IGNORING the signs

Dear World

What on earth is this about – Ignoring the signs?

What signs?
Ignoring what?

These are not trick Questions.

This article is simply presenting that it could be very possible that we are receiving signs, ALL the time – let’s call them messages to assist us in life, but we have somehow made sure we do not see, sense, listen or hear them because we have another agenda running our life.

This means the reader would benefit for one moment, if all ideals, beliefs and any other thoughts coming in are just suspended – that means ignore them, so that this presentation can be considered in FULL and not just certain parts.

First, we better get the word sign explained, even if we ALL do not as a world agree with the definitions given to us by the various academics, who have the final say on what is published and what is not.

By the way, has anyone noticed that we have so many different meanings for a word, simply because we as a world are not one-unified?
That means we do not all agree with its meaning and so we have division – we could call that separation.

Whatever suits us – that is the meaning we adopt and we say it comes from the dictionary we are subscribing to, so that means it has to be the truth. But what if it is not the Truth and it has another meaning?

What about the origin of the word – how far are we from that word and what it was used for back then to describe something?

Back to the word Sign

Oxford English Dictionaries

An object, quality or event whose presence or occurrence indicates the probable presence or occurrence of something else.

Used to indicate that someone or something is not where they should be or expected to be.

An indication of a disease detectable by a medical practitioner, even if not apparent to the patient.

A gesture or action used to convey information or an instruction. (1)


Early 13th Century
Gesture or motion of the hand, especially one meant to communicate something, from Old French signe “sign, mark,” from Latin signum “identifying mark, token, indication, symbol; proof; military standard, ensign; a signal, an omen; sign in the heavens, constellation.” (2)

What is it about us that is good at ignoring the signs?

WHY do we develop strategies to avoid obvious signs?

WHY do we ignore those big fat signs in our face?

WHY are we doing what we can to ignore the signs?

WHY have we come up with Solutions to ignore the signs?

WHY do we adhere to those signs that we have to by law, but totally live in a way that ignores all other signs that may be of benefit to us?

Next –

A very Simple example that many of us can relate to in some way:

We feel tired and we can feel our body wanting more rest and Sleep.

We ignore the very first sign that was there when we felt forced to Wake Up and face the day. We know we had yet another Late Night but that is just how we live and we don’t want to change as we like it.

The late nights stack up and we get some signs during the day, which indicate we are not just tired but actually exhausted. This could be craving sugary foods and drinks or those empty foods we tend to go for that fill us up momentarily and give us the relief we seek, but with no real nutritional value we find we need more of the same to keep us going. In other words, it all helps to ignore the initial sign that we need more rest and Sleep.

For some, it may not be foods and drinks to ignore the exhaustion signs. It can be over-working, exercising beyond the body’s natural limits or needing more Caffeine later in the day, to ignore the signs that our body is way past tired and is categorically exhausted.

This example applies to all of us, if we are to be super Honest for just one moment. If for any reason we feel this is not us, take a look around and it will be clear and obvious that the masses and that means almost every one of us is seeking some form of distraction and this means ignoring the body and what it needs in any given moment.

So the body gives us this sign – a very gentle whisper saying “you are tired and you need to get a sleep routine going – bit like what you had when you were very young” but that is not cool, trendy, what our mates are doing, or those work colleagues or those superstars we follow on Social Media, so best we IGNORE the signs.

Well, that ignoring has been registered by our body and as we seem to think we are the controller and can do what we want, we continue ‘business as usual’ with our behaviour until the next sign and the next. At this point our ‘ignoring the signs’ is giving us some warning as our body now feels run down, we feel a bit irritable, or we clock that our vitality levels are not the same but hey ho, we just ignore, ignore and carry on.

Then we notice we are drinking more Caffeine products, be it upping the Coffee shots or energy drinks or going for other stimulating or numbing foods and drinks. If what has just been said feels a bit too much or not possible, a small relevant digression would be to read our article on this website – The Real Truth about Caffeine.

Next – we seem to make small Mistakes, Forget things and just feel a bit out of sorts. Instead of making a Stop and Pause moment to reflect on what could possibly be going on, we seek alternative ways – like a plan, a strategy or a Solution to this stuff that is not going away.

Next – we know this tired, not enough Sleep thing is affecting our lifestyle and we don’t like it. We look around and the whole world is geared to helping us stay awake and not adhere to the natural Sleep cycles that we simply cannot ignore but yet we do.

Next – we start developing more symptoms but there is always a Solution, even though most of us know that common sense is telling us solutions do not work as they never get to the root cause of the issue or problem.

Next – we are not aware of how bad our Sleep situation is and we find ourselves doing more Screen Time than ever before, but somehow feel justified in our actions and we start the Blame thing. We point the finger at the classic one “it’s the job, our work is this and that” or we have other Excuses lined up in our bag of Blame. Not once do we consider we have a hand in what is going on in our own life and that includes our body.

Next – we get more signs that actually cause us pain, so now what? More Solutions as those strategies are not working, or something else?

Enough said, the point has been made.

WHY do we need to learn when things get so bad that we end up with a health issue or even have to take long term medication or have surgery?

What if the body is helping us out with those small indicators – signs that point us to the obvious, but we seem to have the blinkers on and just cannot ‘read’ those signs?

What if ignoring the signs, over and over again leads to a deeper rooted issue or problem that could have been dealt with back then?

What if ignoring the signs retards our evolution?

Is this something we ought to consider as we have now created a world that is so-called super Intelligent and advanced, but yet we have the basic Sleep stuff totally off whack and a multi-billion dollar sleeping aids industry, trying hard to keep us seeking more and more Solutions?

What if we started to pay attention and became aware of signs when we sense something, regardless of how minor or un-important they may seem?

Imagine teaching our kids from day dot that they are to pay attention to EVERYTHING, as they are all some form of sign, so that they can sense the real magic beyond what we have carved human life out to be.

Worth considering when we take a look at the current state of Obesity, ill Mental Health and other dis-eases that in the past were never diagnosed in Children.

In other words, there is no purpose or benefit when we Ignore the signs.



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  1. I was in a supermarket at what is not my usual time. Good job I did go as I was able to observe and now place this comment.

    Whilst I have heard others talk about this, I had to see it for myself and with my eyes wide open.

    The checkout was clogged up so like we all do, have a nose and see what others have in their baskets or trolleys.

    This was the cash check out queue and it was super long.

    School children (Secondary School age 11-13) each had bags from the bakery – pastries and doughnuts or other sweet cakes. Yes this was 8:15am and that is what we call breakfast. AND Yes again, – not all but most would be called Obese.

    Talking to the member of staff who was policing the self serve check outs, he tells me the kids are on sugar every day and the lines are long at this time of the morning.

    Can we really continue to Ignore the Signs that are right in our face?

    So we have an Obesity epidemic and we know that our health systems will be bankrupt just because Diabetes is out of control. In the old days we would see this with older adults and now we have kids overweight and being diagnosed with Diabetes.

    Let us not act dumb as we do know that eating sugar at breakfast means we are addicted to the stuff as we need it. We hear the experts tell us that refined foods like cakes and biscuits contribute to Diabetes, let’s call them ‘junk foods’. They are junk as they have no nutritional value.

    What is stopping us presenting real education to these school children so that they are better informed, better equipped and then can make choices having had the facts, the stats and the real ins and outs of what sugar does to the body?

    What if the author of this website could present on topics like We Are What We Eat, Junk Foods, Salt, Obesity and Diabetes to start with? Then go on to Lifestyle Choices and in particular, for this group of people – Sleep and Screen Time.

    Nothing is working and let’s just forget about our government enforcing rules and regulations about what we can and cannot do. If we are addicted to sugar, why not find out the root cause so we can work out how and why it has got to the point that our children are consuming cakes for breakfast?

    We call ourselves parents, so where is our Responsibility and whilst on that word, how responsibly are we living every day? In other words, what lifestyle choices are we making?

    No point trying to change our kids, if we are not reflecting another way for them that is not sugar for breakfast.

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