Slowing Down

Dear World

SLOWING DOWN – are these words that we would like but cannot ever imagine it happening in our life.

How on earth can we slow down when the world is spinning so fast in every direction.

How can we even consider to slow down when there are so many things to do.

How is it that we feel irritated when people are slowing down and not in a rush.

How come we hate those who seem to get a lot done but are not racing around at a hundred miles an hour.

How have we got to this point and realised that our world is not geared to really and truly support us to slow down.

How have we allowed self medication of all sorts to keep us going to avoid slowing down.

How come we feel fast inside our body even though we may be slowing down by relaxing and doing nothing.

How is it that even the best vacation we could think of somehow does not cut it when it comes to slowing down.

How is it that no Solution man has created has done anything in terms of slowing down our inner being.

Here are some questions about this slowing down business, so we can all reflect on what is going on for us.

WHY do we seem to feel like our mind is racing fast

WHY has our Crazy life got no chance of slowing down

WHAT if we made an effort to slow down during the day

WHAT does slowing down mean to us in our life today

WHAT type of thoughts enter our mind when we even think about slowing down.

Do we attempt to use Holidays to make us slow down

Do we wish for the day when life was at a slower pace

Do we see slowing down as something for old age

Do we think slowing down is for boring people only

Do we have an injury that has forced us to slow down

Do we dread the day we have to slow down as our body may just give up and make us ill.

Do we view an accident as a message from our body communicating to us to Just Stop and slow down.

Do we find slowing down something we want but at the same time we fight it.

Do we hate the fact that slowing down is nowhere on the daily radar in our life.

Do we envy those who live at a slow pace and get much done in their busy lives.

Do we feel jealousy when we see others make the movements to slow down in their life.

Do we get a buzz when we drive in the Fast Lane as slowing down is not for our engine.

Do we feel guilty slowing down because everything in life is geared at such a fast pace.


What if …

What if we had a balance of working and doing whatever is needed but EQUALLY valued the importance of slowing down and taking moments of rest, Stop and pause.

What if we applied the above to everyday life because we could feel the benefits in our body.

What if slowing down was locked into our Foundation

What if we are designed to work and move but not at an artificial pace that leaves us racy inside our minds.

What if Fast Fast means there is a Push Push momentum inside our body that is not our natural state.

What if Simple Living is about getting the job done and more but without the force as there is space.












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  1. Thank you for this marvellous blog.

    Recently, I have increasingly been feeling that I need to slow down.

    This is because my life seems to be getting busier and busier with each passing day and I’m trying to move faster and faster and work harder for longer to keep up…but that strategy is not working. I’m not getting on top of the demands of my life and I am not looking after myself very well, in fact I’m neglecting my self-care.

    So, I would like to slow down and create space in my daily life to really take care of myself. But I don’t actually do it.

    Why don’t I slow down and take care of myself better?
    Because I have made doing and having things in the world the number one priority in my life, when the most important thing in my life should truly be my own self-care.

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