Dear World

We have a modern day plague on this earth that has been ignored for far too long – it is called Exhaustion.

If we are going to get Real and be Honest – we have a world that is suffering with Exhaustion.

WHY have we not questioned why we are exhausted?

WHY are we and everyone around us exhausted?

WHY are our kids showing signs of exhaustion?

WHY have we not addressed our exhaustion yet?

WHY are we all not talking about our exhaustion?

The dictionary tells us that the word Exhausted means:
Tire out completely, use up resources or reserves completely

 To keep things super Simple – we could start by saying this is serious.

We can no longer carry on ‘business as usual’ as our exhaustion is not going away.

We can no longer go around everyday functioning in life with our exhaustion.

We can no longer use our Solutions to remedy our exhaustion like a band aid.

We can no longer rely on our stimulants to support us to ignore our exhaustion.

Are we even aware that we are actually very very exhausted?

How are we dealing with our exhaustion that is there every day?
How do we make our body just keep going – running on empty?
How do we bury that exhaustion we feel first thing when we wake up?
How do we put ourselves to bed with an exhausted body?

What Solutions have we got to keep the exhaustion at bay?
What methods have we found to keep coping with exhaustion?
What foods do we rely on to ensure we do not address our exhaustion?

WHY do we drive our body with hobbies, overworking, projects and other distractions that keep our minds busy at the expense of our exhausted body?

WHY is it that we never bother to stop unless we get that big wake up call in the form of an accident, incident, illness or disease in the body?

WHY did we stop having the rest and quality Sleep like all babies do?

WHY does our mind over-ride what our body is feeling and communicating?

WHY do we never stop to ask our body what does it want in any moment?

This article is about our body and the following list gives us an indication:

  • We are very tired
  • We have no Sleep routine at all
  • We have no reserves to carry on
  • We have used up our resources
  • We have no alternatives left
  • We are Pushing our body
  • We are ignoring our body
  • We are neglecting our body
  • We are abusing our body
  • We are attacking our body

WHY are we Ignoring the Signs…?

Coffee sales are on the increase and no signs of stopping or slowing down.

Sugar is in just about everything we eat and Alcohol consumption is rising.

The Chocolate industry has gone to another level and sleeping tablets are a best seller at the pharmacy.

The above are just some signs that as a society we have found ways to deal with our exhaustion.

Now consider the following Questions:

Could it be possible that we are consuming foods that do not address our exhaustion but instead make things worse, because they Push our bodies consistently to the point where we get Sick and we want the symptoms to go away?
Not once do we Stop long enough to deal with the underlying real cause – which could just be exhaustion.

In other words, we are exhausted, and we continue to carry on by ignoring our body’s communication. We have our ingrained habits and our go to self-medication, call them lifestyle choices and we just keep going with no impulse to Stop and take time out to rest and have an early night.

Could it be possible that the lack of responsibility we have of not addressing our exhaustion is WHY we now have an illness or dis-ease because our body could no longer cope with the way we are trashing it on a daily basis?

Could it be possible that we go to medical professionals for help and they are also all exhausted because of their long working hours and the trainings they have to go through?

Could it be possible that our world has yet to address this exhaustion epidemic because it is a blind spot – the masses all have it so how can we see it in another?

Could it be possible that we do not want to take the responsibility to address our exhaustion as that would mean changing our comfortable lifestyle?

Could it be possible that we do not want to waste time looking after this precious body because we just see it as something that needs to function, until we feel pain?

Could it be possible that we have accepted exhaustion as part of our life, as there are no reflections and that means there is no one around to show us Another Way?

Could it be possible that we need to understand that rest and Sleep are super important to deal with our exhaustion and bring balance to our body?

Could it be possible that our body will convert any food – even if it is classed as ‘healthy’ to sugars just to support the exhaustion levels we have?

Could it be possible that our exhaustion is the reason why the Coffee industry is booming and young children need sugar in their diets to keep going?

Could it be possible that if we removed our stimulants – those things we use to get out of bed and keep us going in the day, we would not be able to function, let alone move?

Those ‘things’ are Caffeine, Sugar, Smoking, Drugs, Social Media, TV, Gambling, porn and the list just goes on and on.

Are we up to date and aware of HOW MUCH sugar is in our food and drinks?

How would our body be if we had to have zero sugar for one week?
How would our body react if we removed all Caffeine for a week?
How would our Sleep quality be if we consumed no Caffeine or sugar?

Living with exhaustion is not a natural way of living and we all know that.

Where do we start and how can we make the necessary changes to knock out the exhaustion?

Look no further – this website has covered it all.

How to live human life because there is Another Way.

Get Back to Basics, Keep it Simple and start reading all the articles published.

Consider every Question presented and make sure there is Honesty in your response.




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  1. It is rare for me to go out shopping unless there is something specific to purchase and for me that means there is a purpose.

    Long gone are the days where shopping was a distraction and over eating was part of the shopping experience.

    What I noticed in this shopping mall was how it was like the ones in the USA. Been there and seen it in the movies. The huge space and walk areas house pop up type kiosks with eating delights and today I was consciously clocking the contents.

    All types of sugar on sticks, doughnut bar, chocolate, middle eastern pastries, candy bar, cakes and cookies and the rest was more of the same.

    It was like a hook while you shop from one store to the next, you are assured that your energy levels remain heightened with all this sugary carb type un-necessary foods that we all know have zero nutritional value. But of course it is what we seek and so these suppliers keep supplying to our demand.

    I know from my own lived experience that the need for sugar in this form was simply to keep going and not address my deep underlying exhaustion that was there everyday.

    With the support and understanding that I got from a man called Serge Benhayon things started to shift in the right direction. He walks the talk and doesn’t tell you what to do but points out what you could be doing and why. It just made simple sense so I gave it a go and the rest is history as they say.

    However, I am no halo head and perfection is not on my radar. I still eat sugar and I know it is when I have tension or sense something coming or I am tired. It is as simple as that.

    What if we need those kiosks in the mall whilst walking around to support us to numb ourselves, so we never question or address that we could be exhausted?

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