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Dear World

Has anyone noticed we do not get the basic education on how to life human life?

We seem to have missed the Do It Yourself Life Manual while we were growing up.

We do not get equipped at school or college for how to actually live real life in the world.

We go to work and make out we know all about how to live life and have that balance but in Truth we have no idea.

We have kids and get anxious as we have never had a DIY Life manual and now we are responsible for these youngsters.

We get stressed for many reasons but we have never linked it with the thought that maybe a DIY Life manual would be of use.

We have a global Sleep epidemic that confirms we have not read the chapter about Sleep in the DIY manual.

In other words, we have not read ALL that is being presented in the Sleep category on this website and we have not considered the Questions.

We are not finding any real role models who are Consistently living from a DIY Life manual.

We watch and learn but there are lots of gaps – in other words we don’t get it all.

We pick things up and most of us are winging it from there onwards for the rest of our lives.

We feel inadequate around others thinking they have got a secret DIY Life Manual but they haven’t as we are all in the same place.

We get uncomfortable when we clock others are Getting on with it and we assume they must have bought the DIY Life Manual.

We get rattled when we know and can sense that not having a DIY Life Manual is affecting our health and well-being.

Who would have loved a DIY Life manual in our earlier years so we could master how to LIVE life on Earth?

Modern world makes it difficult to keep up with the Daily Routine stuff and most of us find it Boring or mundane and this is when things start to go off track.

We have no DIY Life manual to speak of and this means no true Foundation that is being lived day in and day out.

We have never bothered to join the dots and use good old fashion ways of living that worked long before we came on the scene here on Earth.

Our ancestors did not need a DIY manual or an App or mr Google to get Questions answered on how to live life, but modern day living is telling us we need something and so far it has not been around.

Enter Simple Living Global…

A Simple and Basic way of living is needed if we are to ever hold steady and feel settled inside our body.

Simple Living Global is committed and dedicated to presenting a way of living that supports us to live daily life.

This whole website is a library – DIY Life Manual.

The titles give an insight as to what the presentation is.

There are over 200 articles that relate to human life.

There are practical step-by-step guides taken from our Back to Basics program that we will continue to deliver to support the development of a DIY Life Manual.

Dear World

What if our body requires daily support that comes from a DIY Life Manual?

This means in order to give it the maximum opportunity to live life in a natural state of being, we need to apply what is being presented from the DIY Life Manual.

Simple Living Global is that DIY Life Manual.





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  1. Thank you for this majestic blog.

    I would agree that Simple Living Global is the DIY Life Manual that everyone needs. I can vouch for it because the material contained in the pages of this website that I have used consistently, has changed my life.

    Actually, I would go further and say that it’s saved my life.

    The wisdom offered in the Simple Living Global post from March 2018 entitled “Plug In and Connect” alone has utterly changed my life and massively improved my well-being. The foundational actions cited in that blog, such as seeking connection to our innermost true essence, breathing one’s own breath and committing to life are powerful enough, if consistently applied, to turn a person’s life around. I know because just incorporating these three things into my life as best I can, as consistently as I can, has freed me from the scourge of depression and suicidal thinking, which weighed so heavily on me for years.

    Also, I agree with the author about the lack of true role models in life. There are people who teach, preach, give advice and write books on how to live life but, as far as I can see, most of them fall down in one of two areas: either they don’t walk their talk or they do not take the matter of true responsibility seriously enough and so their outlook on life fails to consider how the credo they espouse impacts the whole of life – humanity and our planet.

    Thankfully, there are exceptions. I am fortunate to have known the author of this blog for a number of years, so I absolutely know that this author is the real deal: a true role model for those who want to know how to live human life and someone who totally walks their talk.

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