Finish the Job !

Dear World

How come we start things but never finish the job?

What is it about us that seems to leave things unfinished?

WHY do we have Excuses when we know there is a job to do and bring to Completion?

WHY are we making up silly and pathetic reasons for not bringing an end to daily tasks?

WHY are we busy doing things that avoid finishing the job in hand that we know need to be actioned?

WHY do we have a habit of having lots on the go and no intention of bringing things to an end?

WHY are we so good at Lying and making it seem normal in the way we leave things hanging around unfinished?

WHY are we going around and around in circles and not getting the actual task completed?

WHY do we hate the thought of getting to the end of something which means – finish the job !

WHY are we banging on about this and that, when we have got so many things we need to action and finish off?

WHY are we pretending we have completed something when we know beyond doubt we have not?

WHY have we developed this way of getting excited about new things but not wanting to see the end complete?

WHY have we become known as the one who rarely, if ever, completes anything they start?

WHY are we reluctant in the Closing Cycles department?

In other words, we start something new and that job requires us to see it through to the end but in our world that never happens.

WHY are we not choosing to bring closure to something that will stop nagging us as unfinished in our head?

WHY does our irresponsible behaviour lead us to having so many things in our life incomplete – not finished?

WHY do we plan to deal with Odd Jobs on our Day Off and finish things, but in Real life it never happens?

WHY do we Fool ourselves thinking our Holiday will be used to finish tasks that have been hanging around?

WHY do we think it is for others to finish off what we started, as we simply do not want to take responsibility?

WHY is something as Simple as dealing with Emails and finishing the job keeping us awake at night?

WHY are we telling the boss at work utter Lies when we know we could easily complete the job requested?

WHY has taking no action in the daytime to complete the unfinished jobs, given us another sleepless night?

WHY is going to bed bothering us as we have an endless list of unfinished jobs that just keep growing?

WHY do we loathe waking up in the morning as we keep seeing our long list of unfinished jobs?

WHY are we so tired on our Day Off work that we stick the TV on all day instead of getting the list of jobs finished?

WHY do we constantly check in on Social Media, when we could spend that time wisely and bring an end to jobs?

WHY are we Holding On to something that is well and truly past its sell by date – not just food?

WHY are we not Letting Go of stuff that no longer serves us and that means not finishing the job?

WHY are we poking our nose into others people’s lives because they haven’t bothered finishing off jobs?

WHY are we quick to Judge others who are getting on with it and that means bringing things to Completion?

WHY are we negating the value and importance that comes with the quality when we finish the job?


Dear World

What if1 there is a purpose to WHY we need to bring an end to what we start, as it prepares us for the next step on our path in life?

What if2 our body gets drained with all these unfinished and incomplete jobs, that could easily be actioned if we made the movements to do so?

What if3 we need to learn how to conclude whatever it is that we have in front of us, so that things just keep moving and there is no room to get stuck?

What if we make the move with practical application and that means taking steps to get one job totally finished before moving on to the next?

What if we use month 9 – September to review absolutely everything in our life that is unfinished?

What if we clocked how our body feels once it completes one of those unfinished jobs that have been around for what seems like aeons?

What if we feel more clarity, like a fog has lifted when we finish a job and this gives us the inspiration to get on to the next job that needs an End?

What if there is something amazing waiting for us to start, but what stops that process is our reluctance in finishing what we need to end?

What if there is so much more on offer that brings us joy but it cannot be felt as the unfinished job list is in the way?

What if there is magic in not knowing what will come, but it can only be delivered once we FINISH THE JOB !




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  1. How many of us close the cycle – finish the job?

    How many of us are good at the middle bit but not so great when it comes to the final conclusion of the task in hand?

    For me personally, I am becoming more aware of the notes I make as reminders on my phone and to action when they flag up. There is far less procrastination and it seems to get done a lot more quickly with no complications.

    The best thing is it just inspires me to continue with more and so I start working through the list on my desk and odd jobs that require some action.

    Sometimes I get this subtle almost inaudible sense of a message reminding me and if I take note, it is always great. If I ignore I may never get another reminder, so I am learning to act now and get the job done.

    It is like I am responding to a call, albeit not a major thing but nevertheless important and it keeps things flowing. Today was a great example of that. I started to clear through some lists of small things to do and things just happened one after the other and I could feel a deep sense of appreciation for no longer having to hold it in my body. What I mean is that I felt like some tension had lifted as I was holding these odd little things to do inside my body. Does that make sense?

    In life, I come across workmen to people getting round to house work, leaving things incomplete and where finishing the job is not on the radar. Many of us live in this way and I wonder if it is somehow affecting our body even if we may not be consciously aware of it.

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