Dear World

WHY are the masses hooked into media?

How does the media influence us daily?

What does the media mean to us today? 

What is it about the media that we love?

What is it about the media that we hate?

What is it about the media that makes us believe stuff that may be lies?

What is it about the media why we jump on the bandwagon without checking the facts?

What is it about the media that we like to subscribe to, even though we know it is not anywhere near the Truth?

What is it about the media that affects our lives?

What is it about the media that changes our behaviours towards others?

What is it about the media that changes our Lifestyle Choices?

What is it about the media that makes us paranoid in life?

What is it about the media that instills fear where it affects our Sleep?

What is it about the media that brings about Stress and anxiety?

What is it about the media that supports us to escape and forget our real life responsibilities?

What is it about the media that makes us so distracted and we just cannot get back on track?

What is it about the media that makes us feel numb as the News about the world is so bad?

What is it about the media that pumps a celebrity and then reports on them at their lowest?

What is it about the media that keeps us switched on 24/7 as we suffer with FOMO?

What is it about the media that feels like we are addicted and we just want More of it?

What is it about the media that sensationalizes news stories, enticing us to want to know more?

What is it about the media that turns us off, but yet we go back over and over again?

What is it about the media that we think is going to offer us our ideal world?

What is it about the media that seems to raise our Blood Pressure and our Heart1 rate?

What is it about the media that builds frenzy, fear and panic all in one scoop?

What is it about the media that makes Lying so normal in our world?

What is it about the media why many of us do not trust a word that we read or hear?

What is it about all the media that makes us think we cannot ever change the current state of our world and we as individuals will never make it?

What is it about the media that no longer offers good old fashion journalism?

In other words, reporting the facts with no bias and simply saying it as it is?

It would be a wise move for the reader to check out the blog on this website called “Say It as It Is”

Then move to another blog called “Tell the Truth”

Then move to another blog “Lying is not Normal”

“What if1 we ponder on what the author presents and reflect on the Questions and see where this leads to…?

Next –

So what does Google and the dictionary have to say about the word Media?

Where does the word Media come from?
In other words what is the origin of this word?



The main means of mass communication – broadcasting, publishing and the Internet regarded collectively. (1)

The means of communication, as radio and Television, newspapers, magazines and the Internet that reach or influence people widely. (2)


Cambridge Dictionary

Newspapers, magazines, Television and radio, considered as a group. (3)


Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The system and organizations of communication through which information is spread to a large number of people. (4)


Market Business News

The term media, which is the plural of medium refers to the communication channels through which we disseminate news, music, movies, Education, promotional messages and other data. It includes physical and online newspapers and magazines, Television, radio, billboards, telephone, the Internet and fax.

Each one is a medium of communication.

It describes the various ways through which we communicate in society. Because it refers to all means of communication, everything ranging from a telephone call to the evening news on Television can be called media.

When talking about reaching a very large number of people we say mass media.
Local media refers to local newspaper, local or regional radio and TV channels.

In the past, all our news and entertainment was via TV, radio, newspapers and magazines. Today the Internet is gradually taking over.

Print newspapers are no longer as popular as millions of people each year switch to news sources online. (5)

ADD to this the current pandemic, where the masses are now using the Television, Radio and Internet to receive news that is circulating from one medium to another.

What is digital media doing to us in our lives?


Digital Media

Video, audio and software or other content that is created, edited, stored or accessed in digital form, through numeric encoding and decoding of data. (6)

Anytime we use our computer, tablet or mobile phone opening web-based systems and apps, we are consuming digital media. (7)


Origin of Media and Mass Media


Newspapers Radio Television
1927 – perhaps abstracted from mass-media (1923, a technical term in advertising);
plural of medium (n.) as “intermediate agency” a sense attested in English from c.1600.

Mass Media

Singular mass-medium “means of communication that reach large numbers of people”. (8)

So here we have the definitions and the origin of this word media.

What we can say is flicking the newspaper is not as popular because we have the smart phone and other gadgets that give it to us on the screen instantly. We can scroll, move fast and go all over the world, reading what we want, seeking and finding exactly what we want to know.

We can use our minds to set in with strong opinions and beliefs about this and that and it may even stop us from opening up to the possibility that we may not be right about certain things that we get from the media.

The thing is – are we Plugged In and Connected to discern that what we are reading or listening to may not be accurate, even if we would like to think it is as that suits us?

Do we disempower ourselves all the time and think others know more and we negate that inner sense where we can feel something is not right?

Do we take on board everything that the journalists report and the news channels which present around the clock world news, then move on to more news feeds which keeps all of this vibration circulating?

Do we wake up, check the news on our phones, then switch the TV on and then go to the radio news and it is like our self medication?

What about
Social Media?

For the record, this topic has been covered in detail on this website on our blog called Social Media – worth reading and then all the comments.

Dear World,

Has anyone noticed that a news story may appear on one platform and then months later we get the same news elsewhere and it sounds like it is new, but it is the same stuff circulating around?

How many of us are aware of what circulating news over and over again actually does to us?

We are currently in a global pandemic and the world is full of fear and panic and researchers have even come up with a study to tell us how the repeated news is having an effect on people’s mental health. (9)

“Holy Moly”, “Oh Lord” or “Golly Gosh” one might say, but what if there is a lot more going on beneath the surface that we may not be aware of?

In other words, this has nothing to do with “Oh Lord, let’s just say that it is God” but everything to do with us and how we make choices.

Example – we read news about the latest deaths in this pandemic and then we do not switch off, we go and Talk about it and then look for more ways that tells us the same bit of news and then discuss it with Family, friends, neighbours, colleagues at work, members of our community and so on…

In other words, we get into this habit of circulating a news story that seems to have its own flavour, its own take every time we Express it, to the point where we have no idea what on earth we are circulating.

A day goes by and then there is even more on the news, in the papers and on the Television.

As if that is not enough to feed our desire to want More news, we head for Social Media and then find digital media companies who give their own take, by way of articles and without realising it we are now reading conspiracy theories, even more deaths and things like the world coming to an end.

The sleepless nights set in and we seem to Wake Up and head straight for the news feed on our phone, or the news station on the radio. As soon as we can we are on Social Media scrolling around to find news which we know is not supporting our health and well-being but nevertheless, we just keep doing it.

We find ourselves talking to strangers at the supermarket, the train station or anywhere we get the opportunity, about the awful world news and before we know it we are so consumed in it all, we can sense our Heart2 is racy and Something Is Not Right.

Regardless, our movements continue and this behaviour of being addicted to the news and what is happening outside of us takes over.

For any reader who thinks the above is not for them – how about having a reality check about the purchase of Toilet rolls?

How many of us can be Honest enough to say we did not buy into this toilet roll thing, when the media got going at the beginning of the pandemic?

Is this making the point about how the media has a hold on us and really does move us sometimes only to realise at a later date, we were merely a puppet getting our strings pulled and we just went with it?

Next –

Imagine a world with old fashion journalism or say it as it is reporting the facts.

This means that journalists have to be Real life people with full transparency (which means Living a See Through Life) – read our blog for clarity.

That way journalists are working with and among humanity, the people – ALL OF US.

Their only job is to report the facts and not give us a slant, an opinion or be biased in any form whatsoever and we call that SAY IT AS IT IS.

We could also call that REAL TALK.

What we do know is that HOT TALK is not needed and this blog is well worth reading.


Because who needs empty words with no real action behind it?

Another blog worth reading –

On that note – it is well worth reading our annual report card about world news.

It gives a snapshot about what is actually going on around the world during the whole year that we may not be aware of, but would benefit from knowing.

Simple Living Global just report the facts – nothing more and nothing less.

Next –

Citizen Journalism

What if these Real life good old fashion journalism men and women reported what they observe?

ADD to that they collate and represent the people who equally have news stories from their neighbourhoods and towns that are worthy of reporting.

What if2 this was all presented so at a local level everyone gets to know what is really going on and then that news can be shared with wider communities and then we see what other parts of the country are up to?

What if3 we could see micro stories all over the country giving us a clear indication of what is going on and so we join the dots, use common sense and get to know and feel the truth of real life stuff?

What if the bigger picture, the macro is just the same as what is happening in the micro – on our streets and in our neighborhoods and simply confirms that it is not just us but the whole country having the same stuff going on and that means it is everywhere?

What if we then look at other countries where individuals are clocking and observing and then reporting by way of citizen journalism and these facts are put onto a national data system and before we know it we have real life scientific studies, without paying researchers a dime or getting caught in all these studies that we may not need, as we have the real life data doing it for us?

Let us not forget that each of us human beings are a living science, a simple fact that we cannot negate.

A small digression, but appropriate and important
It is well worth reading our blog on this website called Citizen Journalism

Back to good old fashion journalism –

What if this is all about TELL THE TRUTH?

How about a STOP and pause moment to read this stupendous magnificent blog and for the record this website just happens to remain at the top slot for Google when the words TELL THE TRUTH DAY are entered?


What is this saying and is this not speaking volumes?

Our world comes up with one day in the year where we can express the TRUTH and Simple Living Global just happen to be there at the top ranking.

What if there is a small process when it comes to truth and that means we need to get real, get honest so that we can get to truth?

Another Blog worth reading – Get Real, Get Honest


AND Finally – what if we find a platform or a way to report what we observe in our daily lives that we feel is news worthy?

Why wait for the media to feed us what they deem we are asking for and what we want to hear, see and read?

Why not get on with it by clocking everything, not ignoring it and simply reporting it by way of Expression so others get to hear and know what is really going on.

We as individuals hold power and collectively if that is used to support our fellow brothers, in other words the rest of humanity EQUALLY, then we can rest in knowing we have done something towards our evolution.

Saying nothing and doing nothing will ensure no change in the expansion of who we truly are.



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  1. Texas Tech University – 30 September 2022

    A recent study has found that 61% of people with severe levels of problematic news–watching reported that they feel sickly “quite a bit” or “very much” compared with 6% of other people.

    For over 16% of people, compulsive news watching can be seriously problematic and is linked to a host of physical and mental health issues according to a new study.

    People who report high levels of problematic news watching experience great stress over prolonged periods. “If this leads to consistently high levels of inflammation, this may have adverse effects on an individual’s physical health.

    Covid has certainly been a big factor, as well as all of the political conflict and divisiveness. The more things there are to be concerned about, the more likely people probably are to get deeply drawn into the news.” says Brian Laughlin, associate professor of advertising at Texas Tech University College of Media & Communication.

    “Problematic news consumption can significantly contribute to feelings of depression and anxiety, which in turn can have deleterious effects on our physical health.
    If someone notices they are feeling more depressed and anxious, having trouble pulling themselves away from the news for long periods or it is causing them to be less engaged in other areas of their lives, they may want to examine how much news they are consuming,” said Amanda Spray – clinical psychologist who reviewed the study findings.

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