Putting Things Off

Dear World

What is this title saying to us?

Can we relate to it in anyway?

Are we good at putting things off?

Are we known for putting things off?

Do we really think that our strategies to put things off for another day are working?

Does putting things off mean we go around and around and not get anywhere because we are not dealing with things?

Does our putting things off behaviour affect those around us?

Do we see putting things off as just part of who we are, so it makes it ok?

Are we always avoiding what requires our attention, as putting things off is just how we operate?

Are we mini masters at putting things off as that is how we have always operated?

Are we aware that putting things off is a form of delay and it retards us from evolving to whatever is next needed?

Are we aware that this habit we have of postponing the Action needed is not really serving anyone and that includes us?

Are we dogged when it comes to dealing with what is needed in any given moment, because putting it off seems more familiar?

Are we putting things off for another day and then another day and the weeks and months just pass by?

Are we playing a game and creating un-necessary tension in our body with our putting things off?

Are we comfortable in the un-comfortableness when it comes to putting things off?

In other words, we know something requires our Action but we seem to be stuck when it comes to actually Getting on with It.

Are we always wondering and wishing about the task in hand that we keep putting off, but do absolutely Nothing?

Are we dreading what we need to be doing and go into drama as our Excuse to keep putting things off?

Are we skirting around and fluffing about with our putting things off hat on, instead of facing it and just doing it?

Are we a character that does not really consider the consequences that our putting things off actually has?

Have we ever put things off for so long that it has caused serious consequences and affected others?

Have we financially lost out because of our putting things off mode of not dealing with it at the time?

Have we got ourselves into a mess because of our putting off agenda that we know makes no sense?

Have we realised how putting things off has zero common sense and no purpose?

So WHY do we put things off and HOW did we get to that point?

It is easy to Blame and use Regret as a way of staying Stuck with this label we have acquired, of putting things off but what if we can make Changes by simply Getting On with It?

What if it is empowering to not put things off as it leads to Completion?

In other words, we get to close a Cycle as we finished the Job.

What if Completion of all things that we start is important for our own evolution?

What if procrastination, which is putting things off, drains our energy as we hang out with those thoughts that keep saying ‘leave it now, do it later’ but the later never comes?

What if there is Another Way which is not offering a Solution?

What if we just need to make the movements to take Action with what is needed and Focus, without entertaining any use-less thoughts that bombard us with putting things off?

What if we started to approach life from this way – which is simply GET ON WITH IT and stop the Excuses, as they are boring you and everyone else?





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