we are open to anything that makes us feel different.

    Well the suppliers have been on the front foot while we were over-eating, indulging in excess TV watching and hiding behind our fake background screens, for those dreaded work meetings.

    Those suppliers know the sort of things we are demanding, so they get busy and come up with stuff.

    Today, I am researching news as I do everyday and the screen is over-taken by some advert that I have to sit through as the ‘skip ad’ click was not there. It’s a new course about false eyelashes. Yes – just over 400 bucks and we get a certificate overnight and that means we can make lots of money. The ad has the music, the smiley faces and the camera shooting different angles to make us want to sign up right now. Turning our lack of sleep eyes into the fake false look that we so desperately want.

    Hello – are we getting it?
    Those that want to profit from our needs – call them suppliers just know more of us are into these false eyelashes. If in any doubt, open up your eyes and get on the streets and public transport or go to the schools as the girls are into it too.

    In the old days they used it for photo shoots and the movies, but now it has become the norm because the masses want it and we call that demand. This so-called training course would not even exist (by the way it’s a new name and never heard of them) but that matters not, as our insatiable need to have the false look outweighs anything else that may just be worth considering, like the health consequences that may show up down the line with the glue or the practitioner, not fully focused one day and you have an incident. Note the eye is super super delicate and tender and any true optometrist or opthamologist would not be endorsing toxic chemicals used to keep those false lashes in place as part of ‘eye care’.

    What is it about us that drives us to make these decisions just because we see others doing it?

    Why do we lose all our sensible and reasonable and rational thoughts when we jump on the bandwagon to get the look?

    Why are we not able to discern that the person fixing those fake lashes may just have completed a one day course and really do not have the experience but more to the point, their intent is to profit from what you demand. Lets get real and lets get honest – we do not go and pay £300/$420 on how to be an eyelash practitioner without wanting first to make our money back and second – knowing it will make us lots of money as everyone we know wants them and we haven’t had to even look at how we will get more business as it’s a given.

    And finally, a reminder – let us not blame the suppliers, those who were busy in the past year creating a course because they read (yes they sensed and went through with it) that more of us will be wanting the fake eyelashes once restrictions got lifted. We, the consumers, the customers make the demand FIRST and then they supply. It may look like they tempted us and came to us first. No No No. We are asking and they ‘read’ that like an invisible vibration and then get busy making sure they supply us and stay ahead of the game. Let’s call it a game because it is not the Truth and so that is what it is. Now one more thing – if those suppliers were not going to make big bucks they would not be doing it, so the name of the game is money, profit, financial gain. Still a game but who really profits and was it worth it?

  2. The Guardian – 4 September 2021

    England, UK – care workers are leaving to work as warehouse pickers, for a multi-nation e-commerce business, which we would say are an online retail giant.
    For those that are not aware – online shopping is continuing to rise and the demand to get goods to the customer requires more staff to work on the ground, so to speak to get the items delivered. Care homes cannot compete if 30% more pay is being offered to their staff, elsewhere and working less days.

    75% of care home operators are reporting an increase in staff quitting since April, the key reasons being a desire for less stress and for higher pay and to avoid mandatory vaccination, which comes into effect on 11 November.
    Health Workers Union are asking ministers to immediately scrap the “no jab, no job” policy, warning they are “sleepwalking into disaster”.

    80% of care home operators said levels of service are under threat, with some capping resident numbers even before unvaccinated staff have to be laid off in November.

    200+ managers said they declined care requests in the last month due to lack of staff.

    41,000 care home workers have still not received a vaccine at all, according to the latest NHS data available.

    There are more than 120,000 social care vacancies before the pandemic and the government calculated 68,000 care workers could be lost as a result of the decision to make vaccination a condition of employment in care homes.

    How serious is it when a care home is losing staff over the vaccination policy, as well as overseas workers departing the UK. They tell us that working short staffed is a daily occurrence and even using 5 or 6 agencies, they can only cover 60% of uncovered shifts.

    Staff are demotivated because it conveys a message that this is a sector that does not value you and takes away your choice. Under current rules, care staff who quit because they do not want a vaccination can still visit the people they cared for, as the visiting policies do not prohibit entry from unvaccinated people.

    Unison General Secretary Christina McAnea described the policy as bullying staff and said “widespread care home closures could be the consequence if they ignore the warnings. This would be disastrous for elderly people and those who cannot live without care support.”

    We may put this down to speculation or media sensation but what if there are components here that require a deep style of questioning? We could start with saying – it makes no sense that the government want you to lose your job if you are not going to choose to have the vaccine but on the other hand they are the ones that tell us this could result in a loss of 68,000 care workers.

    Those that sit and work out these numbers are employed by the same system that tells us no jabs, no jobs. Try explaining this to care home managers or those that own these institutions whose role is to ensure they have adequate staff and retain them.

    What we may not have considered are the actual residents that do not have a voice and are not able to expose the real harm of all these rules and regulations that are being imposed – many of which they will not understand as they come from the ‘good old fashion, common sense brigade’.

    Unless we start questioning anything and everything, how are we ever going to see real CHANGE that benefits society as a whole?

    Worth reading this blog again and again to consider what is being presented.

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