How many of us are currently feeling stuck with our life?

How many of us want to get moving from this stuck-ness?

How on earth can we change when we feel so stuck in life?

How are we operating in life that has made us so stuck?

How many of us are just stuck in certain areas of our life?

How many of us are frightened of change so we stay stuck?

How many of us are comfortable as stuck is a familiar feeling?

How many of us get frustrated at being stuck but do Nothing?

How many of us dream about moving on but still stay stuck?

How many of us get jealous of others we know are not stuck?

How many of us find it Boring talking about our daily stuck life that has seen no change in years because we are comfortable?

How many of us decades later are still stuck, not moving, going nowhere and just digging our heels in even deeper?

How many of us have thoughts about being stuck free next life?

How many of us know what the next step would bring, if only we could let go and move on from our entrenched stuck behaviour?

How many of us actually like being stuck because we do not have to take responsibility as that would be like growing up?

How many of us know we are playing small by staying stuck because everyone and everything around us have moved on?

How many of us know that being stuck confirms others out there to stay where they are and join us to keep ‘stuck world’ going?

How many of us feel that this stuck feeling sucks but nevertheless it is like a familiar old friend so we just keep it?

How many of us can admit days when we feel stuck and we go into doubt and Regret, which we know are just Crazy thoughts?

How many of us feel like we want to be free and get out into the Real world and just be ourself but stuck mode stops us?

How many of us are still stuck and not got a job because we have a huge list of Excuses why we are unemployed?

How many of us hate our job and know we can do so much better but we just stay stuck because we cannot be bothered to make the necessary changes?

How many of us are stuck in the wrong job – we know it and so do our family and friends as we can’t stop moaning about it?

How many of us are stuck in the abusive relationships that we pretend are ok when we know they are not?

How many of us are in a relationship that is not working but nevertheless we stay there feeling stuck every single day?

How many of us hate the fact that others move through life, not attached to material things like us, so they are not stuck?

How many of us are stuck with our clutter, hoarding habits and stuff that will never be needed but we just don’t make the move?

How many of us are still living in the same place when everything tells us we are stuck and need to move now, as it’s well overdue?

How many of us wish that this stuck feeling when we Wake Up would just go away without us making the movements needed?

How many of us have tantrums like a child because we don’t like where we are at right now in our stuck world but do Nothing?

How many of us are waiting for others to rescue us and do the movements we need to make ourselves to get out of stuck land?

How many of us feel our Feet are somehow stuck in the ground and lack the movements needed to just get out of this?

How many of us know that our Solutions to move out of the stuck lane in life are not working as we are still at the same place?

How many of us are Blaming the systems, the governments, the politicians, the this and that for why our life is stuck but never consider we may have a hand in how our life is?



WHY do we always Blame this, that and the other with our Excuses because of where we are at with our stuck life?

WHY is it always something to do with the outside world and never our choices that got us stuck in the first place?

WHY do we avoid the responsibility that comes with making new choices to get out of any stuck-ness we have created in our life?

WHY are we choosing to not listen to the wisdom we have that directs us where to go next and get off the stuck bandwagon?

WHY are we refusing to see the obvious and clear next steps needed to free us from this age old stuck behaviour?

WHY are we choosing to not Let Go if our repeated dreams are telling us we are still stuck, decades later about a relationship?

WHY are we playing nice to others instead of telling them straight up what we know could support them to get out of stuck zone?


Next –

What would it take to shift gear and get out of this stuck mode?

What is in the way stopping us from moving out of stuck-ness?

What will it take to make the movements out of our stuck world?


Dear World

What if we do know we are where we are at because of our choices and that means if we are stuck, we created it?

What if we do have the all the answers inside us to get out of any areas of stuckness in our life, even if we like to think we can’t?

What if it is really Simple and all we need to do is make new choices and that includes making the physical movements necessary to change from stuck to flow?

Think about a blocked pipe – we come up with ways to hold on to the blockage, when all we need to do is remove what is in the way, so things can flow freely once again.

When we put it like that with a Simple example, it makes no sense whatsoever to hold onto Stuck.





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  1. Thank you for this great blog.

    There have been times in my life when I have been incredibly stuck. It is not the case that my life is free from stuckness in all areas now, but I’m not stuck in the way that I used to be.

    Reading this blog has caused me to reflect on some of the times in my life when I was really stuck and ask, what’s common to all the times in my life when I was stuck?

    And what comes to me is that, whenever I have been stuck, there has been an unwillingness on my part to be honest with myself about why I have been stuck.
    An example of me being really stuck would be the periods of my life when I was unemployed for years at a time.

    Now, looking back, I can see that I remained stuck without paid employment for years during those periods, in part, because I would make excuses about my situation and not be honest with myself.

    I would tell myself that getting a good job was hard, or that I shouldn’t take certain kinds of jobs because there was no career path there, or that I was too old for certain positions, or that I was looking for just the right thing, and even that wasn’t well enough to work. In short, I would make all kinds of excuses.

    It was only when I began to be honest with myself about the real reasons that I didn’t want to get a job that the stuckness began to shift. And the real, honest reason why I couldn’t get a job was because I didn’t want a job.

    I didn’t want a job because I was scared of being in the world, I wanted to hide at home and I had no commitment to life.

    These were difficult truths to accept at first because I then had to be honest with myself about how much I had not been honest with myself and those close to me, and for how long, and what the harm and cost of the dishonesty had been.

    But honesty is absolutely the best policy, and with me being honest with myself came a shift out of being stuck.
    These days, I feel very differently about work and having a job and would much rather be out in the world working than being unemployed, hiding and stuck at home.

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