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Dear World

When Simple Living Global started out with our very first blog – the title was asking a Question

Is there Another Way?

4 years on we keep presenting new blog titles that feel relevant and much needed in our current times.

With over 200 articles now published on this platform, we are saying there is Another Way to Live.

Check out this Website for the evidence and confirmation and if it disturbs you in anyway, then continue to live the way that is working for you.

Back to Blog Number 1 – it says we only need to look at the news headlines and it is clear nothing is really working.

So what’s changed 4+ years after posting that initial blog?

The accurate answer would be “things have changed, they have got much worse”.

Would it be fair to say that our Solutions are just not cutting it and we are nowhere near getting on the front foot when it comes to our issues, be it personal or global?

So, what if there is  Another Way to Live because the author is the living science that can be studied and is the evidence – the proof so many of us need these days before we take a step?

Let us look at something real that has happened since the launch of this monumental website.

The author is not interested in getting traffic or punters to the website to make it big or get world domination.

What Simple Living Global is interested in is keeping this website alive and active.

That means we research and ADD news stories or anything relevant that may come from our ‘on the street Citizen Journalism’.

That means we report something we have witnessed, observed or been in conversation with.

This then builds and builds and we now have over 6,000 comments that are not your one-liners or even a paragraph. They are rich and expansive in content so the reader gets like another dose of information or real life story on top of the blog delivery.

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By default we discover that we are number one in the world Google ranking for many of our blogs.

Not once was a title published just to get the “right words” to attract traffic or whatever else Google searches want.
No – Never. Not interested.

Right now we are Number 1 in the world on Google search

Is there Another Way to Live?
Is there Another Way?

Hello Hello

How does this happen?

We did not think to entertain or pay any marketing man.

We did not listen to those who told us we would never make it without using key words in our blog titles.

We did not bother to get images that we were told are the only way people would be interested in this website.

We did not do anything other than keep our heads down and GET ON WITH IT.

Many of the blog titles are inspired from the author being in the community or while out working in the world.
The pulse of humanity is felt and then reported.

Example – through observation and conversations during flights, the Jet Lag blog was born and then Questions posed, as the author has zero jet lag on long haul flights and can work easily in different time zones.

If this website was to be studied now or in the future, scholars would be left in no doubt that there must be Another Way to Live that gives access to this amount of volume being presented on a platform and it just keeps coming Consistently.

No days off or Holidays to check out and escape, but a solid strong living way that has Purpose and Responsibility at the core.

This means idle time wasted and nonsense chit chat that serves no one is off the radar.

This means our Code of Conduct is lived to the best of our ability without trying to be perfect in any way.

This means we Celebrate with a deep Appreciation of where this all comes from, in the knowing it is truly grand.

Simple Living Global cannot save the world and this was never our intention from day dot. Our purpose was to bring awareness to humanity and this is what we have been doing and will continue with the utmost dedication.

Our dedication and commitment remains constant and steady, since our very first blog went live in January 2016.

We could say we now have a library presenting ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE that will be around for the coming years. Future generations can use it as a “go to” when they need support on how to live daily life.

It could become the new Human Life DIY Manual as we have yet to come up with one.

Today it would be valuable to use, as many of us have been suffering with the effects of a global pandemic and the huge impact to our lives, our communities, our countries and our world.

Another Way to Live  is now needed in our lives so that we can become the Real deal and that means we Walk the Talk and others get to see and feel there is  Another Way.






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  1. I was sharing this story today on the telephone with someone and it inspired me to make a comment because of what they said.

    At the bank, I was doing what I do best. Scan the place, see what is around and clock the staff, their movements and most would think I am just not with it, when in fact I am super aware with my radar ON.

    I was being seen to with another person and the social distance stuff means stay out of the managers office, so I hung out at the doorway. Call it the threshold. As questions were being fired, I had to keep stepping into the office because the screen was small writing and I could not see.

    At the threshold I was just being myself and reporting to the manager the goings on as he was on duty to keep the queues down, ask customers what they wanted and deal with the security van that just arrived.
    He kept jumping up and leaving his computer screen and then back again.

    At one point the line was just one person and the space felt huge and still. All good I thought.

    The person I was with was just sitting down and enjoying the old pop songs on the speakers. Once upon a time I worked in a bank just like this and music of any kind was never on the agenda. Things have changed a lot and with the pandemic restrictions, things are not that great as most are echoing.

    Holding steady, people enter the banks double doors and see me as I am the one standing. Staff are around but I am there and I greet them. It got very funny as they all thought I was a member if staff.

    The person sitting down said they probably guessed you were not as you got shorts on. But the truth is they asked me questions and asked for directions as if I was a staff member. Then one woman came in and asked outright “do you work here?” and I said no. Her response was “Oh I thought you did.”

    Well we don’t need this to be a big deal, but what was it about me that others sensed I was working for the bank.

    My telephone conversation this morning when this was mentioned was loud and clear. The person said to me one word they got AUTHORITY.

    No blog on this and doubt there ever will be, but for now it is suffice and relevant to say that how we conduct ourselves and how we are as people does have an effect on others.

    On another serious incident on public transport last week, I was able to step in with that same AUTHORITY.

    Most of us walk around like we are out of place, or we act like sitting ducks waiting to be hit or we withdraw and think others are in positions of power and we make ourselves small. No chance when it comes to me and general public and that literally means ALL of us.

    Why do we feel un-comfortable or have the dreaded thoughts going into places like banks and other establishments? Why not just be ourselves and have some fun as it sure lightened up my 2 hours there yesterday morning.

    To summarise – there is ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE as this blog title says.
    WHY not give it a go and end the game of being who and what we are truly Not?

  2. Listening to other people can bring us more awareness of what is going on in the world.

    I for one pay attention to what I clock on the streets, in my neighbourhood, community, across the towns and city when I am travelling on public transport. Having conversations daily with other people is super important to me and I find I learn so much.

    Yesterday, I met a couple that regularly go out for walks in the neighbourhood. She tells me that her husband has Alzheimer’s and it is really hard work for her as he does awful things and then does not remember he has done it. For example he urinates in the sink and elsewhere in the house.

    She said he had a very responsible job and he worked 6 days a week. He had his routine and it lasted until they both retired. Then they started having 4 months at a time away abroad in sunny Spain. It is after these long holiday breaks that things changed and eventually the diagnosis.

    Could it be possible that going from over 4 decades with a solid work routine to suddenly expecting to adjust to doing absolutely nothing with no purpose is going to work?

    What if we do not need to be holidaying for months when our strong momentum of work is still continuing inside us and calling us to continue and serve humanity in the role that we were experienced in, with years of service in that particular trade?

    What if we need to question everything now and not just leave it to what we read or what we hear from those so-called experts that know their field?

    What if common sense and a line of questioning, starting with WHY and HOW it got to this point (whatever it is) is where we ought to start, because nothing is making sense and we seem to fall far short when it comes to the root cause of any illness or dis-ease that man seems to be manifesting.

    On a personal note – at the age of 60 now, I have found even more purpose to work and yet many decades ago, I and many others were sold the “early retirement” life and that was my only goal.

    There is something about using our skills and experience to support others through our work and it not only sustains us but it gives us meaning and purpose. It is this that fuels me to get up each and every day and get on with it.

    One day scholars of the future may visit this website and ask how can one woman write so much and how did she do it.

    Our world spends way too much time and effort and emphasis on finding solutions and confirming what we already know. It is high time we started studying those that have the answers because they are going against the trend of illness and disease that the masses now have or are on the road to having. I am one such case study – a living science that there is another way to live and retirement is not even on the radar.

    What is clear is that there is ANOTHER WAY TO LIVE.

  3. A famous actor opens up about drinking too much alcohol just 3 weeks before his death.

    The video was filmed at a London train station where he died and was pronounced braindead after being taken to hospital. After 3 days, the family decided to switch off the life support machine.

    A successful actor and stuntman who enjoyed success.
    But at what cost and what on earth was going on behind the scenes (pun intended and with respect) when we have fame and wealth and then told “I had money, but I blew it.”

    He said his fortune was spent on sex workers and drugs and “drinking too much”.

    When it was suggested in his video filming if he had an alcohol addiction, he was said to be not addicted to anything and that he can drink alcohol for a whole day or a month and is not addicted, just enjoying himself.

    In 2014, the actor admitted losing everything after separating from his wife and turning to drink, drugs and prostitutes. He blamed himself for the collapse of his marriage as he cheated on his wife several times.

    The actor spoke about his troubles when photos snorting cocaine went online. He admitted “I need help, I have been on cocaine and it has just got worse. I am drinking and smoking what I can get.”

    How does a ‘talented actor’ battle with drugs and alcohol addiction?

    What happens that you can be famous one moment and then end up living on the streets and selling a car to fund alcohol and drugs, including crack and heroin.

    Dear World

    This is a tragic story and let us be reminded that this reached the media due to the fame of being an actor in famous movies. There are numerous similar cases worldwide that we would never hear, read or know about.

    What is it about humans that are so devastated after a relationship that recovery is not always possible and the road of alcohol and drugs is so readily available?

    It makes no sense at all when we know that even actors with so-called fame and success can end up dying at a young age, where it is likely that drugs and alcohol were the cause of death.

    There are millions and millions in our world that want to be famous but we do not seem to have the maturity yet to consider what their private lives are like as we rarely find out and it may be that fame and the rewards of wealth come at a price.

    How many news stories have we had thus far where those that we class as celebrities do not fare so well when it comes to their death? The list is endless for famous people and we know there are even more that are not famous also on the same road.

    Is there another way to live so we can end this way of living that brings such harm to the human frame?

    Consider this blog and then this whole website for starters..

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