Late Nights

Hello World

Are we caught up right now in late nights every night, as there just ain’t much else to do?

Are we going to make sure we stay up late every night as that is the only time everyone else in our home is quiet?

Are we not interested right now in using this time wisely to get more deep rest and Sleep to knock out some of the exhaustion we have?

Are we resigned to the fact that if we have to stay indoors against our wishes, then we may as well do what we want, like late nights?

Are we hating the fact that we are being told to stay in and so late nights from now on is the way to go as it’s our choice, not anyone telling us?

Are we furious that with less freedom and rights to do as we want, we need screen time to give us some comfort during the night time?

Are we finding living a Double Life a bit difficult right now as we are exposed with others all around 24/7, but late nights make it possible?

Are we not able to conduct our Vices and Secrets with everyone under the same roof, so our Solution is late nights every night now?

Are we feeling yuk because we were planning our usual nights out boozing and socialising and suddenly we just can’t do that right now?

Are we feeling stuck indoors as going out to the pub has suddenly been taken away and we notice the cans of beer are going well into the night?

Are we aware that our bodies are copping it with our excess late nights, that come with more munching and rest-less-ness than ever before?

Are we bothered about the real cost to our Health and Wellness in the coming years because we have got our Sleep stuff totally upside down?

Are we making sure we abuse ‘work hours’ because we cannot be policed by our employer right now, so late nights are on our agenda?

Are we on edge with the new working from home schedule, that come the end of the day we need a late night to wind down with our screentime?

Are we giving ourselves a hard time as we need some relief from this home schooling thing and the only time is late nights from now on?

Are we so busy sleeping during the day because of the late nights now, that we cannot get a hold on what the kids are getting up to in the day?

Have we gone bonkers with the children and forgot that they need a routine and rhythm, regardless of what is going on in the world right now?

Have we given up within a few days with the teenagers as they are not adhering to any rules and are doing late nights and we can’t stop them?

Have we slacked off with all the normal house rules that apply, because we see no point as no one is listening – so late nights it is?

Have we Lost the Plot with this late night business as everyone in the house is not waking up at a reasonable time and seem to be off track?

Have we always been into late nights and struggle Waking Up, so with the lockdown in place, it is easy to stay in bed all day, because we can?

Have we noticed that our Sleep issues have got worse since the ‘stay indoors or else’ curfew and our late nights are getting even later?

Have our late nights affected all areas of our lives and in particular the work output that we just cannot seem to get a handle on?

Have we clocked it, that we are not feeling great inside our heads with all these late nights and no routine of getting up every morning?

Have we realised we are no longer concerned what happens to our body or what the consequences of late nights will do to us down the road?

Do we need the late night buzz and stimulation from the screen, as it serves as our relief from the stresses of the day time?

Do we love late nights as all the movies we wanted to watch are available every single night, as there is no getting up early for work the next day?

Have we registered how short our fuse is in the daytime with the kids, because we keep staying up late at night watching TV?

Have we found we are seriously addicted to Social Media more than ever before and it’s going well into the night time now?

Have we made the choice to have ‘me time’ well into the night as a form of self medication as we feel we have no space in the day?

Have we been an early riser with a routine and rhythm that has suddenly disappeared overnight and it’s now late nights and even later getting up?

Have we become more anxious because we are in our homes and we don’t like the restrictions this brings, so we use late nights to escape?

With everything that is going on right now –

How many of us are currently experiencing more late nights than ever before and it seems to have happened suddenly?

How many of us are breaking the rules and going outside because after a late night, the very thought of staying in with the rellies is way too much?

How many of us are seconded to this ‘working from home’ because we have no choice, but find ourselves distracted way into the night with online streaming of all the latest flicks we can watch?

How many of us are uncertain about our future, so we stay up way too late and not bother going to Sleep, like it is no longer important?

How many of us love the late nights and all the stimulations and distractions it brings, but we hate the knock on effect the next day?

How many of us feel frustrated that we can no longer upload our x rated snaps late into the night as no one seems to be that interested?

How many of us feel trapped with our late night addiction to Online Shopping and we just cannot wake up to take the parcel deliveries?

How many of us have switched daytime betting shop to night time online gambling, when our house members won’t know what we are up to?

How many of us find we have more time to mess about on Social Media, with late nights being our new normal during these lockdown days?

How many of us are finding that our late nights are where the excess Alcohol consumption is happening?

How many of us are upping the Alcohol intake late into the night, as it helps to numb us so we don’t think about what is really going on for us?

How many of us are worried about where the stock Marijuana is going to come from in the coming weeks as we need it to zone out at night?

How many of us are finding that we are over-eating in the night, like there is going to be a shortage in the months ahead?

How many of us have changed our night time movements recently – as our behaviour seems odd to how we would normally live?

Example – we would wake up and get ready for work, but now with the lockdown we can’t be asked to even brush our teeth, let alone get dressed. We stay up late as we are bored with the thought that this way of life maybe for a few months or even the rest of this year.

How many of us have a responsibility that needs to be “upped” right now, but instead we have deviated into late nights like it doesn’t matter?

How many of us have simply forgotten what our Priority is right now as we have got carried away with our late nights?

Dear World

What is our relationship with late nights?

Are we losing it or have we Lost the Plot?

Do we need to get back on the reality wagon and Get on With It?

In other words – do we need to stick to our routine and rhythm and not drop our standards, just because the world currently dictates for us to be inside and do less social stuff interacting with the world outside?

How are our late nights today going to affect us down the road – in the weeks or months to come?

Is this a Question we ALL need to consider, contemplate and ponder on?





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  1. Good Housekeeping Health and Wellness – 6 November 2021

    Sleep specialists are talking about the “Revenge Bedtime Procrastination” phenomenon.

    It is a term used to describe people who stay up late, even when they are tired because they want more personal free time.

    It occurs at night time when the home is quiet and others, including children are asleep and the emails coming in have stopped.

    Regardless of knowing that there are only a few hours before another hectic day starts, the body goes into hitting the play button for the next episode on the favourite show.

    90% of adults admit to losing sleep while on a television spree, according to the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

    The chemistry behind what experts are calling “revenge bedtime procrastination” goes a step further. It refers to the intention of staying up late to scroll through social media, watch TV or participate in another activity where there was no time for it during the day time.

    “It is describing when people do not have as much control over their daytime life and schedules and they delay sleep and their normal bedtimes to have more freedom and free time. And they do that fully aware that it is going to have negative consequences.”
    says Michelle Drerup, director of the behavioral sleep medicine program at the Cleveland Clinic Sleep Disorders Center.

    Whilst is not a diagnosable condition per se, Drerup states there are more cases occurring of revenge bedtime procrastination.

    The term “bedtime procrastination” comes from an article published in 2014, with researchers defining it as “failing to go to bed at the intended time, while no external circumstances prevent a person from doing so.”

    This article states that “Revenge bedtime procrastination is more than just staying up late, or that someone tries to sleep but can’t. It is when someone is fully aware that their actions will delay sleep and they will experience negative effects, but they do it anyway.

    The feeling like there is not enough free or leisure time or a general lack of control are both overall causes linked to revenge bedtime procrastination.

    This phenomenon has become more common over the past two years, as the pandemic has affected our sleep habits, increased the feelings of being out of control and affected our work and home lives. Choosing to stay up late is something you can control and it is a way to distract from all that is going on, says Drerup.

    Technology plays a crucial role where people can delay sleep. In the past, the TV stopped after midnight and now it is available any time of the day or night and we can binge-watch any episodes or an entire season of shows. The streaming of videos or mindlessly scrolling through social media usually happens at night time, when there is a surge of alertness before falling asleep. They are fighting sleeping, says Rafael Pelayo – clinical professor and sleep specialist at Stanford Center for Sleep Sciences and Medicine.

    Pelayo also says that for some they do not look forward to getting up and maybe it is because they do not like their job or they don’t like going to school.

    Sleep is also sometimes viewed as an inconvenience or another task you are obliged to do, so delaying bedtime is a way to rail against it.

    Research shows that those who are more apt to procrastinate and struggle with self-regulation are more likely to experience the phenomenon. It is also common for people with other sleep conditions, like insomnia.

    Dear World

    The impact on our health and wellbeing when we do not have a regular sleep routine and rhythm is yet to be on the global true health agenda. We now live in a 24/7 world and there are no sleep police and no one really is going to tell us what to do and we like that.

    We now have a new phenomenon called Revenge Bedtime Procrastination.
    Is this new really or have we just got a title and a category for some of us?

    We can be told about all the health impacts that could happen with our lack of sleep but it is like we just don’t know how to stop pressing that play button when its way past our bedtime.

    We have this so-called resentment at our life for dishing out too much work to do during the day, so we rebel, retaliate and refute taking action for something that will deeply support our body – that vehicle, that mass of human flesh and bones that moves with us every single day until our last breath.

    We were never parented or educated by the systems to value and honour our sleep wake cycle and never have we once considered that it could be a major contributor to our ills that could easily be avoided, if only we knew more about the science of sleep.

    We have the media and other so-called experts and specialists giving us their take and tips but we pay little or no attention because we sort of like our fighting the world and everyone because we don’t like life, what we have to do and one of those things is having to taking care of the body we are given.

    Yes we do know quality sleep is not how many hours but the actual time we go to bed and how we put ourselves to bed and the routine and rhythm that happens to put us into a relax and surrendered state, so it is easy and effortless to fall asleep. But what we know is beneficial and makes sense is not that easy to carry out. WHY is this?

    What on earth gets into us and gives us the thoughts that say, ‘sod off world, get lost family, work and commitments, I am going into me time and that means a licence to freedom and do what I want and totally erasing the common sense that we have deep inside us?

    We have created a “sleep deprived society” as our choices made this happen.
    Then come the suppliers and the multi-billion sleeping aids industry that continues to grow, as very few living on this earth right now have nailed the sleep stuff. Those that have do not bang on about it but share the wisdom on platforms like this website. It is no big deal to have deep quality sleep every day and understand the importance of why late nights never work and never will.

    The author of this website has a whole category on Sleep and it is all FREE.
    A library, so to speak about lifestyle choices and how to live human life, that is not on the same pulse as how most of us are choosing to currently live.

    It is time to send the researchers out to study real life people, like the author of this article and comment and website, someone who is getting on with it. They are the living science and we do not need double blind testing in a lab. This is a walking, talking and very alive human being that has nailed sleep and does not hide the fact. A body that is not sleep deprived in any way and has vitality levels without the stimulations that our world offers, like alcohol, caffeine and social media to name a few.

    It is a crime to hold humanity back from what we know can support another to get back on track. This is why Simple Living Global exists – to present another way of living for those that are ready to make responsible choices for their health and wellbeing.

  2. Harvard Medical School – 4 October 2022

    Obesity affects 42% of the U.S. adult population and contributes to the onset of chronic diseases, including Diabetes and Cancer.

    A new study by Harvard Medical School investigators at Brigham and Women’s Hospital found that when we eat significantly impacts our energy expenditure, appetite and molecular pathways in adipose tissue.

    Senior author of the study, Frank Scheer said “previous research by us and others had shown that late eating is associated with increased obesity risk, increased body fat and impaired weight loss success.

    In this study we found that eating four hours later makes a significant difference for our hunger levels, the way we burn calories after we eat and the way we store fat.”

    The results revealed that eating later had profound effects on hunger and the appetite-regulating hormones, which influence our drive to eat. There was also the process which burned calories at a slower rate, which promoted fat growth.

    Dear World

    What we have here is confirmation that there is a correlation between late eating and increased obesity risk.

    If we just apply some good old fashion common sense, granny would say it is inevitable if you are munching foods, probably unhealthy, at the wrong time of day when the body is preparing for sleep, as we have our natural internal clock telling us to go to bed. Then don’t be surprised if the weight piles on.

    Granny would also tell us to stop wasting the time and money on researchers to tell us what we can work out for ourselves with just some common sense.

    Eating late = trouble for our body.

    Obesity may not be the only symptom of late night eating.

    What we ought to focus on is what on earth is going on that we eat late and assume we will be ok when deep down we do know it will have consequences. Our body never lies so we can do what we want, when we want and how we want and at some point it will manifest into symptoms we may not like.

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