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Dear World

When Simple Living Global started out with our very first blog – the title was asking a Question

Is there Another Way?

4 years on we keep presenting new blog titles that feel relevant and much needed in our current times.

With over 200 articles now published on this platform, we are saying there is Another Way to Live.

Check out this Website for the evidence and confirmation and if it disturbs you in anyway, then continue to live the way that is working for you.

Back to Blog Number 1 – it says we only need to look at the news headlines and it is clear nothing is really working.

So what’s changed 4+ years after posting that initial blog?

The accurate answer would be “things have changed, they have got much worse”.

Would it be fair to say that our Solutions are just not cutting it and we are nowhere near getting on the front foot when it comes to our issues, be it personal or global?

So, what if there is  Another Way to Live because the author is the living science that can be studied and is the evidence – the proof so many of us need these days before we take a step?

Let us look at something real that has happened since the launch of this monumental website.

The author is not interested in getting traffic or punters to the website to make it big or get world domination.

What Simple Living Global is interested in is keeping this website alive and active.

That means we research and ADD news stories or anything relevant that may come from our ‘on the street Citizen Journalism’.

That means we report something we have witnessed, observed or been in conversation with.

This then builds and builds and we now have over 6,000 comments that are not your one-liners or even a paragraph. They are rich and expansive in content so the reader gets like another dose of information or real life story on top of the blog delivery.

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By default we discover that we are number one in the world Google ranking for many of our blogs.

Not once was a title published just to get the “right words” to attract traffic or whatever else Google searches want.
No – Never. Not interested.

Right now we are Number 1 in the world on Google search

Is there Another Way to Live?
Is there Another Way?

Hello Hello

How does this happen?

We did not think to entertain or pay any marketing man.

We did not listen to those who told us we would never make it without using key words in our blog titles.

We did not bother to get images that we were told are the only way people would be interested in this website.

We did not do anything other than keep our heads down and GET ON WITH IT.

Many of the blog titles are inspired from the author being in the community or while out working in the world.
The pulse of humanity is felt and then reported.

Example – through observation and conversations during flights, the Jet Lag blog was born and then Questions posed, as the author has zero jet lag on long haul flights and can work easily in different time zones.

If this website was to be studied now or in the future, scholars would be left in no doubt that there must be Another Way to Live that gives access to this amount of volume being presented on a platform and it just keeps coming Consistently.

No days off or Holidays to check out and escape, but a solid strong living way that has Purpose and Responsibility at the core.

This means idle time wasted and nonsense chit chat that serves no one is off the radar.

This means our Code of Conduct is lived to the best of our ability without trying to be perfect in any way.

This means we Celebrate with a deep Appreciation of where this all comes from, in the knowing it is truly grand.

Simple Living Global cannot save the world and this was never our intention from day dot. Our purpose was to bring awareness to humanity and this is what we have been doing and will continue with the utmost dedication.

Our dedication and commitment remains constant and steady, since our very first blog went live in January 2016.

We could say we now have a library presenting ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE that will be around for the coming years. Future generations can use it as a “go to” when they need support on how to live daily life.

It could become the new Human Life DIY Manual as we have yet to come up with one.

Today it would be valuable to use, as many of us have been suffering with the effects of a global pandemic and the huge impact to our lives, our communities, our countries and our world.

Another Way to Live  is now needed in our lives so that we can become the Real deal and that means we Walk the Talk and others get to see and feel there is  Another Way.






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  1. Thank you for this brilliant blog.

    Sad though it is, as the author says, since the inception of this website 4 years ago, “things have changed, they have got much worse”.

    When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s, there was a general widespread expectation of progress across the board as time passed. The future was always bright. In the future, everyone would be healthier, live longer, be more affluent, have more opportunities, have more freedom, society would be fairer and the next generation would have more opportunities.

    That expectation of a better future has proved to be a mirage and a while ago something changed in society’s social contract with it’s citizens: there is no more guarantee of ever increasing progress in all areas of life over time.

    And, as the author says above, things have just gotten worse over the last 4 years.

    People are sicker, social inequality is increasing, social mobility decreasing, jobs are more insecure, people are more checked out (I’m thinking of streaming TV services), ever-increasing housing costs mean that it’s impossible for many people to own or even rent a home, coffee sales are though the roof because people are exhausted, millions of people are losing their jobs right now, healthcare systems are stretched beyond stretched, corruption flourishes unchecked ….the list goes on and on.

    It seems to me that most of humanity (including myself in some regards) is doing the same thing again and again and hoping for a different result. And not getting it.

    Thank you so very much for this website, which indeed shows us that there is another way to live.

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